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Pranayama Rahasya (Hindi)
This Book Contains Controlled Breathing Techniques of Pranayama like Bhastrika, Bahya, Kapalbhati, Anulom - Vilom, Udgeeth, Bhramri & Ujjayee also..


  1. Rules of pranayama
  2. Bhastrika Pranayama
  3. Kapalbhati Pranayama
  4. Anulom Vilom Pranayama
  5. Bhramari Pranayama
  6. Udgeeth Pranayama



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Kriti  - Cystic ovary |2016-04-12
Pranam Guruji, i am goin through infertility treatment since 5 years.i had operation for cystic ovary and block
fallopian tube 2 years back. I even developed fabroids in my breast soon after my operation.But now my recent report
shows reoccurance of cyst in both ovary and uterus .And even the egg formation is almost nil.Please suggest me swamiji
how will i be cured and will i ever conceive just have lost hope.please suggest me which all pranam should i do and
which medicine will help me how many doses.
Suresh  - chronic alergy |2013-06-29
sir, i m allergic to change of temperature in the night, smoke, fumes, dust etc. since my childhood. At the time there
is no blockage only a watery saliva flow. please help. Thank you.
Shagun  - Urine problem and pelvic muscles pain after delive |2013-06-27

I delivered 1 month back, i am having problem in controlling urine. It is leaking, doctor from Patanjali
Vaidayala suggested me VrikdoshHar vati and Gokshuradi guggul.

Current Condition:
Urine does leak occasionally now but
i get pain in muscles( around urethra) and a sensation to pass urine even after passing urine continuously which usually
happens late in night and i have pain in pubic area .
Please help me in treating this problem.

Previous problem during
I used to have pelvic area pain during my pregnancy(even from 2nd month onwards), sometimes it used to
propagate to the the lower back.
I used to have little urine incontinence during my pregnancy when i used to

Labor and delivery:
My labor continued for more time around 3-4 days. i was given oxytocin to induce labor and
was put on epidural and was on it for around 24 hours.
During pushing in labor, urine catheter(along with foley)
slipped from urethra. so there was little trauma caused around urethral opening.
Anjali  - PCOD and weight Problem |2013-06-26
Dear Swami Ji,

I have been suffering from PCOD since last 3 years. I tried with all the allopathic and homeopathic
treatments but no effect. I have put on 20 kgs in the last 3 years due to heavy body i can not be very active and feel
tired very soon.I dont get menses without medicine January.Please advice me what all pranayam and yoga Should I do or
which ayurvedic medicine should I take.

I do cycling for 5km in a day and yoga (kapalbati , anulom vilom) for 4 days in
a week at least. while doing kapalbhati i get very bad back pain .

kindly suggest me how to do it in a right

Ms Varsha Doshi  - Pranayama and Weight Loss/Hormonal Imbalance |2012-06-05
Pranam Babaji, I would be finishing my chardham yatra on 29th of September 2012. I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

have extended my stay in INdia for 10days to learn Pranayama and undergo some ayurvedic treatment,loose some weight,

Kindly advise on how I can confirm my stay for the 10days, who do i email or call to do the bookings.
How can i maximise my stay by learning the proper yoga lessons.?

Thanks and have an awesome day.
milind patil  - multiple lipomas |2011-12-18

i have multiple lipomas problem from last 2 yrs. please suggest any solution.
Dalbir Kaur Bhatia  - Treatment for sarcoidosis |2011-12-09
I am coming to India from 27th December, 2011 to 1st Janurary, 2012.
If it is possible to join your campus during this
time to learn managing/ curing Sarcoidosis. I would be greatful, if something is possible, and if I can meet Swami Ram
dev ji during this time that would be excellent. Thanks
usha Kumar ( kuwait)  - Stomach is big |2011-06-01
i delivered child 2 years back my weight is ok 50 but my stomach is big it did not got reduce .please help how can i
reduce it
Shailendra  - Yog At Patanjali |2011-04-16
I want to join a proper yog learning program at Patanjali Haridwar. Can you provide me with
details of that.I want to stay there for few days and learn.

Thank You
deepa upadhyay  - namaskar baba ji |2011-03-15
i am 26 yrs. yrs. old .i am pregnant .i need to know from u that what should i do in this condition .b/c i cant eat
anything now a days .always doing vomiting.many of the people suggest me to follow u baba ji.they said your suggestions
are great .so plssssssssss will u help me too.waiting for yr answer .

deepa upadhyay
Damanjeet Kaur  - facial hair problem. |2010-12-01
respected swamiji,

I live in australia i m 27 yrs old and bit overweight according to my height.I have one prominent
thick hair on my chin that keeps on growing after trimming it as well i m very concerned about it as i don't want to
look manly by getting more hair like it.Pls help in my family we don't have anyone having facial hair its only me and i
want to get rid of this hair on my chin
Hari  - Gray hair cure |2010-11-16
Please eat indian curry leaves(curi patta) as much as you can daily. Eating for one year will 100% bring all black. Eat
as much as you can.


Eat black sesame seeds( kala til) one teaspoon regularly. This will also bring sure

I have my own experience.

Please do post this
devi  - thank you |2010-11-11
guruji pranam,

thanks for educating all of us about our health,pranayamas, asanas medicines, they really work in
our daily life. you are equalant to god. thanks a lot
Amit  - Patanjali chemist shop in Edmonton |2010-08-14
i need to buy some of the medicines of Baba ji. I live in Canada Edmonton,
Please suggest me where i can find them.

big thanx in advance
Sumit Singh  - slipped disk |2010-01-22
Pranam Guru Ji ,,

Guru Ji , a days ago i sent you an e-mail regarding slipped disk , u told me these medicines to
Take these medicines regularly two to three times a day. Please tell me the right dosage of these three

Thank You.
amrita sharma  - weight loss |2009-10-28
Dear baba ji
sadar pranaam!

i got ur mail abt reduce the weight, baba ji u told me that i should take loki juice
and Divya MEDOHAR VATI bt u did not tell me that wat is the process to take this medicines.baba ji plz tell me and yes i
want to konw also this that if i will take regular these medicines on time then how many day i can reduce how much
weight plz tell me.

apki bachhi
amrita sharma

namaste baba ji
Dr@myyog  - herbal ways to reduce weight |2009-11-02
Hello amrita

Take medohar vati with warm water after meals and in the dose of four to six tablets daily. Keep diet rich
in fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink five liters of water daily. With diet restrictions, medicines, exercises and
pranayams, you should lose three to five kilos per week. Further queries are welcome.

amrita sharma  - loss weight |2009-10-27
dear swami ji sadar pranam,
swami ji i watch u every morning in astha channel. swami ji i am very fat,
swami ji i want
to reduce my weight as soon as possible by yoga bt i dont have time for it boz i m working girl i have to go to office 7
am and i come back to home at 6 pm plz tell how can i reduce my weight in this busy shedule.

your child

amrita sharma
Dr@myyog  - easy ways to lose weight |2009-10-27
Hello amrita

Weight loss is a slow process and you need to do a lot to shed off the extra weight. Make a regular
routine of walks, swimming,or cycling etc. Shift to complete natural and vegetarian diet. Divya MEDOHAR VATI
ablets/Divya-Medohar-vati-50gm.html) and Divya LOKI JUICE
eful-medicines/Divya-Loki-Jucie-1-litre.html) will help you to reduce weight easily. Just take your medicines regularly
and increase water intake to clear the toxins from body. You will get very good results in weight loss.

Santosh Gupta  - Lipomatosis(Multiple Lipoma) |2009-09-19
Pls help me to get solution for

i am 34 yr old suffering with multiple lipoma around my back of waist,fore
arms,stomach and in thighs for a past 10 years. please
guide to me for the cure of lipoma(multiple lipoma)
any one having treatment for lipoma pls phone me on 09###472053
lakshmi  - Hypoplast Anemia |2009-08-21
Pranam babaji,
My grandmother who is 69 yrs old is suffering from hypoplast anaemia . In april 2009 ,6 units of blood
transfusion was done.But W.B.C.,R.B.C & blood plattelets are decresing day by day.The haemoglobin is 35% now.Allopathic
docter has suggested for bone- marrow biopsy.Is there any treatment available .
you are the only hope for us. please
suggest something as soon as possible.
sana  - bad eye sight |2009-06-26
Pranam guruji, I m sonia 22yrs old residing in delhi. I m doing a computer job which is 8hours a day. I have problem in
eye visions. I have minus 1.5 eye vision. Pls suggest the hepful pranayam becoz I dont want to go through surgery
even glasses. It will be a great help 4 me as well as 4 those who have this problem.
Dhanyavad (means Thank you)
sandeep  - Eye problem |2009-08-03
Pranam guruji, I m sandeep 29 yrs old residing in indore. I am doing a computer job which is 8hours a day. I have
problem in my
eye visions. I have plud 1.5 eye vision. Pls suggest the hepful pranayam becoz I dont want to go
through surgery or
even glasses. It will be a great help 4 me as well as 4 those who have this problem.
(means Thank you)[/quote][quote=sana]Pranam guruji, I m sonia 22yrs old residing in delhi. I m doing a computer job
which is 8hours a day. I have problem in my
eye visions. I have minus 1.5 eye vision. Pls suggest the hepful
pranayam becoz I dont want to go through surgery or
even glasses. It will be a great help 4 me as well as 4
those who have this problem.
Dhanyavad (means Thank you)
sona  - hydrosalpinx |2009-05-10
namaste guruji,
i am having hydrosalpinx in my left fellopian tube , please advise if this can be cured with

thanks you, sona
YogaGuru |2009-05-11
Do Kapalbhati, Bahaya and Anuloma Viloma pranayama every day in morning & evening for cure.
rhea  - PCOD |2009-05-06

I have been suffering from PCOD since last May. i tried with all the allopathic and homeopathic treatments but
to no effect. I have put on 10 kgs in the last one year. I have developed a severe problem of acidity and constipation
also during the course. My situation is becoming very depressing. My last hope is in Yoga only as i dint have menses
since January.Please advice me with the Yoga or the ayurvedic medicine. Waiting for your reply.

Rajitha  - grey hair |2009-04-30
Iam 35 years old. I started greying when I was 22 years and now the top of hair is very grey. I do kapalabhati
and anulom vilom for 5 minutes each and I do nail rubbing for almost 10 minutes in the morning and evening. I have been
practising these for 6 months now on a daily basis . I also eat Amla supari everyday. I oil my hair with amla oil and
wash it with herbal shampoo.But there is no change in hair colour. can you please tell me what Iam doing wrong and how I
can get my black hair colour back again.

Also can you please tell me whether I should rub my nails only on an empty
stomach or can I do it anytime?
Anirban Gupta  - Autoimmune Hemolytic anemia |2009-04-27
Dear Guruji,

My mother(age 51) is suffereing from Autoimmune hemolytic anemia from past 6 months and is prone
urine infection from last 2 years. She is presently on steroids but she soon the doses are lowered her hemoglobin
decreasing. Guruji please help us as we are suffering from serious tension because of her illness. Please tell
remedies to cure her soon.

Thanks and regards,

Sanjay Singh  - "Tinnitus": Ringing sound in both ears |2009-04-05
Respected Yoga Guruji:

I live in Edmonton Canada. I am 45 years old male. For last 4 months I have 'ringing sounds'
in my both ears. I have this internal sound all the time (day & night). I can't sleep or work. Guruji, please tell me
some remedy. What should I do? I am feeling so helpless. My ENT doctor in Canada said that this disease is called
'TINNITUS'. Please bless me and please suggest me some permanent treatment of this problem.

Please reply quickly as I
am depending on only 'God' or on 'your help'.


Edmonton, Canada.
Salonee  - Namaste Swami jii |2009-03-25
Namaste Swami jii.
I am interested in your yoga classes I want to start a centre of yoga classes and sell medecines
and cds in the same place what is the procedure I live in Bangalore,Kindly guide me and help me to start under your
guidence. Thanking you
qamer uddin  - Thank you |2009-03-16
Date 16th March ,2009
Swami Ram Dev Maharaj JI
S. M. Qamer uddin

Respected Swami Ram Dev Maharaj

You will gland to know that I was suffering last five year with anus problem I don’t know what was the problem.
I have checked so many specialist doctor’s india and Saudi Arabia, according to doctor there is no any diesis in your
anus but I asked to doctors why burning in anus of toilet. I am watching your yoga, pranayam program through astha
channel everyday & follow up your pranayam, yoga & cool milk with one lemon everyday. You believe me within three
day’s I feel very well. Right now I don’t have any diesis. Thank a lot’s Swami Ram Dev Maharaj Ji & his all
member’s who is supporting to Swami Ram Dev Maharaj Ji

I would like to again thank you.

With best

S. M. Qamer uddin
P. O. Box 1275
Dammam 31431
K. S. A.
qamer uddin  - Thank You |2009-03-16
Date 16th March ,2009
Swami Ram Dev Maharaj JI
S. M. Qamer uddin

Respected Swami Ram Dev Maharaj

You will gland to know that I was suffering last five year with anus problem I don’t know what was the problem.
I have checked so many specialist doctor’s india and Saudi Arabia, according to doctor there is no any diesis in your
anus but I asked to doctors why burning in anus after toilet. I am watching your yoga, pranayam program through astha
channel everyday & follow up your pranayam, yoga & cool milk with one lemon everyday. You believe me within three
day’s I feel very well. Right now I don’t have any diesis. Thank a lot’s Swami Ram Dev Maharaj Ji & his all
member’s who is supporting to Swami Ram Dev Maharaj Ji

I would like to again thank you very much.

With best

S. M. Qamer uddin
P. O. Box 1275
Dammam 31431
K. S. A.
ketan  - videos of jalniti |2009-03-10
pl.send me the videos of jalniti.
Tina  - PCOD |2009-02-20
Namaste Swamiji,

I have been detected with PCOD recently. Though I used to do pranayam earlier, am not regular in it.
Incidentally I also have Hypothyroidism. I am taking allopathic medicines now(Ginette 35 and Cetaphin XR). I have a lot
of weight and am married also since last 2 years now.Please help me how to cure this.
Rakesh Gupta  - High BP and Acidity |2009-02-06
Pranam Guruji!
My wife has High BP (around 135/90) since she delivered the baby in Dec
2007. As such she has not
taken any medicine but some times we have
consulted the doctors and they advised that such problem happen and may

remain till such time she is feeding to baby and it doesn't require any
medication. Presently she feeds baby only in
the night since 1st Jan 2009.

She feels quite tired. Also has complains for gastric and feels giddiness
(presently she is feeling from past 2-3days not continuous).

She is doing Pranayam regularly for last 8-10 months
(Kapal bharti for 150
times, Anulom vilom for about 120 times, Bhastrika for about 5 min.,
Brahmari for about 5
min. and udgeet for about 5 min in addition to Yoging
and jogging for about 5-10 min)

Also taking Bottle guard
juice twice a day. She started mixing Amla but She
feels more it gives more gastric problem. it is the same with pure
juice (did not mix with Bottle guard juice). She takes very minimum Salt.

Please advice what she should do.
Is she doing any Pranayam wrongly?

How she can be perfectly all right. Should we wait till she stop feeding to
even for night also? Looking for your early reply.

Many Thanks
Yoga Guru  - Re : High BP and acidity |2009-02-06
Dear Rakesh

She is doing fine with pranayama but if she can stop jogging then there will be a good effect in High Blood
Instead of jogging she can raise anuloma viloma pranayama steps or time as this the best pranayama for High
Also she have to take control on herself regarding some tensions which cause High BP.After she stops the feeding
then she can take Ayurvedic medicine "Divya Mukta Vati" which is best suitable for High blood pressure.
Once she
stops feeding then just confirm to me so i will refer some divya yog mandir herbal medicines.

Warm Regards
Yoga Guru
lovey  - memory |2009-02-05

I have slight memory problem so kindly suggest me wat to do for improving my memory.
As you always does such a
nobel job so heartly salute your efforts.Plz help me,if possible.

Thankx in advance.......
amitverma  - about baby consive |2009-02-04

i m not consive baby i m male & i want to improve my cells how can i do it pls tell me

its urgent
Yoga Guru  - Eat Divya yog mandir's medicines |2009-02-06
Dear Amit

Below are medicines which can help you through the problem.

1. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati
2. Divya Shilajeet
3. Divya Chandraprabha vati

Plus You have to do pranayama daily to reach your target.

Also below is a URL of the
pages on which medicines of your interest is


Make sure that there will
be no spaces in the above URLs.

Good Luck
Warm Regards
Yoga Guru
tripti  - hair problem |2009-01-31
Jai Shree krishna Guruji,

I am 24 years old. The grey hair is creating problem for me. There were only 2 or 3 hair
earlier but now there are many. And also I was thin earlier but suddenly in 2 months i gain weight. Please tell me what
to do to reduce weight and to get my black hair back.

Tripti Rathi
Yoga Rishi  - RE : hair and weight problem |2009-01-31
Just do Kapalbhati pranayama and bahya pranayama daily to reduce weight and get back your black hair.also in spare time
do nail rubbing.
God Bless
s amit kumar  - multiple lipoma |2009-01-26
Respected guru ji,
iam 27 yr old and working in Indian Navy as a Submariner. iam suffering with multiple lipoma
around my back of waist,fore arms and in thighs for a past 7 years.Three year back i removed some of them by surgery for
cosmetic reasons,however, i observed that after the surgery the rate of growth has increased in other parts of my body.
MS and homeopathy has no medicine for this disease. Now my only hope is your aashirwad,medicine and yogas. please
suggest me your valuable suggestions for the cure of lipoma. Thank you.
Yoga Guru  - Lipoma Problem |2009-01-26
Below is a URL of a page on the medicines for your disease is Given.If you really want to cure your problem then you
have to eat those medicines and yes, you also have to start doing pranayama daily for atleast 1 hour.
pranayama is very Useful for you and if you start doing it mnore early then it will give you a instant Relief.
Medicines + Pranayama = Kill

Get Cured early and God bless you
shiv kumar saxena  - saxena |2009-01-22
respected guruji
one of my friend mr. g.s.saxena son suffering from kidney infction disease. as per doctor left side
kidney not funtioning. he is 9 years what can i do.


A-280, new vijay nagar,
sector-9, ghaziabad
mob.09###834347, 09###584260
shampa roy |2009-01-21
Dear Shamiji
my weight is 72 how it is losses my age is 31 height is 5-1
kalyani kulkarni  - Fallopian tubes damaged & earlier hydrosalpinx |2009-01-15
My both the tube are damaged & also earlier detected hydrosalpinx in my tubes.
I was a Kocks patient...
Please tell me

Mrs.shashikala C dabke  - Obsessive compulsive disorder |2009-01-12
Pranam guruji,

My yelder sister son 9 years old is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder (Repetitive
behaviors (e.g., hand washing, ordering, checking) or mental acts (e.g., praying, counting, repeating words silently)
that the person feels driven to perform in response to an obsession, or according to rules that must be applied
rigidly)since last one year. Shown to phycatrist tablets dosages incresed from 20 mg to 70 mg still it not comming to
control .Actualy he picks his hair from head ,eye lash, Even he understands it should be controlled , but it is
happening with him. Since last one month homeopathic treatement is also started. We are very much worried .He stays in
bangalore. I want the help despirately from you guruji. pl help me. where I can get treatement / meditation of yours at
bangalore or any where you tell us . we are ready come there.

help me please ,please

thank you
Pranam guruji
YogaGuru |2009-01-13
Wake him up early in the morning and make him sit in front of TV watching Baba Ramdev teaching pranayama at Astha
channel. Ask him to practice pranayama along with Baba ramdev daily and he should be fine.
ranjana  - pain in back bone |2009-01-10
pranam gugrg
i m prggnent women only 2month past and i have a problem of back side espesially in kamar mai or pith mai
bahut dard hota hai
plz help me
sapna  - muscle pain |2009-01-05
Pranam Swamiji,
from last 6 yrs i m suffring from civier hand muscle pain. tried all d medicine. i cant drive, do any
so i eant to come to ur Yoga Ashram ay Haridwar and take proper tratment from u .
plz advice when i can come and
how much wl b d expences ? plz treat this as urgent, Sir.
regards, sapna.
sapna  - wating |2009-01-05
Sir, wating for ur early reply.
thnx. sapna.
neham88  - Yog At Patanjali |2009-01-04
Jai Hind

Guru ji
I want to join a proper yog learning program at Patanjali Haridwar. Can you provide me with some
details of that.I want to stay there for few days and learn.

Thank You

Jai Hind.
maheshdeshmukh1123  - pregnency problem |2009-01-01
om guruji
we are married for last 3yrs till but no pregnency plz help me out [ first year 3 time it and 2nd yrs also
but not more than 35-40 days plz help us out
drshail77  - Ankylosing sponidylities. |2008-12-24
Guruji Pranam
I am Dr Shailendra yadav A diagnosed case of Ankylosing spondylities since 10 years.Presently my Back
muscles are all stiff and I am unable to bend forwar with lots of pain In my ribs and pain also started in my neck since
last one month.I have to take pain killers almost daily to get rid of pain. Please advise me proper Yoga theraphy or
treatment so as to avoid this diability and medicines. Di I need to come to Haridwar for learning Yoga or shall I learn
it from your Tv Show.Please advise me
kasturi  - greying of hair |2008-12-21
I have Grey hair don't know why?but i don't eat much oily & i regularly rub my nails for 10 minutes everyday.Still there
is no effect.Please tell me some solution.And with this i have 1 more problem thats gas.Is there any common thing for
these problems?please tell
Yoga Rishi  - Gas Problem |2008-12-21
Dear Kasturi

For grey hair problem do "anuloma viloma prnayama" daily for 30 minutes and for gastric trouble
there is a URL Below.
Go through the page on URL and Take the choornas daily as prescribed and also you can purchase
them online.
Also Concentrate on your eating habits eat oily food only once in a week.
drink minimum 2 glasses of hot
water everyday.
praveenpatidar  - sinus problem with alergy |2008-12-13
when i getup from the bed. naak bahti hai jab tak ki me tea ya kuch khana na kha lun.
chike aati hai.
Nak bahut bahta
naak dono hi band rahati hai
me pranaayam to karna janta hun par nahi kar sakta kunki jese hi saans lene ki kosis
karta hun cheke aur tej ho jati hai and sardi become outof control.............
plz help
Yoga Rishi  - sinusitis problem |2008-12-21
Dear Praveen
below is the URL for swami ramdev medicine package for sinus also you can buy it online.Take medicine daily
in the morning and evening and do only "Kapalbhati Pranayama" as it can be done in sinusitis. Good
divya  - PCOD |2008-12-08
i divya suffering from PCOD from past 3 yrs, i was 50 kgs, but now im more then 76kgs, i do pranayaam
every day but i dint reduce till now.. im 24yrs old,,, i feel shy to mingle with others and i look like aunty when i go
out with my friends of same age.. when i do asanas i get body pains.. some times i feel like to die but its not
resolution.. Dr kept me on hormonal medicine where im gaining more doing whatever u say on Tv and i bought
cds of ramdev baba...
please for god sake suggest me what to do...... please...
Yoga Rishi  - Now here is solution for ur problem |2008-12-21
Dear divya

below are some point that will makes you cure from it:-
1. when you get wake up in the morning then
immediately after awakening dring 2 glasses of fresh water and fill your stomach with water.

2. after drinking water go
to toilet and get fresh.

3. After half an hour from drinking water start doing Kapalbhati pranayama starting from 10
minutes to 15 minutes regularly without not more than 3 stops.

4. and the last is eat two meals in a day - first one at
12 noon and second one at 7pm. "Remember that do not eat anything between 12 to 7".

Good luck you will loose
weight in 30 days
divya  - PCOD |2008-12-22
thank you

i started doing yoga regularly but i easily get tired after doing yoga...
every one saying only to loose
weight i dint had my menstrual from past 10 months.. i left all my medication coz im really fed up of using tat.. i had
mood disturbance, frustration,..

thank u soo much
divya |2008-12-22
thank u
Jit Mohan Pareya |2008-11-24
I want to purchase CD of pranayam from where I could get the CD. Please give me the address to purchase.
Jit Mohan Pareya  - G6PD Deficient |2008-11-24
Sir, I am G6PD deficient and 30 yrs. of age and married life of 3 1/2 yrs. but we have no child, sir can you suggest me
that I may have a healthy child and what is cure of G6PD deficient. Thanking you
Yoga Rishi  - Purchase VCD and do pranayama |2008-12-21
Dear Jit Mohan

Below is a URL of a page in which VCDs are listed You can online purchase them.
After having VCDs start
doing pranayama for minimum 1hr daily including "Kapalbhati and anuloma viloma pranayamas" 30 minutes each.
Luck and You will definitely have a happy married
chaitali  - thyroid |2008-10-30
Pranams Swamiji,

I have a TSH count of 200.18. i have been put on medicine. Pls guide, how to reduce my TSH and
accompanying weight gain.

Yoga Rishi  - Thyroid care |2008-12-21
Dear chaitali

Below is a Link for a page on which swami ramdev's medicine for curing Thyroid is listed.It's name is
medohar vati. You can Purchase it online and take it regularly in the morning and evening.with this medicine do Ujjayi
pranayama daily for 5 minutes and your thyroid will get cured as it had cured
others. ohar-vati-50gm.html
aditya  - cure me |2008-10-30
i m having cough problem from last 4years some time it dec. some time it inc. but it never get over it always with me 12
months please tell me waht should i do?
kaddalkumar  - Spondalytis problem |2008-10-29
Dear Swamiji,

I am being diagnosed for spondalytis problem. In my left side of my lower back I am feeling intense
pain. I am doing Pranayam but not more than 10-15 min (Bastrika, Kapal bhati, bahya pranayam, anulom bilom) as i am
getting tired. My heigh is 5 feet 10 inch and weight 80 kg. I went to Gurgaon camp and as per the advice from Yoga
instructor I am taking Aelovera Juice and other 3 medicines. But the problem is there. Will it not be cured fully?

advise me as soon as possible.

sanchita ganguly  - medicine required |2008-09-29
i would like to reduce my weight and therefore would like to know the medicines i need to have and their method of
usage. also how much weight can be lost by having these medicines. and are these medicines too expensive in india
NIYATI SHAH  - yoga teacher traning |2008-09-26
pranam swamiji,

i want the infromatin about YOGA TEACHER TRANING COURSE in your ashram. please send me details to
do the tracher traning course in your ashram.

thank you,

YogaGuru |2008-09-29
Please make a contact at patanjali yog peeth at below mentioned numbers:


Kamal Tyagi  - Heart Disease |2008-09-25
Dear Swamiji

I am 34 years old. I have been diagnosed with heart block (50% in one artery, as reflected by
angiography). As per doctors, there is no need for angioplasty as of now, however may be required in future. I, like any
person, do not want to undergo angioplasty or any other surgery. I am on medication now. But I was not relieved with
pain. Then I started taking medicines and bottle guard juice as prescribed in your cd. My pain has come down, but still
I have pain and that too 24 hours. Please advise me about pranayama camp and bless me.

Thanks and Regards

Kamal Tyagi
House No. 42, 3rd Cross
Telecom Layout, Near Tennis Village
Bangalore -
09###503373 (mobile)
YogaGuru |2008-09-29
Dear Kamal,

are you practicing pranayama ?
subrataa chakraborty  - irregular periods and overweight. |2008-09-25
pranam guruji,
thanks for your advices and reply. i am doing kapalbhati, anuloom biloom and bhrmari. i am taking stri
rasayab vati and mehdohar vati right now. but shall i continue to take the medicines during my periods also. kindly
Sunil  - Slip disc and depression |2008-09-21
Pranama. My name is Sunil.

I'm not sure if my last message to you came through so I'm going to try again. My
apologies if you're having to read the same email twice.

I normally do prayanama (kapalbhati and anulom vilon: 30mins
each once a day since it helps with my severe depression and anxiety (I can't sometimes get out of bed in the

About three months ago a previous condition that I had (slip disc in the neck: C4 and C5) returned. I
injured myself while swimming). When I try to do Kapallbhati or anulom vilom, I get pain in my neck. Thus for the last
three months I stopped prayanama compltely and my depression is much stronger and affecting me even more.

Can you
please suggest what I can do?

Thank you and pranam.

YogaGuru |2008-09-23
You must not do pranayama if you feel pain, I advice you to visit the nearest Patanjali clinic near your place and seek
medical advice from Vaida after diagnosis.
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