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Organic Sugar Balance Capsules

Organic Sugar Balance Capsules
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Category: Diabetes



Organic Sugar Balance Capsules helps to normalize blood sugar levels, retards absorption of dietary sugars & improves insulin utilization. Prevents & treats chronic complications of diabetes mellitus, both type 1 & 2. Can be used with modern anti-diabetics, which can be gradually reduced as condition improves. Preventative in predisposition to diabetes. Safe for long-term use.

  • Retards absorption of dietary sugar
  • Normalizes blood glucose levels
  • Reduces chronic complications of diabetes mellitus
  • Improves insulin receptor sensitivity


  • Bimbi (Coccinia indica)
    • Retards absorption of dietary sugar
    • Insulin like action
  • Bougainbelia (Bougainvillea spectabilis)
    • Improves sensitivity of insulin receptors
    • Improves insulin utilization
    • Stimulates the transport of glucose into muscle tissue
    • Increases formation of glycogen in muscles
    • Prevents diabetic complications (such as cataract, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular disorders & neuropathies)
  • Sadabahar (Vinca rosea)
    • Lowers blood sugar
    • Enhances insulin secretion

Available in : 60 vegetarian capsules

Consumption : 1-2 capsules with water twice a day half an hour after the meals.

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Organic Sugar Balance Capsules Reviews

Customer Reviews :

vivek tripathi  (Monday, 19 September 2011), Rating: 5
baba ji namskarrni am sufaring for dibetic for last 3 month. my sugar lable is 226 is a fasting.present time i am taking 1/2 tablets daily. pl. advice for me .
Fred  (Thursday, 15 September 2011), Rating: 5
Bougainbelia is helpful for insulin control, as Vinca rosea is having the property of blood sugar level control and it acts as anti-cancerous property, and even it acts as hypotensive property hence Organic sugar balance medicine is also helpful for controlling blood sugar levels and hypertension also. The speciality of Sugar Balance Medicine is organic farming product, one can believe the medicine and the results will be satisfactory. Though, there are many herbal medicines available in market, there are very few herbal medicines where the raw drugs of particular herbal medicine is cultivated through organic farming. Hence one can consume this Sugar Balance Medicine safely to improve general health and to control diabetes. Sugar balance Medicine is a combination of herbs that are cultivated by the method of organic forming without using chemicals for cultivation and the combination of herbs are Coccinia indica, Bougainvillea spectabilis, and Vinca rosea, as these herbal medicines are having adequate essence and is particularly consumed for controlling sugar levels in blood and to prevent diabetic related neuropathy. Coccinia indica is also called as BIMBI which is having special pharmacological actions like hypoglycaemic, antioxidant property, hepato-protective property, and anti-diabetic action, hence Coccinia Indica is used for controlling diabetes.
Surjendu Mukhopadhyay  (Monday, 30 May 2011), Rating: 1
My blood chemistry is given Bellow.
True blood sugar fasting- 86 mg/dl
Blood urea-- 16 mg/dl
Serum creatinine-- 1.2 mg/dl
Serum cholesterol-- 207 mg/dl
Serum triglycerides-- 701 mg/dl
hdl cholesterol-- 18.8 mg/dl
ldl cholesterol-- 76.9 mg/dl
vldl cholesterol 111.3
total cholesterol : HDL cholesterol
sgpt/ALAT 44
PADAM  (Friday, 20 May 2011), Rating: 1

I am debitic since 15 yrs. My ages is 47 yrs , I am lossing the weight.

kindly advice for medicin for control the sugar level & incresing the weight.
saurabh bhattacharya  (Tuesday, 10 May 2011), Rating: 1
my mother got very high sugar constantly,advice me.
tarak  (Tuesday, 29 March 2011), Rating: 1
i am 50 year old my sugar lavel is 161X232 an my sexul life last six month very dull so pls give me your good product name is my life.pls give me sugar free sexul madition name as possible?
poonam  (Friday, 25 March 2011), Rating: 1
My Father & lMother is suffering from Sugar from last 5 years and my mother is also high BP patient pls tell me right solution.
Manjunatha reddy  (Monday, 28 February 2011), Rating: 1
Please suggest me to control my sugar in the body
udaya rimal  (Friday, 25 February 2011), Rating: 1
i am 60 yrs old my serum creatinine 1.7 ; urinary creatinine 47.5; creatinine clearance 60.15 ; spot protein 30;protein: creatinine ratio 0.57 ;urine microalbumin >200 and fasting blood sugar 102mg% and PP is 160. i am on insulene 25/75 morning 16 and night 26. i want to come haridwar on april pls advice me.
anuj  (Thursday, 24 February 2011), Rating: 1
Respected Guruji
I have sugar problem from last 6 month, please suggest me how can i reduce this
with regards
Sujoy Biswas  (Friday, 11 February 2011), Rating: 1
Baba my is suffering from blood sugar & thyroid problem. Her fasting count is 175 PP count 200. Thyroid TSH is 7. Plz send me some solution.
Jagdish Chander  (Tuesday, 04 January 2011), Rating: 1

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Vimla Devi  (Friday, 26 November 2010), Rating: 1
Mrs. Vimal devi
age 32 yers
Blood Sugar (R) 110 mg/dl (60-140)
Uric Acid 6.0 mg/dl (2.0-6.0)
Investigation Result
RA Factor : Negative
Haemoglobin 12.0 gm% (12-16)
Total Leucocytes Count 9,000 /cumm (4000-11000)
Differential Leucocytes Count
Nrutrophils 67 % (40-70)
Lymphocytes 30 % (00-06)
Eosinophils 03 % (0-08)
Basophils 00 % (00-02)
ESR 31 mm1st hr (00-14)
Platelet Count 1.6 Lac/cumm (1.5-4.0)
Absolute Eosionphil count 210 /cumm (40-400)
Reticulocyte Count 1.6 % (0.5-04)
RBC-Normocytic normochromic piture. No features of hemolysis seen.
WBC-Total and diffeentia count is within normal limits. No. atypical or prematrue cells seen.
PLATELETS-Adequate in number and of normal morphology.
Imp: Normal peripheral smear
Pathologist Dr. Ashok Malhotra
M.B.B.S., M.D., (Patho)
Consultant Pathologist
Sushanta kumar das  (Tuesday, 28 September 2010), Rating: 1
Dear Sir,
Recently i tested my sugar, its too high. fasting report-245 & after taking meal is 306. so can you help me to reduduce my sugar low as soon as possible? so, how long it taken the time? please reply me back as soon as possible.

Thanking you,
Sushanta kr.Das
harshukhbhai  (Tuesday, 03 August 2010), Rating: 1
i am 47 year old person , i am a businessmen i wm suffering from blood sugar since last one year PLEASE ADVICE ME , WHICH PATANJALI MEDICINE WILL I BOUGHT i have about 250 blood sugar
jank rani  (Thursday, 22 July 2010), Rating: 1
my grand mother is in problem. she has sojh and cuts in urine area. she is a sugar patient.
but her sugar is control.. she is not eat sweets etc. but burning sensation increases when passing out the urine.. the problem is increases so much. when we test the urine. then report show pash in urine.. so the burining sensation and sojh increases.... she does take good diet and rest because of burning sensation in urine... give the advice, what we will do.
jank rani  (Thursday, 22 July 2010), Rating: 1
my grand mother is in problem. unke urine area main jakham aur sojh hai.. jab weh bathroom karte us same toh mehsush nai hota jalan ka. par bathroom karne ke bad unke jalan. padhne lagti hai aur dard hota hai. unhe sugar bhi hai. kai doctors kehte hai ki urine wali jagha se pash niklati hai.. jiske karn unhe jalan hoti hai... par kai medicine le li hai , aram nahi mila... na woh so pate hai.. sabhi doctor opreation ke liye kehte hai... par weh nahi karana chate. aap hi koi tarika batae batae... sugar unki bilkul control main hai... mita woh khate tak nai hai, na chaye pite hai...
dilip sharma  (Tuesday, 22 June 2010), Rating: 1
pranam swamiji I am 57 year old.My blood sugar is 98 fasting 149 after meal.Previously it was 132 and185.Iam taking methi and peri winkle flower in empty stomach since 3months.Please guide me.
murali  (Wednesday, 07 April 2010), Rating: 1
sir,please give some tips on sugar disease.
Dr@myyog  (Wednesday, 09 December 2009), Rating: 1

Patient is taking medicines absolutely right and the daily routine of patient is also very good. If he is not getting satisfactory results, then he should increase the doses of his present medicines. The doses should be adjusted according to the blood pressure and blood sugar levels and can be increased or decreased as per the condition of patient. We recommend you to increase the doses of present medicines to get the best results.
sukerdin  (Monday, 07 December 2009), Rating: 1
paryaam sir,

guru ji main jind distt. se bol raha huin . mere sasur ji ko sugar ho gai hai. wo ek din evening ko 5:00 baje cycle se gir gaye the aur vo vahien pe hi subah tak pade rahe aur unka leg ka maas fat gaya ab vo charpai per hi rahte hain. unke skin black ho gai kyonki khoon ki kami ke karan unhein jush deya gaya ushi ke karan. batao guru ji kya karein. madicine bhi kha rahe hain. vo distt. bhiwani me village nathwas mein rahte hain. vo ek serviceman aadmi hain jisse unki roji mein kami aa gai hai vo hi akele kamane wal hain. mein aap se vishvas rakhta hoon isliy aap se nivedan karta hoon ki jaldi se iske upchar ke bare mein batayein. please guru ji jaldi batayein.
Ashish Saini  (Thursday, 03 December 2009), Rating: 1
Namaskar Guru Ji
Guru ji mera naam ashish hai or meri age 26 saal hai.mai aaj kal bahut paresaan hu kyo ki mujko pata chala hai ki mujko sugar ho gayi hai maine test karaya to 183 or 216 nikli.ab mai kya karu please meri help kare.
ashish saini
Dr@myyog  (Friday, 06 November 2009), Rating: 1

We recommend you to go with your doctor`s advise. She can take Divya madunashini vati( to control blood sugar levels and Divya madunashini vati( to control blood pressure naturally. Take light meals and avoid hot, spicy, oily and fast foods. Water intake should be high. Give her complete rest to avoid any complication.
daya Nath Jha  (Saturday, 03 October 2009), Rating: 1
Namaste Guru Ji,
guru ji mai d.n.jha sugar ka patient hu for the 1 year. mujai koi yoga ya medicine batay jess mai theak rahu.mera BP kantrol hai.
daya Nath Jha  (Saturday, 03 October 2009), Rating: 1
Namaste Guru Ji,
guru ji mai d.n.jha sugar ka patient hu for the 1 year. mujai koi yoga ya medicine batay jess mai theak rahu.mera BP kantrol hai.
Tuhin Chakravorty  (Monday, 31 August 2009), Rating: 1
My mother has high sugar level. Please advise for what medicine should I purchase to cure this.
Thank you.
Rahul Badjatya  (Thursday, 20 August 2009), Rating: 1
namaskar babaji,
my mos is suffering from high blood sugar problem can please suggest me the solution urgently ...
avg BSR 230 to 300
Kavita  (Wednesday, 22 July 2009), Rating: 1
Parnam guru ji!

pichle sardiyon se muje jukam khatam ni hora, aur kitne baar check up karaneke baad kaha ki blood test karo.. blood test me sugar level 153mg PP, aur 78mg FP tha tab Dr ne kaha ki tum diet control karo, aur BP low b tha.. me ek hafte se morning walk karne jati ti kisi ne kaha tha apka program ke bhareme, dho teen din se apka yog program dekh karti hun muje both acha laga, muje yehi karna hai ya koi aur b medicines lena hi...pls muje advise kijiye
anil sharma  (Saturday, 25 April 2009), Rating: 1
dear ramdevji
mere papa ko 4 sal se urin infaction
se pidit hai doctor ne khub luta par farak
nahi pad raha mai ne sare bade doc se
ilaz karwaya
ab aap hi hame salah dijiye
kya is ka ilaz ho sak ta hai
inki umar 53 sal hai nam mishrilal sharma
unhe sugar prob hai
plz reply as soon as posibal
shyam sunder  (Sunday, 01 March 2009), Rating: 1
Pranaam Guruji,
I am shyam from Bangalore, I have only one son who is aged 20, and yesterday it was diagonised that he is having diabetics and the sugar content @ fasting is 270 and later on it shows 450. Today I had taken him for a second round of test to re-confirm and awaiting his test reports and also his abdominal & pancreas scan, which will be available tomorrow. Since I am quite worried, kindly suggest me the ways to get him a permanent cure. I am advised that with your blessings he can be cured permanently.
I would be highly obliged if you could reply me in this matter.
Charan Sparsh to your holy feet,
uday singh  (Wednesday, 21 January 2009), Rating: 1
sir recent i new that i have high sugar level, and i wand know about it that how can i cure it. please give me instruction about my died,yoga that i can follow them to controll my sugar level.
Anupam  (Wednesday, 11 June 2008), Rating: 1
I am diabetic for the last 11 years and I am 39 yrs old. Till last year I was only on oral medicines. My blood sugar level was never been less than 250 mg/dl. For the last 7 months I am on insulin (twice a day) and maintaining my blood sugar level abot 160 to 180 mg/dl. If the insulin dose goes up, the sugar level comes down.

Kindly advise if I can ever be off insulin by herbal medicines and yoga only.

Capt Anupam Maiti

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