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Ayurvedic Medicines - Heart problems

Heart Problems
Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Heart problems, A completely safe & natural way of recovering Heart from high cholesterol levels &..

Divya Hridyamrit Vati for Heart
A unique herbal formulation which is cardiotonic & supports cardiovascular health. Best Herbal Medicine for all kinds of Heart..

Prabhakar Tablet for Heart
Prabhakar Tablet acts as an alterative, haematinic. Effective in all types of heart disease, lungs diseases. Tonic for heart & lungs. Indicated in..

Arjuna 60 capsules - Heart Care
Herbal Arjuna is the best herb that helps in maintaining healthy heart(cardiac control), relieving mental stress & nervousness. Helps support healthy..

Arjuna Capsules for Heart Diseases
Reduces hypertension, stress, nervousness, Helps maintaining healthy heart, Promotes effective cardiac functioning & regulates BP, also improves..

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Our Heart works round the clock and to do this easily and peacefully there is only one solution, your blood should be pure and the carrier route i,e. vein, arteries and nerve be without blockages. Heart to work efficiently, the strong muscles of heart requires energy. This energy is transported through pencil sized two main arteries and from them numerous small and big branches protrude out. These are life-line of the heart and get oxygen as well as glucose a form of energy. Generally coronary arteries take care of all the needs of the heart. Whenever heart has to work at abnormally high rate these arteries automatically get enlarged and diameter of these arteries increases. Due to this blood circulation increases and the heart gets required more energy/food.

The problem arrives when any blockage happens in these arteries. The main reason for these blockages is the inner wall of the arteries can have a layer of cholesterol. They also constrict sometime and result in non delivery of required food/energy to the heart. Whenever heart has to work more, this result in fatigue of the heart and a diseased heart is the symptom. Different types of blockages have different symptoms which results in various types of heart ailments.

Heart diseases are of two types:

  1. Angina
  2. Heart attack

Angina: Angina is the beginning of diseased condition of coronary arteries. The patient comes to know about it when he gets pain in left side of the chest and feeling of heaviness is felt on a regular basis. Feeling of uneasiness and tiredness always remains and only with examination it is revealed the patient is suffering from Angina.

Heart attack: Life giving arteries of heart suddenly gets blockages in its path and abruptly stops the circulation of blood to the heart resulting in collapse/death of the heart muscles, this condition is called heart attack. The symptoms are huge amount of pain in the heart or feeling of huge weight kept on the heart. The pain travels to fingers, shoulder and neck. Sweating, nervousness and nausea are the symptoms and this can result in unconsciousness and stopping of the heartbeat of the patient.

This should be immediately/emergently followed by doctor/medical help. The patient should be lie down having the support of his back. The clothes should be loosened and massaging of the chest should be done. Pressure should be applied abruptly at very regular intervals on chest. Mouth to mouth blow of respiration can also be given.

Reasons for Disease

  • Obesity, smoking, high blood cholesterol,diabetes, high blood pressure, consumption of alcohol, eating habit of very fatty/junk foods, stressed and busy lifestyle are the major reasons.
  • Due to obesity blood vessels and arteries get deposition of cholesterol and fat which create blockage and hindrance in the circulation of the blood. This causes heart to pump more blood and work more. Fatigue is caused and heart becomes slowly diseased and it gradually increases.
  • Acid in blood increases and results in impure blood which causes weakness of the heart.
  • Frequently and regularly caused illness results in higher usage of medicines which again cause illness of the heart.
  • Regular Exercise and yoga if you don’t do then veins gets blocked which causes obstruction in blood circulation.
  • Air in the body results in more pressure for the heart and results in illness of the Heart.
  • Due to Mental tension heart doesn’t get full supply of the blood and causes decreased efficiency of the heart. Heart is responsible for the total blood circulation of the body and blood supply for its own need.
  • Nature to purify blood has created three organs 1. Lungs, 2. Skin, 3. Kidney. In these even one doesn’t work properly chances of heart disease increases.
  • Work alcoholic life habits, devoid of entertainment, feeble sleeping, irregular food habit, eating non-veg-etarian food, too much drinking of coffee and tea can result in heart disease.

Ayurvedic treatment

Package for Heart Problems produced by Divya Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev is very good ayurvedic package for heart patients.

 Natural Treatment

  • Heart patient should lie down on bed, where the pain is happening rose water should be massaged or powdered boracic acid or powdered turmeric and Indian aloe’s one side to be revealed and any of those to be spread over it and to be heated over pan. After heating mixture it should be kept at patient’s heart.
  • Patient suffering from pain if faints/unconsciousness happens then one gram of jahbar mixed with rose and a paste is made and allowed to fall drop by drop on the neck.
  • Terminalia tree’s bark’s paste is made and filtered with muslin cloth and then kept on tongue and slow suckle makes the heart strong and relieves from the heart pain.
  • Terminalia tree’s bark when boiled with milk and then taken by patient relieves him from illness and makes the heart strong.
  • Jaggery and Ghee when mixed together and let the patient have it. This make the heart strong.
  • One spoon of honey taken on daily basis gives vitality to the heart. One spoon of honey gives 200 calories of energy.
  • Tinospora Cordifolia and black pepper taken half in quantity each and mixed thoroughly then make powder .Consume 3 grams on daily basis gives vigor to the heart.
  • Dry Indian gooseberry and sugar cubes 50 gram each mixed thoroughly and then made powdered. Everyday 6 gram with water when taken all kinds of heart ailments gets rectified.
  • Terminalia tree’s bark, jaggery 10 gram each and half kilogram of cow’s milk is taken. Make powder of Terminalia tree’s bark and boil with the milk. After boiling add jaggery into the milk and then to be given to the patient. Consuming this gives vitality to the heart, relieves swelling and other ailments.

Taking care of the heart

  • Do work which makes you sweat. Minimum a person should walk for 35 minutes.
  • Sleep well and completely .Mostly people give priority to their work and do not take care to have health and disciplined diet. When people start ignoring sleep that is more harmful. Due to insomnia stress hormones are released which is harmful for the heart.
  • Taking stress and tension is harmful for the heart. Due to stress blood carrying veins, get damaged, which is visible on the heart. Due to this high cholesterol happens and leads to chances of high blood pressure. Stay away from stress.
  • Walking, Jogging and other exercises are good for the heart and sedentary and comfortable lifestyle is dangerous for the heart.
  • Eighty percent of the required salt we get from food and 200 mg of salt is sufficient for the body.
  • Don’t consume gutkha, panmasala, and avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • In the morning empty stomach take four almonds because it is good for the heart.
  • In place of heavy and fatty food consume nutritious food.
  • After the age of 25 take care of your heart
  • take juice of gourd everyday for 6 months. This will remove blockage in the artery remove nervousness and angina will be cured.
  • Decoction of pomegranate leaves or its juice helps in heart ailments.
  • Grind 250 gm gourd with the peel also add seven mint and basil leaves each. Extract juice. Now add equal measure of water. Add 4 ground black pepper add 1 gm rock salt. Drink 30 mins after food in the afternoon and night. Regular consumption will give relief from heart disease and and avoid surgery.
  • Control anger, fear and doubt. Keep away obesity and eat more vegetables.
  • More cold is not good. Avoid cold. Drink 8-10 glass water. Eat whole wheat flour. Eat papaya everyday , salad, cabbage, onion, tomato cucumber and ginger.
  • Do not consume ghee and butter. Eat slowly and peacefully. Eat vegetarian. Sleep early and rise early.

Daily Routine of Heart Patient

  • Do not lift heavy object. Neither push them.
  • Do not work anxiously. Peaceful completion is warranted. Free yourself from mental and physical stress.
  • Do not eat in plenty. Have small frequent meals.
  • Eat less of salt, oily food and sweet food.
  • Eat plenty of fruits vegetables, juice, soup, salad. Milk, curd and buttermilk are also beneficial food.
  • Addiction of paan, tobacco, bidi, cigarettes is extremely harmful for the health of heart.

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Shaikh  - Can Bottle Gourd juice be taken after angioplasty |2013-12-20
i got Attack on 27th Nov 2013, and then stenting procedure done in Right and Left artries, i need to know can drinking
the juice of Bottle gourd will be beneficial and also concentration on other mentioned remedies will help to keep the
heart and blood flow in the artries normal.
alka  - dry herbs |2013-06-29
guruji, jentney bhi dry herbs hai unki thseer kai bare main janana chathihu.
k. herojirao  - heart pain |2011-03-06
dear sir,
my left said pain so please suggest me what can do in this moment i can check my blood pressure, so please
give your valuable suggestion
thank you
Kulbhushan Tuteja  - advisi for blockage |2010-10-10
Greetings. Angioplasty in right coronary artery(proximal & distal part) was done in 2001. On 27 Sept, 2010, again
angioplasty was done this time it was in LCX. I am not a smoker. Kabhi-kabhi drinks I take but not regular. I am a
morning walker.
Pl suggest aurvedi medicine
mhgirl53 |2009-09-21
I am writing from the United States. When you say to drink the juice of gourd, what type of gourd do you mean? Thank you
for your response.
YogaGuru  - Gourd |2009-09-22
Juice of Bottle gourd (Ghiya) which is also called Loki in Hindi.
YASHPAL PURI  - high blood pressure cure |2009-08-07
I recently got my blood pressure taken about a month back.The BP was around 140/120. After exercising and taking
medication for a month it has come down to 125/94. I would like to know if i should go for medication or resort to
healthy diet and exercising regime or should continue with my medication? Also, suggest some cures if any to treat high
blood pressure completely
SANDEEP1140 |2009-05-27
sir mujhe heart valve shrinkage ke treatment ke bare me janna hai. i think it's difficult
YogaGuru |2009-05-29
Kapalbhati pranayama and anuloma viloma pranayama is very good to cure heart shrinkage and also there is a very
effective ayurvedic package for heart mentioned below:-

link: ackage-for-Hea
Mani Ram Jaglan  - Hearth Ailment Yogic Natural ayurvedic |2009-05-19
This is very usefull for everyone
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  Ayurvedic Medicines - Heart problems

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Heart Patients

I am regularly doing yoga and pranayama as per cd of shri ramadev. since 2004 , I had not major problems till then but all alopethy medicene for heart i was taking daily as dirceted by doc. I always have blood pressure high even after taking tablet (Betaloc 50) other tablet is cardace 5, and ceruvin 75 and daily 2 tablet of rantec 150 to avoide acidity.and daily one tablet of trica .25.
My mother Smt. Usha Jaiswal is 01 jul 2010 suffering from heart attack. i want to checkup by Ramdev baba medicines.
Sir I m from ghaziabad my brother is suffering from heart problem his three arteries are blocked 100%,90%,80%
In the 23 yrs female, My mother is suffering from diabetes & heart desease. Need help urgently.
&9 yeas old.Had By Pass heart surgery 16 years back.Doing ranayam since last 30 days
Iam 56 years old. Iam a Diabetic patient from 2003.Igot heart stroke in 2006 and got bypass surgery in 2008.I have the following sex problems; Low sperm count.Erectyile dysfunction.Anxiety during sexual course.
Pranam Guruji, I am 69 years old, my weight is 112 lbs, height is 5' and 3". I am vegeterian and from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I live in Newjercy USA since last 13 years.( from 1996 ) I have Astham a since last 20 years, I use Albuteral Inhalation Aerosol 17 gm and ADVAR DIKUS 250 mcg/50 mcg inhalation powder. Recently I had serious heart attack on Apr 29, 2009. Doctors implanted two stents 3 mm x 12 mm and 3x15mm size. When I was admitted my heart was working 20 % and after the implantation of two stents when i was discharged from the hospital, heart was working at 40%. On Sep 14, 2009, I had TEE test ( Trans Echo Test). In this test they found that there is no more blockage but heart muscles have become weak and as per the test, the heart pumping capacity is 15 to 20 % left only, So hospital suggested to implant Pace Makers which will be done in next 3-4 months. At present I take following medicines in tablet form. (1) Aspirin - 325 mg (2)Plavix - 75mg (3)Metoprolol Tartrate - 25 mg (4)Crestor 5 mg (5)Ramipril - 2.5 mg I know pranayam for 20 years, but now I have been doing regularly since last 4 months for the duration of 30 minutes a day. Please advise what type of Ayurvedic/herbal medicines should i take , what Yogashans and exercises should i do, what are the dietry restrictionw for me. Thank you very much in advance. I look forward to receiving your reply.
Esteemed Sir, I express my heart felt respect for you. God have bestowed the human in running the day to day life. The hands of God have been shared with some eminent personalities. I have found one in you. May i beg your pardon to share your timings. I am a diagnosed Vitiligo (Leucoderma) patient. In these days i have passed through a medicated life. Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic, Allopathic and other Herbal medicines have been used under strict supervision of the Specialists. In all the times the medicines responded for the disease and cured to some extent. But i could not find it moving to cure in total. Now no medicine is used at present. In this regard i expect your benevolent suggestion. I have heard and attended your programmed in Astha Channel with much interest. Would your like to suggest further advice such that i can get the benefit of cure by your grace. Name: Barsa Rani Mahapatro Age: 25 Sex: Female Status: Unmarried Tenure: 09 years Surface: Plane Spots: Over the body especially on back side of the palm, foot & ankles, over the eye lips, inner ears & over thighs.
my wife is facing problem by heart deasese like anemia & valve sinkage(70%)

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