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Arsohills 60 tablets - Piles Management
Arsohills Tablets manages piles, control the swelling of hemorrhoids, Helps control constipation & pain, Helps to facilitate the bowel movement, Act..

Pilox Capsules for Piles Treatment
Pilox Capsule is used to cure dry piles and bleeding piles and also removes Constipation with optimum..

Sharmayu Piles Free Capsules
Sharmayu Piles Free Capsules is an effective remedy for Piles and is indicated in bleeding and non bleeeding..

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Constipation begets piles. This disease occurs at the end of fistula and rectum. Commonly in males, this disease occurs after the age of 25 years. It is a common disease. Its patients are found not only in India but the whole world. Foods containing chilli-spices and fried stuffs are extensively eaten in our country, therefore, this disease is commonly found in our people. Urbanites are more afflicted by this disease than villagers. This disease is very common in the states of Punjab,  Rajasthan, Assam, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, For some reason some portion of the blood carrying veins in the periphery of rectum swells and emerges out of the surface, this situation is called Piles. This disease is also called Arsh in Ayurveda.

Piles is known as warts. The patient sufferers’ enormous pain. As this disease occurs at the end of fistula and rectum the patient normally does not divulge the situation of disease due to shame but is unable to bear enormous pain.

In this disease blood comes out from rectum while defecating. Sometimes the moles of piles come out and again go inside the rectum while defecating. Apart from this the patient feels sensations, itching and pain. I would like to let you know a fact. Many times bleeding is not due to piles but due to other diseases, eg ulcer or cancer in the large intestine.

There are four stages of piles. In the first stage bleeding occurs but  without any pain. In the second stage there is pain along with bleeding and flesh comes out. After defecation flesh does not go inside remains outside. Piles on the outer part of body are called dry piles. In this disease swelling occurs and moles are formed outside the rectum. They can be felt by touching with hand. In this type of piles there is no bleeding but the patient feels unbearable pain.

Pile patients should get the treatment by doctors in the very beginning. Otherwise in the latter stage he will have to bear unbearable pain. People do not mention this disease due to shame. They adopt home treatments like wearing rings made of horse shoe. In bleeding piles diagnosis is done by penetrating the finger in the rectum that whether moles are present there or not. These days it is diagnosed by proctoscopy instruments. If moles are inside and enlarged then sometimes this stage can lead to cancer also.

In some people piles is hereditary. This disease can occur due to obesity tension and pregnancy. In case of bleeding piles patient becomes critical because while defecating if he exerts more then blood oozes out in large quantity. Due to excessive constipation the patient is subjected to this painful state. As a result the patient becomes fearful in defecation. During defecation patient feels unbear-able pain and subjected to bleeding. In such situation the pain increases enormously when moles come out. Moles come out before stool. In this stage patient feels enormous pain in defecation in some situation moles of piles are larger than a pea or ber. Advancement of the disease situation may arise that the moles keep hanging outside the rectum. In this stage a patient feels inconvenience in walking and sitting.


  • Before the advent of this disease some symptoms are visible which indicate that the person may be affected by piles. Patient has burps, foul taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, there is gurgling in the intestine. Wind does not pass naturally but by exerting pressure.
  • Patient feels heaviness around the navel area.
  • Due to constipation quantity of stool reduces but the patients repeatedly feels urge to defecate.
  • Swelling in the eyes of the patient.
  • Patient feels lazy.
  • Patient becomes more sleepy.
  • Patient feels weakness in body and legs.
  • Afflicted by piles patient is subjected to less secretion of digestive juices, constipation and diarrhoea.
  • The rectum is continuously irritated.
  • With the onset of disease patient is subjected to cold, headache, sneezing, body ache and joint pain.
  • The stool becomes very hard and comes out with more pressure.
  • On more exertion while defecating the outer portion of rectum is scratched by which the patient feels unbearable pain.
  • Patient is dizzy.
  • Many a times ulcer forms in the wart of piles. They are converted into fissures. This stage is very painful. In this stage watery secretion comes out of fissure and as a result the under garments remain wet all the time. This smells foul.


This disease afflicts the body due to constipation and disorder in the digestive system. The persons afflicted by acidity, loss of appetite, formation of gas, constipation, heat in the stomach are more prone to piles. As the stool becomes very hard in this disease the patient has to exert more while defecating. In the situation the veins in the rectum are subjected to more pressure and they swell and gradually take the form of disease of moles. Sitting on the chair for a longer time leads to this disease. In ladies this disease may occur due to un natural child birth and abortion. But this a fact that after child birth the disease is automatically eliminated in the ladies. Due to a prolonged cough this disease may occur.

Ayurveda treatment for Piles

Divya Arshkalp Vati, Divya MahaYograj Guggulu, Divya Saptavimshati Guggulu, Divya Chandraprabha Vati are very good for curing piles. Also refer to Yoga VCD for Constipation & Piles by Swami Ramdev ji (Hindi)

Treatment with Herbs

  • Burn the fibres of coconut shells. Sieve it, take 3 gms of powder morning , noon and evening in empty stomach with buttermilk only for one day.
  • 100 gms dry neem seeds fried in 50 gm sesame oil, thereafter grind. In the remaining oil mix 6 gm wax and 1 gm blue cupric sulpha. Make an ointment. By applying the ointment twice or thrice daily on the moles removes them.
  • Make a ointment of 20 gm neem seed, 20 gm alum, 3 gm golden geru by churning well. If the ointment is not formed then add a small quantity of ghee or butter and add coconut oil. The pain of the warts goes away when applied on them. Bleeding stops and moles vanish.
  • If there is irritation in the warts and on touching they feel thick and there is no pain in such a case application of mustard oil diminishes the warts.
  • Bark of cadaba tree, oats, Lead wort root, bark of karej, dry ginger, rock salt . Grind together all ingredients and sieve. Consuming this powder trice a day with buttermilk helps in piles.
  • Take tender leaves of oak tree together with equal quantity of salt. Add one fourth of the weight oil and lemon juice. Cover the mouth with cloth and mud. Put it on fire. When the leaves are burnt grind everything. Consume 300mg – 3 gm as per requirement with warm water, kanji, and buttermilk. This eliminates piles.
  • Drinking decoction of arbi leaves and tying the poultice at the site helps relieve the pain.
  • Cook 20 gm banyan tree bark in 400 gm water. When it reduces to half add ghee and jiggery 10 gm each. Consuming this in empty stomach helps.
  • Boil 10-20 gm coriander seed with 10 gm candy in a glassful of water. By taking this mixture the blood secretion from piles is stopped.
  • All types of piles are destroyed by consuming equal quantity of myrobalan, gulancha and coriander in equal quantity boiled in same amount of water reduced to one fourth with jiggery.
  • The bleeding stops in piles by drinking 5-10 gm of cold juice of chrysanthemum with 20 gm brown sugar.
  • By drinking 5 gm white cumin boiled in water made one fourth mixed with candy twice daily reduces painful swelling of piles.
  •  When pile warts come out of rectum and swell fomentation with black cumin boiled in water is beneficial.
  • Consuming one tablespoon leaves of touch me not plant taken with milk twice or thrice daily helps in piles.
  • Consuming one tablespoon leaves of touch me not plant with its root taken with milk twice or thrice daily helps in piles.
  • Roast till the soap nut is turned into coal after deseeding. Then mix equal quantity of kattha grind and sieve through cloth 125 mg of this medicine should be taken morning evening for seven days mixed with butter or cream. This helps in bleeding and dry piles. Do not take salt or sour during the remedy.
  • Grind sesame with water and take it mixed with butter thrice daily one hour before meals. This stops oozing of blood.
  • By applying suppository of sesame oil or enema he rectum and intestine becomes lubricated and blobs of stool comes out. This gives much relief in piles.
  • Grind sweet potato powder with equal quantity of sesame oil. Mix one tea spoonful of the powder with honey and take it thrice daily with milk. In a few days bleeding stops.


As piles primarily occurs due to constipation therefore such measures should be taken to correct the digestive system. Eat chapatti made of whole wheat flour. Drink lots of water, shikanji, and buttermilk. Daliya and khichdi can be eaten. Always fast once in a week. Make rotis of oat meal mixed with wheat flour. In vegetables eat chaulaee, saathi, spinach, fenugreek leaves, tinda, bitter gourd, ribbed gourd, radish, carrot, onion, raw banana, guar seeds, mint, green coriander, cucumber, raw papaya, Indian berry etc can be taken. Pulses, like lentil, moong, old rice, moth sop is beneficial. Consume these. Raw salad , soup, carrot juice, tomato juice, radish juice is beneficial for the ptient of this disease. The patient should take fruits like pomegranate, grapes, apple, amla, papaya, plums, ber, dates, orange, water chestnut, pineapple or raw banana. Goat milk should be taken to improve bleeding warts.

Prohibited diet

Patient of piles should not eat red chilli, recopies with hot spices as such recopies harm the rectum. Avoid sweet and oily food. patient should not restrain uge to defecate or urinate. Patient should not masturbate and should not sit on legs. Consumption of wines, mutton and fish is strictly restricted. Patient should not consume arbi, potato, brinjal, mustard oil and mustard leaves. Patient should not sit on a hard surface for a long time. In the beginning of the disease gradually swelling occurs in the rectum of the patient and the patient feels pain while defecating, if at that time the required treatment of piles is done than the painful state of growing of moles can be prevented and the person is spared from bearing enormous pain.

As piles primarily occurs due to constipation therefore such measures should be taken to correct the digestive system. Eat chapatti made of whole wheat flour. Drink lots of water, shikanji, and buttermilk. Daliya and khichdi can be eaten.

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Mr Singh  - Piles |2018-08-02
My child of just 17 year of age is suffering from piles.
Whatever be the the reason . We don't know it .
Can u suggest
some cure which work at his age at home ?
ajay kumar  - bleeding due to piles |2015-10-02
I have bleeding piles sometimes and I feel eaching all the time .
I am having the piles problem from many years.
doctor try to treatment for it by injection but I didn't get any positive result.
A lump comes out of anus
defeacating and its very painful. please suggest some excercise and medicines. thank u.
Nishant  - treatment of bleeding piles |2015-09-18
hello Sir,

I m suffering from the bleeding piles near about 2 years i have take to much medicines of homeopathy as
well as ayurvedic also i get the relief or some time but after some time the problem is occured automatically can u
please tell me the some best medicine for that can i get a permanent relief from bleeding piles and contipation

Thanking You

Nishant verma
prabin  - ayurvedic medicine |2015-08-10
I am suffering from fissure from2 year.and I take lot of medicine but it can't help me to get my anus there are3
small round type of flesh like a button shape.I am so nervous about my career because I wnnna join the army so plz
safa  - piles |2015-06-18
my sister is 28yrs old she is having piles it came during pregnancy before 6yrs in the initial stage she suffered with
bleeding and itching then we consult doctor he suggested some tablets after that she is not having bleeding more but
some time happen when she have heat items and in her rectum flesh will be there so how can we remove that flesh with out
operation ,she is drinking more and more water now a days
Mukesh  - piles |2015-04-19

I Have been suffering from piles from last 3 Yrs. In the begining there was only bleeding than it stops and
convrted into heavy touching inside if anus can be feel that there is 3 Or 4 Small piles which of them One is
comming outside niw there is not bleeding at all but still paining without isabgol i can nit passout stool and have to
yse some ointment also..i have taken all kind of medician luke aryuveda,homeopathic, alopathic but there no effects,.plz
suggest me i need ur help..and also am nt eating spices..suggest any medician if there for permanent ride on piles..plz
be honest..i got frastrated.

Asha Mishra  - how to ride of dry piles |2014-10-16
My Mom suffering for dry piles from 10yr and that because she is weak and feel lazy please suggest me medicine for this
to permanently ride of dry piles. thank u.
nitaant  - how to permanently cure piles..? |2014-10-06
i'm nitaant, age 21 years. I m suffering frm piles because of sitting n laying on bed since 6months.... Plz tell me
yoga, diet n effective exercise to permanently cure piles...
vikky  - treatment to get rid of piles |2014-06-01
Dear sir,
As I read about your remedies to get rid of piles, is these hurbs or medicines are available at patanjali

Please suggest and help.
Vilas  - Mr |2014-05-06
This article is very informative. It describes the reasons, symptoms, treatment, home remedies, available Ayurvedic
medicines, simple diet & dietary restrictions. Thanks a lot and greatly appreciate your services to the mankind.

Vilas from Mumbai
Mukesh  - Ayurbed treatment |2014-03-03
All the person, i have suggestan go to ptanjali chikitsaly. yana par ayurbed ke dwara ilaj hoga. gajar ya sntre ka juice
piyne subhe aur sham .khane me masala na dale . sbse phle pet ki kabj mitaye jo gajar aur sntre ke juice peene se bhi
khatm hoti hai uske baad mase nast krne ki dwai asar kregi.
Jai Shri Ram
Rita  - Piles cure |2014-01-15
Sir i hve piles for last 2-3yrs...
Firstly i didnt made it a graet nw the flesh which has come out not going
inside anymore.. If thr s any cure or precaution regrding this then please assure me.. Its very painful n not
tolerable.. My age is 35yrs and im from kolkata.
Chitra Sharma  - lump coming out of anus |2013-06-26
resp. Guruji,
I m 42 years old. I am having the piles problem from last 1 month. aA lump comes out of anus while
defeacating and its very painful. please suggest some excercise and medicines. thank u.
arjun  - piles |2013-06-22
no bleeding but sitting not comfortable
have now any treatment
advss  - NANA JI KHASHU |2012-09-13
Hi nana ji khashu..i think its too late but i have recently read cud be your below:

For bleeding
piles, take a glass of warm cow's milk and mix it in the juice of a lemon. Drink immediately. Continue for 5 days.
ajay kumar |2012-06-16
sir there is exteremly eaches inside and outside of my mole also has been encreased.i am serving in such a
orgination where a lot of fried foods as patatoes,bringle and mustered oil is can i avoid and can treatment my
jency jacob  - defecation problem |2012-02-10
i have a condition where for a month or so my stool is smooth , still for the stool to come out naturally is a bit
difficult but my bowel does become empty, then for some months my stool becomes hard atimes bleed not always though what
is this condition?
Sir, I have piles. I am bleeding during passing the stool.

I have heard that taking lime juice with milk cures

kindly inform the directions to take lime juice with milk and also when it should be taken.

Thanking you
mohammad khan  - may be piles diseases |2011-01-03
Hello sir.
I have some diseases. I am feeling may be i can piles but sure.
when i go to toilet that time no
bleeding and no constipation but i have one pimple on toilet way. and when i use toilet that time i feel on toilet way
some sujjen(bodrsen)
so plz give me suggusten for this diseasess. ok sir i m waiting .
saranjit  - chopra |2010-08-30
I have bleeding piles .This troube is there

Since many years still there. Kindly

suggest remedy.
Salman Sulltan  - piles |2009-12-06
I have a pimple like thing beside my anal is this symptom of plies or its due to heat please advice me
Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic treatment for fistula |2009-12-06
Hello salman

Generally a small pimple or boil near to anus represents fistula. THhis pimple generally causes pain,
discharge of pus and then remain silent after discharging pus till pus collects. This is very serious disease and
should be treated as early as possible to prevent further consequences and pain. You should start witha regular
course of - link: avimshati-Gugg
ulu-20gm.html?keyword=fistula to cure fistula, constipation and other anorectal diseases. This medicine will also
prevent its further spread and repeated pus formation and heal it without operation. Hot fomentation will relieve
your symptoms and help in fast healing of fistula.

Mittal  - pile |2009-10-30
This article is very very good and help ful for the such patient
dr.parag m. ghatode |2009-09-22
hello, this litrature is very much useful for me to treat the patients.
i would like to join ur institution for there any apportunity for that. i m now working as govt med officer since last3 years in govt of maha.
i want to do some better in my carrier. so if any opportunity is there then plz convey to my id. thank u .
Abeda mohd yaqub Shaikh Its  - Herbal and natural Tr for Piles |2009-08-14
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Arsohills 60 tablets - Piles Management
Arsohills Tablets manages piles, control the swelling of hemorrhoids, Helps control constipation & pain, Helps to facilitate the bowel movement, Act..

Pilox Capsules for Piles Treatment
Pilox Capsule is used to cure dry piles and bleeding piles and also removes Constipation with optimum..

Sharmayu Piles Free Capsules
Sharmayu Piles Free Capsules is an effective remedy for Piles and is indicated in bleeding and non bleeeding..

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Piles Patients

I am Chief Materials Manager of GSM project,at ITI LTD.BHopal ,a Public Sector Undertaking Govt. of India,Ministry of Communication.Having 26 yrs. Exp.,I am B.E(Ele ctrical),M.B.A.(Finance). I am 50 yrs.old having wife ,two collegegoing daughters.I am having Chronic Constipation and windy type of piles which gives me pain.My family resides in Kolkata and I am in Bhopal due to project work.
bleeding piles
I am suffering from piles,
im working man and have problem with piles and neurofabroma kindly suggest
suffering from piles
I am a 30 yrs aged guy and a piles anemic patient. loosing energy
I am facing problem in my komar , probably constipation/piles etc
i am interested in yoga and ayurveda so i want to cure my disease by ayurveda.i am a student.i am suffering from bleeding piles for the past 1 year.

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