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Yoga and food are two important things which can keep you distant from cancer. It is very important for you to know that how is your food so that you are safe from cancer and your body resistance power for diseases remains stronger.


Anti-Cancer food material

Tulsi(Ocimum tenuiflorum/Ocimum sactum) and Pudina (Herbs mint)

Tulsi and pudina have very effective ingredients for curing cancer. 4 to 5 leaves of tulsi if swallowed empty stomach with water helps in resisting cancer. Pudina chutney also does the same anti-cancer effect if taken everyday.

Black grapes

Having black grapes reduces the risk of breast cancer in females. 250 gm. of black grapes everyday or juice is enough. Black grapes have anthocyanin which activates the enzyme useful for deactivating cancer cells.


Peanuts are also full of anti-cancer material. Peanuts have antioxidant not less then fruits. Antioxidant prevents cells from damage . Roasted peanuts are better then normal peanuts.

Beans and nuts

Use of beans and nuts reduces the possibility of cancer. Beans and nuts have anti-cancer ingredients which stops development of tumor. Take beans and nuts in plenty.


Potato prevents our body from cervical cancer. Daily use of potato can cure the cancer from root.


Having cauliflower reduces the risk of prostate cancer.


Turmeric is also anti-cancer. If you use good quantity of turmeric in food then you can avoid cancer.


Pineapple also cures body from cancer apart from being a good fruit.

Chukander (Beetroot)

Beetroot juice also reduces the possibility of cancer. It is good for curing breast cancer. Have a cup of beetroot juice empty stomach. It is very good for purification of blood.


Mushroom is also anti-cancer and very good for general health as well. Mushroom with white strips have 12 times more antioxidant then wheat.

Soy milk (soya milk)

Daily use of Soya milk reduces the risk of breast cancer in females. Massaging soya milk on breast stops cancer tissues growth.

Yoga for cancer

Do swargasana daily it is as good as Shirshasana and keep the body healthy. Same like this do Shakti uttanpadasana which is very good for stomach. Do halasana, pawanmuktasana, bhujangasana. Do suryanamaskar in morning and do matsyasana as well. Do vajrasana after every meal for 5 minutes.


Pranayamas are most effective breathing exercises for curing cancer. Do kaplbhati, anuloma viloma, bhastrika, agnisara, bhramari pranayama every morning and evening for at least 1 hour.

Ayurvedic and Herbal

Refer to the URL below for Ayurvedic package for cancer produced by divya pharmacy of baba ramdev ji maharaj (Patanjali Yog Peeth).


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Laliteshwar Singh  - Pancreatic Cancer with infection in Lever |2011-06-27
Om Ramdev Ji,
my mother has been diagnosis with pancreatic cancer and her lever is also affected as doctors are

Sir, we are middle class people and cannot afford such expensive treatment,please suggest what cure we should
follow.Please sir help me.

Kuldeep  - Lung cancer |2010-03-02
My father age is 70years.have lung cancer. doctor suggested to chemothrepy. size is 6*5.2 mm in left lung & small spot
is in right lung. so please .I would like to know about how to do traetment this.please suggest me.
jimmy sharma  - cancer |2010-02-07
treatment for tumor cancer
Rajeev Nagpal  - Cancer disease Treatment |2009-07-11
Baba Ramdevji , pranaam,
Mywife is sufering from cancer tumor in stomach, shoulders, lumph nodes in lungs, and she is
very dipresed from all this. she is getting treatment from doctors and have many side effects.It has been begun last
year from her kidney oppration tumor has been removed.
Please suggest me how to cure from cancer tumor with al
Thank you,
Rajeev Nagpal
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