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Joshanda for Cough and Cold

Joshanda for Cough and Cold
Product Reviews

Joshanda is an age old trusted remedy made from beneficial herbs. It fights cough & fever due to cold & is also useful in sore throat. Highly efficient in cough & cold. Available in decoction form. Best known for its instant effect in cough.

Available in : 66 gram (2 Packets).

Administration : Boil 1 packet in a glass of water , decoction obtained from it needs to be drunk warm twice a day.

- Herbal / Ayurvedic medicine, Natural remedy

Cough is a reflex mechanism to through out any irritant from the trachea or wind pipe. Coughing can be due to various conditions like cold & flu & more grave conditions like chronic bronchitis, asthma & whooping cough.

Coughs must not be suppressed immediately & should be allowed to run its normal course. In fact ‘coughs’ are good for the lungs. The phlegm should be expelled out.

Home Remedies for Cough

  1. Pour 1 cup of boiling water on 1 teaspoon of Marjoram, wait for 5 to ten minutes & drink. Repeat this 3 times a day.
  2. Smear olive oil on the chest to help with the cough.
  3. Blanch 1 teaspoon of rosemary leaves with 1 teaspoon peppermint leaves, 1 teaspoon of honey & some lemon juice. Drink several times a day.
  4. Squeeze Tulasi (basil) leaves add equal amount of honey, stir & drink.
  5. Blanch 50 grams of thyme leaves in 1 liter of water, cover the head with a towel, band over & breathe the steam.
  6. Romanian home remedy for cough: Mix 1 cup of soda water to 1 cup of milk & drink
  7. Put fennel oil in a burner & bread the fumes to relax the cough.
  8. Boil 5 garlic or lasuna cloves in 2 cups of water; take the cloves out & drink up the warm water is also an effective home remedy for cough
  9. Saturate almonds in water over night, peel, grind, add some butter & sugar. Eat 1 to 2 tablespoons several times a day.
  10. Mix un cooked egg yolk with a table spoon of sugar, add hot milk & drink.
  11. Drink grape fruit juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey.
  12. Eat pears, very good for evading phlegm out to relieve from cough.
  13. Make green onion soup & drink it slowly.
  14. Chop fresh leaves of loquat & boil them for few minutes in water. Drink a number of times a day. You can also add sugar or honey in them.
  15. Mix half a cup of boiling milk with half a cup of cold carbonated water, drink right away in small sips is also found effective in evading cough.
  16. Mix equivalent quantity of honey & lemon grass juice then drink to decrease the coughs.
  17. Grind a big onion put into a jar with honey, mix well & close the jar. Drink 1 tablespoon from the juice, twice a day to help the cough.
  18. Put 2 tablespoons of peach leaves & add boiling water. Wait for ten minutes & drink thrice daily.
  19. Drink a lot of herbal tea
  20. Warm a cup of milk & add 1 spoon of honey or shahad, then drink it slowly (you can also add butter).
  21. Blanch 1 to 2 teaspoons of oregano in water for ten minutes & drink.
  22. Mix half a cup of boiling milk & half a cup of cold soda. Drink sip by sip. It is a good home remedy for cough
  23. Eat fresh & dried apricots for good relief from cough.
  24. Russian medicine: Boil some water with 2 garlic cloves, 1 table spoon of oregano. Pour into a cup add 1 tablespoon of honey & drink.
  25. Drink a cup of tea with a cinnamon stick.
  26. Boil water & add salt, breath the steam after the water cools a little.
  27. Herbal remedy for cough: Drink herbal tea with cinnamon to stop the coughing instantly.
  28. Saturate slices of oranges in wine over night. Cook in the next morning until the slices are extremely soft. Eat several times a day. Also very good for phlegm reduction.
  29. Cook 100 gram of grind ginger or adrak root in 1 liter of sweet wine, strain & drink 3 table spoons daily. It is an effective home remedy for cough.
  30. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with some drops of brandy is also an effective home remedy for cough.

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Joshanda for Cough and Cold Reviews

Customer Reviews :

lc  (Saturday, 29 March 2014), Rating: 5
does joshanda contain sugar, as I am diabetic and I am doubtful of its contents. If it contains licorice or mulhati, is it safe for consumption. I have severe irritation cough for the past five monhs, I am taking Multani Kuka for the past one month. Please advice.

dr b g zope  (Friday, 16 March 2012), Rating: 5
try controlled steam inhealatios in early morning
try infrared light heat in the morning
do pranayam anulom vilom controlled bhastrika
exersises for expanding chest muscles
vishal  (Monday, 15 August 2011), Rating: 1
baba jee mere cough se blood nikalta hai roz aur bhaut zada kam jori rehate hai purre badan main lal rang ka dana nikala hai aur dana jata hai phir aajata hai aur gadha lal rang ga daag pad jata hai.aur kuch bhi sabzi khata hu bahut javan teeti lagti hai kuch upay baataiye mere umar sirf 20 se 21 saal hai
dr sanjeev kumar  (Friday, 29 July 2011), Rating: 1
donot forgot to take medicines daily. i think your medicines will continue upto five years
be comfortable with your wife and no to tease her for this is hundred percent curable
take low fat and less spicy food .avoid tea and coffee .cold drink may consume 100 a day
PRATHIBHA  (Friday, 01 July 2011), Rating: 1
babaji my tympanic membrane is so thin because of that I have deafness , doctor ad that there is no treatment you have to protect the ear avoiding loud sound,cold ect ,but it is not possible. so pls tel me what to do.
rachana  (Wednesday, 08 June 2011), Rating: 1
my son is 4YR old wt30 kg birth wt4.3kg .he usually suffer with cold in morning (but no sneezing). DR told its allergy and gave MONTAC it cure him for a period and as course completed it start again sir pl help me
Sheetal Daga  (Thursday, 31 March 2011), Rating: 1
I m 29 yrs old.. i have constant cough from past 5-7 months but it is not continuous. its more when i eat or drink something i get more cough. i get continious for 5 - 10 min and then it stops when ever i cough.

Pl advise.
jyotirmoyee khuntia  (Saturday, 05 March 2011), Rating: 1
i ussually suffer with snezees in the mornings & evenings wereas i dont have any cold but running nose all the time...
i have consulted doctors who say its alergic cold & their medicines AIRITIES & MONTEC.L.C cure me for a period of
time and it all starts again
whats the reason and cure????
Roshan Sharma  (Monday, 07 February 2011), Rating: 1
Swami Ji Pranam
Roshan Sharma
Age 23
Height 5.8"
Weight 60
I get cold very frequent. And during that time my nose will be blocked and i wont be able to breath and sometimes even my throat gets jammed and it becomes very difficult to breath. I face these problems quite frequent like five times a month.And also i want to gain mass. What shall i do Swami Ji.
Oksana  (Sunday, 30 January 2011), Rating: 1
Hello! In India we have caught a cold and our friends advised us to buy mridwikarishtam and Dashamoolarishtam in order to be treated for cold. Can you explain, please, how them to drink (how much time a day/ volume, etc.) Is that really can help in our case (is that a good madicine)?
ahmed nawaz  (Monday, 24 January 2011), Rating: 1
Dear sir,
I;m suffering from throid since last 1 yr.
Suffering cold,lethargy,body ache,depression.,lack of intrest in sex ..........please suggest some aurvedic med.i,m taking thyronorm75
meenu prakash  (Saturday, 22 January 2011), Rating: 1
pranam babaji
my husband is suffering from uric acidfor the last 2 years.these days when ever he eats any dal or any vegetable containg proteins his toes of right leg get stiffened and swollen.
since we are living in shimla we can not always eat cold consistent things.kindly suggest some treatment to him
with humble pranams
Meenu prakash
christ church annexe
the ridge shimla
parkash chand joshi  (Saturday, 22 January 2011), Rating: 1
My wife, pushpa 28yrs old and have a one child 6 yrs old suffering long health problem e.i. Swallon in body, fever, stomach pain, breathe problem, pain in chest, blood is low in every three months and more problem raised in cold season.

Two time vah behosh ho gai ek ba 6 sal pahele aur ek bar ek sal pahe bus main.

Hamne ultrasound bhi tin se char bar karaya par koi bhi bimari nahi thi. vah davai bhi le rahi he par koi fau
yda nahi hota hai. Usko heavy davi to bilkul bhi nahi lagti he.

Ab to voh kahti he ki main nahi bachungi. Esa usne kai ba kaha hai.

Guruji mujhe ap par pura vishvash he aap hi hamara margdarshan kare.

Mein delhi peeragarhi ke najdik rahta hun.



Parkash Chand Joshi

Mob. 09###040608
Brij  (Thursday, 13 January 2011), Rating: 1
Can I give kasamrit to 6 months old kid.
he has dry cough and his chest make sound.
Please advise me.
Thank you.
Rahul Das  (Thursday, 06 January 2011), Rating: 1
I'm living in a high altitude area so I have feel too much cold in winter season, swamiji told few tips to prevent from cold weather in telivision but I forgot that tips, would you please send me few tips to warm my body for long time........
Rupesh  (Sunday, 02 January 2011), Rating: 1
Main benefit of Kasamrit is that it prevents the coughing very much. Moreover, a patient does not feel dizziness after consuming it. I am not sure about its side-effects. Since it is a herbal medicine one expects no side-effect
V.K.Nigam  (Thursday, 30 December 2010), Rating: 1
Swami Ji,
My grand son of one year old is having sever coughing.He vomit out due to same.Kindly advise
Gunjan Bhatt  (Tuesday, 28 December 2010), Rating: 1
Pranam Maharaj,

mere bachhe ki umra 4 saal hai. usko raat ko sone ke time aur subah mai 4 se 5 ke bich main bahot khasi aur pitt ho jata hai.. woh kuch bhi khata hai to usko raat mai khasi aur pitt ho jaata hai aur kabhi kabhi vomit bhi karta hai.. swamiji usko cough continuous kyu ho jata hai... koi upchar bataiye...

Gunjan Bhatt
Virar (W)
Abhimanu Kumar Singh  (Friday, 24 December 2010), Rating: 1

I have some Hear Problem that use to give problem in cold Days so will you please suggest me some Tips
Mrs. Riya karekar  (Monday, 20 December 2010), Rating: 1
Pranam babaji,
I have daughter her age is 3 yrs old , she is having caugh & cold allergy , when she have caugh she never eat and ommited all food what she eat , i give her many tretment , doctors says her immunpower is less that why she having this problem again & again please suggest me some medicin to grow her immunpower and for caugh relif also. suggest me treatment to increas her eating capacity.
thanking reply me as soon as possible. I am waiting for reply
Nileshbhai C. PAtel  (Tuesday, 07 December 2010), Rating: 1
I have a Synus problem since 1 Year. & I have also Treatment in Navsari two physician & today very Sivior problem to get a solvin cold Tab. & hot water stim in mornig.
Arunava Ganguli  (Monday, 08 November 2010), Rating: 1
Swamiji Pranam,

My child (5 years) is suffring by Cough and Adenoit past 2 years. I want to contact to Patanjali centre in Haridwar as early. Please advice me and kindly give me an appoinment.

Thanking You

Arunava Ganguli
Sujit Kumar Nayak  (Friday, 05 November 2010), Rating: 1
Dear Gurugi,
I Am a frequently victim of cold. The symptoms of this cold is as follows - a
1) Sneezing
2) Water coming through the nose most of the time
3) Coughing which makes difficult of inhaling - blocking the path of inhale apth.

While I'll take a medicine, immediately gets relief and when after the medicine finished its influence in the body, again the cold affected to me very badly.

Please advise me which medicine I should continue so that I’ll get the permanent relief of this hail cold.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Ratna Bhattarai  (Tuesday, 02 November 2010), Rating: 1
Om Sai Ram

Pranam GUru jee
My chid is recently undergone treatment of pneumonia and UTI. he is frquently having cold. Please guru jee give me suggestion for cold and prevention of UTI.
Best regards
amit kumar  (Saturday, 16 October 2010), Rating: 1
Respected baba ji, i m 23 yr old boy from chandigarh i m suffering from alergic problem from dust of grain or old dusty material, in sept 2006 ent speclist did my operation of nose (chronic rhinosinusitis operation ) & in sept 2007 when i feel that i m not well again i went to the ent than they put a plastic splint in my nose for 20 days afer that i was well for some time but some time i feel illness due to nasel problem now i feeling lot of problem again and in morning i feel so cough i dont know from whr such a lot of cough come in my throt i can put my cough outside any time through out the day, cough is always present in my throt 24 hours pls help me baba ji i shall be thank full to you.
AnujDev  (Tuesday, 12 October 2010), Rating: 1
Swami ji pranam
abhi meri aayu 25 yr hai mujhe 6 saal pehle se bahut cheeke aati thi aur naak se pani aata tha par ab teen saal se mujhe chest main sye sye ki awaz aati hai aksar aur saas
foolne lagta hai aur cough bhi bahut banta
hai maine bahut ayurvedic upchar kar liya
aap margdarshan kare
Prachi Aggarwal  (Wednesday, 06 October 2010), Rating: 1
helio........sir my reqest is please give beds. we want 8 bedor u can give
6. we need these bed very argently
there r small childrens.we cant' servive in cold. we want these bed on 13th oct 2010 neight
renu singh  (Tuesday, 05 October 2010), Rating: 1
My problem is that i suffer continuously from cold and sneezing specially when i wake up . Which yoga would be suitable for me and is there any medicin available too ?
Pulak Mondal  (Wednesday, 11 August 2010), Rating: 1
I am a patient of dry cough. I am suffering for the same for about 9-10 years for which I have done Polyplus at Hospital but till now I am facing the same problem. Kindly advise me how to cure my dry cough.
Ranjit Guru  (Monday, 08 March 2010), Rating: 1
Resp Swami Ramdev,
I am a Polymer technologist.
I have solutions for the COLD CHAIN, in the form of the most energy efficient COLD STORE, REEFER TRUCKS, SUPERSHIPPERS, etc etc.
I have experience of over 25 years, in climate control.
I believe that I have a SOLUTION that can be addressed country wide to SAVE
FRUITS and VEGETABLES grown by our poor farmers . . . successfully, with mimimum power, and maximum preservation of farm produce.
This could effectively counter price rise, as well as costs.
I recognise the potential, and am quite enthusiastic for taking this to the next level.
I believe your organisation is the perfect vehicle to promote this movement. Since our mission is the same, and I BELIEVE that this HAS to be done in haste.
I too would like to see that . . " even one fruit or vegetable should not go waste . ." all our farmers should prosper . . . and technology ought to address the poor of this land.
I have SOLUTIONS for several situations that are ALL WORTHWILE, and simple to implement.
More on discussing with you or some panel who may see some sense in this effort.
I have technically superior SOLUTIONS for lets say FLOOD RELIEF, SHELTERS, HOUSING, FOOD STORAGE / PRESERVATION, etc etc . . .
If it may interest you . .
To discuss further . .
I am contactable on +91###2067809
Ranjit Guru
63-1 Koregaon Park
Pune, 411001
dinesh  (Friday, 26 February 2010), Rating: 1
baba ji. this full winter i had severe cough and chest pain.which medicine i should take?
shreelekha chakraborty  (Monday, 11 January 2010), Rating: 1
Pranam guruji.
my son is 3 years old,every month he got feaver due to cough,cold and throat infection,every day he has running nose,.what medicine i will use for him?waiting for your reply,
Samir sohoni  (Sunday, 03 January 2010), Rating: 1
this is because of High sensitivity towards dust, cold( dry), weather changes, appetite .
this problem is not serious but as it is repetitive...its frustrating !!
you can do following things..
"continuously for at least 6 months !!!"
1. kapal bhati, Pranayam ( if you dont know how to do it then watch Astha chanel for Ramdeo babas program, or contact nearest Patanjali yog kendra )
2. Watch your diet.....
Thats ALL.....
Dr@myyog  (Thursday, 24 December 2009), Rating: 1

Excessive heat, burning and irritation in different arts of body are signs of increased pitta dosha in body. Take four to five liters o water daily. General body pains are mostly due to weakness. So we recommend you to take amla in any form that you can take. Amla juice, amla choorna, amla murabba all are very good source of energy, vitamin C and anti oxidants. It is very good body tonic and cold in nature. It pacifies increased pitta dosha and related signs of burning and pain. A regular course of amla will cure all your problems.
Dr@myyog  (Friday, 27 November 2009), Rating: 1

Deposition of white crust on tongue is normal but if some particular area on tongue or oral cavity mucosa has turned pink with white borders then it could be mouth ulcer. Increase water intake and avoid hot and spicy meals. Cold sweet milk is very good for your problem. Wash your face oral cavity Divya Triphala Choorna mixture with water. Scrub triphala powder with index finger on the affected area. This will remove the dead tissue from the area and fresh healthy mucus will come in place. This will also cure your stomatitis problem.You will be fine very soon.

Dr@myyog  (Friday, 06 November 2009), Rating: 1

Cough generally comes after fever and stays long even after complete treatment of fever. Most of the times cough comes in nights, while running, walking or laughing. So take a special package for cough and colds( containing precious ayurvedic medicines for complete cure of cough, cold and other related lung problems. It clears the infections, cough, phlegm and opens air ways for smooth breathing. Apart from this practice kumbhak pranayam daily to increase the lung capacity. You will be fine very soon.

Anu  (Friday, 06 November 2009), Rating: 1
namaste Swamiji

this is Anu again third time.
this time i am with my own problem.
I am living in usa. I had a bad fever 6 months ago. that time I had cough and cold very badly.

after 10 days, I was completly out of flu and cold. but I have been facing problem with cough. and even when I laugh. My cough make a noice in lungs.

so, i went to the doctor. he gave me couple of medicine. i felt good for couple of weeks. and it came back. then he gave me anti biotic. which control cough up to 50%.

so, finally I start doing pranayam. now a days I am doing bratika, kapal bhati, anulom vilom pranayams. infact I been doing these all pranayams for last 3 months. It helps me a lot.
I had a whisling sound which is almost stops. sometime it happened.

please show me any home remedies or other ayurvedic medicine or further treatment in pranayam.
that way i can completly come out of this cough problem.

I dont go to doctor much because now he start telling me that this is alergic cough. so I have to take alergy medicine. But I dont want to take this medicine to all my life.

Pranayam helps me a lot and reduce this problem up to 70%. but still i have to come out completly.
please email me back your guideline swamiji.

Hari Omm.
amit  (Monday, 12 October 2009), Rating: 1
sir one week se sine me cough aur gale me kharas ke sath fever ki sikayat hai hmne doc. ko dikhya pr kuch theek n rha plese Gharelu koi upchar batye.
Rabindra Kumar Singh  (Saturday, 12 September 2009), Rating: 1
Guru Ji,
Hari Om,

I belong to Delhi, presently working in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Here, office as well as accomodation is enclosed with central air condition system. I have allergy with air condition (cold).

Recently, I have developed Asthama problem.

I want to visit you seek your advice and treatment.

I am coming to India (on vacation) during Diwali. I wish to meet you discuss my treatment on 19th October 2009.

Could you please give me your appointment.

Is it possible to meet Baba Ji during that time.

Please reply at the earliest so that I can make my travel arrangments.

I am suffering too much due to this problem. Please help me to get curred.

Thanks & Best Regards.

Hari Om.
Sanjay Mishra  (Monday, 31 August 2009), Rating: 1
Baba ji

Please give the name of swine flu madicine prepared by Patanjali Ashram.
Perticularely if person suffering with fiver & cough and cold.

From Sanjay
laxmikanthamma  (Friday, 28 August 2009), Rating: 1
Dear guruji

I am suffering from osteoarthritis since 2 years. i have tried all kinds of medicines but no remedy. since 15 days i am taking your medicines, doctor is told me not to eat sour and cold items. i am taking only ladies finger and curd rice with very little salt, Guruji can u tell me what exactly i can eat and what not to eat.
Choti  (Friday, 21 August 2009), Rating: 1
Babaji pranam,
I am from Delhi.My age is 25 years
I have these problems please provide me solution.
1.Severe Headache which includes neck also and is very frequent.
3.Sinus (Doctor says that I have to
undergo an operation as the mucos is stagnated near the nose area)
I fall sick very often and keep sneezing and
coughing through-out the year.Doctor has suggested me to stay away from cold things which is impossible at the time of
Please help me out.
Abhishek Agarwal  (Friday, 21 August 2009), Rating: 1
i ussually suffer with snezees in the mornings & evenings wereas i dont have any cold but running nose all the time...

i have consulted doctors who say its alergic cold & their medicines AIRITIES & MONTEC.L.C cure me for a period of time and it all starts again

whats the reason and cure????
Ananymous  (Thursday, 13 August 2009), Rating: 1
The article is very good reading, unlike my experience with Pathanjali, Haridwar.

I am an NRI, travelled just for this reason to Haridwar to take Level III training in Haridwar to spread the Pranayam. I called from UK to find out how best I can make use of the trip and was glad to know that I can take my family along. There I was, on a very sunny day, started my journey at 6 am in the morning from Bangalore to Delhi by flight. Along with me were my Mother, my brother and my 7 year old daughter. I must say that the journey from Delhi to Haridwar was not very convenient, that may be because we are not so used to travelling by road in hot weather especially my daughter being born & brought up in a very cold country. It was around 8.30 pm when we reached Patanjali phase II. There was a big crowd of people who had probably arrived in the past hr or so. What was shocking me was the way the registration was organized. It took us a very long time to get through the process and we were given a room where we have to share with another 3 people at 11 pm. I was again shocked as I was under the impression that the registration done by PYPT UK would help us in the whole process and we would get a separate room. The room was clean, but it was quite hot. We were not given the rooms with a/c, what I was briefed by my friends in UK was they were given a/c rooms when they went for Level III training with additional pay for the family members. There were plenty of mosquito’s that were already biting my daughter who is allergic to insect bites. In the canteen people were choosing their own roti’s and food using their own hand, picking, checking and dropping back the food. That sight was not very good from the hygienic point of view. So, by the time we got our luggage to the room and sat down for a moment to think it was past 1 am. With so much sadness we had to take a decision and booked a room in the nearby hotel and went to the hotel by 2.30 am. We stayed that night and started our journey back to Bangalore by 12 noon.

If only there was a little bit organized way, and ears to pay attention to, we would have enjoyed the benefits of Pranayam. Now I am at home, thinking about how bad my experience of visiting Haridwas has become!

I could not help writing this when I read about some one’s good memories as I planned for months reading such articles to visit Haridwar and ended up in a different way!

I have learned a lesson in a hard way...
Jyoti Ranjan  (Friday, 31 July 2009), Rating: 1
Respected Swamigi
I am suffering from cold & dust allergy from last 17 years. Can I cure from that disease? I am now 27 years old. Guruji, this is my last hope. Please reply.
ronit  (Wednesday, 15 July 2009), Rating: 1
hey buddy .. dont worry just relax .. first avoid spicy food ... take milk twice in a day but it have to be cold... and take a medicine name .. himalya .. speman ... 1 tablet at morning and 1 at night.. and dont watch any bad movies and etc.. and dont try to rub your sex parts ..
Asmita  (Saturday, 11 July 2009), Rating: 1
Babaji pranam,

I am from Delhi.My age is 25 years and I have a long list of health problems.Few of them are:
1.Severe Headache which includes neck also and is very frequent.
3.Sinus (Doctor says that I have to undergo an operation as the mucos is stagnated near the nose area)

I fall sick very often and keep sneezing and coughing through-out the year.Doctor has suggested me to stay away from cold things which is impossible at the time of summer.

Please help me out.

VIKAS KUMAR SHUKLA  (Thursday, 25 June 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Sir,
I have problem in breathing . When I walk up to 2 -3 minutes. My breathing are going to high also I have always cough in neck
please suggest me some medicine .
sanjay  (Thursday, 09 April 2009), Rating: 1
pujya swamiji,
My Child who is just 2 years old is often getting cold and cough and also throat infection sometimes. we do not give him anything from outside.
When he was 4 months old he had suffered from pnuemonea. kindly help me and my child.
Thanking you
Sanjay Saini
Nilesh NJ  (Thursday, 26 February 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Swamiji.

I'm of 35yrs having skin problems at multiple locations like lower leg, arms, neck, shoulder etc.
Since I was of 1-16 yrs I suffered from eczema at lower leg part. In spite of various & multiple types (allopathic, homoeopathy, ayurvadic - juice of some leaves) of long treatments, I haven't got a relief. Ultimately one of my friends father (a goldsmith) applied sulphuric acid (tejaab) with ear-bud like cotton. Thought its cruel experiment and I suffered with massive wound due to burning of multiple skin layers for more than two months. But by then it was cured for some time for that part of skin. Now sometimes it again starts itching and I just apply betnovate-N cream and get a temp relief.

Since last 5-6 years, my skin itches if I go in sunlight. Small boils/blisters arise and skin turns reddish. Cold water gives me relief. But over a period of time, these parts on arms, around neck, around ear became dark black visible spots. Recently these spots started more itching and swelling.

During this time I had treatments for sunburn, use to apply sunscreen lotions with high SPF, took anti-oxidant tablets etc. Also had blood tests for DNS, DS-DNA etc. But all are kind of waste. I doubt that doctors may not be able to diagnose the disease and cause of this. I'm very hopeful from your side. Please guide me for a proper treatment to cure this completely.

Thank you.
smita  (Thursday, 20 November 2008), Rating: 1
Pranam swamiji

I am 29 yr woman .
I cannot sleep all night Beacuse I have to go to bathroom evry 3-4 hours
and in winter every 2-3 hours.

That is why my sleep gets disturbed and I start thinking about some problem (or gharelu zamele ,kisine kuchhch kaha muze vo yaad aa jata hai aur) I cannot sleep again easily .

2, this place is really cold. and I have severe back pain in morning.

3, I have tendency to use more Right hand for daily house work.
and while standing I use mostly right foot so right hand and right foot have pain in the night and cannot sleep properly again.

pain is very unbearable.

Please tellsome remedies; I will be thankful to you
aditya  (Thursday, 30 October 2008), Rating: 1
i m having cough problem from last 4years some time it dec. some time it inc. but it never get over it always with me 12 months please tell me waht should i do?
Abhishek dubey  (Saturday, 11 October 2008), Rating: 1
guruji i m having cough problem throughout the year, this is also sometimes because of dust and dirt but sometimes not with anything......plese send me any medicines regarding this problem.
abhishek bubey
Sandeep  (Tuesday, 07 October 2008), Rating: 1
My mother aged 56 yrs. was diagnosed and got treated for TB(lungs) twice .First time around 20 years back and last time a year back.As per doctor she is fine but last month she got blood in cough after coughing a bit dr. said that it is due to rupturing in lungs cavities.So like to cure this from root through Ayurveda.
Please suggest.
abhishek dubey  (Monday, 06 October 2008), Rating: 1
I have a cough problem since 1998. I have already get an operation of nose bone in 1998. In winter, I face this problem daily. So please give the name of medicine. I am doing yog daily but the problem is not curing.
Rakesh Oza  (Tuesday, 30 September 2008), Rating: 1
My wife is having alergy of eating sour items. When anything related to lime etc. tastes in her food she gets rashes on her full body. She has to take cetrizine medicine and then the rashes are no more. Even some time she gets severe cough at night and cough get accumulated in her throat which comes out with vomit. She feels uneasy when she has such type of cough.
Can you suggest some time of yoga / medicines?
jitendra kumar kund  (Sunday, 28 September 2008), Rating: 1
pranam. please send me the details medicine for the problem that during cold the inner part of nostril swoling.
sudhir k vandra  (Saturday, 27 September 2008), Rating: 1
last 3 years i suffaring from the problem of cough.i fill that cough is filled up to my throat and mouth.every day to much cough thrown out from my mouth. i was done the many ayurvedic medicine for that, but can not solve the problem. so, pl. solve my cough problem.i have elergy of milk,curd, paneer,tomato.i am 30 years old and working in the ESSAR OIL LTD atjamnagar in shift duty.
vinod kumar  (Tuesday, 09 September 2008), Rating: 1
sir i have synus from my hildhood.after treated by most of the Dr i didnt get relife till now.Now i realise that it is mostly because of dust alergy and cold.
sir i need its solution.Please help me out.
Ashok  (Thursday, 04 September 2008), Rating: 1
Dear Guruji,
My son is suffering with Polyp in left side of nose since the age of 9 years. Due to this, he has chronic cold and cannot breathe from left side of nose. When he was 15 years old, the Polyp started coming out of nose, so he was operated and Polyp was removed. Now he is 22 years old and Polyp has appeared again. Can you suggest any remedy?

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