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Shilajit Gold (Sexual Health)

Shilajit Gold (Sexual Health)
Product Reviews

Packaging (10 Capsules) - 1 strip of of shilajit gold contains 10 capsules, produced by Dabur India Ltd.

Too much of mental & physical stress can have a direct or indirect effect on sexual activities of a person & often leads to a number of sex related problems. These problems could be premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, thin semen, reduction in sperm count & discharge of semen in urine.

Shilajit Gold is a wonder medicine of all such problems. Tested on the yard stick of time, prepared with herbs & a standardized mixture of Shilajit, it is useful in above mentioned sex related problems in an effective manner.

Consumption: Take 1 to 2 capsules twice a day with milk.

Benefits of Dabur Shilajit Gold

composition of Dabur Shilajit Gold with their actions listed below:

  1. Shilajit: Shilajit is a natural extract from the Himalaya rocks, which contains plenty of iron & 49 other valuable minerals. Use of Shilajit gives energy to the body, which helps to keep the body constitution normal.
  2. Kesar or Saffron: is a stimulant, aphrodisiac & a nervine tonic. It also possesses anti fatigue property.
  3. Ashwagandha: Possesses rejuvenating & aphrodisiac properties.
  4. Alkushi or Kaunch Beej: possesses aphrodisiac property, is helpful in spermatorrhea & improves sexual health.
  5. Safed Musli: is a well-known sexual nutritive tonic & is often given with milk along with other composition in cases of seminal weakness & impotence.
  6. Gokshru: It increases the sperm count & enhances the desire for sex. Besides, it helps to make sperm thicker.
  7. Akarkara: It helps in erection of penis & boosts the sexual desire.
  8. Jaiphal: It enhances sexual desire & stops premature ejaculation.
  9. Lavang: Lavang helps in delaying ejaculation & increases the duration of sexual intercourse. Lavang increases the body temperature & thereby enhances the desire for sex.

composition of Shilajit Gold

Shilajit, Swarna Bhasma, Kesar, Kaunch beej, Gokhshru, Ashwagandha, Lavanga, Safed Mushali, Jaiphal, Akarkara, Barahikand, Bedarikand, Yashada bhasma, Dalchini, Kapoor, Rajat Bhasma, Nutmeg oil

- Herbal / Ayurvedic medicine, Natural remedy

Divya Shilajit Sat (pure shilajit extract)
A unique preparation containing shilajeet (shilajit) which helps in Sexual health..

Divya Shilajit Sat (10 Bottles)
A unique preparation containing shilajeet (shilajit) which helps in Sexual health..

Divya Shilajit Capsule (10 Packs)
Shilajit Capsule contains Shilajit extract inside capsules & is best for General Debility..

Divya Shilajit Capsule
Shilajit Capsule contains Shilajit extract inside capsules & is best for General Debility..

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Shilajit Gold (Sexual Health) Reviews

Customer Reviews :

Shonu  (Thursday, 18 May 2017), Rating: 5
My ling 5se ,6 inch h
Age 22 year
Kya aap ling badane me meri help karoge aapke pas koi aisa product h jis SE ling lamba or mota ho jaye
Pls sir help me
I\'m really very upset
Shonu  (Thursday, 18 May 2017), Rating: 5
My ling 5se ,6 inch h
Age 22 year
Kya aap ling badane me meri help karoge aapke pas koi aisa product h jis SE ling lamba or mota ho jaye
Pls sir help me
I\'m really very upset
Raj kumar   (Thursday, 28 July 2016), Rating: 5
Sir me12 sal ki age se hustmaithun kar raha hu. jiski wajah se mera penis tight jaldi nahi ho pata or mera penis small hota ja raha hai. maine silajit tables bhi lie lekin koi khas natija nahi aya. Plz meri help kare.abhi me 27 sal ka hu 4 ya 5 sal me meri sadi hone wali hai. koi dava bate plz.
bijay  (Wednesday, 27 July 2016), Rating: 5
I am 37 years old and at the time of intercourse, my penis became small and stiffless. For that I could not push my penis in the vagina.But I am very angry for sex and also like to do intercourse regulary. Please give me advice as soon as possible.
rohit  (Tuesday, 08 July 2014), Rating: 5
i am 22 year old.
sir kya mai Ashwagandha , Konch

Shatavar , Safed Musli 100 100 gram le skta ho. sir in 4 ko mix kar ke ek sath ek spoon lina hai ya sabhe ka alag alag se lina hai ek ek kar ke
HIDU MORAL  (Thursday, 03 April 2014), Rating: 5
I am 57 years old and at the time of intercourse,my penis became smal and stiffless. For that I could not push my penis in the vagina. But I am very angry for sex ad also like to do intercourse regularly.Pl advice urgently.
E-mail : hr***
Ravi Singh  (Sunday, 04 August 2013), Rating: 5
i used shilajit gold capsul evening with water because main duty main rahata hun eslia milk ke sath nahi la pata hun to esmain kuch problem hoga (daily 1 capsule) ya esme kuch bnifit nahi hoga
Ramesh  (Wednesday, 19 June 2013), Rating: 5
Dear Guruji. Sadar charan sparsh; meri iss bhyankar samsya ka smadhan kare to me apka jivan bhar rini rahung meri 6 mahine se shaadi mene abhi tak kisi bhi ladki se galat sambandh nahi kiya hi lakin muha par kil muhanse hone ki vajah se bar bar hast methun karne se mera ling or virya bahut patala ho gaya he meri shaadi najdik hone ke vajah se me itna hatash ki kuch nahi kar pa raha hu isliye app muje apna sacha putra jankar meri iss samsya ka upay bataye to me yahi manunga ki apne muje ek nai jindgi di he....sadar naman
Neeraj  (Friday, 07 June 2013), Rating: 5
Sir mera ling bhut chuta hai aur viry bhi patla ho gya hai mai sex nahi kar pata ho sex karne ke baad mere kamar mai dard hoti hai aur mujhe neend bhi bhot aati hai btaiye na sar mai kya kru??
Aryan  (Thursday, 16 May 2013), Rating: 5
dr. ji mera ling 6\" ka aur virya patla nikalta hai.kripya yeh batayein ke me shilajit khane se kya mera 1 se 2\" tak lamba aur virya mota ho sakta hai?
raji  (Saturday, 06 April 2013), Rating: 5
Is dabur shilaijt capsule shell harmful to stomuch? Can i consume its powder by detaching the shell with milk?
Or should I consumes the whole capsule with milk?
Kamala  (Monday, 21 January 2013), Rating: 5
Dr I am having benign breast calcification it is paining sometime, I am. 62 years old, for the past one year it is there, I am having wheat grass powder, green tea, gulgulathiktakam rasayanam as well as tab. Now I am having shoulder pain, please suggest what should I twke, my friend told to twke shelajit capsule, please inform me.
Raj  (Friday, 26 October 2012), Rating: 5
Dear Guru Ji,

Pranam, I am 42 year old person I maintain myself but
sexually I feel oldage person actally when I start sex penis will fully erect but after few minuts it will in normal semi erect position and. I got it shrink, My penis was 6\" at on young age now it is 5\' to 4.5\" please understand my problem and guide me what should I do? and How I can I increase my penis size?

john  (Wednesday, 11 April 2012), Rating: 5
hi iam 33yrs old, can i consume shilajit gold with normal water or fruit juice instead of milk? & can i consume both shilajit capsules and shilajit gold 2times a day 4 better results ?
Vladimir  (Saturday, 10 September 2011), Rating: 5
Shilajit Gold is useful for women also in order to strengthen bones and for anaemic patients too. As Shilajit is having antioxidant property it is helpful for boosting immunity and as well as it is good for cancerous patients who are weak and to improve strength and immunity power. In this way, we can suggest the shilajit gold for various ailments. However, one should continue or consume the medicine with proper dosage and do not expect quick results as it may take time to act for few individuals to get desirable results. Hence few individuals may need to consume Shilajit Gold for more than three months also and however, there is no side effects in consuming the medicine. I would recommend Shilajit Gold for improving sexual vigour and general body weakness as it contains multiple herbs, though it is having Shilajit as main ingredients. After reviewing product information, I have tried to suggest for many individuals for those who have sexual weakness and other associated complaints. As I have gone through the product review and found some important medicines which are helpful like shilajit of course, and apart from shilajit, Lavang which is having natural aphrodisiac property. Other medicines like Safed Musali, Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Jaiphal etc., are very useful medicines that helps to maintain natural sexual vigour. Shilajit Gold is given to diabetic patients also and is also effective in diabetic neuropathy or sexual related complaints. Even Shilajit Gold is beneficial for joint pains and arthritis also.
dr b g zope  (Tuesday, 26 July 2011), Rating: 1
to parul patel morbi you may start one drop of shilajeet diluted in mater/milk for yuor child 2 times daily alongwith liv52 drops 5 drops 3 rule out some serious malady also check his haemoglobin level.sorry for delay zope
habsa  (Sunday, 17 April 2011), Rating: 1
namste, hum 3 years se childless he. hmne checkup karvaya to unko oligospermia ki problem detect hui.6 months aelopathy ki medicine li magar koi progress report nahi thi. doctor bola ab count high hona possible nahi mene apke clinic se chandraprabhavati,yovnamutvati,shilajit,ashvagandha ki tab dena 2months se start kiya.can you tell me will it working? aur unka count 888mill/ml he.kya unka normal count hona possible he?kyuki aelopathy ki medicine se ku6 bhi nahi change huva plz give us advise to what to do more 4 concive fast plzzzz
ANUJ KUMAR  (Sunday, 10 April 2011), Rating: 1
Baba ji I M Fan of You & Balkrishna ji..

Pranam Both Res. Person & Thank for the your serve to India.

Baba ji Main jab bhi sexi photo dekhta hu to ling ko bina hath lagay chikna padarth nikalta h. or mere ling ki vain bhi kamjor ho gayi h,weight 43 kg. hi h. memory ke liye medha vati 2.5 month se le raha hu or ashavashila, shilajeet rasayan 2.5 month se le raha hu lakin virya abhi bhi jata h.
kripa mere liye upyukt upchar bataye , meri age-26 , weight-43, meerut -97###24594, please mai bahut pareshan koi sahi upchar bataye.
Akshya  (Saturday, 26 February 2011), Rating: 1
I have High BP my age is 28, two times i am taking Telma 40 Pills. I want to improve my sexual power because i am going to marry. I have tried with Daubor Shilajit Gold so its working great for me but don't know its safe or not. Is there any contradiction?
anil kumar  (Thursday, 27 January 2011), Rating: 1
Aadarniya guruji

Shilajit ki asli pehcna kya hai ye had hota hia ya pighlta bhi hai iske abre me bataye aur meri indri choti haimain use lambakarna chahta hu agr koi medicine hai jisse ling ka size2-3inch tak bad jaye to bataiye aapkepas to wo bataye aapki ati kripa hogi
kirpya utr jarur dijiye 98###86878 uar mail per bhilikhiye
Raj  (Tuesday, 21 December 2010), Rating: 1
I am 25 years old. I have much hand practice in past.l feel weak and soon tired.My memory is weak.can i take shilajeet.
Dev  (Wednesday, 20 October 2010), Rating: 1
hi babaji
i am a 18 yr boy and my penis size is too small (4.7 inches in erect position) plz tell me about some medicines and yoga to increase my penis size.i see my future in great danger.i was thinking about buying shilajit capsules but will it be appropriate to go to a medical store and demand shilajit capsules as my age is only 18yrs and i am a kid?plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz help
parul patel  (Tuesday, 31 August 2010), Rating: 1
dear sir,
i have read your shilajit related info.
my question is that what is the right majorment for my 2 years old kid. he is very weak and takes very least food whole day. so pls reply me

parul patel morbi - gujarat
priya  (Friday, 20 August 2010), Rating: 1
I am girl age about 26 years. I have very low immune system and suffering from various allergy problem. Now recently I have caught by T.B. disease. Please help me. What are the remedies for T.B. to cure fast. Can I take Divya Shilajeet Sat tablets with T.B. medicine prescribed by Doctors.
VIASHAV SHARMA  (Friday, 02 April 2010), Rating: 1
Babaji pranam,

Babaji mai 23 saall kla hololn mlail klalflli salo se swapndosh se pidit hoon mujhe week me 2-3 baar swapndosh hota hai apne mujhe last time tentex royal aur shilajeet cap ka sevan bataya tha jisse mujhe kuch samay tak fayada hoa tha ab mujhe swapndosh pheer se hone laga hai ab mujhe kya karna chahiye mai aasana har roz kar raha hoon haaan lekin mujhe pahle ki tarah jyada kamjori nahi lagti.
mujhe ab 3month ho gaye hai in madicine ko lete hoye aur ab mai ise kafi dino se chod chooka hoon.
babji mujhe plz aage ke liye suggest kare plzzzzzzz.
aur maine isi site par swapndosh ke pckg ke baare me bhi dekha hai uske baare me bhi bataye.
d. mitra  (Thursday, 14 January 2010), Rating: 1
respected sir,
i consume amla and alovira juice in the morning and shilajeet santh after taking dinner, is this combination of taking medicines good for my health ? does it has any side effects ?
Guest  (Wednesday, 09 December 2009), Rating: 1
1. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati 10 gm
2. Divya Chandraprabha Vati 60 gm
3. Divya Shilajit sat 20 gm
Mode of Administration
Medicine No.1,2 - 2-2 Tabs., To be taken in the Morning & Evening after dinner with warm milk
Medicine No.3 - 1-2 drops, twice a day to be taken in the Morning & Evening after dinner by mixing it with warm milk.
Dosage : 1 Month
Rahul  (Thursday, 12 November 2009), Rating: 1

Mei Divya (1) Youwanamrit (2) Shilajit aur (3) Chandrapbha ka shewan kar kara hu par kabhi kabhi mere mutra me jalan si hoti hai, kya kuch galat ho raha hai?....aur kya mei medicine ka sewan apne aap bandh kar sakta hu.Plz tell me.
Thank You
Sanjeeb  (Thursday, 12 November 2009), Rating: 1
Aadarniye Guruji
Saadar pranam, mei pehle se hi Divya yog se prabhabit hu, aur mei nirantar (1.)Yauwanamrit, (2.)Shilajeet aur (3.)Chandraprabha Ka shewan 3 mahine se kar raha hu par. Ushme shayed kuch 4/5 din hi chute honge. Par kabhi kabhi aaj kal mere mutra jhalan si mehsoos hoti hai. Guruji kya yeh medicine ka side efects hai?
...Aur ek baat puchni thi agar mujh me koi kami na hone par bhi mei sadaa swasth rehne ke liye lu ya davaa ka shewan dand swecha anushar bandh kar do toh kya koi side effect ho sakti hai?..Kripya marg dashan kare ..
Amit  (Saturday, 12 September 2009), Rating: 1
Youvnamrit Vati
Chanderprabha Vati
Shilajeet Satt

These all medicines are available on our nearest PATANJALI CHIKATASALYA
vishav  (Saturday, 05 September 2009), Rating: 1
namaste babaji
mai 23 saal ka hoon aur kafi salo se swapndosh se pareshan hoon.mai ab aapke duara batayi gayi dawa ka daily sewan kar raha hoon (1 month) aur aapke duara bataye gaye aasna or pranayam bhi kar raha hoon magar phir bhi mera swapnosh khatam nahi ho raha hai jabki mai apne dimag ko sabhi buri ceezo se door rakh raha hoon,lekin phir bhi mujhe i month me 7 baar swapndosh hoa hai jabki mai aapki dawa le raha hoon (yaunamrit,chandraprabhavati,shilajitsat)

baba ji ab mujhe kya karna chahiye plz help me,
vishav  (Tuesday, 21 July 2009), Rating: 1
baba ji
mai apke dwara batai gayi dava(yaunamrit,chandraprabhavati,shilajit sat) le 10 dino se le raha hoon magar in 10 dino me mujhe 2 baar swapndosh ho chooka hoon jabki mai apke dwara bataye gaye aasna bhi kar raha hoon aur sabhi galat cheezo se apne ko door rakh raha hoon lekin koi phayada nahi ho raha hai .plz bataye ab mujhe kya krna chahiye.

plz help.
shiddu  (Tuesday, 09 June 2009), Rating: 1
pranam guruji
my age is 39year's & i am feeling a kind of burning sensation in my eyes since last few months like as if i am not having slept for many many days,
i also feel that some kind of heating sensation in my stomoc.
i am not understanding what is happening in my body
for your informations i am taking some medicines from divya pharmecy like 1)chandra prabha vati 2)divya youvanamrit vati & 3)shilajit sat etc.
is there any connection with this problem & the medicines.
please advice me what i have to do.
Yoga Guru  (Sunday, 12 April 2009), Rating: 1
Take "Divya Yauvanamrit vati 10 gm","Divya Chandraprabha vati 80 gm" and "Divya Shilajit sat 20 gm" to get cured.
Also control on your dreams and habits upto your level.
Yoga guru  (Saturday, 04 April 2009), Rating: 1
Take "Divya Yauvanamrit vati" and "Divya Shilajit sat" daily and do kapalbhati and anuloma viloma pranayama daily to get cured early.
gaju  (Sunday, 22 March 2009), Rating: 1
namaskar baba,
im 27 yrs old man and my weight is just 55kgs.
i had heard on tv that ashwagandh and shilajit tablet is good for underweight people along with yoga.
From where should i get thes correct tablets?
Yoga Guru  (Wednesday, 11 February 2009), Rating: 1
Eat "Divya Yauvanamrit vati" and "Divya Shilajeet Sat" to increase sex power.
Yoga Guru  (Wednesday, 11 February 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Ankit
Below are medicines which you can take to increase your sex power.
1. Divya Yauvanamrit vati - 5 gm
2. Divya Shilajeet sat - 20 gm
3. Divya Chandraprabhavati - 40 gm
Also below is a URL of a Page on which medicines are listed and how to use them is given.
Yoga Guru  (Friday, 06 February 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Amit
Below are medicines which can help you through the problem.
1. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati
2. Divya Shilajeet Sat
3. Divya Chandraprabha vati
Plus You have to do pranayama daily to reach your target.
Also below is a URL of the pages on which medicines of your interest is given.
Make sure that there will be no spaces in the above URLs.
Good Luck
Warm Regards
Yoga Guru
ashok  (Tuesday, 27 January 2009), Rating: 1
since 3 years have been passed of our marriage ,yet now we have no children
the problem is:
I am not ejaculating semen during or after intercourse means semen is not coming
pl advice any medicines and yoga
i used lot of medicines of ayurvedic like chandrabra vati,ashwaganda,shilajit etc but there is no use
Yoga Rishi  (Monday, 22 December 2008), Rating: 1
try this URl
Yoga Rishi  (Monday, 22 December 2008), Rating: 1
try this link
Yoga Rishi  (Monday, 22 December 2008), Rating: 1
Dear Sushil
Below is a link on which a medicine by swami ramdev is given.You can purchase it online and the medicine
will be deliverd to you. It's name is "shilajeet rasayan vati".2 tablets twice a day to be taken after food with
warm milk.
with the medicine do "anuloma viloma Pranayama" for at least 10 minutes daily and your problem
will be cured as it has cured others.
Good Luck ati-20gm.html
Yoga Rishi  (Sunday, 21 December 2008), Rating: 1
Dear Sumesh
Below is a link on which a medicine by swami ramdev is given.You can purchase it online and the medicine will be deliverd to you. It's name is "shilajeet rasayan vati".2 tablets twice a day to be taken after food with luke-warm milk / water.
with the medicine do "Bahya Pranayama" for at least 10 minutes daily and your problem will be cured as it has cured others.also do "anuloma viloma pranayama" with "bahya pranayama".
Good Luck
prithvi singh D  (Monday, 11 August 2008), Rating: 1
Guruji pai laa goon. i am very since i live in Bangalore i am badly looking for address of pathanjali yogpeeth in bangalore i am not able to get it i think this is the better way please help me i am looking for various product of ayurved like juice of aloe vera and amla and shilajit please help where will i get these product in bangalore.,

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