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Patanjali Yog Peeth - Swami Ramdev Ashram  E-mail
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India - Uttarakhand
Written by luvya   
Friday, 07 March 2008 16:57
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Patanjali Yog Peeth - Swami Ramdev Ashram
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Patajnali Yog Peeth Complex

Patanajali Yog Peeth in Haridwar is a center of Yoga and Ayurveda activities in India built on the name of Maharishi Patanjali who invented Yoga 5000 years ago. The ashram is run under the guidance of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj who has revived Yoga and spreading it all over the world. Patahnajali Yog peeth provides various facilities such as Yoga Classes, Accommodation, Natural health therapies, Ayurvedic treatments, Accommodation, canteen, OPD and admiting patients for long term disease treatment. Any one can visit and stay at patanjali Yog peeth and avail these facilities in a very hygienic, clean and well maintained area. I have been great fan of Yoga and Pranayama for last 2 years after it changed the way I lived my life and since then I have been wanting to visit patanjali yog peeth inspired by swami ramdev who has helped me learning and practicing yoga. Finally the day came when I got the chance to visit this place dedicated to Yoga.

i>How to Reach
  • Where to Stay
  • What to see and do
  • Where to eat
  • Medical Facilities
  • Fast Facts
  • Medicines Packages for Various Diseases
  • Contact Numbes and Timings
  • Learn Pranayama with Swami Ramdev Ji
  • Ramdev Medicines
  • How to Reach

    Patanjali yog peethPathanjali yog peeth is located on the National highway 58 (NH58 Hwy) in Haridwar on the Roorkee road. It is very easily accessible due to its location on the highway approximately 10 KM before the Haridwar town coming from Roorkee in a very peaceful and green area surrounded by lush green farm lands. NH58 highway through out the journey is a single lane busy highway mostly crowded with the trucks and tourists making their journey to and from Haridwdar/Rishkesh region. I reached Patanjali Yog Peeth at near 12:30 AM on my car traveling near about 230 Km from Gurgaon.


    Where to Stay

    I was wondering if I would get the entrance in ashram since it was very late and would it be possible to get the accommodation also for a night. I got out of my car and approached the massive main gate of Ashram to ask for the permission to get inside. Guard was very generous, open heartedly he opened the door and showed me the way to the reception where I can ask for the room to stay at night. I found that Ashram is never closed and open 24x7 for the visitors. Although it was dark but still I could see the surroundings of Ashram with fountains, gardens, ever thing well maintained, clean and peaceful. Half of my tiredness seems went away by the moment I was inside the Ashram. On reaching the reception I could see no body and had to knock the table to get help as it was late night. Finding no body I went deeper into the complex, on my right side I found 2 people sitting near by computer to help me and it seems that my knowcking just woke them up. They asked me for the reason to visit the Yog peeth and I mentioned that I am interested in attending a Yoga class in the morning. After some formalities for the registration I got a very clean room in 300 INR which is very reasonable cost in comparison to other hotels in Haridwar. The room was vary spacious and had most of the modern facilities like Sofa, Beds, table, attached bathroom with hot water.

    What to see and do

    Town Hall

    I had a good sleep in the night and woke up early morning with the chirping of birds outside my window. Cool and refreshing air breeze touched my body and left a shiver as I came outside my room into the balcony attached. After getting fresh I decided to explore the Ashram in detail so I came down to the main town hall and asked the staff what time and where Yoga classes starts. I was hoping that Yoga class will held in the main town hall but later I got to know classes are held in open due to summers approaching in Yagya shala where daily Yagya is performed before the yoga class. After making sure that there is some time in morning Yoga class to start I came out of the town hall in open area out of the building.

    Refreshing fountainsThe view out side the building was magnificent the whole Ashram was surrounded by lush green gardens decorated with beautiful flowers spreading its fragrance every where. Plenty of beautiful water fountains have been placed near the walking paths and passing these fountains gives you such a refreshing experience. Well maintained walking tracks have been built passing through the gardens which takes you around the whole complex. The complex has various buildings each for its unique purpose like there is separate building for canteen, treatment, Yagyas and poojas etc. Various villas are also in construction around the complex and I hope one can try buying a permanent place here. The complex also has a nursery where all the plants and trees are grown useful in Ayurvedic medical treatment. This nursery and laboratory producing Ayurvedic medicines are managed by Swami Balkrishna Ji maharaj whose knowledge of Ayurveda is far beyond the limits.

    Maharishi Patanjali statue After looking around the whole Ashram and getting refreshed I headed towards the Yagya shala where Yoga class was supposed to take place. In the early morning when I visited Yagya shala I could see a Havan kund in the middle where puja finished. Yagya shala was a open area with a umbrella like roof top on a plinth made up of marble. The place was big enough to accommodate 100 people to practice Yoga. I was the first one to reach Yagya shala but at that time hardly saw any one there. After couple of minutes more people joined me but we kept waiting for the yoga guru to come and teach us. After a long wait when no yoga guru appeared which looked very strange to me I did my own pranayama practice for one hour with other people. It seemed that all the gurus that day have gone to world yoga festival in Rishikesh operated by pramarth niketan so no one was there for the yoga practice session.

    Where to eat

    Tapasya building inside the ashram

    After Yoga session I headed towards Bhojnalaya (Canteen) for my morning breakfast. The canteen serves wide variety of very healthy and hygienic food such as sprouts, Daliya, hot milk and tea, puri chole, aloo puri, sandwiches and some very delicious sweet dishes. The rates of eatable items in the canteens are very nominal and cost effective. After finishing the breakfast I came back to the town hall and asked if Swami Ramdev is in town but unfortunately he was not there as he is very busy person spending his whole time teaching yoga to people traveling place to place.


    Medical Facilities

     In the main town hall I could see people waiting in OPD section for their turn to meet doctors for Ayurvedic treatments. Lot of locals and people across the world travel to patanjali yog peeth to get ayurvedic medication as ashram also operates a very big laboratory which makes ayurvedic medicines with the fresh Jadi/Butis (Herbs) planted in the nursery near ashram premises. In the laboratory research is being conducted on some very serious diseases like cancer and aids. Thousands of patients after loosing their hopes with modern medical treatments have come here and got well. Patients also get admissions for long term treatments where ashram also provides ambulance and ICU facilities. People admitted for long term treatment can attend regular yoga classes in morning which also helps in curing their diseases a lot.

    Fast Facts

    • Visitors to the Ashram are not supposed to carry or have any drugs, tobacco and any kind of alcohol.
    • People attending yoga classes should be wearing track suits, pajamas, cotton suits and also should carry a mat with them.
    • Small children are not allowed in yoga classes to avoid disturbance.
    • Accommodation can be booked once you are in Patanjali Yog peeth premises but it is advisable to check with the ashram in advance.
    • General visitors can only stay in the Ashram for 3 days and not more then that but people with longer treatment have the option to extend their stay in Ashram.

    At the end after spending another hour taking pictures of Ashram I met a 74 years old man (Mahadev) who traveled almost whole India on his cycle and then I packed my stuff to check out and continue my journey towards Haridwar.

    Contact Numbers and Timings


    The Timings of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar- O.P.D are 6:00 am - 8:00 pm .

    Phone:-01334- 240008, 244107, 246737,011- 1555000,01334- 244805,240664.

    Ranchi Branch

    The Timings of Divya Pharmacy-Divya Yog Mandir (Trust),Patanjali Yog Peeth Ranchi Branch are 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

    Ph:- 9931102410, 09931102522

    Patna Branch

    The Timings of Divya Pharmacy-Divya Yog Mandir (Trust),Patanjali Yog Peeth Patna Branch O.P.D are 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

    Ph:-0612- 532525,6532535, 09931102523, 09835614836

    Learn Pranayama with Swami Ramdev Ji

    1. Rules of pranayama
    2. Bhastrika Pranayama
    3. Kapalbhati Pranayama
    4. Anulom Vilom Pranayama
    5. Bhramari Pranayama
    6. Udgeeth Pranayama

    Ramdev Medicines

    Swami Ramdev medicines are manufactured in branches well equipped with modern equipments, certified by the international standards GMP, GLP & ISO 9001. Swami ramdev's pharmacy makes the medicines pure and rich in quality. Medicines manufactured go through Quality control and quality assessment tests. Patanjali Yogpeeth is operating Patanjali Hospitals in every nook of India, where one can get life saving Swami Ramdev medicines which are affordable to all rich and poor.

    Swami Ramdev medicines are also available for health care, oral care, sexual care, hair care and skin care, Many of the critical ailments such as Cancer, Diabetes, sexual problems, arthritis etc. can be cured by Swami Ramdev's Medicines. These medicines are low cost, very effective and available at Ramdev Chikitsalaya. Some of very effective Ramdev medicines are  Mukta Vati for high blood pressure, Madhunashini vati for Diabetes, Medohar vati for Obesity. 

     Swami Ramdev's Divya pharmacy also manufacture some very good hebal supplements for eternal health and happiness, some of them are : Aloe vera juice, Amla juice, Divya Chyawanprash, Shilajit etc. One can also buy this products online at 

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    senthil  - demylination problem |2018-09-21
    Dear Babaji,
    Namaskar ji, My wife is suffering from demylination problem last 8months, she is
    undergone alophy medication, I want to know any treatment in Ayurvedic, please let me know the treatment duration as I
    want to know permanent cure.


    With regards
    Sarfaraz Ahmad Abdul rauf  - Blood cancer leukaemia |2018-08-30
    Guru ji mairi wife ko abi abi blood cancer leukaemia started hua please guru ji mai abi Saudi mai job karta hu aur
    4October 2018ko aa raha hu.aur guru ji please mairi wife ko bacha lijiye maira number+96###6608285 hai aur mairi wife ka
    number 98###69823hai
    Ashok |2018-08-21
    prsnam baba ji
    Last 2 years my son is suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.CPK is 1700.please advice me if any possible
    way to get relief.
    Preet  - Lunge cancer |2018-07-08
    I just know my mom have cancer what should I do
    aditi  - pcod, weight loss, hair problem on body, consti |2018-07-01
    pranam baba ji
    mujhe 6 saal se pcod h.. or wajan bdhta ja rha h... hairs ki problem bhot ho gyi h... m 22 years old....
    m bhot preshan hu.... kripya krke mujhe achi medicine btaye... pcod thik krne k liye... periods bhi irregular h....
    Unik  - Jaundice |2018-06-29
    I am suffering from jaundice for more than one last decade and now i am 26 years old. I do not get sick out of
    this disease but the problem is that my self esteem becomes very low and i cannot make eye contact with people while
    talking as i have yellowish in the eyes. Is there any surgery or medication in order to get rid of the jaundice that i
    have for this long years.???
    Arav Rajput  - Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA-2) |2018-06-20
    Mera beta age 2 saal hai vo spinal muscular atrophy se peedit hai.use breathing(saans) lene me pareshani ho rahi hai.
    Vo 10 din se ventilator par hai. Iska koi ilaaz batayein. Dhanyavad
    Harish babu  - Paralysis |2018-06-19
    मेरी पत्नी की उम्र 38 वर्ष है उसके 25 अक्टूबर 2017
    से सर में तेज दर्द था इसके वाद उनका चेहरा 27
    अक्टूबर 2017 को टेडा हो गया जो 2 महा अंग्रेजी दवा
    खिलाने पर ठीक हो गया पर सर में दर्द दोवारा
    रहने लगा और सर में मुलायम जगह हो गई करीब एक आलू
    के वरावर इसके वाद मेडिकल कॉलेज के डाक्टर के
    द्वारा सीटी स्कैन कराया गया जो नार्मल था और
    दवा से दर्द रुक गया पर कुछ समय बाद brest se milk produce
    होने लगा और पीठ दर्द होने लगा बाद में पैरों
    में दर्द होने लगा जो ठीक नहीं हो पाया रहा है
    prolactin level 44.45 है दवा 27 अक्टूबर 2017 से एक दिन को भी वंद
    नहीं हुई दर्द में कोई आराम नहीं है क्या ठीक हो
    सकता है कितना खर्च होगा।
    Ansu  - Remedies arthritis suffering last 11year |2018-06-16
    Pranam babaji,
    Me pichle 11 sal se is bimari se pareshan hu.
    Sare ilaj krva li par koi frk nai hua.. Mera uthna,
    betha, chalna sb band ho gya h.. Muje meri ek friend ne bataya k haridwar me aapke Wha ilaj hota he.. Muje please help
    kriya, meri age 39 h, Abi mere Bachche b chhote h.. Muje is bimari se bahar nikalna he..
    RAMDOWAR BHAGWANDUTH  - Mr. |2018-06-14
    Being a devotee of BABA RAMDEV I want to reserve a room for myself one person only in the month of September 2018 for
    yoga and meditation.I agree to pay in advance the accommodation for five days by bank transfer. Please send me your
    account bank details.
    Dharam  - New madision ki khoj |2018-06-13
    Mere pas kuch asi cheej hai jo bahut kimti hai jisse bahut achhi or kimti madision banai ja sakti hai mene bahut se
    rogon par prectical kiya hai or 100% sahi sabit hui me uska research karwana chahta hu
    Himanshi  - Weight loss |2018-05-22
    I am 22 yrs old I m overweight I want to loose my weight ..plz tell what is the charges for 1minth stay ND rules
    regulations and accommodation process
    Ashok  - I want help for my parents father want weight kids |2018-05-14
    My father he is 62 years
    Need to reduce weight currently he is 105 kg
    Need to maintain diabetes
    Need to control
    Need to reduce allopathy drugs

    My mother is 59 years
    Need to reduce weight currently 80 kg
    Need to control
    chronic diabetes for 39 years
    Need to be relex

    I want program for both in the month of may or jitne 2018
    suggest package or option available at your Center.
    Ashok kumar
    Ratan  - Sigerpatan ka ilaj |2018-05-04
    Baba ji mera viry patla ho gaya or ab timing bhi nahi hai es liye mera free ilaj kardo me aapka jindgi bher tak aabhari
    Nitu kothiyal  - About cancer |2018-04-09
    Sir, meri bachi ko janam se gale mai tumer tha. Jiska operation himalyan hospital d.dun mai karwaya, or us tumer ko
    janch ke liye bheja jab uski janch report aayi to pata chala ki cancer 3rd stage mai hai or ab dr. Bolte hain ki
    chemothyropy karwani padegi or abhi bachi 14 din ki hai, or jab wo 3 mahine ki ho jayegi tab chemo karna padega plzz sir
    sahi margdarshan karain.
    Thanx sir
    Ramakrishnarao  - Renalfailurdiabetic bp |2018-03-31
    Pranambabaji iama diabetic patient since 13 years recently my kidnyes damaged.
    Rama  - Cirvical and over weight |2018-03-03
    I am 55 years old. I am suffering from cervical and over weight. I want to loss my weight and get my cervical treated by
    staying in patanjali haridwar ashram for one month at least. I will also do yoga there. PL advise me procedure for
    admission to stay there and get proper treatment.
    saru yadav  - arthritis |2018-02-23
    Meri Umar 37 year h. Mujhe sal Bhar se hath aur Paro k zodo me dard h.ab jayda aur badh gaya h chalna v muskil h
    .mai patanjali me ilaj v karai lekin koi fark nahi pad Raha. Esliye Mai Aapke Yaha Haridwar yog pith me ilaj Karana
    chahti hu . Kripa Kar mujhe bataiye ki Mera ilaj ho Sakta h. Agar ha to isme kharcha Kitna aayega. Aur kitane din me ho
    Suraj Vishwakarma  - Bone marrow samapt ho gaya hai... |2018-01-05
    Pranam Guru Ji...

    Mera naam Suraj Vishwakarma hai, mai Azamgarh ka rahne wala hoon.. Mere papa ji ka blood 20 days ke
    andar kam ho ja raha hai aur baar baar blood charana par raha hai(10 units within 5 months) , aur body me sujan aa ja
    rahi hai... Fir wo chal phir nahi pa rahe hain..

    Doctors ka kahna hai ki bone marrow sukh gaya hai, aur unka bone
    marrow transant karna parega, aur enko chronic Anemea hai

    Guru ji mere papa ji koi alkohal nahi lete hai.. Guru ji hum
    log bahut poor hain.. Please, suggest hum log kya karen.. Pleease guru ji...
    Dhanyawad guru ji, please help....
    Lp Agrawal  - sciatica pain and slip disk |2017-12-23
    pranam baba....
    baba mere age 62 year h.
    mere pichhle 7 saal se back pain h..
    jo ki neeche paav me bhi dard rhta h.
    MRI karaya to usme btaya ki mere l4 l5 disc m problm h
    and kuch nerves dabi hui h...
    plz tell me wht medicine i cn

    allopathy medicine is not doing best for me and some problem also arising like sleeplessness and some blood
    pressure prblm

    plz tell how cn i tackle with this problem...
    sovna  - Bilwadi Churna |2017-12-03
    i am 26 years old and had a gall bladder removal before 6 months.So i did endoscopy and doctor said i have excess
    bile secretion because of which i have IBS kind of is Bilwadi churna good for me as i have sometimes
    diareah kind of symtoms also?
    Manu  - Complaint |2017-12-02
    Respected baba ji
    Mere papa kidney patient hai... Unka creatinine level 8. 5 hai n hb bhi 7. 5 hai... Unki age 72 hai...
    He is ardent follower of yours... Patanjali wo isi umeed ke sath gaye the ki wahan unka ilaaj ho jayega par bahut
    disappoint hue doctor ke bad behaviour se... Doctor ne bahut galat tarrkke se baat ki aur mere father bahut disappoint
    hue aur wapis aa gaye... I request u to take cognizance of such doctors who misbehaves with patients...

    Deepali rathore
    Amit Sharma  - high sugar Diabtic patient |2017-11-28
    dear concorn person,

    more then 25 years of diabtic pateant, and Im 62 year old, i need to proper control my sugar sugar
    please suggest for right doctor, i live in mathura, uttar pradesh, 281006 taking 3 times insulin 44 units. and alot type
    of medicine.

    pls revert ASAP
    Ramchandra Jadhav  - Kidney patient |2017-11-27
    Pranam BABAJI,
    My 39 years old sister named Sangita is suffering from kidney problem, doctor's called it Nefrotic
    Synonyms. We are taking treatment of allopathy, homiyopaithi from 3 years, but no results. Now we have started Ayurvedic
    medicine to her from 1 months but it's very costly. Please babaji help & advice.
    Thanking you... Yours son,
    Harish yadav |2017-11-23
    Baba sadar pranam mujhe2008me jondis ho gaya aur hepatitis b uske bad2012me liver fat gaya fir 2016me jondis ho gaya ab
    delhi me dikha ya to chhala laga hai ab aapke aasram me dikhana chahata hu kripya Mera marg darsan Karen.
    Supriyo  - Optic Atrophy |2017-11-22
    Baba ji
    Mera age 34 years,sal 2015 main mera CSF FLUID pressure bar gaya tha islia mera optic nerve damage hua,shunt
    operation ke bad pressure control hua par mera vision thik nahi hua,bahut treat ment kiya but koi result nahi,muje kya
    mera koi upchar hai baba,xsab bolta hai iska koi ilag nahi

    Manisha  - I need 30 kg lose my weight |2017-11-09
    Namskar me I hv 80 kg weight my age 45 stay there hw much charge stay for 1 months.
    need aurved treatment. Im in gujarat.
    Hw can do rrelated person contact.
    Pl.reply me.
    Ankit singh |2017-10-20
    Sir Mai Ankit mujhe 3sal se pesab jaldi jaldi hota hai our mujhe pith me dard hota hai our mera ji ghabrata hai kya
    karu upaya batayiye Mai apka bahut abhari rahunga please doctor sir mera mobile no 88###38962
    Shyam  - Knee pain and dealing before 6years se he |2017-10-03
    Guru ji ko safer predawn ,Guru ji mere maw ke pero me bhaut pain hota he wo night me so nahi pate or suntan bhi he chal
    he me bhaut dikkat he guru sabhi Janet dikhaya bhaut ilaaj karta par koi fayda nhi pass guru aap hi koi upaay bataye ye
    pickle 6 year se he Guru Krista margdarshan De please hum bhaut pareshan he
    Meraj ahmad |2017-09-25
    Hello baba ji..
    Mujhe 4 saal se heptaitis b hai mai bht ilaj karaya par avi tak thek nhi huwa isi bimari se bht paisa
    bhi kharch huwa lekin thek nhi huwa iska aphi koi ilaj bataye ki mai jald se jald thek ho jaye heptaitis negative ho
    jaye ...please baba apka bht bara ehsan rahega
    preeti  - diabities |2017-09-19
    Babaji i am 45 years old and diabities since last three years.i am taking medicines an insulin .but not in control.plz
    help me babaji.i want to come haridwar in your center to get myself cured.plz guide me the adress.
    Sunny  - Still waiting |2017-09-14
    Hii pitanjali I am an opium addict from past 7 years taking it on regular basis I want to live life but this drug
    slowly killing me plz guide me way so I can quit this afeem addiction and can live my family life and drug free life
    deepak yadav |2017-08-25
    dear baba, mrs deepak kr mera year 21 hai mera prblm ye hai ki kv kv ya kuchh din tk bahut jyada khud se stress me ho
    jata hu. mai jyada khana nhi kha pata 2 roti v muskil se khata hu jyada khane ki kosis krta hu to nhi kha pata hu tasir
    ka grm food khata hu to gas banne lagta hai or bhukh or mar jata hai. mera wajan 51 kg hai mujhe bahut jyada kamjori
    satati hai bechaini ghabrahat ho jati hai kv kv bahut uljha hua mahsus hota khana khane ka mn v nhi krta. hair jhadne
    ka bahut 2 sal se prblm v bhai or ye sari prblm lagbhag 2 year se hai apne aap ko utasahit fell nhi kr pata hu ya
    energetic v nhi. khana jyada khilaye kya kru

    1 mai digestive thik krne ke liye pancharista ka v upyog kiya liver
    majboot krne ke liye bahut kosis kiya koi faida nhi hua or mai ye sari prblm thik karna chahta hoo plz help me mai kya
    kru mere body me kis chiz ka kami hai usko puri krne ki koi medicine kya hai btaye or jyada mg ka dawa leta hu fir v gas
    banane lagta hai or mai apna weight v badhana chahta hu or mujhe khana khane ka mn v nhi krta hai plz btao mera prblm
    kaise thik hoga

    bhukh badhana or energetice or stress dur hona ye teen rog jyada important hai thik hone keliye
    Pooja  - Thyroid problem |2017-08-01
    parnam baba ji, baba ji main har tarah ki BIMARI SE jhuj rahi hu muje thyroid ke sath sath aur bohat si bimarian ho gai
    hai kidnny me stone breast me ganth liqoria servicle bones bi week ho gai hai koi kam nhi kr pati sir pr chot bi lagi
    hui hai jo abi tak preshan krti hai maine yogpeeth me bahut bar content kia but koi bi meri problem ko seriously nhi
    leta agar ap meri ye reqst read kare to pls meri problem ki tarah jarur dhyan de thx
    Pooja  - pooja khosla-sabi bimario ko face kar rahi hu jinm |2017-08-01
    baba ji parnam muje kidnny me stone hai,breast me gand, thyroid bht badd chukka hai liqoria, period problem, servicle,
    bal safed ho rahe hai, mere sir pr chot bi lg chuki hai jiska dard abi tak hai main aford nhi krti ki apni bimarion ka
    ilaj krwa lu yogpeeth me bht contect kia but muje koi reply nhi mila agar ap meri ye reqst read kare to jarur iss pr
    dhyan de aur muje reply kare thx
    Ravi bhushan rana  - To help |2017-07-30
    बाबा मैं रवि भूषण आपका बहुत बड़ा फैन हुबाबा मैं
    बहुत गरीब हु और मैं आपसे कुछ मांगता नई बस बाबा
    मुझे अपना चेला बना लो मैं आपसे मिलने छत हु पर
    मेरे पास उतने पैसे नई जो आपसे मिलु बाबा बस
    आपसे मेरा एक निवेदन है बाबा मेरा मैसेज पढ़के आप
    भूल नई जाना मैं अपना फ़ोन नो ऐड कर दूंगा बाबा जब
    आपको बस थोड़ा समय मिले तो कॉल कर दीजिए प्लीज
    मैं जानता हूं मैं सीधे आपसे मिल नई सकता क्या
    कोई सीधे भगवान से मिला है जो अप्प मेरे लिए है
    बाबा आपका जुता सिर पर पड़ने से आदमी
    महान बन सकता है तो हाथ टखने से क्या होगा बाबा
    ये आपका बतप्पन नही हकीकत है पता नई ये भी आप तक
    पहुचेगा या
    kumarji  - heart problem |2017-07-19
    sir,meri sister heart ki bimari se pirit hai. unaka treatment karna bahut jaruri.unke heart me two valve dilated ho gaya
    hai, so doctor kahte hai ki operation karna hoga. sir apki kya ray hai jarur batayen. sir aap apni haridwar shivir ka
    address bhi bataye..
    SUSHIL  - psychological problem |2017-07-13
    guru ji ko mera parnam....m sushil from sonipat haryana...meri petni ki age 51 he or us ko pichle 12 sal se thyride h
    jis ki vo ek tablet daily leti h... pechle 2 sal se use kuch samne wale ko dekh kr same vence hi krne ki habit si ho gyi
    h..aims me ek mahina admit kra kr bhi dekh lyia h..koi frk nhi pra ulta tabyiat or khrab rehne lag gyi h..unho ne
    arpizol nam ki 1.5 tablet daily khane ka bola 3 mhine k na to koi frk pr rha h ji please btao ki kya kia
    jaie..bhut preshan hu
    Puja sharma  - Cancer patient |2017-07-12
    Nemaste sir... Meri mummy ko uterus mea tumor tha toh unka operation hua toh jb unka lab test hua toh usmea cancer btaya
    gya...Cancer stage t2b h... Toh unko 4 chemo lga tha par fr doctor ne city scne kiyq toh report mea koi improvement nhi
    hua... R chemo kr beije se meri mummy ko bht weakness aa gya h.. Toh sir humlg ko r chemo nhi lgwana chahte h... Toh sir
    humlg aapke asram ke bare mea bht sunne h... Toh sir humlg aapke asram se treatment krwana chahte h.. Toh sir kya
    treamnt se mummy thik ho jayegi...
    Shivi  - Eye floaters |2017-07-01
    Pranam babaji
    Babaji I am sufferring from dry eyes since 3 years and recently i developed floaters in both of my eyes.

    I also wear spectacles.

    Baba please tell me some good medicine and yoga for curing these eye floaters all the
    alopathic doctors claim thier is no cure for these floaters. Baba please tell if there is some solution for eye
    Thank you
    Archit  - writer's cramp |2017-06-30
    बाबाजी को मेरा सादर प्रणाम।
    बाबाजी मैं 24 साल
    का हु। बाबाजी मुझे 1 मई 2016 से कुछ भी लिखने में
    बहुत समस्या हो रही है।मैंने लगभग सभी
    डॉक्टर्स को दिखाया है।किसी के पास कोई इलाज
    नही है।बाबाजी बस केवल अब मेरी आपसे ही उम्मीद
    है।बाबाजी कृपा कर मेरी सहायता करें।मैं एक
    स्टूडेंट हु।मुझे काफी कुछ लिखना रहता है।और
    मैं ना लिख पाने की स्थिति में बहुत नर्वस हो
    जाता हूं।बाबजी मेरे पूरे भविष्य का सवाल
    है।कृपया मेरी सहायता करें।
    munna  - high blood pressure and right side heart some time |2016-06-11
    Babaji. Please help me I want to get treatment for you. Iam facing high blood pressure and sometimes my right side chest
    burning and getting little pain what to do. Please help me I am 32 year old I have small family baba I dont want to
    die please help me
    Munna  - Urine problem |2016-06-03
    Baba... ...
    Mera nam he munna . mera umar 29 sall ka hu. baba me pisap karne se mere ko taklib horahahe. jesa
    ki undre kuchu atak geya he. pura pisab karneke liye jadha time lagtaha he esiliye app mere madat karo . or kaunsa
    medicini lana padega batao baba.... . App ka intijar par hu. Me pehele dactar ko dikhaya tha or R. C. G kiya tha dactar
    ne kaha opretion karne ke liye or me opretion b kia tha phir 1 sall v nehi hua asa pisab show ho raha he me kya karu
    baba.. .. Mera matat ki jiye.... ..
    Murali  - Wants to gain the weght |2016-05-30
    Sir ji Pranam
    Mai 27 sal ka larka hu meri ye problem hai ki mai bahut Dubla Patla hu. Mera weight abhi 50+ ke karib
    hoga.Mera height 5.6 hai.Par mujhe anjan koi dekhe to 18-19 sal ka bol sakta hai.Kam weight mere liye kayi jagah bahut
    paresani le kar ke aata hai khas kar mere office me.Waise mujhe koi aise bimari nahi hai.maine weight gain ke liye koi
    doctor ko bhi nahi dikhaya hai.Bahut log mujhe kahte hai ki tu zimb join kale mai wo bhi nahi kiya hu

    Isiliye mai
    apna weight badhana /increase karana chata hu .kripya mere madad kare

    deepa  - aplastic aneamia |2016-05-17
    Plese dctr muje BMT ka khte h ...hmare pas kuch itne rupay b nhn h ...I m 29 yrs old ..husbnd kuch b support nhn krte h
    ...mami papa hi abi tk support krte h chahti hoo me hmesa k lie thk ho jaoo ....kya me pooti trh thk ho skti hoo
    ...q ki ...muje aplastic aneamia pichle 10 salo se h ...kbi kbi to suicide krne ka mann krta h ...thk gai hoo is se
    jhujhte jhujte ab ...koi prmant treatmnt advice kr do ...muje or isk liye propr yoga ki koi cd ho to uska b advice kr do
    ...pls hlp me ...babaji
    rakesh gupta  - nurves ka kamjor hona |2016-05-13
    sir ..
    mera nam rakesh hai .mera age 24 hai.
    sir mera hath patla ho raha hai sukh raha hai .
    mere hatho me takat bhi
    chali gai hai.
    mere ungaliya ki takat bhi chali gai hai.
    doctor bolte hai ki spine cord ke niche jo nurves hai wo sukh
    rhi hai or doctor bolte hai ye thik nhi hoga or operation bhi nhi ho sakta hai...
    mujhe bohot tension ho raha hai..
    hath agar kam kar payega to me kaise jiunga..
    esse acha to mar jana hi thik hai..
    me kisi kam ka hi nhi rahunga..
    nus sukh raha hai gardan se ..
    sir plyz ap bataiye me kya karu.
    kisse milu ki mera hath thik ho jaye plyz sir..
    Raj  - Mr |2016-05-08
    I live in USA and have arthritis in both the knees. Dr. has advised me operation and is scheduled for surgery or knee
    replacement on coming Wednesday. But I do not want to go though everything is scheduled.

    Is there any medicine or
    exercise or yoga - which can save me from operation. Time is very short and your advice would help me save me from me
    from operation and having metal in my body.

    I would appreciate prompt response. I tried to call the number given on
    the web site for Ramdev Ji but unsuccessful.

    Please reach me asap. My cell is 609 937 2800.

    Appreciate your time and
    support. Please let me know if there is any fee I will bear all charges.


    Rajesh Anand
    609 937 2800
    Prashant Pathak aarya  - sanskrat sikhne ke liye aur vedon ka aadhyan karne |2016-04-28
    baba g pranam
    aaj tk aapki btayi gyi baton ko sirf kitabon m pda h.
    aapka jivni pdi thi aap bhi guru g ki khoj m gye
    aapko guru krpa mil gyi.
    aaj phli bar tumko sndesh bej RHA hu bdi kushi ho rhi h.
    baba g m gr balon ki btai gyi
    baton se presan hu.kyoki vo chahte h m sirf English sbyta m rhun jbki m ek bartiya sanskrti ka nagrik khlane m jyada
    Garv mhsus krta hu.
    isliye m un ko chod kr apni sachi sanskrati ki seva krne ke liye aur sankrat sikhne ke liye aur
    guru ji ki tlash m nikal chuka hu.
    m chahta hu mere guru g vedon ko janne bale aur aatmgyan se puri trh susjit ho.
    m bhi apni matra basha ko shik kr apni bhart. ma ke prti aapna frj nibha skun. AGR aap is msg ko PD rhe ho to ek krpa kr
    do mushe kishi yogya guru ke crno tk phucha do. mere jiven ke 20sal pashyat sanskrti ne brbad kr diye h. m aur lutna nhi
    an baki jindgi m sirf stay tatv ko dekna chahta hu. meri sahyata bharti ke baste..
    mera number h
    aapki bhut krpa hogi.
    aapke crno m barmbar pranam.
    Dinesh  - my son is in drug addiction and alchol and smoking |2016-04-27
    Please help me out babaji my son is into drug addiction he is only 18 yrs old and he is into all addiction of drug abuse
    and into alchol and in smoking please give me some solution for the same and good medicine have tried counselors but all
    of no use
    Bindu  - over weight |2016-04-26
    guruji pranam,
    my daughter has put on 30 kgs in 1 ys with her bad eating habits, she is 20 years only. not getting her
    periods since one yr. she has PCOS. she goes to yoga classes daily and walks 4 km per day. but not helping her. you pls
    help her. thank you.
    amar  - parkinson |2016-04-25
    Baba ji
    meri ma ka age lumsum 55 ka hai.ause parkinsons ki bimari ,pichle 5 year se illaj karba raha
    hu par bimari me kisi bhi parkar ka sudhar nahi hai, ab aap hi medicine aur illaj batai
    Rahul  - for treatment of renel failure and hypertension |2016-04-24
    Pranaam baba jee
    My younger brother Rohit is suffering from renel failure and hypertension.
    It is diagnosed before
    2year, when he is suffering from obstinate constipation. Age-24 years.
    There is no any characteristics causation is
    seen behind it,no any addiction in past.
    According to ultrasound and ct scan, there is one kidney (rt.)is reduced in
    size and Lt.kidney is hydronephrosed due to obstruction in pelviureteric junction. And function of Lt.kidney is 83.4%
    and in rt.kidney 16.6% and GFR rt.7.971 and Lt.40.1 according to DTPA renel scan. Creatinine -2.2,uric acid -44.

    Surgery(pyeloplasty) is done before 3 month. In pyeloplasty a overgrowth of ureteric wall is seen according to sergion.

    But after 3month hydronephrosis is not cured.
    BP is in present time 160hgmm and above after taking allopathic
    medication for hypertension.
    Aurvedic treatment is also continue before 1year, there is some medicine like
    chandraprabha bati, gochhuradi bati, vrikkdosahar bati, sarwkalp kwath, vrikkdosahar qwath +neem chhal +pipal chhal,
    udaramrit bati and mukta bati.
    There is gastric problem are solve but BP is not controlled and kidney problems are not
    Please suggest me a good way for treatment.
    Thanks and regards.
    rahul kumar singh  - aplastic annimia |2016-04-24
    Heloo baba mujhe aplastic annimia hua hai mera khoon.achha se nahi ban pa raha agar apke pas koi bhi dawa ya ilaj hai
    to apse anurodh hai ki ap mera jarur madad karenge agar ye massege apke pass pahuchi hogi to ap 86###36145 par apna rai
    bheje babaji me bahut garib hu apse plese niwedan hai ki ap is number par jarur apna messege denge 86###36145
    dhiraj  - neuro problem |2016-04-20
    babaji, 5 saal pehle MRI me pata chala ki meri dadi ke kamar ki nas block ho gyi hai jiske karan unke legs sunn ho jate
    hai, kuch feel nhi hota ab to chalna bhi mushkil ho gya main unko lekar yogpeeth aa jaun or there is any other
    Arti  - Urine se blood Ana |2016-04-17
    Baba ji pranam ji mera 3sal ka Boy hi jiske urine se achanak blood ane laga hi 15days pahle usaka ultra sound
    karaya tha to sab thik tha Docter ne dava di to sab thik ho gaya ab fir se vahi problem hone lagi hi sahi nahi ho
    raha bahut kamjor hota ja raha hi !Please aurvedic upchar bataiye
    जागेश कुमार  - अधिक मलेरिया व गठिया बाय के विषय में। |2016-04-11
    बाबा जी को सादर प्रणाम

    बाबा आप मुझे कुछ
    समस्याओं का निवारण बतायें आपकी अति कृपा होगी

    मेरी माता जी जिनकी उम्र 46 - 47 के लगभग है उनके
    हाथ एवं पैरों में गठिया बाय की समस्या है जिसके
    चलते कारण हाथों की गाठों सूजन रहती है व पैरों
    के टखनों में अत्यधिक सूजन रहती है । इसके बाद
    एक समस्या और उनको प्रत्येक महीने मलेरिया और
    टायफाईड बहुत होता है जो महीने 2- 3 बार हो जाता है
    । इन सब के चलते पिछले महीने डाक्टर ने चैकअप
    कराया तो उनकी दाएं किडनी में गाठ एवं बच्चे
    दानी में गाठ है जिनका आकार 4.6 - 5.2 है। अत: बाबा जी
    आपसे निवेदन है कि इन सभी समस्याओं के निवारण
    हेतु कुछ सुझाव दें ...
    V.C. Oberoi  - Advice |2016-04-05

    My closed friend's wife is suffering from left side paralysis for the last more than 6 months. In spite of
    treatment no improvement. My friend wants her treatment in your Ashram. Please send me the details etc. so that he can
    take his wife there. Thank you very much.

    Yours faithfully

    V.C. Oberoi
    Navv  - Cancer patient |2016-04-04
    Namaste guru ji
    Ej¡k cancer patient hai jo last stage pr hai or doctors ne bhi jawab de diya hai.
    Ab bas aap par hi
    yakeen hai , aap hi help kr sakte hai please ham aapse kaise contact kre.

    please help us
    Rishabh  - modi |2016-04-02
    Mai 25 years ka hoon... Meri baal kafi jhad rhe hai.. maine ek doo baar sar v murvaya hai.. lekin kuch
    shudhar nhi ho paa rha... Kuch yogasan v kar rha hoon jaise sarwasan ... And aurvedik upay v kiy hai... But koi jada
    faida nhi dikh rha... Aisa koi upay bataye jisse ki mere baal pehle jaise ghanee ho jaye...
    Mera ek question hai
    aapse ki kya jhare hue baal fir se ugte hai.....
    rahul agrahari  - rahul |2016-03-26
    Baba ji meri maa jinki umr 40years hair air unki dono kidniy sikud gai hai unki kritnin 6.9hai blood bhi KAM hai Dr ko
    dikhya to daylesis bol raha hai mai apni Maya ki Deva karna chahta hu pleese baba ji much bataye a hi gorkhu pila raha
    hu . bill mandhta disric Partapgarh utter Pradeshbahut paresan hu 09###204351
    kumar  - My hand is shivering at the tim of writing |2016-03-16
    Respected sir ji. I have a problem in my hand and fingers is shivering at time of writing or eating a food with the help
    of spoon.
    Sir ji . I m a student 21 year old.
    I requsted to u plz help me sir ji.
    Maheswaran  - Staying permenantly |2016-03-08
    Dear Gurji,

    I am 35 year old currently working in Dubai as sales manager. I could have been infected with serious Virus
    or Bacterial, symptoms looks like HIV and groin lymph nodes, neck lymph nodes started swelling.

    I am waiting for the
    window period to do the blood test to check. My wife already left few months back, not because of this issue and some
    other family issue. Now I feel all alone and I don't want to go and inform my family and all will cry and I am bothered
    more about my mother and married sister.

    I would like to stay in the ashram and do Yoga for rest of my life. I have
    food industry knowledge export/import in Middle East and other countries. I can participate in somehow to your
    organisation and would like to live my rest of the live.

    Could you pls guide me. I have 2.5 years old daughter named
    Preetha. I am very much interested to see her but my wife is living in Bangalore and not picking my call or responding
    me to see my daughter. My mother and my sister also could not see my daughter.

    All I am worried how to face my future,
    better I can make suicide. If I am infected with HIV, my life is finished. If any other decide at least I can manage and
    face the society.

    I would like to get prepared for everything and would like to spent my rest of my life in ashram. I
    just had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago and within a week I started having symptoms. My body weight was 130 kgs before and
    after this...
    Wakil Prasad manji  - Liver problems |2016-03-06
    Babaji mera bhai ko khana nahi pach raha hai en ka sarir bahut hi kamjor ho jaya hai Sara doctor se har kar mai enko aap
    se ilaj karana chahta hu en ko kaha our kaise admit karana hai baba hamare bhai per kirpa kigiye
    sunny  - Andkos problem |2016-03-04
    Baba ji ram ram
    Baba mere andkos se judi hui nas moti ho gai he
    Jisme left andkos me jayda nas he jiski bajha se andkos
    niche latak gay he me 21-year ka hu mere yah problem 3-4 sal se he me kafi ilaj kra chuka hu
    Please help me.
    Baba ji ko
    ram ram
    sunny |2016-03-04
    Baba ji ko ram ram

    Baba main 21-year ka hu.
    Baba mere andkosh se judi hui nas moti ho gai he
    Gisme left andkos main
    jyada nas dikhai padti he
    Giski bajha se mere andkos niche ki or latak gae he
    Baba inme dard nhi hota he baba mere yah
    3-4 saal se he . baba main kaafi desi videsi ilaj kra chuka hu. Baba main police jana chahta hu jisme baba mujhe
    medical me dikatt aayegi.
    Baba please help me.
    Rekha  - Alcohol problem |2016-02-26
    Bhabaji namaskar
    Babaji mera bhai sharab ki bahut buri aadat se grashit hi or unka leaver bhi transplant ho chuka hi.
    Iss aadat ke chalte aab wo rehab main hi mager wo iss aadat ko chood nahi paa rahe hi. kiya aap ke aashram msin eo aa
    sakte hi or kiya unka kuch treatment ho sakta hi? Babaji hum sab bahut pareshan hi pls help us. koi solution nahi hi.
    Mukesh Vishwakarma  - eyes |2016-02-19
    My eye now using opticals (-1.25)lens so I want to leave optical plz help me... baba ji.
    चशमा हटाने के उपचार बताए।।।
    । इसके लिए मैं
    आपका आभारी रहूँगा।।।
    । मुकेश कुमार
    Subhradeep Paul  - Treatment of Motor Neuron disease |2016-02-16
    My father aged about 64 years is suffering from Motor Neuron disease and has great problems in speech and
    digesting/swallowing with great saliva secretion in his mouth and constant irritation in his tonsil.
    Is there any
    ayurvedic treatment? Please help.
    Navpreet Singh  - To get agency of varanasi |2016-02-16
    Baba j,,
    I Navpreet Singh want to start my business with such a company and I have read all your terms and condition
    required for getting agency so sir please give me a chance to do some thigh. For such a grate company pritanjali.
    Neeraj shukla  - GREEVA GRAHAM |2016-02-15
    Pujya vaidya shree,

    Ye saari reports meri maa ki h jinka aaj 10 saal se patanjali se vaidya Narendra Bahadur Singh from
    allahabad ke paramarsh anusaar ilaaz chal rha h -GREEVA GRAHAM.
    Har month 2000-3000 rs ki medicine 10 saal se chal rhi
    lekin aaj bhi maa ki halat nhi sudhri h aur kharab hoti jaa rhi h.
    Aaplogo se mera charansparsh nivedan h ki meri
    sahayta kare plzz. Ki mai apni maa ki vaapas paa
    Mai kai baar mail/ msg kr rha hu lekin mujhe koi rply nii aa rha
    Tara  - Heart problem |2016-02-02
    I am a heart patient & many times did surgeries but my heart still not replaced. My treatment is going on
    from BATRA Hospital Delhi & doctor told me that in future if you faced any issue due to heart then this time your
    original heart we will have to replaced. After seeing your many Yoga videos I realized that Yoga definitely make me
    healthy and I could live normal life. So please tell, how can I join your ashram. I have my little daughter of age 5
    years for sake of her I want to be healthy. please contact number is 98###10646 / 98###29971, husband -
    Ritika singh  - Weight loss |2016-02-01
    Baba ji pranam,
    I am 28 years old married female and my weight is approx 80 kg which I gained in just 2 years just after
    my marriage in 2014 before it I was 65 kg .
    I am very worried ki aise ki weight baddtA raha to I will be become
    unhealthy soon and even I am not able to conceive a baby , please let me know how to loose weight soon and what should I
    do to have a baby soon.
    ajay sen  - aankho ka problam |2016-01-26
    sir mere aankho ki roshni thodi kam hai aur mujhe chasma laga hai mai aaurved se apne aankho kae chasme ko dur karna
    chahta hu yoga aur upchar bataye ttki mere ankho ki problam dur ho aur mai bina chasme ke sab aachhe se dekh saku
    piyush ajagiya  - CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE |2016-01-25
    I PIYUSH AJAGIYA, suffer from CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE and S.CREATININE LEVEL IS 8.40, i want to get cure from your KIDNEY

    Please also give me further guidance on this if any center in GUJARAT.

    As it is emergency please help me
    on this as early as possible.
    Naresh  - Treatment of Myopathy |2016-01-21
    Baba Dandwat

    Mera son(7.5 yr.) ko doctor ne myopathy disease bataya hai. woh abhi chal raha hai, school ja raha hai,
    khel raha hai. lekin problem sirf bus ki steps chadhne mein tatha stairs chadhne mein hota hai. aur bachon ke apechha
    thodi jaldi thak jata hai. kya aapke is bimari ka koi tratment hai? kripya batane ka kast karein.

    Naresh Kumar
    Ara, Bhojpur, Bihar
    Mob: 09###495899
    Anonymous  - down syndrome |2016-01-20
    Pranam Babaji,
    babaji meri behan 21 yrs. ki hai aur wah down syndrome se pidit hai. is wajah se uska sharirik
    vikas nahi hua hai. wah 21 yrs. ki hai par dekhne me 7-8 yrs. ki lagti hai. wah bol bhi nahi paati aur chal bhi nahi
    paati hai, lekin wah sahare ke saath khadi rah saktihai wa haath pakad kar chalane par chal bhi leti hai. humne AIIMS me
    uska ilaaj karaya lekin doctors ne kaha ki iska puri duniya me koi ilaaj nahi hai. Kya uski bimari ka aayurved me koi
    upchhar hai? Agar ha to kripaya jarur bataye. Dhanyawad.
    Ram asare yadav |2016-01-12
    Baba ji ham bsf me hu hmari maa ke kamar se lekar pair tak nasho me junahat ya bhut dard hota he vo thik se chal nhi
    pati doctar shatika bat ki bimari batate h maa ki age 45Year ki h baba plz koi
    Achche upchar bataye hmari maa jaldi
    thik ho jaye me aapka sadaev aabhari rahuga.
    vipin kumar jain  - low grade gloima - ependymoma II |2016-01-09
    Namaskar Baba Ramdevji
    My husband had surgery for removal of cervico medullary tumour SOL IN BRAIN STEM on 26 oct 2015 .
    He is better now but still has some problems such as pain in area between shoulder and neck( right side) and lack of
    sensation in legs. The biopesy repory has glioma compatible with WHO ependymoma II. Now pls guide us so that it does
    not reoccur as doctor has said that it will definitely come back in future.
    Deepti jain
    ASHISH  - for nil sperm |2016-01-05
    guruji i have no sperm and my marrige has gone 4 years and i have no child then i went to doctor then he said to me you
    should go to IVF but still i haven't gone there so i want to know about this by u what should i do for this i can't help
    it so please suggest me my mob. no. is 09###121769 thank you guruji.
    Ravi  - For deaddiction treatment |2015-12-27
    Pranam guru ji
    Kya aapke yaha koi nasha mukti Kendra ka provision hai. Mere papa ek alcoholic patient hai unka main
    lagfag har jagah treatment Kara chuka hu koi sudhar nahi ho pa raha. Iss karan se mere family me bahut problem ho gayi
    hai financial aur social values bhi khatam Hi gaye hai. Hamara pura parivar bahut pareshan hai. Please koi upaay ho to

    Ravi Soni
    Ph no 95###28880
    sodha  - For sell my antiqe Ayurvedic medicine process |2015-12-18
    Dear Sir,
    I have a ayurvedic medicine it is used for Many types of danger skin dises and results 100%. Sir my This only
    1 product is = your 50% product I want to sell my medicine process if You are interested plz contact me on
    +91-99###79181 Mr.Sodha
    manpreet  - epilepsy |2015-12-04
    Hello sir
    Meri age 25 saal hai mujhe 8 saal se epilepsy ki bimari hai aur main 8saal se allopathic ki dawai le rahi hu
    mujhe fir bhi attack aate hai plz aap mujhe bataye ke kaase yeh theek ho sakti hai main bahut preshan hu plz help me
    mujhe kya karna chaiye
    pappu  - Chokhani |2015-11-29
    Manyawar Babaji

    Main HCV se grasht hoon viral load 34 lack hai
    Genotype 1 hai. 2002 main ilaz karaya tha par abhi be
    tik nahi hoon aur financially be strong nahi hoon. Kya aap ke yha mera ilaz ho sakta hai. plz reply.
    neetu sharma  - hand eczema |2015-11-24
    Pranam baba,
    i am 35 years old,i suffer of hand Eczema since last 1 year.I want to trearment of
    patanjali. can be my hand eczema treated your patanjali haridwar,if i visit satutday (28.11.2015)


    Himalayan Instutute of Medical Sciences,SRH University,Jolly Grant,Doiwala,Dehradun-248140
    Mobile No. 99###27554
    Rakesh sharma  - Waist pain |2015-11-22
    Baba ji pranaam

    Meri maa 10 saal pahle 3 ft ki diwar se piche ki or ho kar gir gai thi. Tab se unke kamar me dard hai
    aur app ke patanjali store se doctors ki salah bhi li hamne par koi sudhar nahi hua.aap koi upaay batye.
    harinarayan  - joint pain |2015-11-20
    babaji namaskar mere father age 58 ko 9 to 10 sal se joint pain hai ( ghutne ka dard ) hai aur pair bhi tedhe ho gain
    hai kafi ilaj karaya koi faida nahi hua kuch upai batain main bahot paresan hun

    babaji namaskar mere father ag  - joint pain |2015-11-20
    babaji namaskar

    mere father age 58 ko 9 to 10 sal se joint pain hai ( ghutne ka dard ) hai aur pair bhi tedhe ho gain
    hai kafi ilaj karaya koi faida nahi hua kuch upai batain main bahot paresan hun.
    Meenu  - ILD disease plzz help baba ji |2015-11-20
    Namaskar baba ji
    Mere father ko last 3 month s ILD disease bataya h dr's n unka kehna h iska koi ilaz nhi
    h.mere father 61 yr k h........
    kripya meri help kijiy iska koi upaye bataye .........
    help me baba ji.......
    manish kumar  - hyperhidrosis problem |2015-11-20
    Sir mera name manish hai or me deoghar jharkhand me rhta hu.sir mere hanth or pair me bhut pasina ata hai jiske karn me
    kisi se hath nhi mila skta mujhe apne ap me bhut sarminda mehsus hota hai. Plz plz plz sir mere is bimari ka ilaz
    bataiye plzzz...
    ANIL KUMAR  - Unable to walk |2015-11-03

    My father is 84 years old and for the last one month he is unable to walk even a single step. Earlier he was
    walking without anybody's help.

    How he can be treated ? Pl. help me in this matter.
    Mala  - Height shorting |2015-10-30
    Hi babaji I want to shorten my height it's 1.71cm.and one more thing my teeth's are far apart for each other no one
    want's me .I have varicel vain in my leg and stretch marks in , my eyes the brown thing covering the white part an ,how
    to lighten my skin colouring. Pliz babaji I badly need it help.rely on my email plz plz plz
    pawan yadav  - nabhi disbalance hona |2015-10-29
    baba g namast, baba g meri naap bhot hatti hai jiise mai bhot paresan rehta hu, koi bi vajan wali chij ya gadi se chalne
    par meri naap hat jati hai, bhot sahi b karaya par kuch dher bad fir hat jati hai, kripa baba g koi dawa hu tu plz
    btaiye, mai bhot paresan hu, plz help me
    mrs nandita Dinesh Dhoke  - Admission your tretment |2015-10-29
    Namaste babaji I m blood cancar paient (CML) main hinduja hospital mumbai me admit thi koi faida nahi huwa mera BCR/ABL
    level high ho chuka hai.. bahut tretment kar chuki hoon sub kuch khatam huwa hai apka tv show dekhe ke pranayam bhi
    karti hoon lekin bahot pain hota hai ..
    meri iccha hai ki me ayurvedic tretment apke ya karu lekin muze all prossigar
    malum nahi hai pl if possible jaldi agar reply hoga to me turant waha aa sakti hoon. Nandita Dhoke
    Nashik city
    Maharashtra Mo No 99###55163
    pl reply ki pratiksha me
    sohan  - problem related to sexual activity |2015-10-26
    Babaji pranam,

    I am a gay.I am a boy but I have attraction towards boy.Baba ji I am very depressed with this unnatural
    sesual desire of myself.My lfe have become a burden for me.So please advise me some medicine.
    i will always be
    your sincere.
    Anonymous |2015-10-23
    M a leprosy patient from past 1year.m continued in treatment period but m still not satisfied cause m not having any
    improvement my some fingers are still are my last hope please guide me.thank you
    Hem  - Mr. |2015-10-07
    I am looking for treatment of dementia for my father, aged 80 yrs. What are the possibilities of him getting cured. How
    can he avail treatment. We can also come to Haridwar if needed. My father lives in Dehradun.

    Thank you.
    Major Jitendra Singh  - Work for Baba Ramdev |2015-10-06
    Adarniya Baba Ramdev ji!

    An ex-Army Officer, I am also a management professional with extensive experience. I am now 60
    years old

    I have no family, and have given away all my earnings to charitable institutions over time. I now seek to
    associate and work with your institution for the rest of my life.

    It would be my honour to come and meet with you when
    you are there to explore the probability. Kindly let me know when.


    Major Jitendra Singh

    Mob: +91 99###00987
    Richa Dixit  - Gale me jalan |2015-10-05
    Baba Ji pranam,
    Mera naam Richa Dixit he or meri age 30 years he.Meri problem he ki jese hi me Kuch khati hu mere gale
    me jalan hone lgti he esa lgta Sara khana gale me hi rkha ho.or jb ye jalan bdti jati he to mujhe left side chest me ek
    ajeeb sa kinkinahat Vala dard hone lgta he jis se mujhe ghbrahat hone lgti he.kripya koi best ayivedic medicine btaiye
    vandana garg  - parelized |2015-10-05
    Namaste, mare naam vandana hai, mere husband Pankaj garg ke frnd hai unka naam Praveen Tyagi hai Jo 2006 me Genpact me
    saath me kaam krte the mere, g ye Kawad le Gaye the 2008 me aur jab ye ghar aaye tab innhe brain me fever hogaya jis ke
    karan wo coma me the Kuch time tak, Fir dhire dhire jara body me movement dikha but not much undino unki bitiya 3saal ke
    karib hogi n ghar walon ne bhi saath chod diya hai not much help frm relative n its been mor th 6yrs ye bed pr hain in
    ki body down waist is parelized. His wife is very strong lady she need help but financially koi aage aake help nahi kr
    raha n bohot time bhi waste hogaya hai, my request ki agar aap log Kuch sahayata kr sakte ho to pls kijiye ek Aurat wit
    simple phon n not money with no support kahan jayegi? I put th same info in my group n on Facebook but no help. Sir thy
    stay in delhi but far frm my house n I hav scan all th Dr. Reports n ID too pls do reply if u can help I can provide u
    mor info see I really don't know how to request or apply but ths is only one way I can help ths family.
    vicky sihag  - piles, fistula |2015-09-28
    Namaskar gurudev, Guru G meri gudda ke paas danyi taraf piles aur ek ganth hai 2 hafto se maine eske upchar ke liye
    ayrvedic chiktsak ki salah main divya kaya kalp, kesor guggl, aarogye wardhni, khadhyarist ka sevan kr raha hun
    Guru G
    mere sath ye dusri baar huva hai
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