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Divya Amla Churna

Divya Amla Churna
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Category: Amla, Eye Problems

Main composition:

Amla (Phyllanthus emblica).

Therapeutic benefits:

  • Amla is full of medicinal properties & the richest possible natural source of vitamin 'C'. It also contains many essential elements for keeping our body healthy & resistant to germs & infections.
  • It is useful for hair loss, acidity, constipation, indigestion, & skin ailments.
  • It gently cleanses & detoxifies the system while simultaneously replenishing & nourishing it.
  • It is also useful in eye disorders & constipation.


To be taken at bed time with warm water.


One teaspoonful (5 gram).

Available in : 100 grams.

- Baba Ramdev Medicine

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Divya Amla Churna Reviews

Customer Reviews :

vipin Shrivas  (Thursday, 05 February 2015), Rating: 4
there are so nice nd herbal product for making our body good, They help me alot to live soo easy...
and I hope you can also take a benefit from patanjali\'s products..

JHA  (Thursday, 30 October 2014), Rating: 5

kalpana  (Saturday, 11 February 2012), Rating: 5
dear swamiji,

just now i am in usa. and i am trying to become a pregent. my age is 39. i am taking your alma juice every day. any problem occure if i taking amla juice to get a pregences.
please give me answer
thank you
Abishekh Sinha  (Monday, 07 November 2011), Rating: 5
Dear Team,

I & my whole family is a big Fan of Baba Ramdev and Patanjali.
My name is Abishekh Sinha, Age 29 residing in Kolkata phone-91###10366.Suddenly I got a shock, when i visited eye doctor.She have done a check and said I have an inflamation in retina.For this reason, I have getting dark spot , while seeinh from left eye.Doctor told that it is very serious and urgent I have to take 3 days steriod injection.Doctor said that it will not cure the left eye vision , but tring to stop the inflamation/swelling spreading.Every day I am taking Steriod tablet of 50 mg.But i am very afraid, as whole family depends on me. Please suggest me to resolve my left eye vision due to inflamation.
saruchi  (Tuesday, 22 March 2011), Rating: 1
I have senstive skin and irregular skin color
Near nose and around lips but my overall complextion is fair
But i m suffered from severe acne and lots of dark scar on face,back and shoulder area
But in a year for 2 mnth my skin become totally clean and again small acne start which become a big one after some days
I treated this pblm from everywhere, i allready taken kaya kalap vatti and amla and aloeveera juice and trifla too.
I suffered from this pblm last 8 years but nthing is effective.
Pls suggest sir

basant  (Saturday, 04 December 2010), Rating: 1
Pranam Babaji,
I am sufferering from severe acidity problem.
As per your advise in Astha channel i have taken amla + alovera juice but getting no relief.
Kindly suggest me how to cure from this.
Nihal Singh Yadav  (Wednesday, 06 October 2010), Rating: 1
Respected Baba Ramdev ji Pranam,
Presently out of 500 Amla trees about 200 trees are producing good quality of amla but in the wholesale market the rates are very low.My Amla Farm is located near REWARI (Haryana).You are requested to instruct the person concerned to write/ ring up. My mobile No. is 09###104378
Thanking you
Reply is awaited
arf  (Wednesday, 29 September 2010), Rating: 1
my eye sight is weak minus 2.5 in left eye and minus 3 in right eye i m doing alom vilom and kapla bhathi for 15 mins in evening and in morning too i m also on amla juice and carror juice these days i m daily taking it in morning after doing yoga plz suggest me does it really works and wat shud i add more 2 this method for improving my eye sight and how much time it will take 2 imrprove my eye sight plzzz help me
afreen sheikh  (Wednesday, 29 September 2010), Rating: 1
hello guru ji my eye sight is weak .. my left eye has minus 2.5 number and right eye has minus 3 .... these days i m doing aolom vilom and kapal bhati .. and i m regularly taking amla juice and carror juice plzzz tell me does it really works if i will keep continuing this method ... i want 2 get rid os glasses in a year bcoz next year i m going to be marry plz suggest me wat else i shud be add to get rid from glasses and to improve my eye sight
Sk Rafik Uddin  (Tuesday, 24 August 2010), Rating: 1

I have acidity problem for last one year i have taking medicine but no relief.
Recently one of my freing suggest Amla Juice.Is it right product for me. Other wise what will we take. Please mhelp me.

s c budhiraja  (Monday, 26 July 2010), Rating: 1
Most respected Swami Ji!

There are two types of triphla viz:

1).harad, baheda & amla in equal weight ratio.

2).harad, baheda & amla in ratio of 1:2:4.
My question is: what is the relative advantages of the two types & how to use them.

Kindly eleborate.

I am your follower

s c budhiraja
age:68 yrs from delhi
amit  (Saturday, 20 March 2010), Rating: 1
Dear Sir / Madam,
Please accept this letter as our invitation. We would welcome you as the purchaser of our product.
We are the manufacturer of Aloe Vera & Amla Juice. The Quantity of Aloe Vera & Amla Juice available with us 500 liter per week.
You are invited to join us for the same.
Amit Sharma
arjun swami  (Monday, 15 February 2010), Rating: 1
i want to know the dose for drishti and amla churna.i have very high number of my spectackles.i want to improve my eyesight .so plz tell me the dose of the medicine.i want to get rid of my high number spectackles.
Hemlata Pandey  (Wednesday, 30 December 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Guruji,
I have a severe hairfall problem. I am having Baba Ramdevs medicine alongwith Amla juice and massaging my hair with Kesh Kanti but nothing is happening. I am really worried please help me.
iqbal kaur  (Thursday, 17 December 2009), Rating: 1
I have been suffering from Chronic Acidity for a long- long time. I am taking Avipatikar Chooran. I have finished 2 bottles but still is very severe. I am using Aloe juice and Amla juice as well. Can you tell me what else i can use.
Please replay!
Thank you
Manoj  (Sunday, 06 December 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Gurugi,
I am suffering from acute urticaria, from last one and half years.This is in form of daily erruption of elevated red burning patches on my body, which lasts for 4/6 hours. I am regular at pranayam and intake of aloever/amla juice.I have tried allopathy and homeopathy medicines but no improvements.Please help me.
BASUDEV PAUL  (Saturday, 03 October 2009), Rating: 1
Respected Ramdevji
I am an user of patanjali ayurvedic medicine which are health supplyment like Aloevera Juice, Amla Juce, Loki-Amla Juice , Bel Murrbba on regular basis.
Our family is really benefited by using this products.
Now as per my knowledge that these kind of medicines are mostly packed in good quality plastic containers and can be used for re-packing of same medicine at patanjali workshop after proper cleaning and adding the new cap onlyat least 3-4 times.
If this processes is implemented packing cost of medicine will be reduced which may result the benefit of users.
As these medicines are sold throuh authorised dealers only so they can do the processes of empty container collection from the users.
Other thing I think till date these products are used by awared people so they can return these empty containers.
Finally it may prevent medicine malparctitioners for re-using these containers by purchasing through local scrap sellers.

Thanks a lot
Basudev Paul
88/2/2 Sriganesh Nivas
Taranagar Hyderabad-500 019.
It will reduce the packing
Amit  (Saturday, 12 September 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Jagdish

Start Aloevera n Amla juice, dosage is 50ml. each, u'll fell the freshness in ur body within a week
swami naidu  (Sunday, 23 August 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Sir,
We are from Andhra Pradesh Forest Dev. Corpn.(a State Govt. Organisation) We are having 500 acres of amla plantations we will supply amla juice or pulp in whichever form you require

Kindly revert back.
V.Swami Naidu,
Divisional Manager,
A.P.F.D.C Ltd.
Ph: 98###08714 (Mob)
0883-24###68 (land).
Gurudatt Kulkarni  (Monday, 17 August 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Gurudev

Please advice for the followings.

I have 2 Kids

ARIN - Male 4.7 yrs old, I have started him Amla Juice and Aloe Vera 10 ml each twice aday from last 5 days. Is it advisable to go with the dosage ?

SHRIYA - Female 4.5 months Is it advisable to give Godhan Ark 1 ml in the morning to infant ?

My wife also started taking Amla Juice + Aloe Vera Juice since 5 Days 20 ml each twice a day. However My baby shriya started vometting after Milking. She had habit of vometing since birth. But for last 20 days it has stopped. Whether my wife should continue with Amla Juice + Aloe Vera
dwarakanath  (Monday, 25 May 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Himanshu,
I can understand your problem and is giving you a solution.Give your father Divya Aloevera juice and Divya amla juice to drink and there will be a miraculous fast increase in their blood platelets and also make him happy everytime.
Good Luck.
Manu Bhatia  (Tuesday, 19 May 2009), Rating: 1

You need to do a couple of things.
First, is faith in God and purity of thoughts to the core of your heart.

Secondly, take sattvic, light & nutritious food. I suggest, read some literature for this. Follow a strict routine, finish ur last meal at least 3 hours before sleeping. Avoid constipation.Avoid stress. Take amla juice.

Thirdly, start doing pranayam & some asans. The first system to be purified by pranayam is the reproductive system.

Fouthly, listen to Swami Ramdevji's daily lectures telecast on TV. They are most effective in ridding your mind of bad/evil thoughts.

With god's grace and your efforts, your conscience will take hold very soon. I would say a month at max.
Rajitha  (Thursday, 30 April 2009), Rating: 1
Iam 35 years old. I started greying when I was 22 years and now the top of hair is very grey. I do kapalabhati and anulom vilom for 5 minutes each and I do nail rubbing for almost 10 minutes in the morning and evening. I have been practising these for 6 months now on a daily basis . I also eat Amla supari everyday. I oil my hair with amla oil and wash it with herbal shampoo.But there is no change in hair colour. can you please tell me what Iam doing wrong and how I can get my black hair colour back again.

Also can you please tell me whether I should rub my nails only on an empty stomach or can I do it anytime?
Yoga Guru  (Wednesday, 04 March 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Himanshu,
I can understand your problem and is giving you a solution.Give your father Divya Aloevera juice and Divya amla juice to drink and there will be a miraculous fast increase in their blood platelets and also make him happy everytime.
Good Luck.
Yoga Guru  (Monday, 02 March 2009), Rating: 1
Take divya aloevera juice for curing your skin diseases. Also take amla juice for cleaning and nourishing your body skin. Plus do kapalbhati & anuloma viloma pranayama to get cured early.
Good Luck
Rakesh Gupta  (Friday, 06 February 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Guruji!
My wife has High BP (around 135/90) since she delivered the baby in Dec
2007. As such she has not taken any medicine but some times we have
consulted the doctors and they advised that such problem happen and may
remain till such time she is feeding to baby and it doesn't require any
medication. Presently she feeds baby only in the night since 1st Jan 2009.

She feels quite tired. Also has complains for gastric and feels giddiness
sometime (presently she is feeling from past 2-3days not continuous).

She is doing Pranayam regularly for last 8-10 months (Kapal bharti for 150
times, Anulom vilom for about 120 times, Bhastrika for about 5 min.,
Brahmari for about 5 min. and udgeet for about 5 min in addition to Yoging
and jogging for about 5-10 min)

Also taking Bottle guard juice twice a day. She started mixing Amla but She
feels more it gives more gastric problem. it is the same with pure lemon
juice (did not mix with Bottle guard juice). She takes very minimum Salt.

Please advice what she should do. Is she doing any Pranayam wrongly?

How she can be perfectly all right. Should we wait till she stop feeding to
baby even for night also? Looking for your early reply.

Many Thanks
ratna  (Sunday, 01 February 2009), Rating: 1
Please can u tell me what to doe for pigementation or damge cause by sun or damage by wrong creme use.? Ma face lookt darker than other part of body?
Please need ur advice, live in Holland?Europe.
Doing already everymorning 10 minutes kapalbhati en anuloom viloom 3 minutes, together with u tv screen.

We don't have the amla and aloevera creme etc.

My second question want to stay at ur ashram in may for a week, is it possible?

Please looking forward ,

Nemeshkaar Babaji
Navjeet singh  (Saturday, 17 January 2009), Rating: 1

I am a guy of chaibasa city of Jharkhand state. I want to have a authorise franchaise of SWAMI RAMDEV JI ‘s PATANJALI STORE so that people in our city could also have the benefits and awareness about pure and effective ayurvadic products as well as medicines. Now people have to travel a very long distance to saraikela or jamshedpur to buy the products.
I have a sufficient space at the prime location at the heart of the city. I want to have each and every product of PATANJALI. And I am ready to invest what ever the business says.
I and all in my family are the regular viewer of SWAMI RAMDEV JI’s shivir, telecasted everyday in astha channel. We do not only watch it but practice the same every morning. We also encourage our nebours and relatives to follow it..
Recently we started using the daily use products like soap, shampoo, dantmanjan, eye drop, murabba of amla, amla candy. I saw these items very effective. I want that all the people should use these and take the benefit of it. So I want to join the PATANJALI FAMILY and I‘ll be glad to called as its member.
As Chaibasa is surrounded by so many small towns and villages which are totally depended on chaibasa’s market, so I hope a healthy and successful business and turnover here.
So kindly let me act as your agent as a authorised PATANJALI STORE.

Thanx & regards
Navjeet singh
jain market
chaibasa singbhum(west)
Mob: 09###397785
ratna  (Thursday, 25 December 2008), Rating: 1
Nameshkar Ji,
Since one year my face became dark comparing my other parts of body and also got pigmentation.

Watching every morning pranayaam on tv, by satellite in Holland/Netherland, i started with anuloo/viloom and kapalbhati. Since short drinking aloevera,a s we don't have oher amla juice etc.
But maybe i am not that fare, because the problem is still there.
What to do?

Plese need ur help.
Planning to come in march 2009, to ur Ashram and woul dlike ti stay a week, is it possible?

Please looking for ur help,

Thank u!,
Jai Shree Raam
Sharad Mishra  (Saturday, 28 June 2008), Rating: 1
I want to Have Alovera Juice & Amla Juice at Guwahati.Please suggest how to get?Is there any shop or center available at Guwahati

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