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Modern lifestyle is very busy due to excessive workload. It is difficult to get the time to eat. Man has forgotten the traditional meals and believes in only filling his stomach. There is no thought about benefits or dangers (of this approach).


 Fast food and junk food from the west are the primary meals now. Nobody knows that the body becomes diseased by fast food and junk food; and many kinds of tension, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, bone defects, breast cancer in women, and obesity is on the rise. The reason for this is decreased nutrition and absence of minerals in right amount with respect to the amount of work and labor. Fast food and junk food do not have nutrients, and instead they have high sodium, sugar, chemicals, and carbohydrates, which causes obesity and give other diseases as well.

Venerable Swami Ramdev is making people aware about the diseases and effects of junk food to people. Especially, kids and young people should protect themselves against it.

Why is junk food damaging?

  1. Fast food or drinks are mostly made from bleached flour. To make bleached flour tasty, soft, and less prone to decay, flow pixy, ethylene, white ammonia, nitrogen chloride, chlorine oxide, etc. deadly chemicals are added. These chemicals are very degrading for health and body. Save yourself from this kind of edibles. Take food, which has enough fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, according to your workload.
  2. Whole wheat flour, Missy roti with gram, seasonal green vegetables, lentils, beans, etc. should be included in the diet. Body re-sistance to diseases increases by these.
  3. Junk food can be the reason for asthma and allergy. In kids, asthma and allergy problems arise due to regular eating of junk food.
  4. Junk food has no necessary nutrients – if kids do not get appropriate amounts of vegetables, milk, vitamin E, and minerals, and if they depend on junk food, then they may be subjected to asthma and other allergies. Kids do not fall ill quickly if they take milk of cow or goat, rice, vegetables, fruit, and dates.
  5. Junk food and cold drinks are slow poison. Cake, pastries, jam, jelly, ketchup, chocolate, toffee, sandwich of various kinds, pizza, fried snacks, and many types of soft-drinks eat away the body like termites.
  6. Junk food has given many diseases since some ingredients are preserved by chemicals and some are made attractive by adding artificial colors. Due to this, about one and a half kilogram of chemicals per year is consumed on an average. These chemicals deposit in the body fat, and remain active for years, and become the reason for deadly diseases – among which cancer is the most important one.
  7. Those who consume more fast food are subjected to anemia, arthritis, and eye-problems apart from obesity. Fast food also affects heart and brain in a negative way.
  8. If you take fibrous fruits, instead of fast food, then it is every better for health. Not only does it decrease the chance of cancer or heart-attack, but a lot of poisonous chemicals in the body get destroyed by it. Apart from that, the anti-oxidants in fruits are very beneficial.
  9. Every person should eat about 200gm of fruits every day.
  10. Attention should be paid to the cooking method of vegetables. Many people try to make vegetables tasty by adding a lot of oil or clarified butter , due to which the nutrients get destroyed. Vegetables should be washed and cooked in a way to preserve nutrients.
  11. Not only does fast food like burger, pizza, etc., increases obesity, but it damages liver as well.
  12. Fast food like samosa, chips, and cake has a bad effect on health.
  13. To prevent kids from obesity, their lunch should have more fruits and vegetables.
  14. Talk to your kids about advantages of balanced food. Tell them about the negative effects of junk food and fast food.
  15. Inspire kids to play more outdoor games, or just encourage them to do more exercises at home. Swimming, badminton, etc., sports should be encouraged.

Cultivate the habit of practicing Yoga

Sarvangasana, uttanapadasana, naukasana, pavana muktasana, kandharasana, surya namaskara, yoga mudrasana, matsyasana, vajrasana, supta vajrasana, sasakasana, etc., postures should be regularly practiced as much as possible. These all increase metabolism and the problems of stomach subside away while nutrients are received by the body. Obesity will not happen. Useless fat will not be stored.

The practice of dvicakrikasana, padavrttasana, and ardhahalasana, stops obesity. Body becomes well framed and disease free for life.

The practice of cakrasana, setubandha asana, makarasana, kati uttanasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, shalabhasana, viparita naukasana, ustrasana, and trikonasana prevents any disease related to spinal diseases.

Practice of sirsasana, siddhasana, garbhasana, parvatasana, utkatasana, simhasana, bharjarasana, konasana, tadasana improves the physical health.

KapalaBhati, nerve purification, bhastrika etc., breath-exercises should also be practiced. For internal fitness, this practice is necessary.

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Amar Kasat  - Great job |2012-06-05
U r doing a great job by spreading awareness about this slow and sweet poison. It's a request to u to look if
it could be spread all over.
For any kind of help u can contact me
Vishal Kukal  - Boycott Junk Food |2009-05-08
Let’s face it, junk food is, as the name suggest, just pure junk. While it tastes great, it has very little nutrition
content and it will cause some health issues in the near future.

First, let me say that I am not advocating a total
abstain of junk food but a moderation of it.
There are many people out there that are not thinking of their general
health all the time when they are thinking of something to eat all the time. With all the fast food restaurants out
there many do not think about exactly what they are eating all the time.
There is nothing wrong with eating at fast food
restaurants but you really need to watch what you are eating all the time. If you were to think about it what you eat
really reflects your general health all the time.
If you are one that eats a lot of junk food then you could be run down
all the time and gaining weight on a regular basis. You may not notice it right away but your friends and family will
see that you are not doing as well as you used to and that is because of the junk food that you are eating all the
If you have been told that you are looking real ragged then you are going to want to stop and look at what you are
eating and doing in your life that would make you look ragged. Once you have accomplished and narrowed down a list of
what may be making you look ragged then you are going to want to change some or all of your habits. When you make an
effort of changing ...
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