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Wheat Grass Juice is Natural Life Saver  E-mail
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Small wheat plants are known as wheat grass. We are aware that wheat has immense strength and gives us the strength to fight out diseases. Similarly wheat grass juice is also very beneficial for our health. The Ayurvedic doctors call it as nectar as it has the strength to overcome almost all the diseases. The foreign organic scientists call it green blood. Wheat grass juice has the capacity to purify blood and increase hemoglobin. It removes foreign particles and all toxic elements from the body and keeps it healthy.

Today man is falling into the grip of different diseases. Nowadays we get side-effects free along with expensive medicines. In this situation we should use natural methods to remain disease free. There is no doubt that natural treatment helps in keeping the body healthy and disease free. Wheat grass juice is also one such natural remedy, which is a noble gift of the nature. A person of any age can use this. A diseased person can consume it daily and improve the disease fighting capacity. Wheat grass juice has proven to be beneficial even in case of cancer. Wheat grass juice is full of nutritional elements and regular consumption can make the body strong and healthy.

Wheat grass has high chlorophyll content when compared to other plants. The chlorophyll matches up to 40 percent with human blood. Wheat grass juice is more beneficial than milk, curd, and meat. It can be grown at homes and therefore it is cheap and easily available. Wheat grass juice is a rich source of vitamins and alkaline. This is the reason that a small quantity of this juice fulfills all the deficiencies. People of all ages can consume it and five drops of this juice should be given to newborns also.

Wheat grass juice contains active enzymes, minerals, chlorophyll, fibers, vitamins and different types of nutritional and natural elements. Therefore wheat grass juice is known as natural lifesaver.

Method of growing wheat grass

Fill eight to ten flowerpots with soil. Mix some cow dung manure in the soil. Do not use chemical manures for growing these plants. Soak the wheat to be sown in water at night. Soak ten gram wheat in one pot half inch below the soil. Pour water and keep the pot in shade instead of sun. Make sure that the sunlight does not fall directly on the pot.

Bow the wheat in second pot on the second day. In this way continue to sow the wheat in nine pots for nine days one by one. Water the plants once daily. When you see the plant growing reduce watering. Now cut the wheat grass from the first plant grown on the first day. The wheat plant grows up to seven to eight inches in nine days. It is better to pull the whole plant along with the roots. It is optional to use the roots. Grind the wheat grass in a mixer and extract the juice. Drink it in gulps and take up to 50 ml at one time.

Sow the wheat in the empty pot. In this way use the second plant the second day, third plant on the third day and so on. Drink the wheat grass juice daily. Sow the wheat as and when the pots become empty, and use the wheat grass. Remember not to use plastic utensils in the process of making wheat grass juice.

There is one more important thing to remember in this process. Cut the wheat grass when they grow up to seven to eight inches long as very long wheat grass plants lose their qualities. Therefore it is necessary to cut the plants at the right time in order to get the full benefits of the wheat grass.

Method of using wheat grass

Wash the wheat grass plants immediately after cutting them. Grind them and sieve it with cloth to extract the juice. Grind it twice or thrice to get maximum juice. Nowadays wheat grass juice extracted with the help of advanced process machines is easily available. Drink the juice immediately without keeping it for long time because this reduces its nutritional qualities and completely destroys after three hours.

Drink wheat grass juice on empty stomach in the morning. Although it can be taken at any time during the day. However do not take anything half-hour before and after drinking this juice. Many people suffer from belches or vomiting and even cold after taking this juice. Do not panic in this case as a person has to face this problems depending on the amount of foreign particles and toxic elements accumulated in the body. Vomiting removes the toxic elements from the body.

Add ginger, honey, and betel leaf in wheat grass. It increases the taste and also the medicinal qualities and also prevents belches and discomfort. Do not add lemon juice and salt in wheat grass juice. However you can add two to four mint leaves. If it is difficult to extract wheat juice then chew the grass and eat it. This strengthens the gums and teeth and also overcomes mouth odour. Drink wheat grass juice at least twice or thrice daily.


Wheat grass juice purifies blood and increases pure blood. It heals boils and wounds with regular consumption. It overcomes body heat and makes it cool. Wheat grass juice controls bleeding in case of injury. It is also helpful in case of stomach problems, constipation, gastric trouble etc. it improves digestion process and controls high blood pressure. It is also beneficial for diabetes patients. This juice is beneficial in case of thelesemia, anemia, and other blood disorder related diseases. It makes the bones flexible and overcomes skin ailments. Wheat grass juice is natural source of energy and improves resistance power. This juice is beneficial in case of paralysis, gout, asthma, tuberculosis and other diseases. It stops graying of hair and controls hair loss.

Nowadays cancer and AIDS are spreading at a very fast rate. Wheat grass juice is very beneficial in fighting of these disease. Patients suffering from cancer and AIDS should mix 10 gm wheat grass juice mixed with 25 gm Giloy and then sieve it with cloth. Drink one cup of juice daily on empty stomach. Regular consumption of this juice cures cancer and AIDS.

Wheat grass juice has immense strength to fight out diseases. It is very effective medicine for our body. It has carbohydrates and other nutritional elements and proteins. Regular consumption of this juice improves blood circulation in the body and overcomes fatigue. The body becomes pink and healthy with its consumption. Wheat grass juice is popular not only in India but also America. People in America are drinking this juice three to four times daily especially those who are suffering from serious diseases. The people who had lost all hopes are getting miraculous results from it. Therefore it is clear that wheat grass juice has the capacity to cure serious diseases. A healthy person can reap several health benefits especially in today’s polluted environment. The disease caused due to climatic changes can also be fought out with wheat grass juice and remain fresh during the day.
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Mittu  - Eplisepy ,throid, high bp,arthritis |2016-04-07
Dear SOS
I would like to know is wheat grass juice is advice ato below mentioned health disorder ( Eplisey,
thyroid,high bp,sugar, arthritis )patient as mom is going through all this health issues. I have come to know about this
so it would cure any kind of health issues. And what are the best timings to consume the juice . Kindly help me to make
mom mom healthy.
suraj  - varicose vains in leg |2016-03-12
Guru ji mere pair me varicise vains ki samaya hai jiskey lia mainey iska oprations bhi karwaya lekin koi result orapat
nhi hua aur ye nasey pehley ki tarah phir ubhar aai is samndh me uchit margdarshan karey.
Maha  - Wheatgrass juice for epilepsy? |2014-11-08
As i have been suffering from epilepsy when i was at 9year,now i'm 20,and during 16 got MS due to wrong presently i'm taking wysolome 10mg,zeptol cr 400 2tab. And levipil 500 2 tab. per day.CAN I USE WHEATGRASS
dolly  - clots |2014-06-26
I get big clots during periods. Is it a serious problem. . Whats d remedy ?
aarti  - weakness |2013-12-18
after having baby i feel very weak and tired all the time. i have lost my confidence. i want to improve stemina and
overall physical health as before. can whaetgrass help me?
abhi  - lymphoma |2013-07-21
tell me the treatment of lymphoma,my age is 28 years
suryam  - Hepatitis B |2012-09-17
I am undergoing treatment of Hepatiits B ,can I consume Wheatgrass juice?
rahul  - wheatgrass Not given due importance |2009-10-05
I just wonder why wheatgrass has not been given due importance in ayurvedic medicines in India and specially by Baba
Ramdev though he sometimes mentions it.
Well i think it is such a wonder medicine that it can cure each and every
disease of the Human body and if it is made by the patanjali yogpeeth then people will start recovering from their
disease without any yoga(which baba ramdev stresses on) And hence we won't be needing Ramdev baba to do any exercises.
Stella  - Hernia |2009-06-05
My Mom has hernia on her belly and
her age is 58 ++ She had a Pan hysteromic Operation 15 yrs back and she recently
had prolapse repair operation on March 2009. POst operation after amonth she was deicted for Hernia on her belly and the
Doctor told that she had it from her birth and whenever she has pain she needs to be operated. Now i would like to know
that is there any Yoga thing known for hernia or any precautions As my MOM is a true believer in YOga and she takes
care of her lifestyle too. I would be grateful for your prompt advice. My parents stay in Navi Mumbai Vashi so is there
any branch of Ram Dev Baba yoga centre ? or any products available? Thanks
YogaGuru  - Ayurvedic package for Hernia |2009-06-05
Dear Stella,

Not to worry and refer to the Ayurvedic package for Hernial below for further advice:-

link: rniaAntra-Vrdd

Also pranayama is very effective in curing hernia like Anuloma viloma and kapalbhati pranayama.
Kapalabhati should be done only comfortably, if any pain stop it.
Dr Pitambar  - yoga for hernia |2009-06-06
My dear, u must follow what your dr has suggested u as far as i know yoga can improve your mothers health after
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