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Ayurvedic Medicines - Sexual Weakness

Dev Shakti Tablets for Vigour & Sexual Strength
Dev Shakti Tablets is meant to increase Vigour & Sexual Strength in males. It is an ayurvedic formula which is very effective in increasing sexual..

Shilapravang for Regaining Sexual Strength
Shilapravang Special tabs. is an ancient herbal formula which is properly made for Regaining lost sexual strength or health. Contains precious herbs..

JP 007 Tablets for Sexual Disorders
JP 007 Tablets increases sperm count, Enhance the chances of fertilization, Increases sexual desire, No adverse effect, Male functional..

Shilajit Gold for Sexual Health (100 Capsules)
Shilajit Gold is the most powerful Sex stimulant which improves your sexual health & rejuvenating elixir to increase stamina, vigour & vitality. It..

Hamdogen - Men Sexual Debility
A special mixture of stimulating healthy & effective medicines it is useful in regaining lost vigour & improve sexual health . It increases sexual..

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India - Haryana
Written by Travel Guru   
Saturday, 24 May 2008 16:14

The men face a number of sexual problems and various diseases due to excessive stress, work, bad habits, depression, etc. They are not able to correctly perform the sex and become unhappy. Nature has many herbs that can bring back the sex drive in men and increase their happiness.

Medicines for Sexual problems

Goli Nawab Ali Shah - Sexual Debility

Activates the chief organs of the body. Corrects sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge of semen, functional impotence, depressed libido, unsatisfactory erection and related disorders Product Details

Neo (Premature Ejaculation)

Neo is an ayurvedic medicine made to be used for Premature Ejaculation in males and Bed-wetting in children. Product Details

Premature Ejaculation in Males

Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Premature ejaculation in males. Product Details

Nightfall (Swapndosha)

Package of Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for Nightfall (Swapndosha) in Males, A completely safe and natural way for Nightfall problem. Product Details

Orgy Oil - Penis Enlargement

Orgy Penis massage oil is an effective and popular herbal remedy for penis enlargement in men. It is best used for harder erections, increase in sperm count and quality of semen. It maintains penis health and increases penis in a natural way Product Details

Hamdogen - Men Sexual Debility

A special mixure of stimulating healthy and effective medicines it is useful in regaining lost vigour and improve sexual health . It increases sexual desire even in healthy men. A very good tonic for young and old people. Product Details

Ashwagandha Churna (Powder)

Ashwagandha Churna is a very good remedy male sexual problems and General Health. Product Details

Musli Power extra (Physical Weakness Tonic)

Musli Power is a Indian herbal aphrodisiac purely enriched with Safed Musli. Musli power is a powerful sex tonic both for men and women and is best tonic for Diabetes, Arthritis and useful in Vitality. Provides strength and energy to the body. Product Details

Shilajit Gold (Sexual Health)

Shilajit Gold is the most powerful Sex stimulant which improves your sexual health & rejuvenating elixir to increase stamina, vigour and vitality. It is Anti-Aging so feel the amazing power of growing young. Product Details

Regaining Sexual Strength

Shilapravang Special tabs. is an ancient natural remedy which is properly made for Regaining lost sexual strength or health. Contains precious herbs and bhasmas which helps men regaining their youth. Product Details

Increase Sexual Stamina & Vitality

VITA-EX gold capsules is a unique herbal sexual remedy to increase sexual stamina, vitality and the time. It protects from the side effects of Masturbation and excessive sexual intercourse. Product Details

Premature Ejaculation Remedies

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates sooner than he or his partner likes and has an orgasm during intercourse sooner than he or his partner wishes. Premature ejaculation is also known as rapid climax, rapid ejaculation, premature ejaculation climax. Premature ejaculation has to be cured as soon as possible, and that affects the nerves of the penis in bad shape and makes you worry all day at the office or at home. You better be cured through herbal medicines which has a slow but healthy effect rather than other medications for promising instant cures are having side effects.

Reasons of premature ejaculation

  1. Psychological factors - These factors often contribute to premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation in a relationship is most often caused by over stimulation and anxiety. Temporary depression, history of sexual repression, stress on financial matters, the general lack of confidence and other psychological factors may also be involved. The condition usually improves without treatment.
  2. Other causes are: Lack of communication between partners also creates a lot of problems in sexual intercourse.

How can premature ejaculation be controlled? 

Practice and relaxation will help to solve the problem. You should try to be more aware of your body and your response during sex. Deep breathing while having sex also helps prevent premature ejaculation. Always try to be active your body during sex.

Remedies to avoid premature ejaculation

  1. First remedy is a technique to increase ejaculation time is called start-stop technique in which a man must be sexually excited, until she feels she is about to reach orgasm. For about 30 seconds, the stimulation should be stopped and started again. This method requires a high degree of partner cooperation and communication, and may be difficult for some. Then, this pattern is repeated until the man wants to ejaculate and the last time, the stimulus must be continuous until the man reaches orgasm. 
  2. Another remedy is a technique to increase ejaculation time called squeeze technique in which a man must be sexually stimulated to recognize that he is about to ejaculate. At that time, the man or his partner gently squeezes the end of the penis (where the glans and shaft of the meeting) for several seconds. Sexual stimulation should be stopped for about 30 seconds, then started again. The couple or the person may repeat this pattern until the man wants to ejaculate.

Nightfall Remedies

Nightfall or nocturnal emission is very common complaint face by young people and those not involved in sexual intercourse regularly. Although not a disease but affects an individual psychological factor that gives rise to many complaints as weakness, stress and anxiety. Keep in mind that if anything done in excess can lead to burnout as a rule of nature. Excessive masturbation causes some changes in your body and if you stop masturbating for a long time, this can lead to nightfall and weakness in the body.

First remedy is that you have to get rid of mental stress and realize that this is not harmful, however, may continue taking some ayurvedic medicines to help avoid these complaints. You can practice pranayama and yoga regularly. During nocturnal emissions, weakness is common, therefore these complaints can be corrected with the help of ayurvedic medicines. You can follow a balanced diet and avoid fatty foods, spices, greedy excess heat in the body that can act as a stimulus for nocturnal emissions.

Penis enlargement Remedies

There are many myths and misconceptions about this extension of penis size. Due to the lack of adequate knowledge about sex education, few people may have doubts about penis size and sexual problems related.

The fact is that penis size varies from person to person, and that size does not affect sexual life. However, the feeling of size and rigidity of the penis can affect sexual life. In women, the outer two inches of the vagina is the only sensitive area, along with the clitoris, where your partner can feel the sensation and sexual pressure. It is necessary to follow a balanced diet and keep your body healthy by exercising regularly.

After realizing the facts, to maintain the strength and stiffness and strength of sexual improvement, you can follow some guidelines. Yoga and pranayama are very useful to keep the mind sharp. Yogasanas as Vajrasana, Sarvangasana, Suryanamaskara are very useful for the same complaint.

Yoga for sexual problems

Yoga is a combination of eight members as the yoga sutras by Pathanjali when behaviors are explained throughout the disciplines, pranayama or meditation and yoga poses. Making use of yoga with the combination of the four techniques mentioned above, you can achieve the desired results for better the sexual life. Doing yoga can be physically and mentally stable your sexual life. As sex and sexual life is fundamentally dependent on the physical and mental endurance. Yoga is a great remedy for sexual problems.

By doing yoga postures one can maintain adequate strength in the pelvic muscles, which is very useful for sex. There are certain yoga positions Paschimothasana, Padangshtasana, Sarvangasana, Dhanurasana, Svanasana, suptavirasana, Matsyasana yoga postures that help maintain the desired results. Pranayama such as Mulabandha, anulomaviloma and very useful.

These pelvic exercises are very useful in maintaining adequate strength and regular practice of these yogasanas help keep the body fit. Generally there are two types of sexual complaints, which are mainly premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. These complaints can be rectified easily with yoga.

Baba Ramdev, Patanjali clinics in Haryana

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Jain Medical Stores
Sri Praveen Jain, Nicholson Road,
Ambala Cantt-133001, Haryana

Patanjali Chikitshalya,
433 - Manali House,
Infront of Jain Nagar, Main Road,
Ambala City, Haryana
M. 09813852392, 09813021888 Ambala City

Patanjali Chikitshalya ,
Rahul Trading ,Delhi-Rohtak Road,
Near Bus Stand, Bahadurgarh,Haryana
Ph.-09315520980 Bahadurgarh

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Ram Kunj Hansi Gate,
Bhiwani, Haryana
Ph. 01664-243552,242253,252251 Bhiwani

Patanjali Chikitshalya,
41-S.C.F., Sector - 19,
Part II, Near Bank Of Baroda
Faridabad, Haryana
M 09311268177 Faridabad,
Sec 19

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Arogya Jansewa Kendra
Smt. Kalpana,S.C.F 139 Huda Market
Sector-37, Faridabad, Haryana
M- 09818399047 Faridabad,
Sec. 37

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Arya Samaj Bhawan
Jawahar Chowk, Fatehabad, Haryana
M-09315381356,09315458000 Fatehabad

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Purani Kachhahri Complex
Near B.O.B.Delta House,
Friend Colony Gurgaon, Haryana
M 09911220500 Gurgaon,
Friend Colony

Patanjali Chikitshalya
C/o Sh. Surender Pal Singh
Shop No. 24, S.D. College Road
Near S.B.I., Hansi (Hisar)-125033
M. 09255103637, 01663 255418 Hansi

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Acharya Vshwamtra Shastri
Inside Arya Samaj Mandir, Nagori Gate
Hissar, Haryana
09896293316 Hissar,
Arya Samaj

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Zee Vee International
Near Nav Jyoti Gas Agency
Mandi Road, Hissar-125001, Haryana
Ph.-01662-231123,234123 Hissar,
Zee Vee

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Rahul Chillar S/o Sh. Daryao Singh
Ward No. 6, Delhi Gate
Jhajjar, Haryana
09315520980, 9416997008 Jhajjar

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Opp. Narwania Building,
Railway Gate, Bus Stand Road,
Kaithal, Haryana
9812040507, 9812412032,
9812591746 Kaithal,
Narwania Bldg.

Patanjali Chikitshalya,Govind Colony,
130/10, Kaithal, Haryana
Ph. 01746 223136 M- 9813219136 Kaithal,
Govind Colony

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Shri Padam Sen Gupta
Opp. Red Cross Market, G.T. Road,
Karnal, Haryana
09896347831,09416655066 Karnal

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Maharishi Dayanand Sewa Sadan,
Sector-10 Pipli Road,
Near New Bus Stand Kurushetra, Haryana
M-09416026571, 01744225571 Kurukshetra

Patanjali Chikitshalya
(Acharya Praduman),
Gurukul Khanpur,
Tehsil Narnoul,
Distt- Mahendra Garh, Haryana
M-09416315055, 01282-205003 Narnoul

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Near H.D.F.C. Bank,
Palwal, Faridabad, Haryana
01275 246696, 09811693737 Palwal

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Disha Arcade Samrock School
Mansa Devi Complex
Near Railway Crossing Sector-4
09417042837 Panchkula

Patanjali Chikitshalya
H-19, Sukhdev Nagar, Near Bus Stand
Panipat-132103, HR.
Ph. 0180 3201230,
M. 09896124929 Panipat

Gurukul Kishangarh Ghasera,
Po. Bikaner, Distt. Rewari - 123401
Rewadi, Haryana
Ph. 01274- 247732, 247220,247222 M- 09416499887 Rewadi

Patanjali Chikitshalya
869/23, D.L.F. Colony, Rohtak, Hr.
Ph.-01262-253254, 09416401037 Rohtak,
Dlf Colony

Patanjali Chikitshalya,
Divya Arogya Dham, Shop No.-3
Chanakya Puri, Rathi Market
Sheela Bye Pass, Rohtak, Haryana
M- 09416312445 Rohtak,
Sheela By Pass

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Param Mitra Manav Nirman Santhan
330, Vinay Nagar, Rohtak, Haryana
01262 266292 Rohtak,
Vinay Ngr.

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Mukesh Traders,
Bhadra Bazar, Sirsa , Haryana
Ph.- 01666 221643,221545 Sirsa

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Mahlana Chowk,
Sonipat, Haryana
09466569636 Sonipat,
Railway Road

Patanjali Chikitshalya, Sector-14,
Near Bharat Hospital, Sonipat, Haryana
M-09813430523, 9811603020 Sonipat,

Patanjali Chikitshalya
575, Bakshi Aschharg Lal Marg
Model Colony, Yamunanagar, Haryana
M-09416459506, 01732-230021 Yamunanagar,
Model Colony

Patanjali Chikitshalya
Professor Colony,
Choti Line Road, Yamunanagar,
M-09896880051, Haryana Yamunanagar,
Professor Colony

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arvind  - penis size problem |2016-03-17
Priam baba ji
Babai Keri age 28 sal hai . 2-3 machine bad meri shadi hai Jo har bar ki tarh mai
karna nhi chahta .kyunki mere penis ki size bahut kam hair 4.5 .Jo ki bahut chota hai babai plz koi upay bataye .
Pankaj  - Guptrog |2015-09-04
गुरू जी
मै सन 2003 से हस्त मैथून किया फ़िर
2004 से मुझे कब्ज रहने लगा बीच मे कयम्चुर्ना
इस्तेमाल करने से काम चला अब मुझे पत्ला पखाना
होता है लेकिन पेट साफ़ नही होता है
पेट मे वायु
गैस बनता है पेट फुल्तेजाता है
अब लिंग छोटा
पतला तेढा हो गया है वीर्य काफ़ी पतला
शुक्रानुहीन हो गया गया है weakness बहुत ज्यादा है

शादी से डर लगता है अब
कृपया उपाय बताई

हिंदी मे
Mal  - Parnam baba ji |2013-10-03
Baba ji mujha dhatu rog...yani rat ma nend ma girna ki bimari is rokna ka liya koy dava bataia plese.babaji
SAM  - WEIGHT GAIN |2013-09-22
Dear Babaji,
I am 23 year old and my weight is only 48kg, i had tried everthing but still my weight not gain,pls
suggest what i do?

pappu  - semence low count |2013-09-19
sir, mere problam lo count h. jisse mere koi santan nahi ho rahi h, mere sadi ko 3 sal 6 month ho gya h, semence count
kam hone k karan hamari koi santan nahi ho parahi h, kya ko aisa upay h jisse mera semence badsakta h, agar ko h to aap
hume batae,
mera bhabik jiwan karab ho raha h, mai khafi ulza rahta ho, meri samasya k upaye batae.
Deepak  - Liver problem |2013-06-30
Pranam baba ji
meri age 19 mujhe liver problem hai mera liver toilet karte samay bahar nikata hai jab mai 6-7 saal ka
tha tab se mujhe ye bimari hai boctor se ilaaz karva ke koi laabh nahi hua doctor ne ka jab me health ho jaunga to ye
bimari thik ho jayegi please koi medicine bataye aur yog ka bhi
rahul  - fratsd |2013-06-29
meri body bahut thin ha aur weight bhi kam ha,meri age 25 yrs ha mujhe mota hone ki koi medicin
SONU  - Sex problem |2013-06-26
my problem is that my penis was small in size.plz give me solution(if any) for increasing that as soon
as possible
Rajeshkumar  - LING KO BADA KARNA |2013-06-24

Manish  - toilet.problem |2013-06-24
Ghansham  - penis problem |2013-06-22
Parnam Guru g,

Meri Problem ye hai ki mera penis ka size "4" inch hai mota v kam hai so. koi upay bataye.
shah  - ling mota karna hai aur majbut bhi |2013-06-20
charnspaesh guruji

1.sabse pahle aap mujhe mery pahali pareshani se nijat diladijiye,mera ling kanjor hai aur 4.3 inch
ka hai

2.aur mera pet bhi saf nahi rahata hai aur thoda fat bhi ho gya hai
Firoz Khan  - ling lamba aur mota karna |2013-06-20
mera nam Firoz Khan hai mare umr 24 saal hai mera ling 4.4 inch hai aur patla bhia hai mai use mota aur kam se kam 5.5
inch karna chahte hai
manish  - ling mota karne ka upaya |2013-06-20
swami ji pranam
mera ling chota hai ise mota kane ko upaye batao
Chetram Singh  - Sex Weakens and Hair Fall |2013-06-19
Guruji ke charno me mere sadar Pranam
Guruji me teen problems se pidit hun.
1.Ling size only 4.3 inch he so me apni wife
ko santust nahi kar pata haun.

2. Iske sath me sighrapatan ki problem he only 1 minute me hi sex kar pata hu.

3. Hair
fall ki bhi problem he .
4.Koi bhi work me man nahi lagta concentration very weak ho gayi he.

Some Symptom jinke karan
mujhe lagta he ki mere ye problem ho gayi he,
1.Pet saf nahi rahta he.
please guruji mujhe koi dava ke liye mail kare
me bahut paresn hu .padhai(reading) bhi nahi ho pa rahi he.
2. man asnat rahata he.

Please sir mujhe jald hi davao ke
bare me mail karene ki krapa kare
ashish garg  - sex problem |2013-06-19
pranam guruji, mera ling 4.5 inch lamba he me use 6 inch ka karna chahta hu or mota bhi kya koi upay he. Meri umar 26
saal he.
narendra  - help |2013-06-12
mera penis chota aur patla he sex k time thik se katore bhi nahi hota aur virya bhi jaldi skhalit ho jata hai please
iska upay bataeye
Karanje Deepak  - to increse my penis size what can i do |2013-06-12
please reply and tell me about my problem
Deepak sharma  - Health |2013-06-12
Baba ji , Pranam
meri umar 22 sal hai jab mai 9,10 sal ka tha tab se mujhe hastha maithun ki adat lag gayi es karan
mera ling teda
ho gaya hai aur sex time mai jab mai ling yoni mai dalta hu to mera virya dalte barabar gir jata hai aur
mera face dab
gaya hai face ke upar chamak nahi hai umar badi saman lagati hai virya ki kami sarir mai lagti hai ling
tait nahi hota
pls sir kuch upay batayoye nahi to atmahatya ke sivay mere pas koi upay nahi hai.
sameer  - SEX KI KAMI |2013-06-12
rahul  - mere ling ka size chota h or patla |2013-06-12
muje ling mota or lamba krne ka kuch btaiye.or jaldi discharge ho jata h meri age 24 year hae
sudhir Mahapatra  - Erection dysfunction |2013-06-12
Pujya Guruji

My pennis is not strong enough to insert during sex.

pls help me out

suresh-17  - sex pro. |2013-06-12
guru g i am suresh (32) (m) from punjab
guru ji mera probelm yeh hai k mera ling size chota hai or mere ling mein poori
akad b
nahi hai .
kya aap ke pass iska koi hall hai agar hai to pls muje jali bataiye .
hai pls guru g help me
Rakesh  - syphilis-bacterial infection |2013-06-12
Hello sir,
Me found VDRL & TPHA +ve last month. Taken 3 penciline injection but looks no benifits.
There some red
spot on penis top and near saft. Bit swelling also.
Pain in neck also.
HIV1 & 2 is -ve.
pls help me with some
ayuvedic medicine.
Upendra  - Sex problem |2013-06-12
Meri umar 22 sal hai jab mai 9/10 sal ka tha tab se mujhe hasthmaithun ki adat hai es wajah se mera ling teda
gaya hai aur barabar tide bhi nahi hota hai sex ke samay mai jab ling yoni mai dalata hu to virya dalte barabar gir
hai aur sarir mai virya ki kami bhi lagati hai face pura dab gaya hai face ke upar tej nahi hai pls koi upay
bataye nahi
to mera pas khudkhushi ke siway koi upay nahi hai
jitu  - sex problem |2013-05-19
sex guru,mera name jitu hai,mera age 26 hai, mai 17 ki age se hi muth marta aa rha hu. lagbag 2 sal se jab v
muth marha hu to ejaculation se pahake yaisa lagta hai ki mere body se kuchh jaise blood uper ki taraf ja rha hai. or
ser v bhari jaisa mahsus hota hai.iske bad bahut kamjori fill hota hai.
Ab mera shadi ho rha hai jisse mai kaphi
paresan hu kyoki 1-2 minute me hi mai discharge ho jata hu,ab mera penis v thik se khada v nhi hota hai.dhila dhila sa
khada hota hai,or kuch nangi tasvir v dekhane se discharge ho jata hu.
Ab mai kya kru, please guide me
raj  - sex problems |2013-05-16
sir ji meri umar 29 saal ki meri problems yeh hai ki mein sex karte samay jaldi discharge ho jata hoon jisse muje aur
meri wife ko anand nahi aata hai. aur sir ji mera penis bhi 4,5 inch ka hai please muje medicne bataein jisse meri
problems solve ho jaye.
kuchu  - Sex related |2012-09-22
pranam sir,
me jab sex karta hu to jayda der tak sex nahi kar pata ling andar jate hi ling ke skin pche ate hai or
dalne par he discharge ho jata hai or sex ke sukh prapt nahi kar pata

lambe samae kriya chale iske liya
bhatay. muze sigrpatan ki problem ho rahi hai. please help me
Mohit  - Hydrosil |2012-09-18
meri age 19 year hai aur mai 2 saal se hydrosil se pidit hu, thora dard bhi hota hai..
kya iska koi gharelu
upay hai?
Kya ye mere sex life ke liye hani karak hai?
Please mujhe koi upay bataiye...
dee  - ling vardhan |2012-09-15
guru g mere ling ka size 5 inch h or meri age 22 h kirpya kar k mujhe ling ko lamba or mota karne ka aasan upaay btaaye
jo ghar pe ho jaaye..
vikki  - I think I have less sparm problem |2012-09-06
Sir, from last 3-4 months I can see that my white flude is less viscus due to less amount of sparm pl. suggest me any
Prashant  - Sex Problem |2012-08-28
Hi, Sir ! mera naam Prashant Mehra he mujhe ling bada or mota karna hai pls help me out.
Rajan  - Sir,meri age 25 saal 14 saal ki age se hastma |2012-08-16
Sir,meri age 25 saal 14 saal ki age se hastmathun kar raha hu.meri girlfriend the uske sath b sex kea h.pahle mera
sex ka bht man kea karta tha main uncontrolable ho jata h.par pechle kuch time se halat bht kharab h.girlfriend se break
up ho gya h.ab mujhe bht kamjori lagti h aur puri tarah tight nhe hota,jaldi nikal jata h,sex karne ya hastmathun ki
icha b bht kam hoti h.sir plz help me.ab meri shadi b hone wali h.kahi aisa na ho ki meri wajah se kisi ki life kharab
ho jaye.main bht dara hua h plz meri id pe mail kar de ra***
dinesh  - low vitality |2012-08-06
guru ji koi aise medicine batao k khoi huesex power dobara mil jaye or sex power kam na ho
harvinder  - sex problem |2012-08-06
Hi sir,

I am 28 years old, recently i got married but now my sex power has become weak, i can not spent quality sex
time with my partner more than 1-2 min. Due to mentally and physically waekness i facing this issue. As it is effecting
my marriage life, if you have any medicine pls let me know.
deepak  - sex problem |2012-08-05
Pranam baba ji
Mein 32 year ka hu. Mujhe sex ka bahut shok hai. But aab kush time se sex ka maja nahi le raha hu. Mera
viraj jaldi hi nikal jata hai. Aur time b kush nahi lagta. Meine sex tab leni start ki thi. But aab tab k bina sex nahi
kar sakta. Tab se b aab acha time nahi lagta. Plz mujhe koi hal bataye jisse mera penis strong aur jyada time lagaye.
Rohit Patil  - Sex Problem |2012-07-22
Sir mera age 27 years he mai 8 sal hastmaintun karta tha ab meri shadi hui tab mera stamina nahi rehta mai wife ko suk
nahi de pa raha hu mera folt jaldi hota hai isliye muje aur wife ko sex ki maja nahi milati isliye stamina badane ke
(sex badane ) liye muje davai konsi lene padegi batado baba.
RAJ RAJA  - RAJ RAJA |2012-07-18
Savinay nivedan hai ki.
meri sadi may 2011 me hua hai. Mera sexsul powar thik hai.jis se ptni ko
santust to kar deta
hu. lekin Mera penis ki lambai 5 inch hai.
Aur motai 1 inch hai. Jis se mere ko utna anand nhi
ata. Kirpa kar ke mujhe
ling mota karne aur lmbai badhane ke upaye bataye.pls
suresh yadav  - virya bahut kam ho gaya hai muskil se 2 gram nikal |2012-07-10
Baba ji pranam meri umar 26 year hai.
Baba ji mai 12year se hasth maithun kar raha hu . Maine ab karana chod diya hai
.mera ling patala ho gaya hai. Aur virya patala aur kam ho gaya hai. Virya kam nikalta hai
Baba ji bataiye ki mai khoi
hui sakti kya vapas nahi pa sakata .
Meri sadi 6month bad hone wali hai
Koi upay bataiye
Atm hatya karane ka vichar
aane laga hai
naveen joshi  - sukranu kami |2012-07-09
priy guruji shree ramdav ji maharaj ko mera charan isprsh
mari sadhi ko karib 2 saal ho gaye h mere ab tak koi santan
nahi h jach karvaya to paya ki ki sukranu ki kami h so sukranu badhne ka koi aaurvadik upchar bataiye
Shivam kumar  - Mera ling bai or teda hai |2012-06-28
mere kai saalo se mutth marne ki bajah se mera ling bai or teda ho gaya hai........
Koi gharelu upay
arma  - sex |2012-06-21
baba ji, namaste,

mera mani patala ho gya hai, jo sex kate samay jaldi se nikal jata hai, kaise mota hoga
Suraj up  - Sex our ling ka total problem |2012-06-20
Baba ji pranam . Meri age 21 year he me 17 saal ki umar se hastmethun kar raha hu mujhe yah nahi pata tha nukshn hoga
our mushe 2 mahina huaa chut gai mera ling chota our patla ho gaya 4 inc ka ho gaya baba ji mai raat ko sota hoon to
ling tight ho jati hai lekin din main sunn ho jata bahut helane par tight hota or baba ji meri sehat kamzor hai muje
khana nahi hazam hota or testes main uper nich hota baba ji kripa karke oil koi ilaaj batayen nhi to marjaung pranam
baba ji om baba ji
akash  - shighrpatn or shukranu ki kmi |2012-06-16
me 22 sal ka hu or glt kaam k karn mere ko bimari ho gai he mera viry turnt nikl jata h
or viry ki jgha pani sa niklta

3 mhine bad meri shadi h agr patnr k sath sax k doran agr me turnt fail ho gya to bhut shrminda hina pdega shukranu
b ni ate to kya baccha bn payega

plz koi upay btao ni to khi me kuch glt na kr bethu plz mujhe shrmindgi se bchao plz
sir apka ehsan jindgi bhr ni bhulunga
akash  - shukranu ki kami or shighrpatn |2012-06-16
sir mera ling thoda teda ho gya h hastmethun k karn or mera viry b. hal nikl jata h or shukranu to niklte hi ni bss pani
sa ane lga h plz upay btao 3 mhine bad meri shadi h me bhut shrminda hu plz shukranu or shighrpatn k liye koi upay btay
plz meri madad kro sir plzzz apka bhut bada ehsan hoga meri zindgi par

Govind  - chota ling(small penis) |2012-06-16
Baba ji pranam.meri age 21year he. me 12 saal ki umar se hastmethyu kar raha hu.mujhse yah aadat chutati nhi our mera
ling 3 ech ka ho gaya.7 mahine bad meri sadi he please koi upay dawai ..thanks
akash  - shighdpatn or shukranu ki kmi |2012-06-14
mere ling ki lambai to thik h par jra sa kuch dekhne ya chune pr nikl jata he or sbukranu b pani jese h

plz upay btao
jisse me jyada der tk niklne se rok saku
Davinder kumar  - link problem |2012-06-13
meri age 26th hi main 8 saal se hast maithun kar raha hun meri sadi hone wali hi mera ling tedha aur patla chota hai
jyada der tak
khara nahi ho pata aur sperm bhi low hai koi dawa bataiye bari kripa hogi
ruksar khan  - bachcha na thahrna........ |2012-06-12
mai har mahine me pet se ho jati hu.mai pichhle mahine me abortion karai thi lekin fhir se bachcha ruk gaya
hai.aap pleas mere ko koi gharelu tarika bataiye.....
ki mera abortion ho jaaye..........mai bahut paresan
hu..........mere ko doctar mana kiya hai ki ab koi dava mat khana.aap hi mudhe koi ghar ki vidhi bataiye
meri aagle
mahine sadi hone wali hai.....pleas help you.mai aap ka pure jivan bhar yahsan mand rahugi.............
Deep |2012-06-11
meri age 26 years hai, mai 18 saal ki umar se kuch buri sangtiyon mai padhkar hast maithoon karne laga,tab mujhe
cheej samjh nhi aayi ki yeh galat hai ya sahi hai par tab se ab tak mai continue hast maithoon karta rehta hu ab
Probm s ka koi samadhan btao ..plzz
deep  - sex problams |2012-06-11
Baba G namskar..Meri Problem bhi kuch baaki logo jaisi hai..Kuch saal pehle si meri hasth maithoon ki aadat pad gyi thi
..jis si meri life khrab ho gyi..ab meri umar bhi shaddi ki ho gyi to Mann mein ik darr hai..kya aap koi samadhan bta
sakte ho?
pankaj kumar  - sigrapatan |2012-06-04
baba ji namaste ,

baba ji mara umra 26 saal ka hai maibachapan ki galti karne ke wajah se mai turant nil ho jata hu
jo sigrapatan hoti hai aur uske wajah se ling bhi chota aur patla ho gaya mai baba mujhe koi dawa aur malish bataiye
jisase mai thik ho saku.
baba ji ......please my problem solve
manav  - sex Problem |2012-05-31
Dearest sir,
my name is Manavz & my age is 26
Meri Shadi fix ho gai ha On Dec.2012 Mera ling chota or patla ha
Please Koi Solution Batao ghar me hi Ling ko mota or lamba karne ka
Please please please
suren  - panis problem |2012-05-30
baba ji m 27 saal ka hoon .pichle 12 saal se hastmethun ki aadat ho gayi hai jisse mera ling bai taraf teda ho gya hai.
Kripa karke koi ilaaj batayen.....
balram  - sir mera penis teda hai chota hai and patla bhi ha |2012-05-25
sir mera penis teda hai chota hai and patla bhi hai veerya 1mint mai gir jata hai koi ilaage btao me 11 saal sai
methun kar rahahu
Ankujay |2012-05-24
me 18 saal ka hu mera ling lamba krne ka best oil btaiye
vivek  - ling problem |2012-05-10
meri age 26th hi main 16 saal se hast maithun kar raha hun meri sadi hone wali hi mera ling tedha aur jyada der tak
khara nahi ho pata koi dawa bataiye bari kripa hogi
rahul  - ling |2012-04-30
sir me 13-14 ki mar se hand practice kar raha tha. tab mujhe iske nuksaan ka pata nahi tha. mujhe usme itna anand
laga ki maine uske chakar me apni padai bhi chod di.baad me girlfriend ke sath sex me mai fail ho gaya.jaldi nikal
ab meri umar 24 saal ahi.shaadi declared ho chuki hai ,24 december ko mujhe sex time badane ka permanebnt
prince  - penis |2012-04-27
sir mera penis teda hai chota hai and patla bhi hai veerya 1mint mai gir jata hai koi ilaage btao me 11 saal sai hasth
methun kar rahahu
manish  - yoni kamjor |2012-04-23
main sex se bahut pareshan hu ispar kabu kare ke liye koi upai batayn
dipak  - Penis poblem |2012-04-21
Sir, Orgy penis message oil Sahibabad me kaha milega?
Please help me!
deepak saini  - ling chota hai |2012-04-16
guru g parnam
guru g mere umar 26 sal hai mera ling 2 inch ka hai mai bhut presan rahta hu sadi se b dar lagta ji koi dawai betay...
RAJ |2012-04-12
ling ko bada karne ka exsaesige
nitish  - ling bda aur motta kaise kre |2012-04-10
prnam :-sir mera ling bhot shota or patla hai pls muje koi upaye btayo jiss se mera ling lamda or motta ho jaye
deepak  - yoni tight karne ki dawai bataye |2012-04-09
yoni tight karne ki dawai bataye
aman  - weekness |2012-04-07
baba ji mera ling sunn ho gya h aur sakhat bhi nhi h. thora niche ki tarf tedha bhi h koi ilaj batayn.
deepak  - shigrapatan v ling chota |2012-04-03
guru ji meri age 20 hai.muje hasth metun ki adat ho gyi he or me kise ke sath sex krta hu to 2-3 minat me virya nikal
jata he
or mera ling bhi chota he kripya muje koi upay btaye apki ati kripa hogi thank you.
MOHIT  - PENIS PROBLEM |2012-03-20
dinesh |2012-03-19
Baba ji,
meri age 36 y hai. Main 5 saal se hastmathun kar raha hun.
Jiske karan mere ling ki lambai bahut kam
patli ho chuki hai.
Please mujhe ling ki normal size me lane ki medice bataye.....
mohit  - guru ji parnam |2012-03-17
muje hastmathun ki problam hai mare ander komjori aah gai ha plese koi ayourvadith upai bati
rajesh  - ling bmba aur mota kerna |2012-03-12
sir mere ling chota aur ptla hai use lmba krne ka tarika btao.i am 24 old.ayurvedic medicine is hust 11 cm.
sameer verma  - ghat girna |2012-03-11
last 1 year se jab bhi mai koi sexy scene dekhta hu to ling khara ho jata hai.par jab ling baith jata hai
to usme se chipchipa pani nikalta hai kripaya koi upay batao or is karn thora mera sex tima thora kam ho gaya hai but
fir bhi sex karne me koi dikkat nhi hai.mughe ghat girne ki bimari ka kuch ilaj batao
jeet singh  - sigrpatan |2012-03-01
meri umar 24 sal hai jab mai 12-13 sal ka tha tab se mujhe hastha maithun ki adat lag gayi es karan Abhi
sigrpatan ki problem ho rahi hai. Jab bhi me sex ka sochta hu to last 2-3 minit me discharge ho jata hu.or( roz
rat ko
sota hu to sex ke vichar aate he or ultaso ke thoda ghista hu to hojata he
jai  - ling bada aur mota karne ka tarika |2012-03-01
mera ling bahut hi chhota hai jiske karan mai bahut jyada paresan hu kripya mujhe koi achcha aur gharelu upay
RAMESH |2012-02-25
sanjay  - ling ko bada aur mota |2012-02-16
plz koi best and fast treatment for ling ko bada aur mota karnd ka tarika or exercise or massage oil
vikas  - sex jankari |2012-02-13
sir meri smsiya ye h ki hastmathun krne se mere ling me dilapan or tedapan aa gya h ,or virya jaldi
nikal jata
sukranuo ki b kami h guruji se anurodh h ki meri in smsiyo ka jaldi se smadhan kre or muje upyukat dva
pintu  - weekness |2012-02-12
guru ji
mera nam pintu hai
m karib 13 sal se hasthmaithun kar raha tha din 2 ya tin bar
ab m kafi week ho gaya hu
and mere aakh ke lichhe kaha ghere bhi ho gaya hai
plz muhje bataye m kya karo m apni is life kafi pesan ho gaya
raghu b k  - chota ling or shigrapatan |2012-02-06
mai 35 saal ka hu or chota ling or shigrapatan ka rogi hu please koi upai btain
vikash  - jain |2012-02-05
maire umar 26 hai mai bahut saa; se hasthmathun kar rha tha maira ling teda ho gya hai LING patla ho gya hai mai sadi
hone wali hai please kuch davayi btaeye thankyou
ashok kumar  - purana sardard |2012-02-05
Swami ji ke charno main mera pranam
meri age 28 year hai.main 10 year ka tha jab se sardard hota hai pahle aage mastisk
dard karta tha.lekin ab aadhe sar main dard hota hai.aur aankh wa khopdi wa gale ki peeche ki naso main dard hota hai.
pain killar bhi kam nahi karti . Please mujhe iska aurvedic rambaan ilaaj bataiye to aapki ati krpa hogi.
chirag  - ling ka teda pan |2012-01-30
Meri age 21 saal hai. Aur mai 12 saal ki umar se hasthmathun kar raha tha jisse mera LING teda ho gya h. Iska sidha
karne ka koe upay
hai kya?
rajesh  - pachan kamzori |2012-01-23
meri sehat kamzor hai muje khana nahi hazam hota
arivan  - yoni ko tight kase kare |2012-01-23
mujhe yoni ko tight karna ha is koi davai batayege
Arvind sarkar |2012-01-12

meri umra chalis sal hai mujhe shighrapatan ki bimari hai aur mera ling bhi chota hai is ke liye ayurvedik dava
bataye aur mera jivan sukhakar banaye
Adnan  - Sextual problem |2012-01-05
Respect swamiji,
main 20 saal ka hun mere samasiya ye he k main hasmathun kr ta hun jis k karan mere testes main pain
hota he,aur apni girlfriend k sath sex krne se pehle hi discharge ho jata hun,
please swamiji mujhe koye upaye bataeye
ya koye dawa ka naam, jis se main bharpoor aanand le sakun,
namaskar swamiji,
adnan from up
ramesh  - increase |2011-12-30
hum apne virya ko garha kaise kare
Khanshahab  - Penis enlargement and erection |2011-12-30
Sir i want increase my penis size and erection in penis
because i have unrespect from my wife so please help me
without medicine thank you
Deepak kumar rana  - rana |2011-12-26
sir muthe sigra patan ki smasya hai. is karan aaj tak sex nahi kar paya hau. jab kisi se sex karne ki kosis karta hu
virya patan ho jata hai. pls koi madicine bataye.
monu  - namashkar babaji |2011-12-24
ramdev babaji meri age 21 aur mera ling teda aur skin piche nahi hoti aur chotabhi hai plz bohut dokhi kuch upaye
Neel  - Shukranu badhane and penis lamba aur mota karne ke |2011-12-23
Babaji mera sadi 2009 me hua main 30 sal ka hu doctori report me shukranu kam hai & penis bada aur mota karne ka jald
se jald upay batay
hemchand  - sex |2011-12-18
hare krishna guru ji jan. Me meri shadi pr mujhe dar lag raha hai q ki mera dalte he nikal jata hai or mera painis v
chota hai mene hath se bahot kiya hai or krpya der tak krne or painis bada krne ka upaye bataye
sajid  - upay |2011-12-17
sir mera panis bhut chota aur patla hai plz mujhe aisi koi madicin bataiye jise mera panis jaldi se jaldi mota aur
ho jaye
or mera pani jaldi nikal jata h
golu mhajan  - penis enalargement |2011-12-15
mere ling ki lambai 3-3.50 inch h mai chahta ho ye 8-10 inch ka ho jaye koi ayurvedic dva btaye . meri shadi abhi
halhi mai he huee h aur meri bivi mujh se khush ni h .
kripya koi sasti davaen btaye mai aapka bhut abhari rhunga.
Champak chunawala  - Sex aur ling ka total problem |2011-12-13
Parnam babaji:
meri age 27 he aur 2013 me meri sadi hone wali he.Mai 12sal se lgtar hastmaithun krta tha aur ab maine
9mahine se chhor dya he.Lekin meri presani mera picha nai chorti mera bahot bda problem he.
San 2000 sal se meri dhat
girni suru ho gyi aur meri hastmethun ki adat padi. aur 2001 se meri link se rasgulle ke ras (feviquike) k tarah girne
ki bimari suru hui tab maine ek homyopaith ka dawa liya 1ya2mahine k bad thik hua lekin meri adat thik nai hui aur mai
lagatar hath marta raha fir 2005me maine ek ayurved aur unani doc se dwa le raha tha tabhi mujhe peshab ka problem hua
pta nai k dwa se sideifect hua ya kuch aur kyu k maine apna kam chalu rkha tha aur uske bad maine dwa band kr diya aur
fir 2008me mujhe peshab ka bahot bada prob ho gya dinbhar mera peshab apne apse hi niklta tha 24ghante peshab nikalne ki
preshani se maine fir wahi dwakhane se dwa liya par usse sinior doc se aur karib 3se4 mahine tak dwa liya kuch fayda hua
aur fir chhor diya. Uske bad mujhe peshab ki presani b lgi rahi aur mera link chhota aur bahot kamjor ho gya fir bhi
maine apni adat nai chhori aur kabhi kabhi hath marta tha uske bad karib 8 mahine pahele mai jab latring k liye thoda
zor lgya to meri ling se dhat nikal gya tab se mai jab bhi latring jata tha to latring ke samay dhat nikal jati thi fir
maine usi dwakhane se dwa lena suru kiya he karib 4mahine se aur pahele se kuch fayda sa lag rha he lekin mujhe pta nai
k ye d...
arvind kumar  - penis enlargement tips |2011-12-12
please suggest me for methods of penis enlargement and hydroceil
kamal  - sigrapatan |2011-12-12
sir muthe sigra patan ki smasya hai. is karan aaj tak sex nahi kar paya hau. jab kisi se sex karne ki kosis karta hu to
virya patan ho jata hai. pls koi madicine bataye.
shahnawaz  - sex weekness |2011-12-10
sir meri smsiya ye h ki hastmathun krne se mere ling me dilapan or tedapan aa gya h ,or virya jaldi
nikal jata h,or
sukranuo ki b kami h guruji se anurodh h ki meri in smsiyo ka jaldi se smadhan kre or muje upyukat dva
ka name
j'puriya  - ling strong karana |2011-12-10
respected swamiji mera ling chhota aur dheela h upay btaye
MANISH  - SEX PROBLEM |2011-12-08
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