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Ayurvedic Medicines - High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for High blood pressure. A completely safe & natural way of controlling High..

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Very few people know what blood pressure is – the pressure exerted on the walls of the blood vessels by blood during circulation after being pumped out by the heart is known as blood pressure. Normally, the pressure in arteries is known as blood pressure. These are the vessels that carry blood away from the heart to the other parts of the body.


3>What is high blood pressure?

If blood exerts more than normal pressure on the walls of the arteries over a period of time, it is known as high blood pressure. It is also known as hypertension.

Reasons of high blood pressure

In a number of people, no reason is seen for high blood pressure. This is called primary blood pressure. In some people, blood pressure occurs because of the prevalence of some other disease. When the reason is known, it is known as secondary high blood pressure.

Dangers of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a serious condition. It can lead to heart attack, brain haemorrhage, kidney failure and a number of other diseases.

Measuring Blood Pressure

  • Do not have coffee or cigarettes for 30 minutes before measuring the blood pressure.
  • For the first five minutes, sit at ease. Visit the bathroom before taking the measurement. The pressure of urine also affects the reading.

What is low blood pressure?

If the pressure exerted by blood on the blood vessels is lower than the required pressure, it is known as low blood pressure. People who have low blood pressure have less chance of heart attacks and kidney failure.

Low blood pressure may be present even in sports persons who regularly exercise, people who maintain the correct weight and in people who do not smoke. It is said that till the time, the symptoms of low blood pressure do not emerge or no damage is done to any organ of the body, there is no danger from low blood pressure. It is only when the blood pressure falls extremely low that it becomes dangerous.

When the blood pressure becomes dangerously low, then the requisite amount of oxygen and nutrients does not reach the vital organs of the body such as brain, heart and kidney and these organs are not able to function properly. In a situation like this, because of low blood pressure, these organs are damaged permanently.


  • Lightness of body and sleeplessness are symptoms of low blood pressure.
  • When blood pressure falls very low, a person might also become unconscious.
  • Chest pain, difficulty in breathing, irregular heart beat, fever (over 101), headache, stiff neck, cough, vomiting, fatigue, fainting, etc.


Low blood pressure can occur to anyone but in certain cases, it can also become dangerous and serious. Blood pressure becomes low in the early days of pregnancy in expecting mothers. The medicines that control high blood pressure also lower blood pressure. Apart from these, heart disease, dehydration and lack of proper nutritious diet may also cause low blood pressure.

Why does blood pressure fluctuate between high and low?

Tension is the biggest influence on the blood pressure. If children have the tension of studies, then adults have the tension of striking a balance between home and the workplace. In other words, no person is free from tension. This is the reason why blood pressure has become a common thing among the common populace.

What is high or low B.P.?

High blood pressure occurs when the blood pumped out by the heart goes out very fast, exerting great pressure on the walls of the arteries while the exact opposite occurs in low blood pressure, that is the blood pumped out by the heart goes out very slowly through the arteries.

What to do

  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure then reduce the intake of salt.
  • If you are suffering from low blood pressure then increase the intake of salt.
  • Exercise regularly. This regulates blood pressure. Just take care that if there is any difficulty in breathing or any pain in the chest, reduce the rate of exercise.
  • Take balanced and nutritious diet.
  • Low blood pressure patients should take nutritious food and correct their life style.
  • Try to finish your work in time to avoid work-related stress.
  • Take adequate food and eat only those foods which have low quantity of protein.
  • Vegetarian food is the best food. To remove toxic substances from the body, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of traditional foodstuff.
  • Kidney plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. Always keep kidneys healthy. For this, physical exercise is important.
  • To get relief from blood pressure with the help of natural methods, patients should take a fruit diet for at least one week. In this, oranges, apples, pears, mango, guava, pineapple, watermelon, etc. are quite useful. These should be taken three times a day with a gap of five hours in between. Do not take banana or jackfruit. Milk should be taken only after a week. It should be fresh and just boiled once.
  • Vegetables are very helpful for high blood pressure patients. They should be eaten raw. If they have to be cooked, take care that their natural juices do not burn out.
  • Cucumber, carrot, tomato, onion, radish, cabbage, spinach, etc. should be eaten raw.
  • Garlic is recognized to be a natural cure. Eating garlic regularly regularizes blood pressure and tension because it has the medicinal property of reducing the shrinkage of fine capillaries. Apart from giving relief in nausea, unconsciousness, breathlessness, it also gives relief in gas, and improves the working of the heart by reducing the pulse. If 2-3 cloves of garlic are consumed everyday then it has a profound effect on blood pressure.
  • The intake of amla (gooseberry) is also helpful in blood pressure. Take one teaspoon of amla juice with equal amount of honey everyday in the morning.
  • Lemon also normalizes high blood pressure. The vitamin ‘C’ present in it prevents weakness in the fine capillaries.
  • Eat the seeds of watermelon. The seeds of watermelon have a substance that helps in enlarging the blood vessels. When the blood vessels become enlarged, the pressure automatically lowers.
  • Food rich in potassium and calcium also controls high blood pressure. Potassium is present in fruits and vegetables and calcium is found mainly in milk and milk products.
  • Walking is the best exercise for high blood pressure. It reduces tension. Muscles are strengthened and blood circulation improves.
  • When blood pressure starts reducing, for greater exercise, take the help of cycling and jogging. Yoga is also helpful.
  • There should be regular check-up of blood pressure. This gives an update of the situation.
  • Equal amounts of onion juice and honey should be mixed and 10 gm should be taken once daily as an ffective cure for blood pressure. Onion juice reduces cholesterol levels in the blood thus reducing the chance of heart attacks. Onion is a tonic for the nervous system, purifies blood, helps in digestion, improves the working of the heart and prevents insomnia. Honey has a soothing effect on the body and reduces the excitement in the blood vessels, thus reducing high blood pressure. With honey the heart becomes strong and everlasting.
  • Grind the kernel of watermelon seeds and white khus-khus (poppy seeds) separately. Mix equal weights of each and keep aside. Take 3 gm every morning on empty stomach with water. This reduces blood pressure and improves sleep at night. Headache also reduces. Take for 3-4 weeks as required.
  • Take 3gm of fenugreek seed powder with water early morning and evening on empty stomach for 10-15 days to reduce high blood pressure. This also helps in diabetes.
  • After food, chew 1-2 peeled cloves of garlic raw along with water or insert the garlic cloves in 1-2 deseeded sultanas (munakka) and have it. Fresh cloves of garlic help in normalizing blood pressure.
  • Grind equal quantities of wheat and gram. Make rotis of the flour with wheat bran and eat them. Improvement will be seen in high blood pressure within 1-2 days.
  • Keep water in a copper tumbler at night and drink this in the morning to lower blood pressure and helps in controlling it.
  • Mix four tulsi leaves, two neem leaves along with 24 spoons of water for 5-7 days every morning on empty stomach to help in high blood pressure.
  • Eat tree-ripened papaya every morning for one month and do not eat anything for two hours after this. This helps in high blood pressure.

Foods to avoid in high blood pressure

High blood pressure patients should avoid the following: heavy food made with milk and butter, etc., fried food, alcohol, smoking, clarified butter (ghee), salt, brinjal, potato, unripe banana, jackfruit, pulses, refined flour, sweets, jaggery, oil, sour food, chilli and spices, polished rice, white refined sugar, tea, coffee, mutton, fish and intoxicating substances.

Food to eat in high blood pressure

  • Fruits such as lemon, papaya, amla, sweet lime (mausambi), apple, water melon, etc. are helpful.
  • Cholai leaves, spinach, garlic, gourds, onion, carrot, tomato, carrot juice, bathua, etc. are beneficial.
  • Eat stale wheat rotis soaked in milk in the morning. Take curd in which glucose has been mixed.
  • Chew every morsel well. Do not drink water while eating.
  • Walk on bare feet for 5-6 km or on green grass for 10-15 minutes for benefit.
  • Always be happy – meditate for peace of mind.
  • It has also been found that fasting for a day once every week or fortnight, e.g. in the ekadashi of suklpaksh, is beneficial.
  • For immediate relief in high blood pressure, squeeze half a lemon in 10 gm water and take this once or twice with a two hours gap to get instant relief.

Treatment for low blood pressure

  • Soak 32 raisins in 150 gm of water in a ceramic bowl. After twelve hours, eat the raisins one by one, chewing well to help in low blood pressure. For continued relief, continue for 32 days. Doing this for month will remove the disease from the body. Being full of iron, copper and being an alkaline substance, it cleanses the blood and body.
  • If unconsciousness occurs because of low blood pressure of heart weakness, take two spoons of juice of green amla mixed with equal quantity of honey repeatedly. This helps in regaining consciousness and strengthens the heart.
  • Intake of almonds is very helpful in low blood pressure. Soak seven almonds every night and in the morning, grind it well and drink it with milk.
  • For immediate relief in low blood pressure, stop talking and sleep quietly, lying on the left side. Sleep will provide relief.
  • Low blood pressure patients should avoid hard labour and they should practice Yoga Nidra once everyday. This removes tension and the body relaxes, providing deep sleep.
  • Low blood pressure occurs mainly because of irregularities in sleep and food. Inadequate intake of nutritious food and hard labour throughout the day leads to low blood pressure.
  • While working, if you feel very tired or nauseous or if you see darkness while trying to stand up after sitting for a while, take rest. Food and sleep is the best medicine for low blood pressure.

Ayurvedic treatment for Blood Pressure

Divya Mukta Vati 120 Tabs

   Divya Mukta Vati for High Blood Pressure, Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects.


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ksnreddy  - Low blood pressure |2010-06-22
Please prescribe medicines for low BP and low HDL levels. My BP is 106/68
and HDL is 35
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic cure for high BP |2009-11-01
Hello Anil

You should definitely take anti hypertensive medicine. Avoid salty and high fat content food. DIVYA MUKTA
-Mukta-Vati-120-Tabs.html ) is very good for blood pressure patients. It helps in reducing blood pressure naturally
without any harmful effect. It helps in increasing cardiac output, maintains normal heart beats and normal blood
pressures. So take this medicine regularly to get permanent relief from high blood pressure.

anil jha  - re: advice |2009-11-01
[quote=anil jhaI HAVE B.P. 140/90REGULAR CAN I TAKE DIVYA MUKTA VATI ?[/quote]
anil jha  - advice |2009-11-01
Dr@myyog  - natural treatment of hypertension |2009-11-01
Hello Anil

You should definitely take anti hypertensive medicine. Avoid salty and high fat content food. DIVYA
-Mukta-Vati-1 20-Tabs.html
) is very good for blood pressure patients. It helps in reducing blood pressure naturally
without any harmful effect. It
helps in increasing cardiac output, maintains normal heart beats and normal blood
pressures. So take this medicine
regularly to get permanent relief from high blood pressure.

p.k.pandey  - b.p. |2009-06-16
excellent article to save the lifeand guide us. i am highly obliged.
pkjain2812  - feedback |2009-06-04
excellent article and I am regularly taking divya mukta vati.
Mittal  - high b.p. |2009-06-02
the article on the above subject is very very useful for the person who is suffering from high blood pressuer
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  Ayurvedic Medicines - High Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Low Blood Pressure. A completely safe & natural way for Low Blood Pressure..

Divya Mukta Vati Extra Power
Mukta Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine to manage High Blood Pressure, gives immediate relief to patients without any side effects, completely herbal &..

Divya Mukta Vati
Mukta Vati is an Ayurvedic medicine to manage High Blood Pressure, gives immediate relief to patients without any side effects, completely herbal &..

Barley grass 100 grams powder
Helps to detoxify & remove toxins from the body, Helps Increase Immunity by increasing body’s self healing properties, Supports in Urinary tract..

Alarsin Arjin 100 Tablets
Alarsin Arjin is used in mild to moderate hypertension. A balanced combination of Ayurvedic herbs. Arjin offers a comprehensive approach for better..

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Blood Pressure Patients

i am 40 years man lives in Gaborone since 13 years i have diagnosed high blood pressure.I have started to tale divya mukta vati i feel very good and my pressure come to the normal.i wish to visit patanjali ashram and learn the right technic to do pranayams and yoga...i always found that with my right nostril i can take long breath but with left nostril i cant..why?
I am regularly doing yoga and pranayama as per cd of shri ramadev. since 2004 , I had not major problems till then but all alopethy medicene for heart i was taking daily as dirceted by doc. I always have blood pressure high even after taking tablet (Betaloc 50) other tablet is cardace 5, and ceruvin 75 and daily 2 tablet of rantec 150 to avoide acidity.and daily one tablet of trica .25.
I am 56 years old, no blood pressure, no diabetic and I am weak
I have high blood pressure and diabetes but the problem of imbalance has becomes too much for me plz do something any exercises for me of yoga
i have an gastric troubbles and high blood pressure
I am 60 years old and presently a Professor in Electronics Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. I have very low pressure. recently I fell down four times and broke my hand, chest ribs and finger. As a result, I have several pain in the whole body. My husband J N Bandyopadhyay is also a patient of high blood pressure and hemi-facial spasm. He also wrote to you for opening one account today. We would like to visit your medical clinic in May 2010. Is it possible to get appointment in advance and accommodation for both of us. We will inform you tghe exact date of our visit as we finalise the program. With Pronams, Swapna
I am 65 years old and work as Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Moreover, I have hemi-facial spasm, in which my right eye-lids remain closed. At times they open also. However, their opening and closing are not in my control. I have another one year of service at IIT Kharagpur. My wifw also is opening a separate account with you. We are planning to visit your medical clinic in the month of May 2010 for the treatment of both of us. Is it possible to get the appointmrnt and accommodation there in your Ashram. Then we will inform you about the date of our visiting your Ashram. With regards (Pranam) J N Bandyopadhyay
I am 45 years old. I have high blood pressure,constipation and allergy
I am suffering from Hypertension and High Blood Pressure.I have severe pain in my Right Kidney,i am under highly stressed Work conditions.I also have the Risk of Blocking Arteries owing to High Chloesterol levels which has a Heredity impact as my Father has undergone Bypass twice.I have Resigned from my company owing to Health reasons and want to take your Treatment coming to your Ashram , What is the procedure to take this Treatment?
I'm 32 years old and having High Blood Pressure since last 9 years.I want to join some yoga to overcome from this BP problem completely.

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