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Nature care of Paralysis  E-mail
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Paralysis makes a patient helpless in every way. The organs affected by paralysis stops working totally. In some cases the patient looses his consciousness also. Paralysis is a type of arthritis. Men are affected more than women by this disease. Lakhs of people are affected by this disease in India. If the patient affected by this disease is not treated properly either dies or remains disable for ever. In an advance country like America nearly 50 lakh people are affected by paralysis. When the main artery gets obstructed and the flow of blood in the brain is affected or when the nerve that supplies blood to the brain bursts then the patient gets the paralytic stroke. In an aged person the fat bundles up these arteries. As a result the walls of the arteries get blocked or become thick.

Thus the brain fails to function smoothly due to lack of blood. As the brain does not get the blood required the person suffers a paralytic stoke. In case either the right or the left side of the body stops working and the whole body becomes inactive.

Before the stroke occurs it warns the patient about the danger which a man fails to understand. One should realise that if suddenly a part of the body becomes weak and again recovers on its own, it is an indication of paralytic stroke. Sometimes one has to make a special effort to move the right side or the left side of the body- this also is a warning of a paralytic stroke. In medical term it is called T.I.A- Transient Ischemic Attack. At times due to the paralytic stroke the artery in the brain gets blocked, this is called Kairotic Artillery Stinocil. Paralysis are of two types- one is curable the other incurable. If the patient is very old or has hereditary problem then it can not be cured. If the paralytic stroke is caused by lack of activity, rise in the blood pressure, increase of cholesterol, not doing proper exercise, living in a polluted environment then it can be cured by medicines.

Paralyses are of four types

  1. Adhrang Ghat – In this type of paralysis the lower portion of the body becomes lifeless and the patient can not pass the stool or urinate.
  2. Ekan Ghat – In this case the oxygen gets aggravated and dries up the arteries and the nerves. The affected area shrinks and becomes very weak and the patient has to suffer a lot.
  3. Sarwan Ghat – A person becomes completely helpless in this case. Oxygen reaches the brain through the veins and dries up the area.
  4. Ardit Ghat – It affects the brain and the look of the person. It makes a person completely ugly. Either the person losses his speech or his speech gets affected. His brain also stops working.



Paralysis can happen due to some defect since birth. It can happen due to excessive flow of blood in the brain, it can happen due to thrombosis or high blood pressure, due to imbolism, or blocks in the vein or due to grave head injury.


In the beginning of the disease the body organs becomes numb again and again. It becomes stiff and trembles. The patient gets sprain and his body becomes heavy and it starts shaking. He feels weak and the shape of its body becomes distorted.

His body stops working, face changes, His hearing power and memory gets affected. The tongue can not function properly and the food keeps falling from the mouth. He can not speak properly. He can not close his eyes or fist. He does not even come to know when he is passing the motion or urinating. In away he leads a dramatic life. His legs fail to carry his weight. As a result his body trembles while walking he becomes unsteady and at times falls down.


  1. Take ½ kg roughly grounded roots of sugarcane and boil it in water. When quantity of water reduces and becomes 1 kg strain it. Mix same quantity of Misri and six gram of each of piple bamsalochan, black pepper, cardamom and mulethi. Keep it on slow fire and stir it and make the syrup. Take 1-2 grams regularly it will help.
  2. Grind the root of Akarkara into a fine paste. Mix it with mahua oil and massage it.
  3. Drinking 20-40 ml. liter radish oil two to three times a day also helps to cure paralysis.
  4. Mix 625 milligram of black pepper powder and 625 milligram of sunti powder with honey and take it twice and thrice a day. This cures the distorted shape of the face of a person affected by paralysis.


One should take drumsticks, garlic pomegranate, aranya oil, ghee from cow’s milk, butter, coconut water, fruit juice, ripe palm fruit and dry raisin, should control one’s blood pressure, and have seasonal fruits and oil massage. Sun bathing is also very effective in this case. Should do pranayam and exercise according to the advice of the doctor. Should help the sugar under control, use less of salt and go for a walk regularly.


Should not smoke and drink, should not take stale food. Should not eat gas producing items and should not over exercise. Should not worry or keep away till late night. Should avoid anger and stay away from sexual activity.

A paralytic patient can be cured if he is taken to a qualified doctor in time and given proper treatment. There are hundred of yogic asana which can cure paralysis. One should get a proper qualified yogic teacher to get rid of the disease completely. Our institute has sure shot treatment for this disease. 

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Bindiya  - Advice for paralysis |2018-07-09
My husband (46 years) is suffering from paralysis (Full body) from last 7 years.
he got paralysis due to blood clot in
same is operated and removed.
is there are possibilities of recovery at least 10%

need your advice
Bapu  - Paralysis |2018-03-20
My grand mother age 74, he is suffering from the Paralysis in one side hand and leg and also severe pain in
head, hand & leg which is paralysis please give advice immediately
Sanket  - Paralysis |2017-12-08
Hello sir, my brother had a brain sergury before 10 years .Now gets paralyzed to left side , unable to do any things .
Even he is addicted to alcohol plz send us some information about yoga and medicine
Hitesh mohapatra  - Throat paralysis due to cloat in right side of bra |2017-11-26
My father is suffering from brain strok due to which his throat got paralysed and he is unable to swallow food, he is
completely now being feed through nose .his body is getting weak due lack of proper nutrients .please advise proper
traetment .now he is under medication .if you have any branch in odisha please do let me know .
Waiting for your kind
MIR ALI  - Mr. Mir Naqi Ali |2016-04-15
Dear Sir,

My father is suffering from right side paralysis since last two years ,I have been giving medicines which are
no more usefull now,his condition is getting worse,hands and legs are getting very rigid with no movement and he is
making his body stiff,not responding .PLEASE HELP ME KINDLY,I CANNOT SEE HIM SUFFER LIKE THIS.

Nageen  - Cure for hermiplegia |2016-04-07
Sir ,
I am 30 yrs old got brain stroke 10 yrs later , half side has got paralyse and balancing problem too ,with lot of
physiotherapy i am able to walk with support and talk blurredly.
Kindly suggest me yoga asans to cure.
Surya  - Hemiplegia(leftside) after brain surgery. |2016-03-13
Namaste Swamy,

4 yrs back I had brain surgery to remove the tumor, Since then my left hand and leg are partialy
paralysed.Not much improvement after Therapies, Please let me know if you have any cure for me.
Bhavik  - transverse mylitis |2016-03-12
my husband is suffering from this tm from 10 he can walk with stick but with lack of balance
urin control is
also not there.I hc tried alovera and ambla juice of ours. Ayurveda panch karma is also done .pls help me out to reduce
stiffness in legs. only two legs are affected. it is a diesese in which spinal cord message system is destroy. pls help
me out what to do to make him normal told No treatment for this disease. age 34
Rakesh Mathur  - Paralytic Problem |2016-02-22

From Last 04 years my Mother suffering from paralysis. Her Right Side is effected, but she can walk very
slowly with the help of stick & her right hand is not in working, doctors denying to cure, she is regularly taking
allopathic medicine. Her age is around 65. Please confirm if there is any possibilities to cure.
Nisar  - Paralysis treatment |2016-01-22
Dear all, kindly visit St Mary's Hospital near karwar or visit Davangere Ashwini hospital near RTO Office. best
treatment as i am taking to her there for treatment to my wife. from one month. great recovery.
Karthick  - Paralysis |2016-01-05
Dear Sir, My father had right side parlysis. he has a blood clot in left side, He is suffering from this disease for
past five years. for the past two years he suffered with seizure He takes medicines for seizure also. He took zyptol cr
400, levera xr 500, eirtel ln, cloba 5 mg, leofin tablets. Please give any advice to him to cure his disease. he is able
to walk, and speak but he is not able to write and hold any things in write hand. Please give your suggestion.
vamsiraj  - hemiplegia (left side ) |2015-09-29
hello swamiji pranam i had brain stroke due to clot in the artery 4 years ago i haven't yet recovered especially in
wrist and ankle up to 3 years doctor told mei will be cured but after three years they questioned me how 'll i cure
after 3 years i am only 28 years old my life is a question mark now i gave up hope on english medicine please help me to
live a better life sir please
Ridhi jain  - facial hairs and menstrual problem |2015-08-14
Prnam swamiji, ...i got facial hairs and they look very ugly on my face and i want to get rid of them as fast as i can
...and i too want a natural remedy for this ...and these hairs got after getting problem in my menstrual my
menses bleeding does not occur in those days i feel very lazy too...if u could help me ...ill b very thankful to u
Ridhi jain  - facial hairs |2015-08-14
pranam swamiji, if cn hlp me in reducing my facial hair with any natural remedy ....i got facial hairs after getting
probalem in my menstural cycles ...a lot of time in my menses bleeding doesnot occur and i feel very lazy....this is one
of the major problem im going through....plz ....if can help me ...ill be very thankful to u
Brijesh  - clot in Brain |2015-06-22
Swami Ji Prana,

My mother got paralysis attack in May 2013 due to blood clot in brain, till then her left side is not
working. after 2 year of treatment there is some movement in legs (she can walk with the help of stick) but hand still
not working.
please suggest the right treatment in your ashram or medicine for her.

I am from Mathura (U.P.)
bubka  - Rightside paralysis |2015-06-08
my friend is suffering from right side paralysis scince last 1 year. her rightside hand & leg is not working properly.
every day she is going to walk. she talk clearly but unable to up her right hand & also right leg. so pls. help me
amit  - Hemplegia |2015-05-21
Dear Sir, My son is 4.5 yr old and he is suffering the right side hamplegia from Birth. he is walk on his right hand but
not flat fleet.
also he is not been able to utilize his right hand properly .kindly suggest any treatment for the same.
Thulasi  - Paralysis tratment |2015-04-28
Pranam Swamiji,

My mother is 56 years old and she got effected with the Paralysys brain strock on nov 2013 Due to
H.B.P on Right side , she lost her memory like she couldn't remember our names until we tell her and she couldn't able
to walk. Kindly advice me for the treatment we are staying in Andhrapradesh near to Tirupathi.
yashika  - my bhabhi left body petalised since 7 month s |2015-03-20
Sir my bhabhi had stroke in left side of brain and she is suffering from peralisis past 7 months, she taking a exercises
from physiotherapist doc. But only left leg work but not property and there is nothing importroment in hand please
advise me.. what we can do
Manish Bhatia  - Paralysis Treatment |2015-02-08
Allopathy Does not have any cure for this.

Only If you are able to take the patient with in 4 Hrs; they have one
Injection to cure this.

My Mother had a paralytic attack Last Year Jan 2014.

On Movement she has recovered 98%.

some other problems post attack she is still having like Improper Bowl Movement and Back Ache.

As per me below things
helper her quite a lot in her recovery:-

1. Aurvedic medicine from Palamner; Virupakshipuram in Andhra.This helped the

2. Physio Therepy

3. Fresh Food; Avoid Old Cooked Food.

4. She also took Milk and Garlic Paste; every Day.

Accupressure; also rubbing her feet daily with Washing Brush

6. Walking on the sand

7. COD Liver Oil

8. Blue Berries
Daily; if you can get

9. Pure Cow ghee as Nasal Drops.

Hope; above will help any person in Need of the same.
parminder  - Paralysis Right Side |2014-12-11
Sat Shr iAkal ji ,

My Mother is suffering due to paralysis in right side from last 1 year. Arms & legs are
not working properly & also losing memory.

Please help us Swami ji.

Parminder Singh Ludhiana(Punjab)
deepu  - left leg weakness |2014-11-16
Sir my name is deepak sharma. Sir I had l4 spinal tumour and after surgery I got weakness in my left leg and now I can't
walk properly but slowly slowly I can walk.....sir plz tell me some treatment for recover my leg...this is my phone
jagdish  - Accident case |2014-11-13
43 Year old man accident date 4/5/2010. muze r/s lakwa haua hai mera lakwa name potensial hamoorage r/s hai
abhi 4 sal horahe hai mai eswaraaurved ki dava 8 mahena se kha raha hu.iam 40 ok hai. mai our kitani mahine davai lu.
Pradip  - Paralysis from Transverse myelitis |2014-10-21
Pranam Swamiji,
My father (age 80) is suffering from paralysis (tetraplegia). He did not have stroke but suffered from
transverse myelitis. In this disease, the spinal cord and cervical nerves get affected and brain could not connect with
body. He has been treated with anti-tubercular drugs with speculation of spine tuberculosis (the laboratory test results
for TB were inconclusive!). His allopathic treatment will soon be over and therefore please advise me how to cure from
paralysis in your ashram.
chand  - treatment of paralysis |2014-10-18
sir im 23 years old my half face is paralysied for about 5 days plzzz give me the precautions
vibhu  - right side paralisis |2014-09-12
dear sir,

my grand father is suffring from right side paralisis for last 5-6 yrs please help. and give some tips for
well bieng. and suggest me some yoga or pranayam and and any home remidies and medicines
lalit  - stroke |2014-08-12
Ram ram sir I have no balance in walk. I m suffering from stroke since13month. Less speech.
Ashok  - right side of body parslysed |2014-03-01
sir, i am 24 year old. i paralysed when i was 1 year. but i do some treatment and exersise,but some problem here that i
not properly walk. in the winter day i am not move properly and the right side of body become cold any time so give
properly treatment than i properly move, give me reply please, thank you.
neha  - right side paralysis since 8 months |2014-02-26
after my brain surgery i am paralysis in right side body after this i am doing regular exercise by doctor . i am
only 24 years pls help me if you have any treatment for .please contact me my no is 98###75050.
yogesh  - hemiplegia paralysis |2014-02-16
dear sir,
my mother is suffering right side paralysis
from blood clot since 09feb 2014
her brain, leg & hand
affected.leg & hand is small working but
speech & memory is not clear.
pls advise me sir
hammad  - Falig to theak kasay karun. |2014-01-25
sir mari mangater ko falig ka atach hua hay. please koi hurbal treatment bataiyay. please sir zara jaldi bataiyay. main
ap ko mail ka w8 krun ga.
VISHAL  - HEMIPLEGIA |2013-12-18
cherri  - left side paralysed |2013-12-08
treatment for paraylsis . occured brain stroke on 20th nov 2013
Fvil  - Hemiperesis |2013-11-27

My Aunt is suffering from Right side hemiplegia paralysis since 9 months. Now She is not able to walk. Please
advice how to cure.
venkatpatel  - respected sir, my father is 49 years old and he is |2013-10-10
So , please give ur suggestions to cure the problem .he has paralysis on left hand and left leg .
A |2013-10-02
my grandma is suffering from stroke for past 7 yrs pls help me to get rid of that
i servicing in RIL at Rajkot , last three month i have right hand palm paralisis so plz treatment
m.94293 22840
nancy  - paralysis |2013-09-17
Dear sir

my sister is paralysied right side of the body since 3 years ago. she can walk. but her speech and movement is
not fully recovered. please can u suggest which oil i can use to apply on her hand and head for massage.
chander kumar  - Half body Paralysis |2013-09-09
my Father in law Last 4 Month Half body Paralysis so Please Help Me.............98###11393
Sangeeta Jain  - Treatment of paralysis |2013-08-23

My mother is 70 years old. she is suffering,and her left side body is not working due to brailn clot due to high
BP and low bp in month of July 2013

pl. help us to get best treatment.

sangeeta jain
mukesh  - hemiparesis |2013-08-05
Dear sir . My son of 6 yrs is suffering from right sided hemiparesis . He have less control and less use of his right
hand and leg and weak balance . So kindly advice what should we do . This is by birth and we are doing physiotherapy
Nasik  - Paralysis since 7 years |2013-07-31
Hello swamiji,

My mother is suffering fron paralysis since 7 years.

She is completely paralytic in right hand side due
to clot in brain on left side. The weight has also increased due to less movement. We are doing regular exercise and
physiotherapy. She is able to move with a tick. Hands and speech are not showing much improvement.

Please advice.
Narayan  - paralysis |2013-07-30
my father suffering from paralysis since 03 year but now 70%cure but his right hand fingure is not work properly but
hands are up/down kindly tell how treat my father fingure .pls send remedy in my email.
sana  - lakwa |2013-07-29
Mere papa ko left side pr lakwa ho gya hai unke head me thoda sa khoon jam gya hai jiski wjha se unka ek haath oe ek
pair nhi kaam kr rhaor unke urin krne me preshan ho rhi hai ..
fatima  - paralyses treatment advise |2013-07-25
my mother got paralised due to clotting of blood in brain from 2006 with left side.she is on bed and can not walk and
stand.she is only sitting.i massage her daily with little exercise.please advise me treatment for my mother. i shall be
very thankful to you because my mother is hopeless.thanks
seema  - paralysis treatment advice |2013-07-13
Respected sir,

My mother got paralysis attack on 26 feb 2013 due to clotting of blood in brain. She got paralyzed in
left side.

Can u suggest some of the treatment which can be done through homemade or through Ayurveda.

Mail me on s3***

Thank u
shahzad azmi  - please help me sir |2013-07-11
dear sir,
my mother is suffering right side paralysis from blood clot since 13 may 2013.
her brain, leg & hand is
affected.leg & hand is small working but speech & memory is not clear.

pls advise me sir
rahul |2013-07-06
one of my relative is suffering from paralysis on right side from 12-june-2012. His Brain & hand is affected . Now his
hand is small working .But Memory power is not working/ Pls. send some advice regarding Food & Fruit & exercise so that
he is recover working again. Pls. send this information om my mail id
rahul  - paralysis |2013-07-06
my relative is suffering from paralysis from 12-may-2012 due to blood clot on his mind. Due to his right side is
affected . now his Brain power is week pls. send me some tips & advice regarding food & Fruit so that his Brain power is
increase.pls. send me this information on my mail id .
teja  - Please help me Swamiji.. |2013-06-29
My father is suffering from paralysis since 05-05-2013 due to blood clot in left medulla. Now he is unable to go for
proper walk and right hand is effected very much he is unable to do his work properly..kindly suggest me food for
Rahul Shrivastaav  - Paralysis Attack |2013-06-24
Before 5 years an attack like paralysis,
after that no treatment for paralysis, only treamtment of BP for 1 month

Before 2 month Minor Paralytic attack may occurs,

now All treaments continue as per consultant Dr. Apoorv
Purnik, Indore.

But Effect on tongue is not less, it increased

please advice for it.
jyothi  - about paralysis |2013-05-30
hi i am jyothi,my father is suffering from right side paralysis since three years, and he cant walk properly,tounge was
badly affected,but he can tell few words if we spoke to him means,can u please help me by telling some home remedies or
else is it curable in other ways........!
wahiuddin mohammed  - paralysiss ayurvedic treatment |2013-05-27
Paralysis can be cured with ayurvedic medicine,in olden days paralysis was cured with herbs which are locally
available.After advent allopathy system of medicine,local herbal treatment vanished. Only few people have the knowledge
of herbal treatment for paralysis.All the ayurvedic are not doctrine in paralysis treatment,thats why people
loosing,faith in the ayurveda also, only few ayurvedas can treat padalysis effectively.Free treatment for paralysis cure
hemantbhatia |2012-10-03
Respected sir,
My grandfather is suffering from right side paralysis.He is unable to do his routine work.He himself
thinks that he will not be fine and will be paralysed for his whole life.He gets angry and does not talks to anyone.He
has also a speech problem.Please tell me what should i do??????
Dipaan  - Dipaan- paralysis |2012-09-14
Halo swamiji i have been suffering from paralysis for last seven years in my both legs and arms some times it increases
very badly even i c't walk or move my hands and legs properly so plz swamiji suggest me, what type
yoga pranayam will be suitable for me.
Laharika  - peralysis treatment |2012-08-24
Respected Sir

I am laharika, my grand father is 76 years old & got paralysis attack due to blood clot in brain from- 1
month and his left side body is not working properly & he lost memory and also he is BP.

So please.... i request you
to suggest me ,how to cure him at home and what type of medicine we have to give him. plzzzzzzzzz........Suggest

Thanking You

Ameerpet, Hyderabad
vijay  - suggest me |2012-08-24
My brother is 38years old & got paralysis attack due to blood clot in brain in 23 August
-2012 and his right side body
is not working properly and also he is BP &
Swamiji pranam,

My father is 70years old & got paralysis attack due to blood clot in brain in Jan-2012 & August
-2012 and till his left side body is not working properly & he lost memory and also he is BP &

So help me
how to cure him at home and what type of Ayurveda medicine we have to give
him. Suggest us.
I am from Hyderabad, Andhra

Thank & Regards,
E-mail – ji***
GIRISH DOSHI  - paralysis |2012-07-26
Parnaam swami jee, I am suffering from paralysis due to blood clot in left medula for the last 5 years my right arm,leg
and body was badly affected but I am having 25%movement in both.
please guide me.

nitya nootan sharma  - suggest me |2012-07-19
dear sir,

my father is suffering from left side paralysis for last 9 months.even he is uanble to do their daily routine
work and unable to walk. please let me knnow the treatment for the same.

Nitya Nootan Sharma
SURUJ GOGOI  - paralysis half face |2012-07-14
sir my mother have dibeties n high pressure n her age is 48 yr old n now became paralysis in half face what i do sir
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz advice me
shailaja Jairams  - NBIA |2012-07-13
namaste swamji I am sufffering from ir0n deposit in braiin.
cannot,walk,write proprerly/.Cannot move my lips
tongue mouth easily. Plrs advise
aman shrestha  - paralysis |2012-06-24
dear sir, my girlfriend is suffering paralysis since she
was 13 now she is 20. she has gotten paralysis in her left side of her body now can it be totally cured?
arunkumar  - Paralysed since past 3yrs |2012-06-04
Hello Sir,
My father aged 50 is suffering from paralysis since last 3yrs, he is partially numb on the right side, now
these days he has memory loss. He can walk n do all his regular work. He is taking english medicines, Is there any
possbility that its curable since its been more than 3yrs or is he in a risk of losing memory. Please help
Yagnesh Chauhan  - Required Help in Paralysis |2012-05-10
Dear Sir,

My father has got paralysis attack in Dec-2011 and till his left side is not working and also he is BP &

So help me how to cure him at home and what type of Ayurveda medicine we have to give


Yagnesh Chauhan
vidya sreejith  - paralysis treatment |2012-04-24
sir,my uncle got paralysed 1 week back.his right side paralysed.he is 52 and whole family depends o any chance to
surbhi  - pararalysis |2012-03-21
my husband suffering from paralysis from 31 Dec. 2010. Please give guidance for cure from it.
ishwar singh  - vocal cord dysfunction |2012-03-11
sir my father is suffering from vocal cord dysfunction in neck he was unable to intake breathe and also npain in neck
and ear . i am going every where but nothing happen . ATLAST MERI UMID AAP PER HAI
noor  - before symptom of paralysis right side |2012-01-24
my father is 60. he feel right side is cold.then left side .plz tell me what can i do
poonam makwana  - paralysis stroke |2011-12-30
my father was drinking & smoking past 45 years, his age is right now 67, he got stoke of paralysis before 3 days ago, we
did CT scan & MRI, In that his right side got paralyzed & in MRI report his right side of brain got damage & the left
side less damage, his is still in ICU,he will discharge after 5 to 7 days, doctors says, there is chance of recovery,
but it will take time, please give me proper suggestion that what kind of treatment we can take for the recovery of
aruna |2011-09-16
nameste sir,
i am aruna,am 34 years female.for the last 1year i am suffering rightside i
can walk,but no speach
.can u please give some good advice
vinod Aadhishwar  - Male |2011-07-28
Treatment for Paralysis
Ronnie  - Paralysis |2011-03-31
my father is suffering from right side paralysis from past 12 years,
he can walk with the help of stick,
is it
curable? if so then how?
vilas khapre  - HEMIPLEGIA |2010-11-21
Dips  - hello swamiji |2010-11-17
My son was born with paralysis in his both legs. Can you please give me some advise?
mohit sharma  - suggest me |2010-03-16
Parnaam swami jee, my father is suffering from paralysis due to Tbmenjitis for the last 6 years his right arm,leg and
tounge was badly affected but he is having 25%movement in both.
please guide me.
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic treatment for hemiplegia |2009-12-13
Hello saroj

Hemiplegia is very common in patients of stroke. High blood pressure may cause leakage and collection of
blood in brain which in turns causes extra pressure on the specific part of brain This hematoma and pressure in turn
affects the body parts controlled by that part of brain. We recommend you to take [paralysis
ackages-For-Diseases/Paralysis.html) regularly to recover from paralysis/hemiplegia and muscular weakness. These
ayurvedic medicines helps in dissolving and mobllizing clot. strengthens brain and nervous system, increases general
body health and power of limbs affected by hemiplegia. So take these medicines regularly with panchkarma treatment like
massage, stream and shirodhara for marvelous results.

saroj kumar samal  - hemiplegia paralysis treatment |2009-12-13
Swamiji pranam,
my father is suffering in Hemiplegia parlysis, due H.B.P Stroke. Having six months. Kindly advise me for
the treatment in your ashram.
i am residing in orissa state.
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Dabur Janma Ghunti (For Growth Of Infants)
Dabur Janma(Janam) Ghunti is an Ayurvedic medicine which plays a dual role in the all-round growth of infants. Tones up the digestive system of the..

Maha Bhringraj Tail - Herbal Hair Oil
Maha Bhringraj Ayurvedic oil combines the goodness of Bhringraj & other Ayurvedic herbs for Hair fall control, Strong hair from root to tip &..

Under Eye Cream (For dark circles)
Herbal Under Eye Cream for naturally beautiful eyes. Most important use of this cream is that it stops the formation of under eye dark..

Divya Dant Kanti Herbal Toothpaste 100 gm
Dant Kanti is a herbal toothpaste made of precious herbs. For Strong, White, Healthy Teeth & Gums. Useful in Gingivitis, Toothache, Bad Breath &..

Divya Ojas Herbal Soap
Useful in rejuvenating, nourishing & glorifying the skin. Removes dryness & roughness of skin. Used as normal soap & is useful in fairness & dry..

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Paralysis Question & Answers


Paralysis Patients

I am verymuch worried about my father's paralysis.
My self is 32 year old. My mother is suffering from paralysis for last 19 years. Last year in the month of Jan-08 , her barin hemarage took place and from then she lost about 80% of memory or other brain activity.
my mother has diabetis,high B.P. problem also she had mild paralysis attack last year so can't walk without support.

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