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Ayurvedic Medicines - Gastric Troubles

Gastric Trouble & Flatulence
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines to for Gastric problems & flatulence. Gastric problems mainly occurs due to indigestion. Most foods that..

Divya Gashar Churna
Divya Gashar Churna digests food, so there is no occurrence of gas & acidity, etc., caused by..

Hingwashtak churna for Indigestion
Hingwashtak Churna acts as a carminative & stomachic. Indicated in indigestion, colic..

Divya Bahera Churna
Best Useful in Gastric..

Avipattikar Churna
Avipattikar churna is Purgative, Carminative & indicated in acidity & Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Constipation, Heart Burn &..

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Gastric problem has become one of common problems like constipation and indigestion. This problem is seen in people of any age group. The prominent symptoms are – bulging of the stomach, pressure in the stomach and belches. One of the main reasons is our eating habit. Swallowing the food quickly, eating untimely meals, talking while eating, drinking water in between the meals, consuming spicy food results in gastric trouble. Eating very hot or very cold food items also results in gas formation. A person suffers from gastric problem if he does not have mental peace and is irritated.

 Natural medication

  • To control gas one should have a regular check on their food. Natural medication gives complete cure.
  • Take enema with lemon water and when the stomach is thoroughly cleaned then put mud bandage on the stomach and take hipbath.
  • Consume light food, which is easily digestible. Avoid eating food, which causes gas.
  • Concentrate on the food and chew it properly. Take fruits once a week.
  • Put wet mud on the stomach and tie it.
  • Put water on the backbone in such a way that it slides down slowly and then massage the body. 
  • Add lemon water to the black sand and apply gently on the feet. Sprinkle water at regular intervals. Remove it after an hour. This helps in removing the gas.

Medication through yoga

Early morning after Kunjal kriya, practice few yogasanas and then practice asana, which will strengthen the stomach.

After the four navel exercises – practice Katichakrasana, Urdhvahasthotasana, Padhastasana, Suptapavanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana, Mandookasana, Kurmasana, Mayurasana,

In pranayam practice Bhastrika and Surya bhedi, Agnisar and Naouli kriya, which has magical affect.

Medicinal treatment

  • Take six grams of ginger juice, lemon juice and honey. Mix them well and take it thrice daily.
  • Take three small harads daily.
  • Take 100 gm yellow leaves of yoke tree, ten grams of salt, grind them well, make small tablets and dry them in shade. Take two to three tablets daily.
  • If you are getting belches or the stomach is filled with gas then take little asafetida with lemon juice and consume this will help release the gas.
  • Take equal quantities of bacha, Harad, chitrkamul, jawakhar, pipal, linseed. Grind them and make fine powder. Take three grams powder with lukewarm water to release gas.
  • Add powdered clove in to the boiling water, when clove dissolves then filter it. Take 25 gm of this mixture thrice a week.
  • Take one spoon each of onion, ginger and garlic juice. Add three spoons of honey and take it before meals.
  • Grind onion with vinegar and consume.
  • Add ginger juice and little quantity of black salt and consume.
  • Take two grams of powdered black pepper and lemon juice with lukewarm water. Take this mixture regularly for ten to twelve days twice daily to avoid gastric problem.
  • Powdered marble should be applied on the stomach to avoid gas. Gas is released either through belches or fatting.
  • Take two grams of mustard with sugar. Add lime with 50 grams of water and give to the patient suffering from gastric problem.
  • Swallow one grain of asafetida with water to release gas.
  • Mix asafetida with water and apply on the navel region and stomach.
  • Mix castor oil with butter and massage on the stomach.
  • Take bran of wheat and rock salt. Make a packet of it and roast it on the pan and put it on the stomach.
  • Add one spoon of castor oil in the quath of dry ginger powder and drink.
  • Take eight grains of bacha powder and eight grains of aniseed powder and take it with lukewarm water.
  • Add lemon juice in jaiphal and eat it. It will give relief in stomachache and removes gas.
  • Add turpentine oil and castor oil and massage on the stomach. Avoid using turpentine oil exclusively.
  • Take half spoon of Ajowan, one small Harad, one pinch of rock salt, and one grain of asafetida. Grind them together and take it with lukewarm water.
  • Add little asafetida in fresh radish juice and consume.
  • Add little jaggery in banyan bark, dry ginger and consume.
  • Take one spoon of mustard seeds and two black peppers. Mix them and powder them. Drink water over it.
  • Take one piece of ginger, two black peppers, five grams of pomegranate seeds, one pinch of black salt, one grain of asafetida, grind it and consume.
  • Take equal quantity of banyan, dry ginger, Ajowan. Add one grain of asafetida and black pepper, grind them and take it twice daily with water.
  • Take ten gram of Asagandha, add it in cow urine and consume. This gives relief from gas.
  • Grind four leaves of baheda in little black salt. This will be helpful in releasing the gas.
  • Grind four leaves of Baheda, add little salt and consume.
  • Take four fruits of banyan tree, swallow it with water.
  • Take two leaves of lemon, three grams of basil roots, two new leaves of orange tree, make a fine paste. Add rock salt and consume. It helps in releasing gas.
  • Grind five raw fruits of castor plant. Add little rock salt and consume.
  • Take the bark or skin of banyan tree, grind it with water and apply on the stomach. Take four leaves of spinach, four leaves of neem and four leaves of cholai. Make a fine paste. Add little salt. It will be helpful in releasing gas 

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kapil babu  - acidity bhaut banti hai |2016-06-08
Sir mai acidity se bhut paresan noon mujhe 3sal ho gaye an to hfte me teen bar acidity ki dwai leni part I hai mai 22
sal ka ho eske chakar me padhai me mn kam lagta hai mai dubla bhi ho hya ho Dr se dwai li PR aram milta hai lakin
smadhan nhi .ap kuch yog ya dwai bataye apki .mhan krpa hogi mai much as an bhi krta lakin koi labh nhi
Arun  - गैस की समस्या |2016-05-03
नमस्ते...मेरा नाम अरुन है मुझे गैस की समस्या
करीब 7 साल से है। जो की सुरु मे कम थी लेकिन इस
समय गंभीर रूप ले चुकी है। इसका इलाज एलोपेथी ,
आयुर्वेद , होम्योपैथ मे करा चुका हूँ लेकिन कोई
फायदा नही हुआ है । पतंजलि आयुर्वेद की दवाई भी
एक डॉक्टर की सलाह से ली है उससे भी फायदा नही
मेरा पेट फूल जाता है खाना खाने के बाद
घंटो तक डकारे आती रहती है कभी कभी तो पूरी रात
पेट फूला रहता है व डकारे आती रहती है
इसका इलाज बताये।।। धन्यबाद
SMITA  - bulging stomach problem |2015-09-24
sir namaste

mere ko 2 yrs se gas ka problem hai mene dhayan nahi diya ab mera double ful gaya hai, me to patli hoon
31yr ki hoon. latrine 3 din me ek baar hota hai.plz gharelu upaya bataye..mera pet patla ho jaye pehele ki tarah me
aapki abhari rahungi..
anil  - Gas and apachan problems |2015-06-05
Dier sir,

Sir muze 20 sal ho gaye hai muzhe 2 sal se ye problam hei pet me gas bani rahati hai
Khana thik se pachan
nahi hota bar-bar latrine jana padata hai latrine saf nahi hoti
Sir please muzhe koi upay batai
rajlovlace  - gastric |2015-05-08
i am the 20 years boy that i have gastric and constipation problem that i am suffering from 2 months so i need
specially medicine which can cure my disease. so baba ramdevbaba dev help me please. jay guru maharaja.
SHANANU  - hevey hevy gas and hevy acid problem |2015-04-25
sir i have a hevy and hevy gastic prblem since 4 years .sir iam un able to take the spice foods and even if i take or
not take any food the gas occurs and hart burns so sir i wan to relese the gas and indisation and acid problem fully so
plz give a way to me ,a i have taken all the yellopathic medicine almost ,,,,pz sir ...
Kumarswami  - kumar |2014-12-15
Dear Sir/Madam
i have suffering Upper gastric problem near 1 year so many medicine are use but Fully not Relief,i Meet
Specialist all so,Endoscope Doctor seen 4 time all are seen but Not Relief ,How Will Relif Fully Suggestion me

Contact No,98###41257
Meenakshi Bhalla  - Gastric Problem after Gal Bladder removal |2014-08-11
Suffering with severe gastric problem after the the removal of gal bladder.
Patanjali doctor prescribed: Arogya Vati and
Abhayarishta, but have not been very successful
prosanta  - gas problem |2014-07-12
Dear sir,

i am 23 years old. My problem is i'm
suffring from gastric last 4 year gas & untimely
daily i go to
bathroom 4 to 5 times. Presure on
every time. Mein to bus /kahi jane se
darta kahi mujhe bathroom na lag
doctor se dawai kha raha hu. Lekin koi fayda nai hua.
Mera problem solved kar de.

plzzzzzzz sir
hari  - gastric |2013-09-07
Namaste guruji main harinath rao army main job karta hoon. Mujhe gastric hogaya hain vomiting sens bahut hota hain our
stomach phoola rehata hain mujhe suggest keejiye please .
Rani  - Dharan |2013-07-02
Nameste Sawmi ji
I am suffering from stomach pain which makes me unable to eat from last three months. First, I didn't
know that I have Dharan. I also have too much gas problem and this gas goes to my head and makes me very dizzy.
When I
finally found out (after three mons) some old lady who did malish to my stomach to fix the Dharan. I felt better after
that but she told me you have alot of swelling. For swelling I used warm water bottle and sometime move. Since, all my
stomach pain goes away but pain under my rib cage, specially in the middle of my chest still there. That malish lady
told me this pain will take sometime to goes away but meantime I saw GI doctor and who did endoscopy and find out that
I have Hiatal hernia. I think, I have hiatal Hernia due to Dharan. As you know Doctors dont understand Dharna. Actually
I am in USA. Any suggestion and treatment would you tell me. I had gallbladder surgery last year as well. I don't want
to do another surgery. I am 32 years old Female from USA>
Mat  - DR |2013-06-25
I am 67 year old professional. I do work for the UN agencies and travel a lot. I have abit of BP-100/150 and
under medicatin. For some time 30 years I do suffer from stomach gas problems.
I do not eat meat or fired
items.I was under nature life for 3 years fully.
I do exercise every day by walking for 30 minutes. I eat very
How to contain this problem of uneasy stomach and gastric problems?
I do take Thribhalla powder every
day night before going to bed - some one tea spoon in hot water.
deepesh  - gas and untimely go to bathroon |2012-08-06
dear sir,
i am 27 year old. My problem i'm suffring last 4 year gas and untimely daily 4 to 5 time bathroom. Presure on
every time. Mein to bus se kahi jane se darta kahi bathroom na lag jaye.
6 doctor se dikhaya par koi fayda nai.
Mera problem solved kar de.
praveen  - stomach pain |2012-07-23
i am 22 years old I am suffering with gas problem please advice me a correct and permanent remedy .
Ditpi  - GM |2012-06-17
i am 52, if i drink water and eat some food my tummy enlarge.
My weight is good but due to big tummy i looks ugky at
my position in office.
Can U guid me what i have to eat> and what home remedies i can do?
naresh  - gastrities |2012-03-28
I have antral gastrities last 2years in my stomach have inflamation of mucosa my ppprob is if i down chest is pain
why is it heheart prob or gas prob pls solve my prob
Gurinder |2012-01-30
I am suffering from dharan, that mames my stomach upset and unable to digest. Lots of stomach ace any suggestions please
amrandra |2011-09-15
Pranam Guruji. I am suffering from sever gastric last 6 month . I am 30 years old. I am
suffering in vomating due to
gastric problem.Please suggest what shall I do.

With Regards
qendeel  - gastric problem with a numbers of bleches |2011-06-10
hello i am qendeel from pakistan please help me to control my gastric problem almost 9 years old i had two kids by
major opretion my body is full of gas whenever i press my any body parts a lots of bleches come out due to this disease
iam very lazy and do not house work properly please help me to get rid of this problem with regards
Ashu  - Every Evening is a nightmare for me |2011-03-04
Pranam Guruji,

I am 26 years old male and for me every evening is troubling every day when I come home in evening I
feel like I am irritated, not feeling well, bowls are coming with sound and feeling like something bad is gona happen to
me, lot of vomiting tendencies sometime.
After taking dinner the situation gets worst like feeling vomating tendency and
in nigh sleep some acid like thing come into mouth and always some pain on left shoulder or some time right shoulder or
pain in other parts near Hear or lot of irritation.

please suggest Guru ji
amar deep  - stomach problems |2011-02-24
satsriakal name is amar deep.i am suffering from hyperacidity and symptoms are:-
to much acid in
my stomach.inflamation in the stomach.
gas bubbles in upper part of my stomach.
to much weakness in stomach.
little bit
of pain in the upper part of the stomach.
sir please suggest me medicines for my problem.
rahi  - gastric and constipation |2011-02-22
i hve a gastric problem since 1 year and not satsified with stool always come at evening not in the morning, heartburn
and chest pain mently not well i dnt feel any vominiting but i m not satsified with stool plz do something i leave
everthing which help me feels good i dnt go out side due to this i hve a fobia in my mind due to this i dnt travel in
Sonai |2009-12-17
Ayurvedic package for Gastric trouble.
Sonai  - Gastric Problem |2009-12-17
Pranam Guruji,
I am 26 years old & suffering from gastric problem from 13 yaers old. At that time I had suffered chest
pain means upper abdomen regularly & sometimes got vomit tendency. Now, from last 4 years I have been suffering from
vomiting tendency & got vomit also. Sometimes have chest pain. Last 1 year I am suffering this problem regularly. Always
having vomiting tendency & once in a month having vomiting whole day. I feel very weak for this reason. And last six
month sometimes I have breath problem if I am hungry. It is not asthema as instructed by Doctor its because of gastric
problem.Sometimes feeling something block my neck inside & also have long breath full or empty stomach.

suggest me what I have to do to get rid from gastric problem at the earliest.
Dr@myyog  - permanent treatment of gastric problems |2009-12-20
Hello sonai

nausea, vomiting, disturbed digestion and fullness, heaviness in abdomen and chest are all signs of
indigestion. We recommend you to take light home made meals and that to at proper times only. Take full package for
link: idity-Hyper-Ac
idity.html to get rid of these digestive issues permanently. dhooti karma is also very good for the treatment of
these upper digestive system related problems. These ayurvedic medicines will help in increasing your appetite,
digestion and assist in proper absorption in body. Your energy level will slowly increase of of its own. So make a
regular course of almost two three months to get permanent treatment.

Sunita  - Chakrabarty |2009-11-17
Pranam Guruji. I am suffering from sever gastric last 4 years . I am 32 years old.I don't feel hungry. Sometimes I am
suffering in vomating due to gastric problem.Please suggest what shall I do.

With Regards

Bisakha Kundu  - Gas and Acidity problem |2009-06-08
i am 30 year women. i am suffering for gatro and acidity every day. please advice to do needful
YogaGuru  - re: Gas and Acidity problem |2009-06-14
Ayurvedic Package for Acidity is mentioned at the link below:-

link: ackage-for-Aci
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  Ayurvedic Medicines - Gastric Troubles

Divya Harar Vati
Divya Harar Vati (Shodhit Harar) is helpful in Digestion, having good taste and promotes stamina for..

Divya Dhara
Multipurpose best ayurvedic medicine & is helpful in controlling Cholera, Headache, Toothache, Ear-diseases, Gas, Asthma..

Divya Methi Pachak
Tasty & Digestive. Best useful in diabetes & in reducing..

Divya Praval panchamrit
useful in gastric..

Divya Triphala Churna
Triphala churna is a herbal powder, which cleanses & detoxifies the body system. It is best for colon cleansing, constipation, weight control, eye..

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Gastric Patients

i am a student suffering from stomach upset like burning sensation in stomach, constipation and gas
i have an gastric troubbles and high blood pressure
Having gastric problems and chest burns whenever I take oily and spicy foods. Some times gas gets formed when I take some kinds of foods which i can't specify particularly. I have got gall bladder stones too and waiting for key hole surgery for removing gall bladder.
my mother suffering from arithrities, gastric problems, blodd pressure and etc.
I am of 25years and for past four or five years suffering from IBS and gastric. Want a better cure for that.
i 26 years old and anemic, also suffering with gastric troubles and gain weight after cesereiun delivery, need to reduce, also got tummy after same.pls suggest proper medicine and course period for same.
I am 40 years old staying at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. I have been suffering from Gastric from 2002. I feel the stomach swelling (Pet Phula) all times. I feel heavy ness and pain in the whole stomach all times whatever I eat or not. I left Non-veg for last 4 years due to these problems. Even I cannot take any types of pulses due to this problem. I use non-spicy food and not taking much garlic, brinjal, potato, pulses etc. I had been to number of Doctors in all streams like Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic and not got any relief and Still I am facing the problem and the problem is growing more day by day. Endoscopic and ultra sound tests were conducted two times no result was found. But in the recent endoscopic test (before 15 days) it was diagnosed as Acute Antral Gastritis. Using medicines of Allopathic but not got relief till date. I had undergone two surgeries (1) Operated a Tumor on the Uterus in May 1996 (2) Surgery at the time of birth of my daughter in Dec. 1999. I have also Rheumatoid Arthritic problem from 2004. I used several medicines of all streams. Although I feel pain in the joints if I work for a few minutes and get exhausted. I feel more threat due to this gastric. I also feel back pain and headache most of the times.
I am b.pharm student suffering from digestive problem before 5 that lower abdomen swell.and fill of gas and right upper abdome normaly swell and pain please give some ayur.medicine to cure it.thank's baba ji.
09-27-09 Param Pujya Shri Ramdev Babaji, I am having several severe disabling conditions like: Diabetes since 34 years since taking insulin shots, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Unbearable constipation and Gastric trouble as well for which hospitalized some times, Other common conditions: Depression, continuous cold allergy, asthma, insomnia, hypo thyroid, loosing weight if not maintained, energy fully exhausted for days if 1KG or more weight lifted and more. Have been doing bear minimum Pranayams regularly, as body does exhaust all energy if done little more!! Only babaji can guide me coming out of this health darkness. Here I request with outcry to help me please. Thanks. Bharat Dave
i have gastric problem

Gastric troubles Question & Answers


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