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Patanjali Yog Peeth - Swami Ramdev Ashram  E-mail
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India - Uttarakhand
Written by luvya   
Friday, 07 March 2008 16:57
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Patanjali Yog Peeth - Swami Ramdev Ashram
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Patajnali Yog Peeth Complex

Patanajali Yog Peeth in Haridwar is a center of Yoga and Ayurveda activities in India built on the name of Maharishi Patanjali who invented Yoga 5000 years ago. The ashram is run under the guidance of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj who has revived Yoga and spreading it all over the world. Patahnajali Yog peeth provides various facilities such as Yoga Classes, Accommodation, Natural health therapies, Ayurvedic treatments, Accommodation, canteen, OPD and admiting patients for long term disease treatment. Any one can visit and stay at patanjali Yog peeth and avail these facilities in a very hygienic, clean and well maintained area. I have been great fan of Yoga and Pranayama for last 2 years after it changed the way I lived my life and since then I have been wanting to visit patanjali yog peeth inspired by swami ramdev who has helped me learning and practicing yoga. Finally the day came when I got the chance to visit this place dedicated to Yoga.

  • How to Reach
  • Where to Stay
  • What to see and do
  • Where to eat
  • Medical Facilities
  • Fast Facts
  • Medicines Packages for Various Diseases
  • Contact Numbes and Timings
  • Learn Pranayama with Swami Ramdev Ji
  • Ramdev Medicines
  • How to Reach

    Patanjali yog peethPathanjali yog peeth is located on the National highway 58 (NH58 Hwy) in Haridwar on the Roorkee road. It is very easily accessible due to its location on the highway approximately 10 KM before the Haridwar town coming from Roorkee in a very peaceful and green area surrounded by lush green farm lands. NH58 highway through out the journey is a single lane busy highway mostly crowded with the trucks and tourists making their journey to and from Haridwdar/Rishkesh region. I reached Patanjali Yog Peeth at near 12:30 AM on my car traveling near about 230 Km from Gurgaon.


    Where to Stay

    I was wondering if I would get the entrance in ashram since it was very late and would it be possible to get the accommodation also for a night. I got out of my car and approached the massive main gate of Ashram to ask for the permission to get inside. Guard was very generous, open heartedly he opened the door and showed me the way to the reception where I can ask for the room to stay at night. I found that Ashram is never closed and open 24x7 for the visitors. Although it was dark but still I could see the surroundings of Ashram with fountains, gardens, ever thing well maintained, clean and peaceful. Half of my tiredness seems went away by the moment I was inside the Ashram. On reaching the reception I could see no body and had to knock the table to get help as it was late night. Finding no body I went deeper into the complex, on my right side I found 2 people sitting near by computer to help me and it seems that my knowcking just woke them up. They asked me for the reason to visit the Yog peeth and I mentioned that I am interested in attending a Yoga class in the morning. After some formalities for the registration I got a very clean room in 300 INR which is very reasonable cost in comparison to other hotels in Haridwar. The room was vary spacious and had most of the modern facilities like Sofa, Beds, table, attached bathroom with hot water.

    What to see and do

    Town Hall

    I had a good sleep in the night and woke up early morning with the chirping of birds outside my window. Cool and refreshing air breeze touched my body and left a shiver as I came outside my room into the balcony attached. After getting fresh I decided to explore the Ashram in detail so I came down to the main town hall and asked the staff what time and where Yoga classes starts. I was hoping that Yoga class will held in the main town hall but later I got to know classes are held in open due to summers approaching in Yagya shala where daily Yagya is performed before the yoga class. After making sure that there is some time in morning Yoga class to start I came out of the town hall in open area out of the building.

    Refreshing fountainsThe view out side the building was magnificent the whole Ashram was surrounded by lush green gardens decorated with beautiful flowers spreading its fragrance every where. Plenty of beautiful water fountains have been placed near the walking paths and passing these fountains gives you such a refreshing experience. Well maintained walking tracks have been built passing through the gardens which takes you around the whole complex. The complex has various buildings each for its unique purpose like there is separate building for canteen, treatment, Yagyas and poojas etc. Various villas are also in construction around the complex and I hope one can try buying a permanent place here. The complex also has a nursery where all the plants and trees are grown useful in Ayurvedic medical treatment. This nursery and laboratory producing Ayurvedic medicines are managed by Swami Balkrishna Ji maharaj whose knowledge of Ayurveda is far beyond the limits.

    Maharishi Patanjali statue After looking around the whole Ashram and getting refreshed I headed towards the Yagya shala where Yoga class was supposed to take place. In the early morning when I visited Yagya shala I could see a Havan kund in the middle where puja finished. Yagya shala was a open area with a umbrella like roof top on a plinth made up of marble. The place was big enough to accommodate 100 people to practice Yoga. I was the first one to reach Yagya shala but at that time hardly saw any one there. After couple of minutes more people joined me but we kept waiting for the yoga guru to come and teach us. After a long wait when no yoga guru appeared which looked very strange to me I did my own pranayama practice for one hour with other people. It seemed that all the gurus that day have gone to world yoga festival in Rishikesh operated by pramarth niketan so no one was there for the yoga practice session.

    Where to eat

    Tapasya building inside the ashram

    After Yoga session I headed towards Bhojnalaya (Canteen) for my morning breakfast. The canteen serves wide variety of very healthy and hygienic food such as sprouts, Daliya, hot milk and tea, puri chole, aloo puri, sandwiches and some very delicious sweet dishes. The rates of eatable items in the canteens are very nominal and cost effective. After finishing the breakfast I came back to the town hall and asked if Swami Ramdev is in town but unfortunately he was not there as he is very busy person spending his whole time teaching yoga to people traveling place to place.


    Medical Facilities

     In the main town hall I could see people waiting in OPD section for their turn to meet doctors for Ayurvedic treatments. Lot of locals and people across the world travel to patanjali yog peeth to get ayurvedic medication as ashram also operates a very big laboratory which makes ayurvedic medicines with the fresh Jadi/Butis (Herbs) planted in the nursery near ashram premises. In the laboratory research is being conducted on some very serious diseases like cancer and aids. Thousands of patients after loosing their hopes with modern medical treatments have come here and got well. Patients also get admissions for long term treatments where ashram also provides ambulance and ICU facilities. People admitted for long term treatment can attend regular yoga classes in morning which also helps in curing their diseases a lot.

    Fast Facts

    • Visitors to the Ashram are not supposed to carry or have any drugs, tobacco and any kind of alcohol.
    • People attending yoga classes should be wearing track suits, pajamas, cotton suits and also should carry a mat with them.
    • Small children are not allowed in yoga classes to avoid disturbance.
    • Accommodation can be booked once you are in Patanjali Yog peeth premises but it is advisable to check with the ashram in advance.
    • General visitors can only stay in the Ashram for 3 days and not more then that but people with longer treatment have the option to extend their stay in Ashram.

    At the end after spending another hour taking pictures of Ashram I met a 74 years old man (Mahadev) who traveled almost whole India on his cycle and then I packed my stuff to check out and continue my journey towards Haridwar.

    Contact Numbers and Timings


    The Timings of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar- O.P.D are 6:00 am - 8:00 pm .

    Phone:-01334- 240008, 244107, 246737,011- 1555000,01334- 244805,240664.

    Ranchi Branch

    The Timings of Divya Pharmacy-Divya Yog Mandir (Trust),Patanjali Yog Peeth Ranchi Branch are 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

    Ph:- 9931102410, 09931102522

    Patna Branch

    The Timings of Divya Pharmacy-Divya Yog Mandir (Trust),Patanjali Yog Peeth Patna Branch O.P.D are 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

    Ph:-0612- 532525,6532535, 09931102523, 09835614836

    Learn Pranayama with Swami Ramdev Ji

    1. Rules of pranayama
    2. Bhastrika Pranayama
    3. Kapalbhati Pranayama
    4. Anulom Vilom Pranayama
    5. Bhramari Pranayama
    6. Udgeeth Pranayama

    Ramdev Medicines

    Swami Ramdev medicines are manufactured in branches well equipped with modern equipments, certified by the international standards GMP, GLP & ISO 9001. Swami ramdev's pharmacy makes the medicines pure and rich in quality. Medicines manufactured go through Quality control and quality assessment tests. Patanjali Yogpeeth is operating Patanjali Hospitals in every nook of India, where one can get life saving Swami Ramdev medicines which are affordable to all rich and poor.

    Swami Ramdev medicines are also available for health care, oral care, sexual care, hair care and skin care, Many of the critical ailments such as Cancer, Diabetes, sexual problems, arthritis etc. can be cured by Swami Ramdev's Medicines. These medicines are low cost, very effective and available at Ramdev Chikitsalaya. Some of very effective Ramdev medicines are  Mukta Vati for high blood pressure, Madhunashini vati for Diabetes, Medohar vati for Obesity. 

     Swami Ramdev's Divya pharmacy also manufacture some very good hebal supplements for eternal health and happiness, some of them are : Aloe vera juice, Amla juice, Divya Chyawanprash, Shilajit etc. One can also buy this products online at 

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    Narendra Gautam  - Gehu ke Jware ka upyog kab aur kese karna chahiye |2014-06-20

    Gurudev kripya ye bataye ke Gehu ke jware ka upyog kab aur kis tarah karna chahiye.

    D.Basu  - Admission for father |2014-06-08
    Dear Sir,
    My father is 72 yr old and a patient of parkinson disease. Kindly advise if there is any program in your good
    ashram at Haridwar for the same. Please let me know the procedure of admitting my father for long term treatment of
    parkinson disease.
    Pls help Sir.
    Thanks & Rgds
    Shyam  - Dibities |2014-03-10
    Pranam babaji, babaji mere papaji ki age 55 h aur wo dibities se bahut paresan h tablet lete h lekin koi
    phayda nhi ho raha h please aap hi bataye kya kare ki sugar se rahat mile
    vipul  - cancer |2014-03-05
    pranam Babaji,

    I am living Bharuch,Gujarat so, my father in law is cancer patient before 2 month i come to ashram for
    cancer treatment and stay in ashram so I'll be very helpfull and gratefull to you if you please give me ashram address
    and make a scheduled for treatment & stay in ashram pl reply me on my email as soon as possible

    Thanks & regard
    priyanka  - Diabetes and High BP |2014-03-05
    Pranaam Baba ji,
    Baba ji mere husband ko diabetes aur high BP ka problem hai .. mai janana chahti hu ki apke ashram me
    aakar treatment karwane ke liye hume kaise aur kya karna hoga??
    arpit  - EYE DROP DRISHTI |2014-02-24
    i am 25 years old.i have to study a that eyes got tired.should i used DRISHTI or not? my eyes are normal.i do
    not use spectacles.
    pari khan  - Liver deasese |2014-02-07
    plz mari help krn baba g shayad ap ki mdicn ma khuda na shafa rkhi ho mari mother k lia ma unhy khona ni chati plz wo
    hapatitis c ki mariz hn yahn doctor khty hn liver transplant is ka ilaj ha or ma ya afford ni kr skti
    Ariaspari khan  - Liver deases |2014-02-07
    Baba g i need ur help i live in pakistan Lahore .My mother is suffring 4m hapatitic c my father had expired due to
    hapatitis even my big brother now my mother ,..I belong to a poor family plz help me
    jiya  - pain |2014-02-07
    mujhe kai saalo se pet me pain hota rahta hai right side just lungs ke niche bahut illaz karwaya par araam nahi hua aur
    na kuch nikalta hai pls kuch bataiye kya karu
    Rakesh  - Hair on face and bad breath |2014-02-01
    Baba ji,
    meri friend k face p excess hair h and breath m b thodi smell rahti h kripa kar upchar btaye
    uski umar 26 sal h
    shadi nhi hui h
    ritu  - pregnancy |2014-01-29
    Baba ji main 33year ki hu or meri shadi ko 1 year 6 month ho gye hai.pregnant nhi ho paa rhi .pls kuch upay btai.
    shiv  - low weight |2014-01-27
    mera age 26 year hai ,aur wt 50 kg . Bhut sare treatment kiye lakin wt. increase nahi hua please help me baba ji.
    dinesh sambalpur  - hemophilia factor vlll to two year boy medicine. |2014-01-25
    Swami ji pranam
    Plse advice me what to do.
    reema  - aplastic anemia |2014-01-19
    my mother is suffering from aplastic anemia. Kindly suggests home remedies/natural ways to treat it....
    rohit  - Regarding rectal prolapse |2014-01-18
    Respected Swamiji

    My father is 82 years old and he is suffering from rectal prolapse for the past 7 days. Could you
    kindly suggest exercises for rectal prolapse and any other remedy for this problem.

    Neeraj  - Body whitning |2014-01-12
    Baba ji plz mujhe btao mai kese apna sari body ka rang fair karu meri sari body dark hai or face bhi plz reply must
    taruna  - joint pain |2014-01-06
    Baba ji,
    meri mummy ki age 57 year hai. unko bahut jada join pain hota hai kamar ghutne shoulders me sabi jagah bahut
    pain hota chal bhi ni pati .
    daily yog krti hai par koi farak ni padta hai kya kre ...
    upaye sujhaiye bahut taqleef me
    hai mummy..
    Rajendra Chavan  - Chickenpox |2013-12-27
    My son is 6 years 9 months years old,... he is infected with chickenpox. so kindly give me suggeastion and
    treatment regarding this how to recover fast.
    Ravi kumar , rosera  - pet se pareshan hun |2013-12-16
    pet main hamesha gais ban jata hai,kabj ho jati hai,aur hamesha dhakar hote rahta hai. Doctor se dekh main altra-sound
    karwane par fatty live bata raha hai. soluation please.
    addu  - mujhe bachao |2013-12-10
    Mujhe hepatitis B hi plz koi rasta batao is bimari ko khatam karne ka plz baba ji plz my bohat pareshan hun meri shadi
    hui hi abhi abhi aur mujhe hepatitis b hogaya hi plz plz plz kya koi ilaj bao na plz
    ajax  - Motapa |2013-12-09
    kya hum raat ko sone ke pahale yog abhyas aur sari prayanam karsakte hai aur uske baad thori tradational
    excersise bhi kya karsakte hai kya use mera motapa ghatega,kyu ki din bhar mere paas time nahe hota subha 5baje selekar
    rraat ko 9baje tak mujhe kaam pe raha na parta hai
    Roshan Shukla  - hedorsil problem |2013-12-07
    Babaji parnam

    Mai aap ko batna chahta hu ki mujhe hadorsil ki problem ho gai hai 3 sal se ,ji ke mere ek ar chota or
    ek bara ho gaya hai

    Essa thik karna ka koi upay batae plz mere help kar
    jitender  - white spots on back |2013-11-30
    Baba ji

    kripya kar k muje aap ayurved ki koi upchar batye ki mere daag bad rahi hi white white pl suggest me
    Rajen  - Andakosh |2013-11-15
    Baba ji mea 21 sal ka hun. karib 15 ;20 dino sa mera right side ka anda thoda sa pan kar raha hai or thoda sa ful gaya
    ha our anda ka niche jo van hota hai bo vi mota ho gaya hai mea doctor ko dikhaya tha usna dawa di thi magar dard sa
    rahat meli lakin avi vi yea fula hai mea kia karun koi dawa upaya batao please
    rajat  - bhukh na lagna |2013-11-03
    baba main 2 saal se pet se paresan hu aur ilaj v maine karwaya par koi phayda nhi hua doctor ka kahna h ki gas ho gaya h
    jiske karn se mujhe bhukh sahi se nhi lagta h aur sarir m bahut weekness lagta h.baba mujhe koi achi medicine bataye
    main bahut paresan hu
    Rakesh Mishra  - ratina pigmontos |2013-10-28
    BABA JI PRANAM . my age is 32 years .mai bahut se hospital me gaya lekin pratiyek jagah me yehi bola ki aane bale kal me
    tum blind ho jaoge .aur iska ilage kahin nahi hai

    Please baba jee aap hi kuch bataye ki mai kya karu . Bas
    aapka sahara hai.aap ish insan ko apne charnau me ki dhul ek bar .baba mai ish question ka intjar karunga.
    BABA jee aapko sat.sat bar naman.
    prakash  - hair loss |2013-10-25
    My daughter is fifteen year old. For the last one year she is experiencing hair fall and started to turn to grey. Please
    advise your medicine

    Chandra  - A |2013-10-11
    Pranam baba ji, mujhe 2 saal se glaucoma hae aur mujhe depression bhi hae mujhe medicine suggest kijiye
    rajendra goswami  - insomania (depression ) |2013-09-12
    sadar charan sparsh is bimari se 5b saal se lad raha ho pls con firm illaz batain jisse jivan sukhmay hon
    kottu  - excessive sweating |2013-09-11
    babaji pranam,i am suffering from excessive sweating of hands and feet known as hyperhydrosis from my childhood,plz
    babaji suggest me medicines and yoga aasanas
    kirti |2013-08-30
    Dear Sir

    Pls help my husband aged 34 with BP since 2007. now bp is in control but recently v got the reports chkd for
    creatine it is 2.9 . he does pranayam & yoga. Pls sugeest us some treatments ver v can control and also avoid the
    dialysis for future
    kirti  - advice |2013-08-29
    Dear Sir

    My husband is suffering fron bilareal renal paracymal disease age 34 male. creatine is 2.92 and BUN is
    26.4. We dont want him to reach the stage of dialysis & transplant and all. He is not having any bad habbits pls suggest
    us food habbits and treatments from patanjali
    Hetal  - pair ka dard or mamshik bimari |2013-08-24
    Param guru ji.meri mata ji ko per ka dara or manshik bimari he or sath me motape ki dava bataye
    Hetal  - Anidra |2013-08-24
    Guruji pranam meri problem he ki mujhe nid nahi ati meri age 32 he
    Sandeep  - High uric acid and kidney stone |2013-08-12
    Babaji pranaam.
    My age is 34 yrs and I am suffering from high uric acid of 9.80.
    I am also having a kidney stone in my
    right kidney of 5.2mm.
    Doctor has advised me febulex 40 mg and cystone tabs. I have also started some ayurvedic

    Babaji please advise.
    Ankit  - My father disease |2013-08-11
    Baba ji parnam,

    mere father ko pichle 3 mahine se khana khane me problem hai unhone chandigarh govt. Hospital sec32
    me test karwaye to unhe bataya ki unki liver ke pass wali nali me zakham hai aur pichle 1 hafte se unse ek bhi roti nhi
    khayi gayi aur unhe diabteas ki bhi problem hai please koi acha sa suggestion dijiye jisse mere father swasth ho sake
    please jaldi uttar dena apse hath jod kar nivedan hai.
    jitu singh  - stomach problem |2013-07-25
    Meri age 21 h or mai jab bhi mitha khata hu to mere stomach mai kire parte h koi ilazz bataye
    anshu  - nabhi girna |2013-07-13
    meri nabhi bar bar girti h ek ha fte se mere pet me dard h sab ko dikhaya koe
    elaj batao kirpa sada abhari raahung
    Maheshkumar K Nandre  - paraplegia due to spinal cord compression. |2013-07-05
    guruji apko koti koti pranam.
    myself age 31, suffering with paraplegia from last 2.5 years . since then I am doing
    physiotherapy. right now become able to walk in house with the support of stick.
    i wanted to know if there is any
    treatment in ashram for the desease. if yes then pls. obliged me with your mail.
    sanjeev  - shilajit capsules wanted |2013-07-01
    sir,mai pitanjli shilajit capsule mangwana chahta hu..aap mujhe shilajit capsule bhej sakte hai? mujhe capsule ke rate
    aur delivery process ki jaankari dene ki kirpa karein...kya mai cash on delivery ya vpp parsel se shilajit capsules
    mangwa sakta hu...tell me please
    Bhagchand Jadhav  - Regarding anaemea |2013-07-01
    My wife, Aarti B. Jadhav is suffering from anaemea since 15 years. She is having white patches on her whole body also.
    This is my honour that Swami Baba Ramdev is for us. Should I & my wife come to haridwar for treatment or is there any
    clinic in pune which will help to cure this disease.
    sandeep  - GOOD PERSON |2013-07-01
    I did wrong thing and provided wrong feedback for S P Singh, i am very sorry
    and iignore my previous feedback, very
    very sorry for this mistake.
    SUBRATA GHOSH  - Retinitis Pigmentosa |2013-06-30
    Pranam Guru Ji,

    I am suffering from retinitis Pigmentosa for last 22 years is there any medicine or yoga to cure this
    kazi nissar  - small joint pain in both hands , now in dubai , co |2013-06-30
    RA factor in negative but still hand joints are paining .Do you have clinic in dubai , or which medicine should i take
    vinod mehta  - gale ki samasya |2013-06-30
    swami ji parnam
    swami ji mai bhajan singer hu.ek din gane ke bad gala baith jata hai awaj bahut bhari ho jati ha or
    teesre din gala bilkul band ho jata problem pichale 2 saal se hai.kirpya koi medicion batane ka kashat karen.
    pooja |2013-06-30
    respected swamiji
    i am married for past4 years and i am 32 years of age.
    i have been diagnosed fissures in my rectum
    because ofwhich i have constant pain in my stomach and poor bowels.
    i used to practice pranayaam regularly but now when
    i do it (kapalbhati) i end up in a little bleeding. kindly advise.

    Muralidhar  - Blood clot in Brain |2013-06-30
    Pranam Guruji.

    Please advise and help us out of the situation.

    My brother is just 38 years old and is suffering
    from Dialated Cardiomyopathy and was undergoing tratment. Recently one week back he had a blood clot in the brain and he
    has lost his memory.

    Please let us know if we can come to Haridwar Yoga centre?. Please provide the necessary details

    arjun  - Need mentally stable |2013-06-30
    Hi Swamiji,

    I am not mentally stable,Please advice me some excercises which will make my mental stability

    Waiting for your reply
    leena  - left breast lump |2013-06-30
    Baba ji ko mera pranam,
    many years before, i have problem for left breast lump. so i dont want to help
    m.aruna |2013-06-30
    daily i do kapal bharathy n anulom milon but bp it is nt under control..... wht vayamam i hav 2 do suggest me
    suman  - suffering from PCOS |2013-06-29
    sadar parnam baba ji ,

    babaji , pichle ek sal se mai PCOS se suffer kar rahi hun . doctor ne opration ki salah di thi
    . operation ke bad dard me to rahat aayi lekin kuch mahine baad mera wieght badne laga aur phir pahle jaisi dard suru ho
    gaya . ultrasound karane par pata chala ki meri dono ovaries me cyst hain . jab main aapka video dekho to maine aapke
    bataye anusar regular pranayam karna suru kar diya hai aur nimnlikhit dawayen leni suru ki hai

    1 - kanchnar guggul
    vridhivadhika vati

    1-praval pishti
    2 - shila sindur
    3- giloy sat
    4-divya tamra bhasm
    5-divya mukta bhasam

    kripa karke
    bataye ki mujhe kuch aur dawaye to nahi leni hai aur jo bhi mai le rahi hun sab thik hai ya nahi .....

    manju  - color blind |2013-06-29
    guruji ,piease tell me about color blind is any solution(treatment) available in your yoga becouse i am sad my son is
    JEET TELAN  - cancer |2013-06-28
    My father is suffering from Adenocarcinoma of lungs on 3rd (B) stage .can it be cure by ur ayervedic medicines and how
    pl z babaji .
    vikas  - hair problam |2013-06-28
    i am 18 years old i use divya kesh tila and kesh kanti sampu daily and amla savras lakin oil ke massage kartay samay
    kafi baal jhdtay ha plz give me a suzhaave
    Kiran Chauhan  - Pain in Neck and Shoulder |2013-06-28
    Hello Babaji,

    from last 3 years I have got severe pain in my neck and shoulder. This is due to the bulge in my neck
    from c3 to c7.

    Please help with what kind of exercise and diet can be done to reduce the pain and to get cure from this

    Thanking you in advance.
    prakash  - urination problem |2013-06-28
    pranam guruji,
    guruji mujhe 1 samsya hai......
    mujhe peshaab karne ki ichaa hoti hai par jaab mai peshaab karne jaata hu
    to mujhe peshaab lagti nahi hai.....
    mai din me 3 ya 4 baar he peshaab ja pata hu vo bhi joor se lagne par.......
    agar aap meri is samasya ka samadhan bata denge to mai aapka ahsaan zindgi bhar nahi bhoolunga................
    rajneesh thakur  - want to serve people as a doctor |2013-06-28
    sir,,i hav done bams nd now i want to join ur yogpeeth
    amrita  - WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT |2013-06-28
    Pranam Babaji,
    I'm very thin. I'm 22yrs old but my weight is only 43kg. I suffer from low blood pressure always. I have
    anemia also. What should I do toincrease my weight.
    preeti  - to increase my heightand slimming body |2013-06-28
    pranam guruji,i m 28 yrs married and i have a son.i want to increase my height in a month anddo body height
    is 4'5 and weight 48.please help me
    Deepak Kumar  - About Dental Problem |2013-06-28
    Dear Baba Jee,


    I have dental problem , doctor's tell me that your teeth has the problem of pariya so
    Please give me right advice in my above mentioned mail box & my age is 34 Year & my Mobile No. 94###19794 and I live in

    Thanking You
    Deepak Bansal
    priya  - Eye allergy |2013-06-28
    I have allergy problem. My skin around eye specially skin near corner of eye get bump, swallon and get itchy when it
    contact with heat, or when body passes lot of sweat or in harsh sunlight or in kitchen near stove or gas. I unable to go
    outside or in indoor functions or party also. My instantly i had bump near corner of eye and it spread around my eye.
    and get itchy. Please help.
    Mrs. Sampati 40 years old  - Airthrites |2013-06-27
    Respected Baba jee,
    I am having sewear pain in my knees and Ankles since last 10 yrs.BY diagonse doctor
    siad the gap between knees joints increases and declered Airtghrites and advice to take pain killer and Viatmin C
    Tablets. It does have any other treatment.Please advice me aas sdoon as possible.
    nidhi mehra  - asthma & thyroid |2013-06-27
    baba ji namaskaar
    i'm suffering from thyroid,& Asthma pls tell me your medicine name & price,my hight is 5"0
    weight 70 kg pls help me out
    shivcharan dev  - devraj smarat |2013-06-27
    dear ramdev maharaj. i bleave to you. becouse your advance plan is very good for health. so i know every asan, pranayam,
    exerise, etc. i have exprience before 15 years. but i dont have aporchnity so i could not progress. so i learn your
    messageon the TV chennal. then i accept to you .do you give me chance. i serve in your ashram for yoga teacher, but i
    don't have any diploma in yoga. only i can do every ashans.
    Santosh  - Asthma problem |2013-06-27
    Namaste Swami ji.

    my 3 yrs. son suffering asthma when he breath he had create a loud noise or sound as if his chest
    was blocked i took her to doctor they said it may be a early sign of asthma. I want to treatment with Ayurvedic
    medicine please suggest.

    thank you,
    Santosh, A&N Islands
    richa  - problem in eye |2013-06-27
    respected babaji ,

    my name is richa and my age is 24 year,from new delhi . my eye problem is



    parul divecha  - Dark circle |2013-06-27
    i have suffering last six years for dark circle , will trying many medicine like Allopathy, aruvedic, homiopathy but
    still not solve the purpose, can u suggest any good and effective medicine
    s c budhiraja  - about trphla |2013-06-26
    Most respected Swami Ji!

    There are two types of triphla viz:

    1).harad, baheda & amla in equal weight

    2).harad, baheda & amla in ratio of 1:2:4.
    My question is: what is the relative advantages of the two types &
    how to use them.

    Kindly eleborate.

    I am your follower

    s c budhiraja
    age:68 yrs from delhi
    neha sing  - small hormonal dis order |2013-06-26
    guru ji mai maa banna chati hu per picla 10 saalo se muje hormonal dis order ki sikayat hai aaj meri age 33 saal ho gai
    2 saal shdi ko ho gai hai phi hai er muje periods nahi aa rahe hai aahi test karaya tha gsmai hormonal des order ke
    karan meri overies inactive nekli dono ovries small bhi hai small utres bhi small hai periods nahi aa rahe hai doctor
    bhi paresaan hai plese muje bataye ki kaon sa prayanama or aasan mai karu or kitna karu kon sa na karu .thanks
    Rahul Singh  - help for my father who is suffering from livercero |2013-06-26
    hari om!
    mere pita ji ko 2 saal se livercerosis hai unka liver damaged hai aur pet mein paani ho jaata hai saath hi
    saath unhe jhondis bhi hai wo pehle se bahut hi jyada kamzor ho gaye hai is liye aap se yah nivedan hai ki aap inhe apne
    shran mein le lein aur inhe thik kar deinagar aapke ashram mein is bimari ko thik karne ki suvidha hai to! kripya mujhe
    mere email id mein mail bhej kar suchit karein.

    sadar pranam
    DineshSingh Gariya  - koi achha sandesh de safal jiwan k liye |2013-06-26
    baba ji paranam
    mai Dinesh singh i a suffering from low weigh so plz give me some instructration and i want be a
    member of patanjali yog peeth ia want to do social work thro patanjali yogpeeth
    sony  - barik |2013-06-26
    Ram Dev Ji.
    Please aap mujhe bataye ye ki kese main apne apko thoda gora banau .kyun ki mera shadi hi nehi
    hota.. ye bahat badi problem ho chuki hai.. please help me..
    Pragati Banerjee  - Hair loss |2013-06-26
    Need help for hairloss treatment.

    Kindly suggest what medicine would help me to stop hair fall.
    seema kamdi  - cyst in left side ovary |2013-06-26
    Ramdevji Maharaj

    Charan Sparsh

    I have ovarian cyst in left ovary of size 40 x 27 mm size.

    This type of cyst
    found last time also.
    It is removed by operation on 22/02/2008.
    the size of cyst was 100 x 80 x 70 mm.

    At same
    place cyst again happened.

    How I can remove it by ayurvedic medicene and pranayam.

    I hope you take care of this
    mail and send the remeadies.

    thanking you in anticipation

    Yours faithfully

    seema kamdi
    padmaja  - Pimple proble+oilyskin |2013-06-25
    Namaskar swamy ji,
    please give me suggistion for clearing pimples ,iam suffering from 2 years ,please give solution
    .pimples and marks are more for me
    Sanjay Kumar Bohra  - sanjay Kumar |2013-06-25
    Namaskar Babaji ,
    I Am From Phalodi District Jodhpur Rajasthan-342301 Some Time I Feel On My Leeps Joint Left Side Only
    sapna  - liver cancer solution |2013-06-25
    Jai ram ji ki baba ji,

    my uncle is a cancer patient before 1 month doctors find out and all check-up report of my uncle
    is clearly says he have only two months time and this is the last stage so pls help me to fight this disease i want to
    save him .

    Thanks & Regards
    Sapna Saini
    Gopal Krishna Nayak  - health |2013-06-25
    Pranaam Babaji
    I am Gopal from Orissa. and i have a great problem.I am angry person i am always angry in small fects.
    Manbir Singh Nain Gurgaon  - Kidney Stone problem |2013-06-25
    Adarniya Babaji,

    I am 49 years old has Kidney Stone problems,

    The current status is :

    * Left kidney
    (size 25 cms) has stones

    * Right kidney (size 28 cms)

    Can you please suggest me the proper
    treatment in your
    Patanjali Ayurved.

    Thanking you,

    Your faithfully,
    Manbir Singh Nain
    VPO Sacha Khera
    Tehsil Narwana Distt. Jind

    now resident at Distt. Jail Gurgaon
    anita  - parnam guru ji |2013-06-25
    I am a TB patient . can i do weight is 79 kg.
    dhruti pandya  - want some advise |2013-06-25
    maharaj jay shri krishna!!!
    mai aapse jaan na chahti hu ke meri mumy ko abhi doctor ne kedony ka canser hai aisa bataya
    hai aur unko sans lene me bhi problem thi to check up karavane se pata chala ke lungs me pani bhar raha hai to plz
    bataye ke meri mumy konsa pranayam kare to jaldi thik ho sakati hai wo pranayam mai bahot wishwas rakhati hai to plz
    bataye plz!!
    waise abhi unko kemo theropy ke dos de rahe hai lekin pranayam karane me confuse hai
    deepti  - benign tumour on head |2013-06-25
    hello, baba ramdev ji my name is deepti n i have benign tumour on my head,it is quite big n it irritates me
    cosmetically, means i cant comb my hairs properly and also my hair loss is also increasing due to that tumour. Plz tell
    me any suggestion..
    garima arora  - namaskar babaji, |2013-06-25
    kishor kumar  - getting psorisis on skin |2013-06-25
    om swami jee

    i have got psorisis on body last 7 years scales are on skin
    kapil bansal  - Multiple Myeloma |2013-06-24
    Respected Swami ji,

    My mother, an otherwise young lady of about 75 years has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Her
    Haemoglobin levels are falling at the rate of about 1% per week --- thus necessitating transfusion every few

    Could you possibly recommend some exercises and / or medicines to:

    1. Reverse the cancer Growth

    2. Reduce the
    levels of haemoglobin fall

    3. Reduce or eliminate secondary problems

    I shall be highly indebted

    Thanks &

    diptii  - parkinson's |2013-06-24
    Pranaam baba ji
    mere father ko parkinson's 6 saal se hai mein unke treatment ke liye
    haridwar lana chahti hu kripya mujhe haridwar ka address dijiye jisme mein jaldi se unka treatment kerwa saku.

    siddharth bhargava  - problem regarding dibetes,astma |2013-06-24
    namaskar guruji
    mein aap ko yeh batana chahta hoon ki mere mummy bahut saal se astma aur dibetes se pareshan hain aur
    kuch dino se toh neend bhi unko nahi aate hain .kuch din pehle jab unko neend nahi aa rahe thee toh unhone karela ka
    raas bazar se lekar peeya tha jisse 2din unko neend aa gaye thee par usske baad eyes mein problem ki waze se ko nahi pee
    rahe hain .so you are requested to plz help my mother to cure her.

    siddharth bhargava
    type 3 151 urja vihar
    unchahar distt.raebarielly
    kundan singh bora  - skin deseias |2013-06-24
    babaji i m suffering form skin deseias like in summer day in my foot and some other part i face some problem so please
    help me suggest some gud advice n last my hair is also falling in a fast way so please help me.
    vikash kumar sharma  - want to join your mission to make healthy india an |2013-06-24
    swami ji, I am very sad to see the misery of the people and the extent they got greedy ,they don't want to help any one.
    so,i want to leave this miseryful world because i can't tolerate their sadness. swamiji i want to join your mission but
    not alone, i want to work with you all .so please answer my question .my address -Vikash kumar sharma ,c/o shri
    Dhirendra Maharaj ,Bihar observer press ,jora phatak road ,Dhanbad-826001 ,Jharkhand
    shalu  - breast cancer |2013-06-24
    want to meet directly baba ramdevji to clear our diseases
    rajeev sukheeja  - fiscers |2013-06-24
    Shradhay guru ji
    i want to know the treatment of my wife age 34 having a problem of fiscers since last one year.

    vikas kumar gupta  - Franchisee |2013-06-23
    I would like to open a treatment and medicine distribution centre at Giridih, Jharkhand. How to move ahead, whom to
    contact, please assist.

    Samir  - Vision |2013-06-23
    Because of an eye injury Samir has to get surgery. The chances of the vision comming back are very limited. It will
    take place on Monday. Suggest me any medicines and yogs, please. Thank you.
    sonu  - HALLO SIR |2013-06-23
    hi, i want my skin to become fairer and and i had a nice armpit but after shfting to banglore my armpit have become dark
    so plz i request u give me medecine for both to become faire i want to look v fair plz help me.........
    Srinivas Bhailikar |2013-06-23
    Pranaam, I am suffering from Psoriasis from last 5 years, tried everyhting almost, whilst browsing came thorugh the Baba
    ramdev Ashram & importance of ayurveds.

    Can my psoriasis be treated in the ashram if I vist. Pls let me know about
    the course of yoga & treatment in the ashram

    00971 50 24###86
    Amardeep Raina  - MBA,B.Pharm with 6 years experience in Pharmaceuti |2013-06-23
    Dear Baba,

    This mail I am writing for my career with Patanjali Yogpeeth.Believe me this is my last hope as I am quite
    depressed with this materilistic world and the people around me. Right from childhood I have seen hardships due to our
    expulsion from Kashmir and then my mother and father working hard to make my good career. Now, I cannot resist more on
    myself as now I have given up the hope for good life and you are the last hope for my life. Kindly help with suitable
    job opportunity. My contact No. is 09###662039. Kindly Baba I am waiting for a positive response. I have seen you
    helping people and I believe that I would also not go empty handed...Hare hare
    santosh  - psoriasis |2013-06-23
    panditji pranam, mujhe psoriasis ten years se hai , kripya mujhe marg darshan de
    smita sharma  - white spot problam |2013-06-23
    Respected sir my relative have a some white spot problem in internal part around 3years so pls. can you halpe me this
    problem is curable or not is your patanjali clinic

    Kumar abhishek  - Baba ram dev |2013-06-22
    Parnam Baba,
    Meri umra 22 saal hai aur meri height 5'6 hai,Baba mai apni height 6 chahta hun.
    Baba mai kaun sa yoga
    aur medicine lun.
    Dganyabad Baba!!
    MALKIT  - problem of pain |2013-06-22
    guru ji namaskar
    meri wife ko jab date aati hai to us ke peth mai bahut dard hota hai.dard 5-6
    saal se ho raha se treatment vi liya magar koi farak nahi hua.
    guru ji aap is dard ka koi solution
    do.please guru,mai aap ke solution kawait karu ga.
    namaskar guru ji
    from punjab
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