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Acidity Ayurvedic Medicines

Acidity Ayurvedic Medicines
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Category: Acidity

Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Acidity & Heartburn, A completely safe and natural way for Acidity problem. Provides relief from long term Acidity

Package Ingredients

1. Divya Avipattikara Churna                  100 gm

Avipattikar Churna (Powder) removes excess Pitta (Fire) from your stomach & small intestine. Churna alleviates Hyper-acidity, Heart-burn & Indigestion. High Pitta (Fire) causes the problem of Acidity or Hyper-Acidity. To reduce High Pitta  in the abdomen, Avipattikar Churna is very beneficial. For hyper-acidity & abdominal aches being a mild laxative it makes the stool soft, helping to check mild constipation & improve the appetite.

2. Divya Shankh Bhasm                           10 gm

A unique ancient preparation effective in hyper acidity & supports gastrointestinal health.

3. Divya Praval Pishti                              10 gm

4. Divya Shatavari Churna                       100 gm

5. Divya Kamdudha Ras                           10 gm

Mode of Administration & dosage

Mix all these medicines together & take half an hour before or after breakfast & dinner.

Take 1 tea spoon twice daily with water.

Food to Avoid

Intake of coconut, brinjal, green and red chillies, ginger, garlic, spices and fried food articles are strictly prohibited.

Causes of Acidity

  • Irregular meals
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Being on an empty stomach for a long time or on Diet
  • Most and important Excessive smoking
  • Intake of alcohol in High quantity
  • Peptic ulcer (Gastro-duodenal)
  • Eating chocolates and high fat content food regularly is a major cause to acidity and Hyper-acidity
  • Intake of hot, spicy n fried food regularly
  • Other biggest factors are Hypertension, Negative emotions as they also increase problems in the functioning of Digestive system causing Acidity
  • Other factors are :- Aging, Pregnancy, Obesity and weakness of the valves

Acidity Symptoms

  • Dislike for foods (lack of appetite), bitter taste of mouth, headache, body ache, mouth blisters, spots and small pimples on the body, burning sensation in hands and feet.
  • Sour belching, burning sensation in stomach and heart, .
  • Increase in heartbeats, vomiting, restlessness, palpitation are the symptoms of Acidity.


The acidity is related to heart burn and gas formation in the stomach. In acidity, acid reflux or gastroesopohageal reflux disease, or more commonly known as cat amalpitta urdhva in ayurveda, there is movement of gastric juices (carrying acid) from the stomach into the lower esophagus (esophagus). This is a condition that is caused when the acidic contents in stomach (hydrochloric acid) move upward into the esophagus and making it dysfunctional. Understanding the right treatment at the right time and cause of any disease, such as heartburn or acid reflux, is very useful for effective treatments. In Ayurveda is considered to be caused by pitta dosha aggarvation of which is responsible for the burning sensation caused in the chest region.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or heartburn is caused by several factors:

  • Stomach contains hydrochloric acid and various enzymes that help digest food. When there is a problem in the digestive system, there is a disease called acidity.
  • Foods that are high in fat, like chocolate cause heartburn or acid reflux disease.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, keep your stomach empty for a long time, skipping breakfast leads to acidity. (Counseling professionals and peer friendship groups, which can help smokers quit.)
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine also causes heartburn.
  • Other causes of acidity or heartburn are pregnancy, aging, obesity and poor eating habits, like eating junk food acidity leads to a burning sensation in the stomach and chest.

Heartburn or Acidity Diet

What to eat and how much to eat is an important factor in controlling the acidity:

  • Avoid consumption of fried, fatty foods, junk, chocolates and excessive.
  • Avoid consumption of onions, citrus, spicy foods, and that worsen acid reflux disease or heartburn.
  • Eat foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, as it is digested easily and acid formation.
  • Dinner two or three hours before bed time that keeps you healthy.
  • Eat smaller meals helps in digestion.
  • Maintain proper body weight, helps control the acidity
  • Avoid eating foods rich in protein and rich in calcium such as milk and milk products at night.
  • Alcohol, caffeine should be a big in your life for a healthy life and control of acidity.

Acidity / Heartburn symptoms

Symptoms in children include:

  • Respiratory problems
  • underweight
  • vomiting,
  • cough
  • refuse food

Symptoms in adults include:

  • Heartburn pain long, chest and stomach, gas formation in the stomach, inflammation of the chest, gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Voice changes and ulcers in the esophagus (tube that connects the mouth and stomach), painful muscle contractions and pain in the ears, are some of the symptoms of heartburn.
  • Patient with a hernia are at risk of developing acid reflux or heartburn.

Acidity can affect your daily activity and them who have difficulty swallowing.

Acidity can overcome several months if not treated on time.

Home Remedies for Acidity

There are several home remedies and ayurvedic treatments to control the acidity is good to go for these treatments as safe and effective. Avoid heartburn treatments chemistry / medicinal, as it creates a host of other health problems.

The use of Ayurvedic medicines that can suppress the formation of acid in the recommendation of health professionals is very effective in treating heartburn.

Ayurvedic medicines as simple Kamdudha Rasa are effective in treating heartburn.

Avipattikar churna can be taken with water before your meal daily. It is good for bowel movement and is effective in treating heartburn or acidity. Narikel wash is also a good remedy to cure heartburn.

Home remedies that help in controlling the acidity

  • The regular practice of taking one or two glass of water early in the morning is a healthy habit, useful in controlling acidity.
  • Holy Basil (tulsi) plays an important role in controlling acidity. The use of some leaves of tulsi leaves at any time gives relief from acidity and is one of the useful home remedies for heartburn ..
  • Natural and effective dose for control of acidity are: Take one table spoon of soul with a table spoon Haritaki (Chebulic myroblan)
  • Take two tablespoons of honey with two tablespoons of vinegar natural cider before lunch
The doses mentioned are effective for the treatment of heartburn.

Amla is a natural and effective herb which helps in curing many diseases such as diabetes, indigestion, heartburn. It is also useful in the heart, respiratory, and eye disorder. Alma capsules are very effective for the treatment of heartburn. AMLA also be taken with warm milk, legumes and vegetables. This is one of the home remedies for heartburn important.

Keep chebula (Haritaki) in the mouth after eating regularly gives relief from acidity.

Mint juice capsules containing peppermint or peppermint oil are also a good herbal remedy to treat heartburn. Recommended after a meal, reduces the formation of gas. This is one of the useful home remedies for heartburn.

Fruits that will help you get relief from acidity are cucumber, watermelon, papaya and banana.

Ingestion of cold milk, coconut water, almonds or raw garlic, all these give you relief from acidity and heartburn.

Admission Jaggery (gur) every hour will give relief from acidity.

Half of butter milk glass with a tablespoon of coriander juice is effective for burns of the stomach, indigestion and heartburn. This is one of the best home remedies for heartburn.

Exercise helps to control acidity

Depression, anxiety, heartburn worsens the disease to try to live a life free of stress for a healthy and happy.

Walk in the morning and evening are good for your health and keeps the disease under control acidity. Yoga and meditation keeps the overall system of internal (as the digestive system, nervous system) and the external system in good condition.

Small changes in lifestyle to stay healthy and happy

Sleeping in a correct posture and help increase in full control of acidity, like keep your head on a pillow up to seven inches high.

Try to avoid chemically prepared medicines, despite that suppress the formation of acid in the stomach, but badly affects the digestive system and has many side effects. In acute cases, the correct diagnosis at the right time helps in the treatment to consult their physician for appropriate medications and treatments. Lifestyle simple and easy to keep you healthy and happy. Health is wealth, so to live a private life and stress free. Each disease has a cure so do not panic and stay happy.

Tips and precautions for Acidity patients


  1. Early morning, empty stomach just takes two glasses of warm water In the same way you need to drink lukewarm water at bedtime. Mean while drink plenty of water.
  2. Take your meals regularly on time, don’t skip them.
  3. Morning you need to take heavy break fast and night light supper
  4. Always chew your food properly. Include plenty of green and leafy vegetables in your diet.
  5. If mandatory to take out side food, try to take genuine food.
  6. If you feel acid problem in your stomach then chew some basil leaves. Slowly suck a small piece of Jaggery.
  7. A glass of chilled milk is a quick remedy for hyperacidity and heartburn.
  8. Almonds are quite effective in heartburn; chew few almonds when you experience heartburn.
  9. Ginger root with honey taken after meal is effective for heartburn.
  10. Fruits like apple, watermelon and banana are recommended for people with hyperacidity problem.
  11. Take a glass of Buttermilk/day.


  1. Avoid fried food, pickle, hot and spicy food.
  2. Avoid unhealthy Wada pao (you knew what I mean)
  3. Avoid garlic, onion, pepper, radish and cabbage. Avoid unripe fruits. Do not haste while eating.
  4. Avoid curds or yogurts at the night time.
  5. Avoid strong tea in empty stomach.
  6. Avoid raw intake of Green chilies.
  7. Avoid worries and oil curries. ( all the time it happens in busy life).

Yoga and Pranayama

Yoga for Hyper-acidity

Vajrasana Yoga Mudra Bhujangasana Salabhasana Surya Namaskara Bhastrika Pranayama Shitali pranayama Shitkari pranayama Jalandhar Bandha Shavasana Kunjal Kriya

Note: The above said practices should be followed under strict supervision of qualified trainer.

- Herbal / Ayurvedic medicine, Natural remedy

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Acidity Ayurvedic Medicines Reviews

Customer Reviews :

Anand   (Saturday, 26 September 2015), Rating: 5
I m very to that there is full of treatment for acidity.i m patients of acidity since two year by stil i suffered now i follow all step for curing myself but i told u that avpittkar churan is working good though it increase acidity .so thanx to all member that provide very important thing to me thanku
ashok.shah  (Thursday, 28 March 2013), Rating: 5
I find the so many of the tips given here as the same or similar ones that I have been following SUCCESFULLY for my acidity.
I believe that the acidity symptoms differ from person to person. In my case I never had any burning sensation in heart. I experienced burning sensations in the whole body EXTERIOR SURFACES as if I am having fever and also burning in stomach while and after passing stool.
In my case I suspected tobacco chewing and spicy food with green chillies (like vada pav) as well as remaining empty stomach for longer durations to be the main causes.
I started avoiding all these situations since last about 20-25 days along with consumption of 2 glasses of luke warm water with empty stomach, lauki ka juice with or before a heavy breakfast or meal, occassional consumption of honey with apple cider vinegar in luke warm water, adding ginger or ginger powder in Tea, avoiding fried food, increasing intake of little pure ghee in place of oil and I AM FEELING ALMOST NORMAL NOW. HOPE THIS HELPS.
hem  (Tuesday, 01 January 2013), Rating: 4
just want 2 know if we dont treat acidity on time then what r the major problems can we face & does acidity increses heart attact n blood pressure problems
is acidity very dangerous if not cured in early stage please reply soon
jeet  (Wednesday, 14 November 2012), Rating: 5
very very very useful thank you for sharing all this, i tried out some home remedies it did work god bless you
d chamba  (Saturday, 24 December 2011), Rating: 5
Hi guys i read all the comments.
I\'m wondering if is there someone who realy got rid of this(hyperacidity) problem ???

dr.ashvin joshi  (Thursday, 08 December 2011), Rating: 5
om babaji! i\'m dr.ashvin joshi want to start priscribe your medicines, now i want to purches your medicine . what is process ? my mobile no:09###219258.`
Diwakar Kundlia  (Monday, 02 May 2011), Rating: 1
Dear Guru ji,
i am doing kapal bhati and anulom vilom for almost 5 years both time. I was doing kapal bhati 500 time and anulom vilom for 15 minutes till 1-1\2 year back. Now i use to do 200 times kapal bhati and 15 minutes Anulom vilom. Due to some mental tension and anxiety i suffered from B.P. last 1-1\2 back. I didn't take medicine for B.P but visit psychiatrist for that. He gave me medicine for 6 month. I was alright for 6-8 month but again i suffered from B.P. Before B.P i feel very high acidity problems.
Once again i am suffering from B.P. I want to know in spite of doing pranayam regularly why i am suffering from B.P. again and again. When I know about my B.P i got tension more and more.
Diwakar Kundlia
ruchita  (Thursday, 21 April 2011), Rating: 1
Bacause of acidity, pain in chest is there specially in right side. It very intense that i am not able to breathe even. It get reduces in 2-3 days after taking pain killers and antacids. Please tell me some solution. I can not take pain killers any more..
ASHOK RUPANI  (Tuesday, 08 March 2011), Rating: 1
i want to decrease my weighy, have acidity problem, high bp problem & calcium is also less so please help me.,
suman  (Wednesday, 02 March 2011), Rating: 1

I am 30 yr old and try to do Yoga and Pranayam regularly. I am too much allergic to dust and cold. My problem is I catch cold when I inhale cold air during anulom vilom.
What should I do ? should I avoild anulom vilom ? Another thing is that , I have severe acidity problem and IBS , can I do Kapalbhati?
amar deep  (Thursday, 24 February 2011), Rating: 1
satsriakal name is amar deep.i am suffering from hyperacidity and symptoms are:-
to much acid in my stomach.inflamation in the stomach.
gas bubbles in upper part of my stomach.
to much weakness in stomach.
little bit of pain in the upper part of the stomach.
sir please suggest me medicines for my problem.
Man Mohan Meena  (Tuesday, 08 February 2011), Rating: 1
Respectable Baba ji,
I have been using your Alvera juice for last three years (not as instructed but at least daily). Earlier I use to bring it from my home town Agra. But since last December I have not taken any drop of it because I have not been able to locate your clinc in Bhopal.
at present, since last four days I am having acidity and lever problem...I cant explain the pain and this horrible feeling that I m going through. Hence I request you to kindly give me the Shop location information so that I can get my medicines.
I also have one doubt that Since I am using Alvera Juice since last three years I should have been cured by now. Why it is that I stopped using it I am again having same problem.
I thank you in advance for your reply
SUVANKAR BISWAS  (Saturday, 01 January 2011), Rating: 1
joy baba ramdev ji,

i am 28 years,i am working office in many time of day(10hrs)of computer work,i gone patranjali yogpith in haridwer.suggested me some medicin.i eat the medicin just some work.after some day latter the same problems.

our problems is Gas+hiper acidity+herd burn,

Baba please suggested me alternet medicin.

west bengal
MANOJ BALONI  (Monday, 08 November 2010), Rating: 1
Aaderneeya Babajee Pranam,

Me last 2 sal se acidity & heartburn kee samasya se pareshan ho.

Krapa karke meree ye samasya ka samadhan or medicine bataye.


Manoj Baloni
kavita tewari  (Sunday, 26 September 2010), Rating: 1
I have lots of problems as pointed below:
throid, gastric and acidity problem in stomach, sever pain and vomiting during periods. weakness. less homeglobin and as siad by docters calcuim deficiency.and pain at left sifde of abdomen. pls suggest what to do. i stay in delhi can i get treatmnet in delhi.
Hemalatha krishna kumar  (Thursday, 16 September 2010), Rating: 1
Guruji Namaskar,
I am Indian settled in Mauritius.i had some garlic and pickle started very severe whole stomach was burning ,pain vomiting sensation .I went to the doctor he asked me to do endoscopy . result is little inflamation at end of the esophagages and reflux they gave me some medicine called NEXIUM to take for 1 month.IAM TAKING THIS MEDICINES SINCE 2 WEEKS. please ADVICE ME SOME AYURVEDIC MEDICINES AND HOW LONG I SHOULD TAKE IT.
Rajeshwar dutta  (Monday, 06 September 2010), Rating: 1
after 1.30 hours walking in morning I do kopalvati 20mins then take tea after 10mins,then go for bath cause my office . But I am suffering acidity n unclear stool .pl suggest me.
Manohar  (Friday, 20 August 2010), Rating: 1
I am32 year old l suffering from high acidity and gastric probelm.can you please help me to sujjest any
medicine which can help me to resuce my gastric and acidity problem.I cannot eat 2 chappatis in the afternoon and it a eat some thing more. It cause me gastric problem
sonu khan  (Thursday, 22 July 2010), Rating: 1

I am 43 year old suffering from high acidity and gastric problem. From more then five years, can you please help me to suggest any medicine which can help me to reduce my gastric and acidity problem.
priyanka sahrawat  (Thursday, 24 June 2010), Rating: 1
namaste babaji.
i m living in london and i have severe problem of acidity from the last 15 months i m really stressed i m not able to go on my job as well i m taking your ayurvedic medicines form here but still i m suffering plzzzzzzzzzzz help me out
Naziya  (Friday, 11 June 2010), Rating: 1

I am 27 year old lady suffering from high acidity and gastric probelm.can you please help me to sujjest any medicine which can help me to resuce my gastric and acidity problem.
Basant  (Saturday, 03 April 2010), Rating: 1
Namaste Guruji

My mother has been suffering from FOOD ALLERGY for the last 5years .

Red boils on whole body, severe itching, Fever,vomiting,abdominal pain,weakness. But no acidity problem.
Even if the red boil are dry still she has severe itching problem.

Medical test done : sugar normal, blood normal every thing is normal, but yet she has this problem.



Thanks and regards
basant  (Thursday, 01 April 2010), Rating: 1
Namaskar Guruji

My mother age about 65 years old has been suffering from FOOD allergy for the last 5 years :

hay fever,red boil on whole body,severe itching, vomiting,abdominal pain, weakness.
But no acidity problem, and her blood is testingly normal.

She has been undergoing treatment from allopathic doctors which is of no improvement as of now.SHE IS EVEN UNABLE TO SLEEP OWING TO SEVERE ITCHING OF RED BOIL.



Awaiting your positive and favourable feedback at the earlist on my EMAIL ID ::

with best regards Basant.
roopa  (Tuesday, 23 February 2010), Rating: 1

This is Roopa, my husband is suffering from acidity and mainly mental depression, due to which he had lost his normal weight of 58 & reduced to 45. Hence feels always weak...n depressed. We did all diagnosis thru allopathic gastroentrologists, but all reports came normal except Liver profile was showing reports r not normal. But Dr. suggested to improve intake of food...the report will be fine. But my husband is not able to take food properly due to mental depression...his intake of food is very poor n not gaining back his original weight. So please suggest us good path to go for ayurvedic treamtment or any Yoga & pranayama shivirs conducted by Patanjali...We stay in Mumbai...or please suggest the process n details if we have to come to Haridvar for treament..
VIVEK VERMA  (Wednesday, 10 February 2010), Rating: 1
I have so many problems in my body i.e. more Acidity,jointpain and back pain.So kindly reply what I take a medicine.solve my problem.

Dr@myyog  (Thursday, 24 December 2009), Rating: 1

Take lots of water daily but do not take water with meals. Avoid over eating and take light home made meals. Fried, spicy and fast foods should be avoided. Take a complete curse of package for gastric troubles for complete relief from indigestion, fullness in abdomen, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, gas, acidity and constipation. These are safe natural medicines to support easy digestion and absorption. A regular course of these medicines will regularize your digestion process.
Pranita  (Thursday, 24 December 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam swamiji
I am suffering from dry cough since couple of week , So I have visited your Patanjali chikitsalay branch marol marosi Mumbai. Babaji For you I have too much respect and you are ideal for me, But I am so sorry to say that The way they have treated me in patanjali chiktsalay, I felt its like a business, For cough and acidity they have given 1001 rs medicine, I am not bothering about money, just I am thinking that, Is poor people can afford this,
The aim for patanjali chikitslay to help poor people and provide good service to society but after my experience I don ’t think that patanjali has achieved that aim. I think its purely business by using Ramdev baba’s name.
Dr@myyog  (Wednesday, 23 December 2009), Rating: 1

Take light home made meals. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to increase energy level and vitality in your body. amla choorna should betaken regularly to cure excessive heat and burning related symptoms. This natural medicine will cure acidity and increases anti oxidant level in our body for better health and stamina. Divya Arogyawardhini Vati should be taken regularly to increase your health and energy. These medicines by regular course will increase your health, cure your weakness and general body aches. Further queries are welcome.
Dr@myyog  (Sunday, 20 December 2009), Rating: 1

Hperacidity can be cured by medicines only when we take restricted diet suitable for the patient of indigestion and acidity. Take light home made meals at proper times. Avoid spicy,oily and fast foods. Stop tea, smoking and alcohol for best results. Start with a regular course of acidity and hyperacidity package for best results in the treatment of acidity, hyperacidity and gastric ulcers sort of GIT problems.
Dr@myyog  (Sunday, 20 December 2009), Rating: 1

nausea, vomiting, disturbed digestion and fullness, heaviness in abdomen and chest are all signs of indigestion. We recommend you to take light home made meals and that to at proper times only. Take full package for acidity and hyperacidity treatment to get rid of these digestive issues permanently. dhooti karma is also very good for the treatment of these upper digestive system related problems. These ayurvedic medicines will help in increasing your appetite, digestion and assist in proper absorption in body. Your energy level will slowly increase of of its own. So make a regular course of almost two three months to get permanent treatment.
Dr@myyog  (Saturday, 12 December 2009), Rating: 1

Acidity is the disease in which gastric acids destroy gastric mucosal lining and it may result in erosion of mucosa and ulcer. Ulcer may cause sharp pain and bleeding which makes stool dark brown colored. You should increase water intake. Take light home made meals having no spices and least fried. Take full course of package for acidity to cure acidity, indigestion, ulcer and bleeding from GIT. A regular course of these ayurvedic medicines and dietary control will cure your problem in just two three months.
manoj pawar  (Friday, 11 December 2009), Rating: 1
namsakar babaji
mai manoj mai kafi dino se acidity se paresan hui kuch dino pahale mera stool black coular ka hua doctor ne muze kaha ki 'alsar' hai, abbi maine just aloveera juice le raha hui to app muze bataye iss ka sevan mere liye labdayak hai aur ye muze kitane month tak lena hai aur iss ka koi aur ilaj hai
pls isska jawab dene ki khrupa kare upar diye hua mail address par
main appka abhari rahunga.
hari om.......
shreya  (Friday, 11 December 2009), Rating: 1
namast Swamiji

i'm 22 years old . married i have irregular periods . In my reports i have problem in my ovaries . hormonal changes . ur medicines are very tates less the powdwer items rae not eatable . i have acidity . i'm under weight so can u suggest what should i do
Dr@myyog  (Tuesday, 08 December 2009), Rating: 1

Increasing age creates many problems and joint pains, weakness, hearing loss, loss of vision etc are main problems. Werecommend you to give them divya triphala choorna for complete digestive tonic and good source of anti oxidants.It is very good for gas, acidity, constipation , distension of abdomen, abdominal cramps and many more problems. It is good for vision and is good body tonic too. For joint pains and inflammations DIVYA MAHA YOGRAJA GUGGULU twice a day with warm water is best. package for ear problems should be taken to cure ear related problems like deafness, tinnitus and other problems. Yogasna and pranayams are very good to keep body healthy and fit. Light home made meals will be very good for aged people.
Dr@myyog  (Thursday, 19 November 2009), Rating: 1

We recommend you to avoid masturbation and take good light and homemade meals for better health and digestion. Take DIVYA SHILAJIT CAPSULES regularly twice a day with water to cure the problem of nightfall and associated signs of sexual and physical weakness. divya gashar choorna twice a day after meals will solve all your indigestion, acidity, pain abdomen and associated problems. Take your medicines regularly for fast recovery and good health
Dr@myyog  (Tuesday, 17 November 2009), Rating: 1

You must e facing trouble with digestion. Loss of appetite and acidity, nausea etc are some very common signs of indigestion and gastritis. You should take home made light meals for easy digestion and absorption. ACIDITY PACKAGE should be used to regularize your digestion. It has ayurvedic medicines which help in regularizing your digestive fire, cure hyper acidity, burning stomach, nausea and indigestion. Slowly your digestion will improve and your appetite will also be increased naturally. So take these medicines regularly to get best results in your digestion problem.
Dr@myyog  (Thursday, 12 November 2009), Rating: 1

Take light home made and timely meals. Avoid fast fatty and fried food for healthy digestion. IF the problem still persists take DIVYA GASHAR CHOORNA for all your gastric problems. This is ayurvedic medicine for complete solution of gas, acidity and low appetite problems. A regular course makes digestion very smooth.
venky1234  (Wednesday, 11 November 2009), Rating: 5
i was very upset with my hear burn problem. I can not enjoy meals as my frinds in hotels and parties. Even at home when ever i took some meat and drinks , I used to get acidity problem. I tried lots of ant-acids and syrups etc but the problem almost killed me. Severe pain in stomach forced me to take this acidity problem seriously. I was suggested by some of my friend to try baba ramdev ji`s medicines and i purchased divya avipattikar churana and divya mukta shukti bhasma. I took medicines as per the instructions and now i can eat everything. I have no pain no acidity and no any burning in my stomach. I can now enjoy party foods and chicken. Even after drinks i never got acidity. I have left the medicine now after using it for almost two months. But still I am absolutely fine. I am cured of acidity by these wonder herbal medicines.
Ritesh  (Tuesday, 03 November 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Swami ji,
My wife is suffered from leucoderma from her childhood. She has three small spots on her back and stomach. In each spot there is a black dot in the center, like a mole. She has a problem of Acidity and gastric also.
I read somewhere that in case of pregnancy it (leucoderma) grows very rapidly. Is it true?

and please tell me the best ayurvedic medicine and yoga which is suitable for her.

from Ritesh
Krishna kumar singh  (Wednesday, 28 October 2009), Rating: 1
My father in law is suffering from giddines & heaviness with acidity problem since 2003.Dr say,s there is compression on spinal between c3,C4,C5 .He is also having high presure.Please guid us
Dr@myyog  (Tuesday, 27 October 2009), Rating: 1

Take DIVYA TRIPHALA CHURANA ( for constipation and weakness. Triphala is a good source of anti oxidants which are now required in your body. DIVYA GASHAR CHOORNA ( twice daily after meals can be taken for full cure of gas and acidity etc. Both these medicines will cure all GIT problems and amoebiasis. For hair fall, dandruff and many other hairs related problems like alopecia, premature graying of hairs etc you should use DIVYA KESH TAILUM and DIVYA KESH KANTI SHAMPOO ( Keep your diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Take light and home made foods. Increase water intake. Make a regular routine of pranayams for best results. Further queries are welcome.
rajesh p.  (Thursday, 17 September 2009), Rating: 1
dear sir,
i am regular sadhak of your yoga throuh television.
i have to come up with some problem that my body is facing.
i have stomach problem acidity create in the morning and continuous fluctuation in my stomach. three to four time i have to go to toylett.

for my mother,
she is having cataract in both i eyes.
and having bloodpressure for last several years,.

for my father,
he is having asthama.
and white spots all over the body.

we all are regular sadhak .

pls give your suggestion.

yours truly
Sangya Bhattacharya  (Monday, 07 September 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Swamiji,
I had a laproscopy on 5th August 08 for a right ovarian cyst-chocolate cyst-diagonosed as endiometeris-but i am suffering from severy hyperacidity and anxiety due to which i had to be taken to a hospital last week in the middle of the night.Presently there is a lot of aciditiy ,anxiety, sleeplessnesss and constipation-can ths endiometeris occur again.Previously during my periods only i used to have severe acidity and fever due to that but now i am having severe acidity after the laproscopy also. Can this cyst and endiometeris again occur.Presently I am on Itorab and sparacid.Also I am having high bp of 160/120 but am on bp medicines-but I was doing kapalbhati and anulom bilom pranayama very forcefully.Pls advise.
Can endiometeris be treated by pranayama?I am also having back headacke and severe neckache-Can nerve problem or spondylysis be treated by pranayama alone?
Manj  (Thursday, 27 August 2009), Rating: 1
I have been doing Pranayama regulary since a year , But duet to work pressure at home and office I have stoppped since 2 months. During this period I developed severe acidity and gastritis.Every 2 hours I get hungry and due to gas I am unable to eat.
Please guide me what to do for this?
MRITYUNJAY KUMAR CHATURVEDI  (Thursday, 20 August 2009), Rating: 1
Baba namaskar,
I am suffering from acidity for a long time. Please suggest me the way out. Thanks
Gurudatt Kulkarni  (Wednesday, 08 July 2009), Rating: 1
Shri Ramdev Babaji

I am 31 years old. I have very severe type of acidity. I could not drink even tea which fires at my stomach.

I had done lot of kapalbhati in month of Jan 2009 almost for 1000 times daily for more than 15 days. for 1st few days I found better but after 1 month i found pain in the chest at upper side and near central bone. Even if I touch the left chest part it pain sometimes. Pain increses even when I try to breath deeply.

I do not know, whether the pain is due to muscle pain or any incontinuity in the heart function.

Also I always feel uneasy sometimes in day or at night specially arround 8 pm. I can not control my anger during that time. And I feel like vometting. Sweating on palms and in body.

Please suggest & advice necessary YOGA and medicine
YogaGuru  (Sunday, 14 June 2009), Rating: 1
Ayurvedic Package for Acidity is mentioned at the link below:-
Bisakha Kundu  (Monday, 08 June 2009), Rating: 1
i am 30 year women. i am suffering for gatro and acidity every day. please advice to do needful
YogaGuru  (Friday, 22 May 2009), Rating: 1
Do kapbalbhati pranayama 15 minutes every day and refer to the ayurvedic package for acidity below:-
pankaj shrivastava  (Thursday, 21 May 2009), Rating: 1
Guru Ji
apako mera koti koti namaskar.
Guru ji ,mujhe pahale acidity ki problem thi bahut si medicine li par koi fayad nahi hua, ab pure din pet fula raha hai , din bar gass pass hoti raha ti, or kabhi kabhi chest me pain karti hai,please koi upay batayen, or mera fate bhi bahut jada hai, eska bhi upay batayen

yoga guru  (Friday, 15 May 2009), Rating: 1
For Acidity below mentioned Ayurvedic packages are very effective:-
sweta singh  (Thursday, 14 May 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Swamiji,
I am 22 years old. I have acidity problem from the age of 14.I have consulted through many doctors and taken lots of medicines but the problem is yet the same.I am vegeterion & eat only homemade food but acidity problem is not decreasing .swamiji please help me and save me from the burn of acidity.
rhea  (Wednesday, 06 May 2009), Rating: 1

I have been suffering from PCOD since last May. i tried with all the allopathic and homeopathic treatments but to no effect. I have put on 10 kgs in the last one year. I have developed a severe problem of acidity and constipation also during the course. My situation is becoming very depressing. My last hope is in Yoga only as i dint have menses since January.Please advice me with the Yoga or the ayurvedic medicine. Waiting for your reply.

nita dattani  (Saturday, 28 March 2009), Rating: 1
pranam babaji,

i have had a bowl ulsar since 2 yrs. i also have acidity problem,high chlostreol and my iron is very low. i have started doing yoga for a couple of weeks now.i also have alot of stress and have depression. what can i do to improve my health? thank you.
Bijesh pathak  (Saturday, 28 March 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Ram dev ji
i am suffering from stomac problem last six /seven acidity,some time get little bit pain etc.
show me the way, so i getrid of this problem.
B S Reddy  (Wednesday, 18 March 2009), Rating: 1
I am suffering from acidity since 8-10 years. Doctors confirmed that i don't have acidity problem but weekly once I feel that my chest, lung and stomach burn't feeling.
Now I started Yoga and drinking Alevera Juice but now improvement.
When i take Alevera juice, I feel headache and I am feeling heat in my body.

Please suggest me solution
Sunanda  (Tuesday, 20 January 2009), Rating: 1
Namaste Swamiji, I am Sunanda from Bangalore. I am 28 yrs unmarried. I was 45 kg a year ago. recently i checked my weight. Now I am 50 kg. I am not overweight. But I am having a big stomach, which looks very ugly. I am also suffering with Acidity and constipation. Please suggest me yoga and also ayurvedic medicine for my problem. Please help me Swamiji.
christina  (Saturday, 15 November 2008), Rating: 1
Namaskar guruji,
I am suffering from gastric problem, acidity, weight in the body, feeling very lazy & tired. also suffering from eyesight problem. Having constipation for which I want to get completely cured. Also my daughter for eyesight & constipation problem.I want to know which DVD, VCD Books should i buy to keep reference & also to regularly practice yoga regularly with my daughter who is just 13yrs old. In my next letter I want to take advice for my mother who is suffering from heart disease & varicose veins. Please guide us so that we can have the best of yog in our life.
sarina oberoi  (Friday, 10 October 2008), Rating: 1
Hari aum guruji,
I am 39 yrs overweight(113 kgs) have developed thyroid and am taking medication for it 1 tab thyronorm 0.5mg,for last 3 months and the levels have reduced.I also have diabeties where my count fluctuates from 220 to 400(random count) I am taking medcation (glycomet 500mg twice a day which was incresed to 1000gram twice a day and now since 7 days i am advised gemerk p2 twice a day.
I have a hectic work schedule and my eating patterns are not regular.
no exercise for last 5 years earlier i was regularly gyming.
I am fed up of medicines they are causing acidity for which i had to add yet anothe tablet rantac,
Please guide and save me as i am very happy and fun loving socialising which is affected and leaving me depressed.eagerly waiting for a reply.
YogaGuru  (Monday, 29 September 2008), Rating: 1
Kapalbhati is the best pranayama for acidity and stomach related disorders, you must practice it.
varsha  (Thursday, 25 September 2008), Rating: 1
Namaskar guruji, i m 45 yrs old. i ve gas and acidity problem. and now suffering from vertigo. pls suggest me the medicines and yoga for the same.
Sangya  (Wednesday, 17 September 2008), Rating: 1
Can pranayama help prevention of endiometerisis and formation of ovarian cyst and prevention of acidity.

Sangya Bhattacharya  (Wednesday, 17 September 2008), Rating: 1
Dear Sir,
I had a laproscopy on 5th August 08 for a right ovarian cyst-chocolate cyst-diagonosed as endiometeris-but i am suffering from severy hyperacidity and anxiety due to which i had to be taken to a hospital last week in the middle of the night.Presently there is a lot of aciditiy ,anxiety, sleeplessnesss and constipation-can ths endiometeris occur again.Previously during my periods only i used to have severe acidity and fever due to that but now i am having severe acidity after the laproscopy also. Can this cyst and endiometeris again occur.Presently I am on Itorab and sparacid.Also I am having high bp of 160/120 but am on bp medicines-but I was doing kapalbhati and anulom bilom pranayama very forcefully.Pls advise.

hanamanthraya Biradar  (Monday, 08 September 2008), Rating: 1
I have the problem of reflux esophagus & acidity. I am doing regularly kapalabathi & Anuloma viloma. but whenever i stopped doing this & whenever i drink tea. i will get started with this problem. please suggest me the solution. kindly i wanted to know your medicine centre in navi mumbai Maharastra
R.K.VASHIST  (Saturday, 06 September 2008), Rating: 1
I am sufferin from acidity problem with repeated hicups(200-300 per day)since last 12 years and developed diebatic since last 4 years. I get food back in my mouth due to hytus hernia problem.I am taking medicines regularly for acidity and diebatic with some control.
please suggest some remedial.
YogaGuru  (Monday, 01 September 2008), Rating: 1
If you read the article above, advice is already mentioned about how to cure severe acidity.
parin  (Sunday, 31 August 2008), Rating: 1
babji i have severe acidity like khate dakar aana & stomach mein hamesha dard raheta hai aur woh dard jaise ghoomta raheta hai aur meri kamar bahut dard deti hai mara weight bhi jhiyada hai aur meri age 57 hai .pls mujhe kuch rasta dikhaye.
satish  (Thursday, 07 August 2008), Rating: 1
I have Sinus, Throat discomfort, acidity, and gets sour eructations (dakar) many times in a day. I practice Bhastrika, kapal bhati pranayam 150 times, bahya pranayam 3 times, udgeet pranayam 5 times, anulom vilom 10 mins. But i dont see any change in the above mentioned health problems. Could you please help me out
ANANT .P.BHOOMKAR  (Thursday, 19 June 2008), Rating: 1
I am 43th years old man & suffering high B.P. from last 3 years the B.P.level are around 130/90 averagely constent.daily I am doing 45 mintues yoga daily but my wight can not reduce fastly today my weight is 91 & height 5.5 so please advecive me.
secoundly my wife is suffering from sines,cough,acidity low haemoglobin last 4th year & her weight is 70 kg hight is 5.3 inch presently she has taken your medicine like,snajavani vati chandraprabhavati,laxmivilasvati,strirasanvati,shilagitrasanvati,& juice of aloevera and other from Patanjali Chikitshalya at latur city .now I am residing at mira-road bombay so please advaise for weight reduce medicine & .B.P.control treatment,also suggest for wief tretament
Yoga Guru  (Tuesday, 10 June 2008), Rating: 1
You are over weight with 93 kgs and you have acidity, it directly shows your irregular eating habits and lack of exercising. You need control on both fronts in your diet and exercise. You want to loose weight? then do kaplbhati pranayama with all other pranayamas empty stomach daily in morning. Before that take 2 warm glasses of water. Start pranayama after you get fresh. Take light dinner such as salad, daliya, dal.For hair fall control do nail rubbing. You can try also Divya Kesh Oil which you can buy from patanjali shops.
Ajeet Pratap Singh  (Tuesday, 27 May 2008), Rating: 1
very very usefull.I had a chronic constipation followed by sever acidity.I am doing it for the last two months,now i dont feel constipation nor acidity.My energy level has also gone up.I dont feel tire after office work.
Mahuya Bardhan  (Tuesday, 06 May 2008), Rating: 1

My mother is suffering from chronic hyperacidity for last 12 years. For last 1 year it becomes worse. Ct abdomen, endoscopy , ultrasonogram has been done. It is not showing any significant desease but gastritis. She is under constant medication but without any improvement. Is there any treatment can be done for her? As I heard that Swami Ramden can make impossible to possible. Please let me know.

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