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Ayurvedic Medicines - Books - Yoga, Ayurveda, Cancer

Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines to fight Cancer. Cancer is a curse caused by busy lifestyle, improper diet & lack of exercising Yoga /..

Pranayama Rahasya (Hindi)
This Book Contains Controlled Breathing Techniques of Pranayama like Bhastrika, Bahya, Kapalbhati, Anulom - Vilom, Udgeeth, Bhramri & Ujjayee also..

Aushadh Darshan - English
Aushad darshan is a wonderful book containing Miraculous remedies for diseases & details about many ayurvedic medicines manufactured by..

Aushad darshan - Hindi
Aushad darshan is a wonderful book containing Miraculous remedies for diseases & details about many ayurvedic medicines manufactured by..

Wheat-O-Power - 60 Wheatgrass tablets
Excellent metabolic support & helps in detoxification, Helps improves Immunity, so useful in Healthy Cell Care & Blood sugar control. Helps to purify..

Yoga-herbal ayurveda advise for cancer  E-mail

Wheat Grass in curing cancer

 Grow wheat grass every day in 1 pot daily for 9 days and on 10th day cut green grass (10 gm) from the 1st pot and mix it with 25 mg of 2 feet long and 1 finger thick "Giloy". Make a paste of the mixture by crushing them together and extract the juice by squeezing it in a cloth. Have 1 cup juice every day empty stomach in the morning. In the empty pot grow wheat again by putting the seeds.


Type of cancers

Blood Cancer, Urinary bladder/Prostate cancer, Throat cancer, Breast cancer, Intestinal cancer, Uterine and ovarian cancer, Brain cancer, Lung Cancer, Gall Bladder cancer, Liver cancer.

Cow urine, Tulsi leaves, Neam leaves

Cancer patient should also take cow's urine(25 ml) + Tulsi 5-7 leaves + neam leaves 3-4 in morning and evening.

Herbal Medicine from Baba Ramdev, Patanjali Yog Peeth

  1. Divya Kaya-Kalp Kvatha, 100 gm
  2. Divya Sarva-Kalpa Kvatha, 200 gm


Mix all above mentioned medicines together and boil one teaspoon of mixture (5gm) with 400ml of water till 100ml is left, strain it out and take before breakfast and dinner.


  1. Divya Mukta Pisti, 4gm
  2. Divya Sila Sindura, 3gm
  3. Divya Tamra Bhasma, 1gm
  4. Divya Abhraka Bhasma, 5gm
  5. Divya Hiraka Bhasma, 300gm
  6. Divya Svarna Basanta Malati, 3gm
  7. Divya Sanjivani Vati, 2gm
  8. Divya Pravala Pancamrta, 5gm
  9. Divya Amrta Sattva,10gm

Mix all above medicines together and divide them into 90 parts, take each part one hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner with honey or hot water.

  1. Divya Vrddhivadhika Vati, 40gm
  2. Divya Kancanara Guggulu, 60gm

Take 2-2 tablets from each after breakfast or lunch and dinner with hot water or milk.


Patient of cancer must do pranayama every day in morning and in evening empty stomach after getting fresh and free from daily habits. Schedule to do pranayama would be:-

  1. Bhastrika pranayama, 5 minutes
  2. Kapalbhati pranayama, 15 - 20 minutes
  3. Bahaya pranayama, 5 to 20 repetitions.
  4. Anuloma Viloma pranayama, 15 - 30 minutes
  5. Bharamari pranayma, 5 - 10 minutes
  6. Udgeeth pranayama, 5 minutes
  7. Ujjayi pranayma, 5 minutes

Avoid Stress

Most of the Cancers are caused due to stress. The nature of stress usually are emotional, financial or work related. To reduce the effect of the cancer on the body, the mind has to be directed towards peace and healing energies have to be cultivated in the mind. This can, and has been the root cause for reducing effect of cancer on the body and also reduced cancer cells.


If the patient is going through Chemotherapy therapy or radiations then taking above medicines, herbal items and doing regular pranayama reduces the side effects of therapies and control the development of disease.


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ankit  - mouth cancer |2018-05-23
sir my father is 48 yrs old and he had dental prob for 6 month mildly but now it converted into cancet and aftet biopsy
it finds squamous cell carcinoma and doc told us that it adv stage of cancer and recommended to operate the affected
area which is lower alveolus bone of mouth..and we dont want to take operational treatment..please suggest me..I also
plan to ho patanjali yogpeeth haridwar ..shalit be treated over there? please suggest me.
sunita  - advice for ovary cancer treatment |2018-03-22
Pujaya baba ji, my self was diagnosed for ovary cancer stage lll, in April 2017. undergone chemotherapy and surgery ,
the disease has reoccurred in Feb 2018, now second line of chemotherapy is going on. kindly advice for treatment .
BABLU paul  - Follicular lymphoma grad 2 |2018-03-01
My wife 36 year old she has follicular lymphoma 3rd stage. She got chemo therapy 2 cycle. After 6 cycle Dr wants to bron
marrow bispy. If bron marrow has than she is not survived. Please give me well & better suggestion. Please Sir
Manoj  - Treatment advice |2017-11-15
I had taken 35 Radiotherapy and 35 chemotherapy between January 2015 to February 2015 after that 12 chemotherapy Sept 16
to March 17 but till date no result.
Now I am start Patanjali cancer medicine one week I want know after chemotherapy
this medicine work in my body I am suffering oral cancer january 2015.
Please advice me as soon as possible.
Manoj Mehrotra
meri mami ji or dada ji ko liver mea cancer h or kafi treatment karwa kar thuk gya hu, mami ji 35
years or dada ji 70 years k hia,
Doctor nea bol deya h, wo second stage par h , please give me sajansion,

From Narela
Nihal  - Throat cancer |2016-05-09
Hi sir,

I have heard a lot about your quality treatment of cancer.
My father in law is diagnosed from vocal cord
cancer. It's a skin cancer. Docs are in favour of removing vocal cord.
Can u please suggest something which can be
helpful for us.
We are also thinking to visit your ashram.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Kuldeep  - Please. Urgent |2016-04-10
Sir. I am 39 old man my right kidney in tumer and doctors say to surgery.
बाबाजी, मैं आप पर
भरोसा रख रहा हूं
में आपके पास आना चाहता हूं

प्लीज रास्ता दिखाइए
कुछ दिन के योग आसन ओर
पतांजली कि शुरू करूं वो दवाई बताइए
Alkesh  - Cancer of Foodpipe |2016-02-24

My father is having cancer of foodpipe. 3rd stage.
We have started Chemotherapy.
He cant take oral
Please suggest medicine that can be injected or given with bottles.

sunny  - Bone Marrow Cancer |2016-01-10
Dear Baba ,
i am sagar frm jammu my uncle suffering from bone marrow cancer from oct, 2015.
he has only
four points of blood.
please suggest a treatment.

Sagar Koul
ashish jain  - brest cancer treatment |2015-11-17
Babaji namaskar.
Meri mother age 65 h.
Unke left brest me 2 choti gath h.
Memo graPHY se or bayspee ee pata chala ki
cancer h.
Gath me kisi prakar ka dard nahi h.

Hum eska treatment chalu karna chate hai.
Aap age margdarshan kar dijiye.
Kya karna chahiye.
omprakash  - Brian cancer |2015-11-16
Om guruji mere chhote Bhai ki 8th Oct. 2015 ko Brian tumour ki surgery hui hai biopsy test me grade3 ka cancer
diagnosis hua ha abhi radiation aur chemotherapy chal rahi hai kya unhe abhi se pranayam aur apki aur
akash |2015-11-12
Guru ji
I was suffering from cold & cough. When ent Dr.send me for pathology blood test we found my tlc were 84000, HB
13.3, Polymorphs 9, Lymphocytes 88,Monocytes 0, Eosinophils 0, Basophils 0, mchc 31.4. The opinion was " features
are suggestive for Chronic lymphoproliferative disorder". Dr. didnt start any medicine. they said we will monitor
yr case every month it tlc will come down then no problem.
so what should I do to protect me from this problem .

shailesh  - Lung cancer |2015-10-18
my faather is suffering from lung cancer and doctor says it is 4th satge,
he has breathlessness and cough too
plz suggest me the right medicine,i had done 1 chemo also,as per doctor i have to do 5 more chemos..plz do the
geet  - 4th stage liver cancer treatment |2015-10-01
Parnam guru ji..
Mere bhai ko liver cancer h.. Uski age 24yrs h..N use 4th stage liver cancer btaya gya h..Uska
treatment rajiv gandhi. Cancer institute delhi se chl raha h.. Uske tumor ka size increase hota ja raha h jo ab
12.6*10.5cm ho gya h.. Abhi tk sorafenib medcn de rahe the doctors. Bt koi benefit nhi hua..size day by day increase ho
raha h..N uski prblms badhti ja rahi h..Use back pain, headache, digestion prblms, bhukh b nhi heavy heavy
feel hota h.. Medical science k according iska ab koi treatment nhi h...Guru ji plz kuch treatment btaye..plz guruji..
Jay  - Enlarged Prostate |2015-07-29
My prostate i 5.4x 4.0 x 4.5 cms Vol -52.4 cc
Prevoid bladder volume 449 cc
Residual post void 108 cc

PSA report :

Please suggest treatment. Dr. at Divya Yoga kendra Kandivali Mumbai given

2 Vridhi Kadika Vati, 2Chandra Prabha
vati, 2 Kachnar Guggle after breakfast with milk & haldi and in evening with warm water.

2 tab Goshuradi guggal after

Previous report six month back was PSA 1.52

I dont know it is malignin or not.

Please advise.

Vandana mishra  - essential thrombocytosis (persistent high platelet |2015-07-28
my husband is diagnosed with essential thrombocytosis(a type of bone marrow disorder).he is having high platelets for
many years.dr. Said it is incurable.due to production of high platelet,his bone marrow got damaged.what to do to stop
further damage of bone there any medicine or yogasan for this??? Please help me is precancareous so
what should i do to avoid bone marrow cancer in future??
rudra  - 5 year boy acute lymphoblastic leukemia |2015-07-24
Namaskaar guru ji,

my friend's son age 5 years is having acute lymphoblastic leukemia. can you suggest what can be done
to cure the child. at this early age we even cannot convince him to do yoga so i need your kind suggestion and medicine
or any kind of easy exercises which the boy can do would be very much helpful.

please please suggest.
Surain Videshi Sahani  - Adenocarcinoma, Lung Cancer IV Stage, Situs Invers |2015-07-14
My elder brother Mr Dharmendra Videshi Sahani is sufferine from lung cancer and it is matastatic. I was in TATA MEMORIAL
HOSPITAL in Mumbai and they found it is uncureable, Chemotharepy is going on as Pallative Treatment. He was smoking from
12-13 years but he quit it 7 months ago and the syntoms occured. Now I want to know wheather there is any ayurvaidic
medicine for his cure
swati  - Gallbladder Cancer |2015-07-13

my nani is suffering from gallbladder cancer, she is at 4 stage. doctor suggest us for chemotherapy &
Radiation therapy. we heard lot about a natural therapy, that a patient recover from cancer.. please suggest us if there
is a possibilities of recovery from natural therapy..
ahuja  - mouth cancer |2015-07-05
Pranam. Guruji .I was having mouth cancer in
August 2014 I was treated with surgery along with chemotherapy 5 cycles and radiation .After 8 months cancer reuccered
in jaw bone in July 2015 surgery was done again now within two weeks after surgery doctors say there is again cancer in
jaw bone some distant behind where surgery was done and part of my jaw bone was cut and plastics surgery was done .Now I
afraid of allopathy treatment and surgery please suggest any ayurvedic medicine to get rid of this cancer without
surgery chemotherapy or radiation. Pls suggest any ayurvedic treatment.
Manu sharma  - Cancer Treatment |2015-06-28
Baba ji namaskar mere Papa ko brain mein Cancer ho gaya woh be Grade 4 hai...unki age abhi 54 years hai..Babaji meine
papa ka operation be karva ke tumour nikalva diya hai aur unki awaz be nhe nikal rahe hai aur abhi unki chemo aur radio
theraphy chal rahe hai.. Baba ji plzz koi ilaz batao ap jaisa bolenge hum karenge...
Mahendra  - Mother is suffering EAR cancer, too much pain |2015-06-25
Swamiji Pranam
My mother age 70 years suffering from EAR Cancer,Radio Therapy was done From Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer
Hospital,Jaipur But no improvement. still facing too much ear pain. and pass is coming from EAR
Kindly advice for
further treatment for improvement. Await your Kind Advice

Mahendra Budania
ruchi dwivedi  - lung cancer of third stage |2015-06-19
Baba Ji pranam

Baba Ji mere father KO lung cancer h.unka treatment
Chal raha h...baba Ji father ki 2 bar Chemotherapy
ho chuki h.. Unhe bahut weakness feel hota h.... Vo pranayam krne ki koshish krte h lekin bahut der tk nhi kr
Guruji hme batayie ki hum kya kre...
Kaun kaun sa pranayam unhe krna chahiye aur kitni der tak..
Chemotherapy k
sath unhe ayurvedic medicine bhi Di ja rhi h....
sunita  - gupta |2015-06-18
मेरे बाऐ साइड का ब्रेस्ट कैंसर के बाद हॅटा
दिया गया और रेडिएशन के एक माह बाद दूसरे
ब्रेस्ट में भी तीसरे स्टेज का कैंसर बताया जा
रहा है। क्या आपके यहाँ इलाज है।कहाँ आना होगा?
nupur  - cevix cancer |2015-06-09
hello baba ji

my grandmother age 70yrs is suffering from cevix cancer.she undergone chemo n radiation 4yrs back n then
she was from recnt 7 month the symptoms reappeared. now doctors are saying she cant be cured.she is getting
weak.having constant fever.not willing to eat lr drink.n also there is swelling in inguinl lymph node.n its paining.can
anything be done.plz rply as soon as possible.
deepak  - breast cancer to my grandmother |2015-06-05
my grandmother,84 yrs, is diagnosed with breast cancer. surgeon suggested surgery.he told us to get NOC from a
cardiologist. however cardiolgist suggested that it would b a very high risk surgery ,if carried out. so we r in dilema
. kindly help us in this regard.
hema  - ovarion cyst |2015-03-12
Baba ji pranam ,
mujhe right overy main cyst hai jo 4.73cm ke ha maine CA-125 bhi karya par lagatar size bhar raha ha
kya karu kya operation hi karbana hoga 2007 se y smasya ha Dr to operation ke liya kah rahre hain pehle bhi mere do
bache operation se hi hua ha kya karu krpya bataye
nimisha  - last stage of brain tumor |2015-03-03
pranaam guruji,
my friend is suffering from brain tumor last stage. for which he has to go for operation in every 2
years. he is only 27 years old. is there any way to remove that tumor permanently.
i dont want to loose him , pls help.
Mrunali |2014-12-12
Namaste guruji,
guruji mere friend ko lymphoma blood cancr hua hai, uski age 24 years hai, dr. Ke pas diaelysis k
aalva koi bhi upay nhi hai, dr. Ne btaya hai ki uska jivn kevl 1-2 sal tk hi hai, lekin guruji plz apke pas koi elaj hai
to plz jldi btaye, usne cow urine ke sath tulsi ke ptte khana shuru kiya hai, eske alava asrdar dva btaiye plz
Gitanjali  - advise for breast cancer and bone metastasis |2014-11-17
My mother suffering from breast cancer since 3 year. Operated at left side 3years ago but now she is suffering from
cancer in rt. Breast also. She has metastasis in D3 and left sided 3rd rib. In present she has so much pain in upper
thoracic spine on back side. she is not able to sleep in bed. She has bil. plural effusion and also pericardial
effusion. In present she take medicine from your patanjali chikitsalaya. Please give advise us what can I do for my
sonam  - tumor on hand |2014-10-04
guru ji namasker...

meri age 25 hai...mere right hand per 2 tumer hai haat lagane par mahsus hote hai
,,,is me kisi prkar ka koi dard nahi hota hai ,,,iske ilaj k liye hume kya karna chahiye,,,kya iske kiye b is package ka
istemal kar sakti hu ...kripya upay batay....
Anil  - Liver cancer problem |2014-08-27
Baba Ji Namsakar,

My mother is s with suffering liver cancer due to this stomach has very hard below the heart please
suggest me your medicine for this.
Gnanesh  - I have red bumps in throat and tongue |2014-08-09
Hi sir,

I have red bumps in deep throat, tongue and in throat,
sanjay  - mouth cancer |2014-02-04
Today at 4:32 PM
I have a mouth mucous is infections ( red sore) due to pan masala chewing, now i leave a
pan masala and consult with various doctors. they give some vitamins and minerals tabletes and mouth reshners but no
effect. kindly suggest me please.
i will be higly oblized to u.
hema  - suggestion for urinary bladder cancer |2014-02-04
Namaste Baba Ramdev Guruji,

My name is hema and my brother aged 34yrs is diagnosed as urinary bladder cancer from
january month 2014 now dr said to remove the bladder itself and place a plastic bag on his stomach to pass urine for
life time, we cant afford for surgery as doctors are asking 1.5 lakhs for surgery we are from middle class family
guruji, and my brother is not at all ready to under go surgery, now he stopped going to allopathy dr and he beleive in
ayurveda and pranayama after seeing you on aastha channel and also he is already started doing kalalbati pranayama, alom
vilom morning eveing and also taking your ayurvedic patanjali medicines since 5 days as per ur chikitsalaya advice form
indiranagar branch bangalore. Infact you have cured many cancer patients, i hope you will suggest the best to me also.

you are doing a great job, helping deseased with yog and ayurveda. Guruji I salute you. God bless you and your team in
all the ways.

I request and beg you kindly let me know how long he must take medicines, can this urinary bladder
cancer will be cured completely with pranayama and ayurvedic treatment at this mode of stage ? and, after started doing
pranayama he is not passing blood urine, but right after doing pranayama he passes little blood urine and later it will
be clear and please suggest what else he can do apart from this.

Am awaiting for your kind positive reply

Thanking you,
Amit  - UTERUS CANCER |2012-07-03
Hello Sir,

My mom is suffering from 4th stage cancer of UTERUS CANCER.Cancer spreads up to lungs and one of the
lungs is not working properly and Fluid also found in Heart.Pls suggest something.
Gopal Krishan  - ca colon |2011-02-02
my wife is suffring from ca colon with liver metases how i can do for survive her life. patanjali ka treatment is
running and chemothrapy is also running. last 7 months.
Subhash singhoya  - Asthma |2010-11-02
Dr. Sahab mujhe 10 sal se asthma h maine bahut si ayurvedic medicine li h e.g swas chintamani ras,luxmivilas ras lekin
inse meri problem thik nhi hui kai patanjali chikitsalya ke dr. Se medicine li lekin mujhe fayda nhi hua ,lekin ab m
sila sindur sahad se leta hu isse mujhe bada fayda hua kya m ise leta rahu, aur kab tak plz tell me
Nigam  - spread cancer |2010-09-03
spread cancer curable in solder ?
operation is done but solder potision is very bad
ayurvedic treatment is
contineu...but no effects seen last 3 month...pls suggest
sanesh  - cll |2010-02-03
swami ji pranam,
i have been dignosed with cll and on wait and watch,
i am doing pranayam like kapal bhati-5 min,
anolom vilom -10 mins and ohers 5 min.
are these sufficient or i have to do more ,if yes then how much.
further any
medicines are to be taken,from haridwar or any other place ,is medicine for cancer available same every where
kindly reply
sanesh  - cll |2010-03-10
swami ji pranam
you have niot replied to my request and query so far, pl advice and help me shall be gtetefull for it

Rashmi  - aml |2010-01-06
Dear sir,madame

My mom had APL 4 years ago and went
through chemo and was in remission. SHe was just diagnosed with
AML which the doctor said was due to the chemotherapy given 4 years ago (a side effect). She will be goin for
chemotherapy again next week..and the doctor said she will need a bone marrow transplant. Please advise me if this is
the right way to go, and to take herbals along with the chemo. Or should my mom go to swami baba ramdevs ashram in
india....she is young 49 years old. Please advise me as to what you would recommend...and if you have seen patients like
her before and what outcomes have been seen after herbal/yoga treatment. THank you so much, and god bless you.
Dr@myyog  - supportive treatment for cancer patient |2010-01-06
Hello rahmi

Chemotherapy and and other anti cancer medicines are very strong. These medicines have very harmful
effects on hairs, digestion and reproductive system but they can not be missed. We recommend you to take your
chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc and start with a regular course of link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.html to get extra benefit in your cancer treatment. These ayurvedic medicines are strong on cancer cells abut
are mild on body. These help in restoring the vitality and vigor along with the treatment of cancer. A regular
course will give you very god results.

Rashmir |2010-01-11
Dear YogDr,

thank you for your honest and thorough advice. Really appreciate it. God Bless.
bipul_jana |2009-12-18
Babaji Pranam,
my nephew dr.sujoy maiti 24 year aged is sufering from cancer .please do somthing , yours faithfully

bibhas jana
Dr@myyog  - complete cancer cure |2009-12-20
Hello Bipul

cancer is curable only if detected and treated in early stages. So we recommend you to start with a
regular course of full link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.html to cure this deadly disease at its earliest. Regular course will re-energize the patient and increase vital
forces of body to get healthy and fit. Pranayams and yoga should be practiced daily to get the best

Sabita Biswas  - Hearing problem |2009-12-16
I am 61 years old.....for the last 7 years I am facing hearing problems.I can't hear any thing in my left ear
and can only hear 40% in my right ear.Doctors say that the bones in the left ear have joined and advised hearing aid.
They say that an operation has 10-20% success rate. Please advise,if there is any permanent cure in ayurvedic medicine
w/o side effects...please help.

Sabita Biswas
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic treatment for hearing problems |2009-12-20
Hello sabita

Middle ear has bones which have very important role in the conduction of hearing impulse. These bones
degenerate or join by repeated infections in ears and results in hearing impairment. We recommend you to take a
regular course of link: orrhagia-Tympa
nitis-Deafness.html to cure all your ear problems and improve hearing. A regular course of almost three months is
sufficient to get the satisfactory results.

Nisha Biswas  - Lung Cancer |2009-11-29
Pranam Swamiji,
My father in law has been detected with lung cancer since May'09....from 1st June'09 he has started
taking cancer medicine from Patanjali under guidance of vaidji,and is also practicing pranayama regularly twice for
1hour and 20 mins each.He was absolutely fine till now...but from the beginning of November '09 his billirubin in going
up and is now 37.5... no itching...but has distended stomach. CT scan reveals no cancer but probable cirrhosis of
liver.He is very weak and is yellow.Please suggest how to reduce the billirubin and other symptoms. Please answer
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic treatment for cirrhosis of liver |2009-11-30
Hello Biswas

Cirrhosis of liver is very serious disease and may result in jaundice, disturbed digestion, chronic
weakness and many more problems like ascitis. Take light homemade meals to get easy digestion and cure physical
weakness. Drink three four liters of water daily. Avoid alcohol. Keep yoga and pranayams regular and take We
recommend you to take link: rrhosis-of-Liv
er.html regularly to prevent further damage to liver and restore the normal function of liver cells. A regular
course of these medicines will restore liver cell functions, increase your general health status and cure cirrhosis
of liver. Further queries are welcome.

Nisha Biswas  - Cirrhosis of liver |2009-12-06
Pranam Swamiji,
Doctor's have confirmed that my father has got cirrhosis of liver.He is not feeling hungry and doesn't
have taste in his mouth.He is taking all the medicines of Lung cancer and Cirrhosis of liver from Patanjali under
proper guidance.But he is unable to do regular prayanam due to heavy weakness.His weakness is increasing daily..... and
has got ascitis and oedema in his legs.His abdomen is very tight and fully distended.Is this curable?What can be done if
the ascitis continues? What else can we do to recover him? Please help.

Nisha Biswas
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic cure for liver cirrhosis and ascitis |2009-12-07
Hello Nisha

Your father is suffering from very serious diseases like lung cancer, cirrhosis of liver and ascitis,
which needs very long time to recover. He should continue his link: rrhosis-of-Liv
er.html regularly to prevent further damage to liver, cure liver cirrhosis and ascitis. Take link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.html to get benefit in lung cancer. These medicines will help in restoring the lost power and vitality of body
along with treatment of his problems. In case of large collection of fluid in abdominal cavity, he should undergo
tapping to drain out extra fluid and relieve him immediately. So keep his course regular and give him light home
made meals.

Nisha Biswas  - Cirrhosis |2009-12-14
Pranam Swamiji,
Thank you for replying... and the encouragement. Can you please let me know if there are any side
effects of these ayurvedic medicines by Swami Ramdev? What I mean to ask is that - by any chance,can the "cancer
treatment package" by Swami Ramdev have caused liver cirrhosis... this is just a curiosity as a lot of people are
commenting so.
Nisha Biswas
Dr@myyog  - side effect of ayurvedic medicnes |2009-12-14
Hello Nisha

Ayurvedic medicines are popular among peoples for their safety.There is no any side effect of the
cancer package of ayurvedic medicines. We recommend a regular course of link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.htmlto get best results in the cancer treatment.

Nisha Biswas  - decompensated cirrhosis of liver |2009-12-20

My father has been diagnosed with "decompensated cirrhosis of liver" after he was released from
hospital after 11 days. He has got ascities,jaundice and is sleeping almost all day and very weak and unable to eat. Is
there any medicine that can cure him? Please help !

Dr@myyog  - cure for liver cirrhosis |2009-12-21
Hello Nisha

Cirrhosis of liver is a serious disease and if not treated in time then leads to jaundice, ascitis and
disturbed digestion. He needs complete rest and very light diet. Reduce fat and salt from his diet and give less
fluids. We recommend you to take link: rrhosis-of-Liv
er.html regularly to prevent further damage to liver and restore the normal function of liver cells. Slowly
jaundice, ascitis and cirrhosis of liver will start recovering and his appetite and energy will increase of its
own.Further queries are welcome.

Subhro  - Bed soar |2009-12-20

My father has got bedsoars after 11 days of hospitalisation. What can I apply to recover it?
Can Kaya Kalp
Taila be used? How to use it?

Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic cure for bed sores |2009-12-21
Hello shubro

Bed sores/ulcers are very common in long time hospitalization and bed ridden patients who are
immovable. Regular cleanliness of wounds or ulcers/bed sores is must to help in their fast healing or they will
further spread to make patinet`s life miserable and painful. We recommend you use link: d=wounds and link: html?keyword=w
ounds to cure bed sores naturally. Regular use of these antiseptic medicines helps in easy and fast healing of bed
sores and increases immunity against infections and diseases. Further queries are welcome.

Makarand Joshi  - Glioblastema grade 4 |2009-11-22
My brother dtected patient of brain cancer ( glioblastema garde 4). His age is 38 years. and gone through brain
tumor surgery one week before. Now doctor advised to take chemotherapy and radiation. Will you please guide us the
treatment in ayurveda?
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic treatment for brain tumor |2009-11-23
Hello joshi

Cancer or tumors become more dangerous when they involve major organs like brain. Chemotherapy and
radiation therapy are must and should be taken immediately as per yopur doctor1s advise. We advise you t take link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.html to get extra benefit in your cancer treatment. These medicines are ayurvedic, safe and have potent
anticancer effect. These medicines increase general body health and increases immunity of our body. It helps in
restoring the antioxidants in body and increases vitality. A regular course will definately help you a

jui joshi  - bone cancer |2009-11-21
i m a patient of bone cancer and is undergoing the treatment of chemotherapy.which type of pranayam and in what amount
should i follow to get best results? please reply as son as possible.
thank you.
Dr@myyog  - yoga pranayams and ayurveda in cancer treatment |2009-11-21
Hello jui

Pranayams and yoga are very helpful in increasing vitality and anti oxidants in body. These are
rejuvenating for whole body and soul. Regular pranayams kapalbhati, anulom vilom, kumbhak and bhramri pranayam are
all very helpful in strengthening body and mind to adjust and adopt accordingly. You should practice pranayams
regularly and should start with a spell of fifteen minutes which can be slowly increased to about an hour daily. Do
pranayams empty stomach in fresh air of early morning after passing stools. We recommend you to take link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.html to get extra benefit in your cancer treatment. All ayurvedic medicines in cancer package have marvelous
results in increasing immunity, vitality, power and efficiency of body along with good results in cancer treatment.
A regular course of these medicines will give you very good results. Further queries are welcome.

Chandra Prakash  - Thraot cancer treatment |2009-11-14
My father ( 55 years age ) is suffering from Throat cancer from Sept.2008. As per doctor's suggestion he had
been treated through Radiotherapy and chemotherapy. As the result the cancer tumour was disappear from it's origin place
but after some time (15-20 days) one tumour was appeared on the left side of his neck. Doctor suggested for surgery.
After surgery while the recovery of that place another tumour on the same side (left upper to neck )again appears .Now
doctor have no medicens to cure that .
Guruji, Please give me the accurate suggetion ,as we all are worried about
him.Please suggest the best treatment available with you for this Throat cancer.
I will be very thankful to you if you
will reply me at the earliest. please.........
Dr@myyog  - natural cure for throat cancer |2009-11-14
Hello chandra prakash

Throat cancer and that to spreading is very fatal. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are must
with surgery to control the spread of malignant cancer in vital parts like voice box, tongue etc. Because his
cancer is spreading even after all efforts of treatment by doctors. We recommend you to start the link: ncerKarkatarbu
da.html to help faster recovery and prevent further spread. Give her these powerful anti-cancer ayurvedic medicines
to prevent further loss of vital energy of body and treat deadly cancer. Give her regular course for better

Srikanta Manna  - Saikat Manna : Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) |2009-09-01
Namaste Guruji

Please help me to save my son.

My Son, Mast. Saikat Manna is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic
Leukemia (ALL)(ALL on 29.07.2005 and Relapse on 11.06.2007 Testicular + Bone Marrow) from July 2005. Now he is 8 years
old. He is under treatment (Chemotherapy) of Dr. S.D. Banvali (ba***, MD (Med), BC (Ped), BE
(Hem-Onco), Professor and Head Dept. of Pediatric Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. His Case File No.
BW-13525. Unfortunately all the treatement for Testicular + Bone Marrow relapsed on 11.6.2007.

After the relapse we
again started the treatement of Chemotherapy as per St. Jude Stg Protocol.

After 4th Maintenance, we were advised by
the doctor for Bone Marrow Transplant in May 2009. But unfortunately the Bone Marrow (HLA typing) of my son did not
match with my daughter Ms Sayanti Manna. As off now we are contunuing the same treatment (5th Maintenance chemo) as per
doctor's advise.

Kindly guide
me for the same since I am
very frustate and tense now a days. If there is any
treatment / medicine available for this
disease then I surely will come to
Haridwar to get that. Kindly suggest
and advise me for
the same. Please save my son. I will be really obliged in my whole life for
this. My details are as

My e-mail id:

With sincere regards

Srikanta Manna
Rakesh Kumar  - Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) Blood Cancer |2009-08-26
Baba ji ko sadar charan sparsh!

Baba Ji my son, Himanshu (6 yrs old) was suffering with Acute myeloid leukemia
type of blood
cancer) 2 years back. I get his treatment done 2 yrs back in All India Institute of Medical
(AIIMS) and he was
quite well from last 2 years after that treatment but suddenly after checking the 31st of
peripheral smear (PS)
report, doctor sir told me that disease has been come back (relapsed) again and this time
doctor sir has prescribed for bone marrow transpalantation. Bone marrow biopsy and
cytogenetics test will be done on
12th of August. I have
started to give him wheat jawara with 4 leaves basin, 4 leaves
sadabahar, 4 leaves neem with
giloy stem and alovera
stem from 4th of August. Would this disease be cured permanently
if I will keep continue to
give this above mentioned
medicine to my son or I will have to give some other ayurvedic
medicine also. Kindly guide
me for the same since I am
very frustate and tense now a days. If there is any other
medicine available for this
disease then I surely will come to
Haridwar to get that. Kindly suggest and advise me for
the same. I will be really
obliged in my whole life for
this. My details are as under:
Name: Rakesh Kumar, Age: 33yrs

My e-mail id:
My contact no. 98###12930

Thanks and Regards
Rakesh Kumar  - Acute Myeloid Leaukemia (AML) Blood Cancer |2009-09-09
Swamiji Ko Sadar Charan Sparsh!

I think nobody is reading these comments now a days as I have seen that no answer is
being given after 13th Jan 09 and believe me a cancer patients doesn't have that much time since it might be a dangerous
if he/she waits 6-7 months. A cancer patient should start getting treatment immediately after detecting the desease. I
would like to request you to arrange somebody who can read these comments and reply to the senders at the daily

Thanks and Regards
snehal  - namaste swamiji |2009-07-20
my mom is suffering from liver cancer,She has taken 6 chemo sessions and the the metatases has also reduced.Her jaundice
also got cured.But fater we have stopped chemotheraphy again the size of the metatstic node is increasing and she
jaundice as well.please advice.She is a very strong willed person and is very receptive towards treatment
S. Chawla  - chronic lymphoctic leukemia-CLL |2009-05-08
i have been diagnosed with CLL ,one month back,my blood report is ,HB-14.4,PLAT COUNT-237,WBC`-12.7,LYMPHOCYTES-53,SEG
koustav  - cow urine consumption during chemo??? |2009-04-24
Pranam swamiji,

My mother is undergoing chemo .
She is injected with chemo after every 15 days.
Is it possible for
her to consume Cow urine in between the chemo doses??

And another thing is that, after every chemo ,her Blood count
reduces drastically,for which she has to take Neopogin injections. Her Platelets also drops significantly.

My mother
is in 4th stage (colon cancer,spread to her lungs, liver and lymphs).
She is doing Pranayam regularly and takes Wheat
grass and Giloya with neem and tulsi. But i want you advice me medications, to increase her Blood counts too .

reply ..

vishal merchant  - aml lukemia - blood cancer |2009-04-10
which kind of treatment we have to take for above cancer.
Manoj Kaushal  - Wheat juice... |2009-04-01

I want to prepare wheate juice as decribed.
But I can't understand this part "and mix it with 25 mg of 2
feet long and 1 finger thick "Giloy""

WHat do you mean with this??
shoul I take 25 mg of Giloy juice or
should I take 2 feet long and 1 finger thick giloy?

Please make this point clear for me...
Sharmistha  - Colorectal Cancer |2009-01-12

I have been to Patanjali and also to a residential camp. I was highly inspired by Baba Ramdev. More by his zeal
and hard work. It made me realise that an ordinary man has great untapped potential.

My father has Stage IV Colon
cancer today. We have gone through 8 months of Chemotherapy. My father's prognosis was 3-4 months but he has fought it
in an admirable manner and worked hard and wrote 4 books all through the chemotherapy. However he has not responded to

He does pranayam but not as much as I'd like him to. Of course with his illness and mental state, its
unfair to ask for more.

I would like to know of this organization and its experience with cancer. Especially fourth
stage cancer.

Can I read testimonials of people who have got cured from stage IV cancer?

YogaGuru |2009-01-13
Dear Sharmistha,

Your father really must be great! man. You can find various cancer testimonials in the book
"Yog in synergy with medical science". This books is also available at given mentioned URL:

link: With-Medical-S
digvijay  - cancer n jaundice |2008-11-25
sir my name is digvijay.I
want to say abt my mother.
my mother gone through
gallbladder stone operation.
removed Gall bladder but
after 20 days of operation My
mother felt Itching n joundice
also seen.we contact doctor
tolled that in CBD distal there
is some sludge stuck so
obstruction occure. which
is why joundice n Itching
my mom. after many test at last
they tolled that it is also
because of joundice
is 22 rating. and
cacer 108 point.
now doctor are saying to insert
stent to avoid obstruction by diagnosing jaundice. which cost
55000 Rs. even that no
guarantee to remove cancer.
I m very upset. please suggest.
I watch a TV programm astha

after given a suggestion by my
friend. I want to find advice
from yr side. I want to forward
this letter to Shree
swami Ramdev
ji. please I would be gratefull
to all team if u do my one request fullfil. one problem is that
my mom
is not so healthy to do pranayam immediatelly.

digvijay  - cancer n jaundice |2008-11-25
sir my name is digvijay.I want to say abt my mother. my mother gone through gallbladder stone operation. Doctor removed
Gall bladder but after 20 days of operation My mother felt Itching n joundice also seen. we contact doctor he tolled
that in CBD distal there is some sludge stuck so obstruction occure. which is why joundice n Itching to my mom. after
many test at last they tolled that it is also because of joundice is 22 rating. and cacer 108 point. now
doctor are saying to insert stent to avoid obstruction by diagnosing jaundice. which cost is 55000 Rs. even that no
guarantee to remove cancer. I m very upset. please suggest. I watch a TV programm astha after given a suggestion by my
friend. I want to find advice from yr side. I want to forward this letter to Shree swami Ramdev ji. please I would be
gratefull to all team if u do my one request fullfil. one problem is that my mom is not so healthy to do pranayam

jagadeesh  - information for curing lung cancer |2008-10-16
my father has recently detected with lung cancer.doctors told that only chemotherapy & radiotherapy will
do.and the maximum life span of 2years..iam in a deep trouble.please help me out from this problem..
biro  - oesophagus cancer |2008-10-13
. my mom has oesophagus cancer. she had 6 chemothearpy and now she had surgery but doctor still not sure about her
cancer has removed. they tellus she has only 2 years. can u tell me any yoga for this or any hope she can survive more
than that
delhikhalsa  - aplastic aneimea |2008-10-06
My father is suffering from APLASTIC ANEIMEA disease diagonsed by AIIMS in the year 2006. Because of this problem his
bone marrow is not properly functioning and his Hb,TLC & Platletes counts low. He has taken transfussion as & when
required. You are requested give suitable adivse on the matter please. My contact NO. 98###17469
neena  - suspected cancer near salivary glands and throst |2008-10-04
Pranam Swamiji,I am Neena,I am doing yoga for the last 3months in the morning with you through Astha Channel and very
much impressed the way you are treating the people. My father was having voice problem since April'08 and after that in
MAy he underwent Endoscopy and nothing special was found ,so he and my mom proceeded for USA with my sister.After
reaching there his voice has become so feeble and he took 2 courses of Antibiotic but in vain .Then the doctors there
told it is suspected cancer. So both my parents came back to India .Now he has undergone Biopsy test,results are awaited
.He had Open heart surgery in 1996 and is taking medicine thorughout.I want to save my father .With his heart problem
how I will make him do the pranayam.Please help me Swamiji
I am confident of your treatment
Contact No 09###601995
Tandel Sunil  - Urine Bladder Papillary carcinoma |2008-09-18
My mother ( age 54 ) is being tested positive Transitional Cell Papillary Carcinoma ( Grade II of Urine
Dr.(M.S.M.CH - Urology ) has advice for Transuretharl Surgery or Chemotherapy.
Pls. advice. I strongly
belive in yoga and ayuruvede and Swamiji
gargi  - cancer treatment |2008-09-10
swamiji Pranam
My father is suffering from cancer from past several months. He has undergone 8 chemotherapy cycles and
now the doctors has switched over to radiotherapy; recently he has developed cancer in the rectus muscles. He complains
of tumor and pain. What cure is possible in ayurveda. he is suffering from IV stage blood cancer
YogaGuru |2008-09-12

Advice is mentioned above in this article, please read carefully and follow. Key is pranayama for your

Best of luck.
shailja  - Cancer disease |2008-09-04
Guru ji Pranam

My cousin brother is suffereing from cancer. Primarily he was haveing cancer cells in pancriyas then
it is spreading in liver and bone also. Guide me what to do. He is taking medicine from Patanjali franchies in Noida is
it OK or he has to come to Patanjali. As mentioned in your site he is taking all the medicine. Guide us what to

YogaGuru  - pranayama for cancer |2008-09-05
is he practicing pranayama ?

mrs. bhattarai  - Brain Tumour |2008-08-26
Swami ji Pranam,

I am Geeta Bhattarai from Yangon (Rangoon ) Myanmar. My mother has a brain tumour, now she is in
67 ages .The doctors are saying quick optration but we shouldnot do .So pls give me advise and save my mother.We want
to come there .
YogaGuru  - pranayama for brain tumour |2008-08-26
I would advice to practice bhastrika, kapalbhati, anuloma viloma and bharmari pranayama for your mother. She may
continue with the medication she is taking but it would be worth trying these pranayamas in a correct manner early
Mrs Bhattarai  - Thank You Guruji Pranam |2008-08-27
Thanks for your advice,now she started pranayama but she can do afew minutes. We will try for her 20, 30. minutes .We
also gave her loki juice or wheat grass juice. If u have others advice or idea so Please give me.






YogaGuru |2008-08-30
If she is feeling regular pain every time while practicing kapalbhati then she must stop it but can continue with other
pranayamas. Before you plan to visit patanjali yog peeth, haridwar I would advice you to contact the ashram at below
mentioned numbers for further information:



You can also fax there your mother's reports for advice.



Yoga Guru  - patanjali october program |2008-09-10
I suggest you call up below mentioned numbers for detailed information:-


nemthapa  - Pancreas Cancer |2008-08-25
Dear Sir / Madam,

I'm in the UK, my father in law (74 years old) is seriously ill in Nepal, suffering from pancreas
cancer. The doctors from the best hospital in Nepal is no longer able to treat him hence has sent him home with some
pain killers and the whole families are counting down days with hopeless. Would you please advise me if there would be
any hope to cure this cancer by your way of treament. Please advise me if travelling to your asram is also the best

Desparately waiting for your response.

Nem Thapa

Mobile No 00###809430725
YogaGuru  - pranayama for pancrease cancer |2008-08-26
Why not your father in law start practicing pranayama ? and try herbal treatment mentioned in the article above ? . You
may contact patanjali yog peeth over phone to inquire further for the treatment. Numbers

Nem Thapa  - Thank you |2008-08-26
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your timely advices. Allegedly he is too weak to practice pranayama. He can not eat and digest.
What he is taking is just pain killers. Is there any ready made herbal medicine that can be given to him immediately if
yes, how could it be supplied to him ASAP? please advice.

Many thank you for your valuable


Nem Thapa
YogaGuru  - Herbal package for cancer |2008-08-26
There is a package for cancer which you can buy from the website:- run by
patanjali yog peeth trust. Basic ingredients of these package are mentioned above in article.
Nem Thapa  - Package for Cancer online |2008-08-26
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your reply. I tried to access the site but does not show anything looks something wrong with
the page. And the page also looks for UK as i'm looking for the patient in Nepal. Please advise.

Thank you,

Yoga Guru  - package for cancer |2008-08-26
Try again exeact url is below but you must consult a physician before having this package
nemthapa  - Direct delivery to Nepal |2008-08-26
Thank you for your constant help and assistance. This looks will deliver to my UK address. Should I change my delivery
address in Nepal as there is no point deliverying to my UK address? or if not what would be the fastest way to deliver
it to the patient?

Much appreciate for your help.


Vandana Maini  - breast cancer and last stage of reumatyde arthriti |2008-08-20
My mom is suffering from breast cancer and reumotide arthritis. Her body has no energy to tolerate and she got so weak
and she is loosing the hope to live also. Her body pains are unbearable. 4cm lump from the breast has been already taken
out. The only hope I have is baba ramdev who can save her, please advice me.
satish  - Acidity, Throat pain, sour eructations, sinus |2008-08-07
I have Sinus, Throat discomfort, acidity, and gets sour eructations (dakar) many times in a day. I practice
Bhastrika, kapal bhati pranayam 150 times, bahya pranayam 3 times, udgeet pranayam 5 times, anulom vilom 10 mins. But i
dont see any change in the above mentioned health problems. Could you please help me out
YogaGuru  - Acidity, Throat pain, sour eructations, sinus |2008-08-08
It is good you do pranayama but must do it correctly to get relief, instead of counting the repetitions fix time slots
like: 5 min bhastrika, 15 kaplbhati, 5 times bahaya, 15 minutes anuloma vilomam 5 minutes bhramari.

apart from this
you should improve on your eating habbits, can I know what is your daily eating routine ?
mohua roy  - OVCA |2008-07-27
My mother was detected with necrosis on right side of Fallopian tube and underwent operetion on 14th May 2008.Her CA125
value was 413.She had accumulation of fluid while operation..doctors advised to undergo 6 cycles of chemotherapy.....and
said it to be in 3rd stage.Please let me know that will she be able to do the Pranayams since it is only 2 n 1/2
months that her operation is over and what herbal medicines are necessary for her.Till now maa has completed 3 chemo
cycles.Looking for your earliest reply.
YogaGuru  - OVCA |2008-07-28
She can try doing Bhastrika, Anuloma viloma and Bharamari pranayama correctly but do it slowly starting with small time
duration and later extend the duration.

Herbs are mentioned above in the article which she can take after getting
advised from a physician. Good Luck! and believe in God who is there to help your mother.
Singh  - cml |2008-06-17
Please let me know what is "giloy" and from where can i get it so that I can start taking the therapy.
daliya  - more information! |2008-06-18
Would like to know what is "giloy"?
More information on pancreatic cancer and liver cancer.
Thank You
Yoga Guru  - cml |2008-06-18
Giloy is also called Guduchi , amrita (Sanskrit), giloe , gulancha (Bengali), giloya (Hindi), gado , galo (Gujarati),
duyutige , teppatige (Telugu), heartleaf moonseed (English). TINOSPORA CORDIFOLIA is the botanical name of Giloy.

stem is used for medicinal purposes and you can buy it from any shop selling herbal items or patanjali clinic near your

Giloy or Giloe is also called Tinospora cordifolia in english. It is
Write comment
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Cancer Patients

I did Bachelors of Nursing in NZ n and I want to serve people specially who are suffer from varios cancer
I am writing regarding about my jijaji. who has throat cancer. He is doing kimotherapy. but he is not in good condition. I need him to come to your ashram and get treated. I need to know how much does it cost? and the treatment cost? please reply urgently. I would appreciate it. I did sent email before but there was no reply. Please let me know soon. IT's an EMERGENCY!
I'm fighting against Cancer for my Mother. Working with UN
I am suffering from lung cancer. Please help me
Hi! i live in utter pradesh. i'm currently working in noida. i have registered myself to gain more insight about The world of yoga! My aunt has recently been diagnosed with Brain cancer. we all are preety worried about her , heard that Swami Ji does have medecine for the cancer cure also, right now I'm just wondering if she can join ashram and if the experts in HARDWAR can treat her?
Dear Ramdevji, Namaskar. My name is Harsh Dev Sharma. I am 54 years old. I have advance cancer in my throat. I used to smoke alot. I am getting kymo therapy. I want to be cure, because iam the breadmaker in my house. I have 3 daughters. One is already married. other 2 are still unmarried. My wife is homemaker. Please help me get cure. I want to live and do kaniyadaan for my both daughters as well. I have heard that you have cured so many people.My family is my world. What will happen to my family once I am gone. My wife can't do everything all by herself. Please tell me what is the total fee of staying at your camp and get treated. Please help me and reply soon. Urgently waiting for your reply Thank you, Harsh Dev Sharma Thank you, Harish Dev Sharma
Hello Guruji, i am interested for cancertreatment .
my mom s diagnosied with Advanced Breast Cancer. So lookin for help
My father in law aged 75 years in law is suffering from cancer. He is in Kolkata. We will be very grateful to you, if we can get information about the possibility of cure of the same. The detailed information will be given when required.

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    namaste swamiji, meri ma ko 22 saal se ulcer tha 6 mahine pehle unka colostomy hua hai unhe ca...

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