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Acne and Pimples Ayurvedic Medicines

Acne and Pimples Ayurvedic Medicines
Product Reviews

Package of Ayurvedic Medicines for Acne and Pimples.

Acne & Pimples Package Ingredients

  1. Divya Kaya Kalp Vati    40 gm
  2. Divya Nimb Ghan Vati   40 gm
  3. Divya Kanti Lep             50 gm
  4. Saundrya Face Wash    60 gm

Mode of Administration

Medicine No.1,2 - 2-2 Tabs, Twice a day, To be taken in the Morning one hour before Breakfast and in the Evening one hour before dinner with water.

Medicine No.3 - As required, Make a paste by adding rose-water, unboiled Milk or Water, apply on the face & wash with lukewarm water after two or three hours; alternatively can be applied at night & washed in the Morning. For external use only.

Medicine No.4 - Apply on the wet face, massage gently for 1 minute and then wash with water. For external use only.

Foods to be avoided in Acne and Pimples:- Chocolates, Pizza, Greasy & fried foods and junk food.

Acne and Pimples Home remedies, Causes & Tips

  • Acne is very common skin problem is majority of individuals suffer from acne problem at the age of puberty. Acne starts appearing at the age of puberty but may continue for years.
  • Acne is the inflammation of sebaceous gland or hair follicle and is generally precipitated by increased testosterone level in males and females both.
  • Acne are generally called pimples, blemishes and acne vulgaris. Acne generally appears at face but may it may spread to chest, neck, back and arms.
  • The best way to avoid acne is to keep skin clean of dust and waste. Wash your face two three times or more specially after returning from polluted environment.
  • Increase water intake level.
  • Keep more proportion of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Reduce spicy and oily foods.
  • Better clean your face with neem water or Rose Water.
  • Take neem water or chew neem leaves daily early morning empty stomach to keep skin infections and acne away.
  • In addition to these simple home remedies take a regular course of full acne and pimples package to get fast relief from acne and pimples.
  • These are ayurvedic medicines for acne. These medicines are very helpful in clearing pimples and their marks.
  • Reddish, swallowed, inflamed and painful skin boils or acne are very easily gone by regular course of these medicines.
  • So take these herbal blood purifier and safe natural medicines regularly to get satisfactory results for acne.
  • Avoid touching and scratching your pimples to control their spread and scar formation.
  • Acne / pimples also usually caused due to irregular food habits and improper lifestyle in certain age groups. It is of mainly from hormonal imbalance. So, you need to modify your food habits along with some medications in order to overcome acne.
  • Acne, a problematic condition of teens today requires immediate attention or otherwise, the face may suffer from pits and mounts. In addition, treatment for acne should not create undue stress to the sick, and could again contribute to causing acne. There are lots of treatments and programs available for the treatment of acne, but most wanted to control and treat acne is acne home treatment.

Things to remember and effective acne treatment at home:

  • Popping or squeezing grain could lead to a serious infection of the surrounding area, which can lead to increased inflammation. Here are some effective home treatments for acne that has been used by people for many years ...
  • Application of cinnamon powder paste and lemon juice (1 teaspoon of each to make a paste) on the acne affected areas daily for good results in 20 days.
  • You can make fresh garlic juice. To do this, to crush the pods and then apply on the acne to get everlasting acne solution and flawless skin.
  • Another simple at home treatment of acne is the preparation of lime juice and peanut oil. Apply the mixture on and around the acne. It is considered that a good solution for pimples and blackheads.
  • The application of lemon juice and rose water in the affected areas and leave it for half an hour is good. Wash your face thoroughly with warm water for best results.
  • You can grind the nutmeg in raw cow's milk. Apply gently on the acne affected area. This is the home acne remedy useful for all ages.
  • Make this essential mask to get rid of acne fast - take a few drops of essential oil, using a mask base powder such as fuller's earth or kaolin powder and then a little mineral water or rose water to make a paste. Mix one heaping teaspoon of base powder to a few drops of essential oils. Add about 2 tablespoons water to make a slurry, but ideal. Apply this on the acne to heal.
  • Some of the science of the people for mixing the paste of basil leaves, turmeric rhizomes supply with raw and apply on affected area. This is an eastern approach and an effective acne treatment at home.

Some other opinions on acne home remedies:

  • Many experts believe that beauty make a dough by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon is very good and effective care for acne. The application of this paste on the pimples just before hitting the sack and wash with warm water next morning takes care of those unsightly stains. Repeat for 15 days pimples will disappear forever.
  • Another great homemade acne treatment is ground drumstick pods and leaves and mix with fresh lime juice and apply on acne. This also helps to pimples and blackheads.
  • Simply wash your face and then lightly grained piece of cotton gauze compound is immersed in vinegar.
  • A simple treatment for grain includes the mixture of groundnut oil with an equal amount of fresh lime juice and apply on affected area. For a better effect, leave it for about half an hour and rinse. It can be applied daily to prevent formation of blackheads, acne and / or grains.
  • Some health experts believe that the application of raw papaya juice (including the skins and seeds) pimples or zits solve the problem.
  • Apply fresh lemon juice added to a glass of boiled milk cow. Use this as a face wash for acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and even cracked skin.
  • Application of ripened tomato pulp on acne, pimples and leave an hour before rinsing is an effective acne treatment at home.

Apple cider vinegar as a home treatment of acne:

Apple Cider Vinegar is very useful natural agent that helps to cure acne by killing bacteria and pH balance of skin that has been altered during the acne condition. It is also regarded as the agent that absorbs excess oil from our skin is a cause that contributes to acne. To do this, dilute the apple cider vinegar in water - 1: 3 in the ratio and apply the solution directly on the acne with a clean cotton swab. Hold this for about 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water and fresh. Do this three times a day for about 1-2 months.

Tips for Acne and pimples

  • Take plenty of liquids
  • Avoid oily foods and deep fried items
  • Maintain proper timings of food intake
  • Consume any herbal juice once a day such as Aloevera Juice
  • Reduce mental strain.

- Herbal / Ayurvedic medicine, Natural remedy

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Acne and Pimples Ayurvedic Medicines Reviews

Customer Reviews :

sonam  (Saturday, 12 May 2018), Rating: 5
Sir meri umer 26 years ki hu mere face per acne ho gaye h 1 years ho gaya but kuch try ki but koi fayda nhi h, plz mujhe koi medicine bataye jis se ye humesa ke liye khatam ho jaye
ansh chauhan  (Wednesday, 14 February 2018), Rating: 5
Sir mere chehre pe rom chhidra hai or pimple ke gadhdhe bhi hai mai bahut prayash kiya hoon lekin thik nahi nahi hua hai cream bhi use kiya lekin koi response nahi hua aap koi upay aor koi cream bataiye please sir
khan  (Thursday, 27 April 2017), Rating: 5
Sir mere wife ke chechak danne nikle gai kese thk karo bhut fedup hu sir plz help me aur sir wo ussi ki wajah se kuch kha ni pati helthing karab hote ja raha hai uska
amit  (Saturday, 20 August 2016), Rating: 5
Sir mai 20 year ka hu . Mere face pr krib 4,5 sal se muhase ho gye hi .maine bhut medicine kraya but abhi shi nhi hua. Please sir koi medicine btaiye jisse shi ho jay.
Satish Gupta  (Tuesday, 09 August 2016), Rating: 5
श्रीमान जी मेरे चेहरे पर बड़े और मोटे मुँहासे निकल आये हैँ 4-5 महीने हो गये मैँ सारे ईलाज कर चुका लेकिन ये ठीक नहीँ हो रहा है कृप्या इस समस्या का समाधान करने के लिये कोई उपाय बताइये। जिससे मुँहासोँ का निकलना बंद हो जाये। मैँ खाने मे परहेज कर रहा हूँ तब भी कोई लाभ नहीँ मिल रहा है।
anoopsingh  (Monday, 27 June 2016), Rating: 5
My screan very pimpals koi dawa hoo too mejhe batao please
My name is an*** 98###70182 and 88###33656
Iam very problim please my request
raj  (Tuesday, 14 June 2016), Rating: 5
baba ji namaskar mere face ke nichi chin par lal lal nishan ho gaya hai karib 3 mahine ho gaye hai maine boro plus,sarso ka tel bhi lagaya lakin kuch asar nahi hua nisha saf dikhaye deta hai please koi upaye bataiye.
Saurabh   (Thursday, 02 June 2016), Rating: 5
Sir mere face me dono k bich nak pe ek kala dag ho gaya hai wo v 2 sal se.. Iske liye maine homeopathic dwao ka bhi use kiya par koi asar nhi hua ..

Isko kaise hatau iska tips btaiye.. Ya koi patnjali cream naam btaiye jisse ye dag khatm ho jaye..
Rohit nishad  (Tuesday, 24 May 2016), Rating: 5
hi Sir..
Mere ko chechak ho gaya tha .
Jo ab thik ho gaya hai .
par unke daag sab mere chehre par hai.
our chhote chhote gaddhe bhi mere chehre par ho gaye hai.
Maine bahot kosis kiya par koi phayda nahi hua.
sir please koi dawa bataiye.
Aapki Bahot Kripa hogi .
sir please jaldi hi koi badiya dawa bataiye..
Mai aapke jawab ka intajar kar raha hu.

sir please please very pleased..
rahul   (Friday, 20 May 2016), Rating: 5
Sir me in pimples se pareshan hu...... maine doctor ko dikhaya to usne mujhe kuch medicine di...... usse farak to pada hai magar face pura clean nhi hua...... abhi bhi mere gaal lal hai...... rang gora hone ki wajah se saaf dikhte hai...... mere face PR pimples to khatam hogye Magyar lal gaal ache nhi me my no 84###16840
Bablu  (Monday, 29 September 2014), Rating: 5
Hello.sir..g. mere face par koi saalo se acne ho rhe me shuru se hi VATNOVATE-N use karta hu...but abhi mere face par chote chote red daane ho gye the fir mene skin Dr. Ko dikhaya or unki cream lagane se mere face par bohot dane ho gaye h aur skin dry and skin se parat si nikalti h...pls me bohot pareshaan hu....koi tarika apke reply ka weight karunga......
Bittu  (Friday, 29 August 2014), Rating: 5
Hello sir..mere chehre pe karib 6 - 7 salo se pimples h bhut jagha dikhaya pr ye thik hone ka naam hi nhi leta h main kya kru bhut pareshan hu ..kripya koi acchhi salah de
yatendra singh  (Wednesday, 25 June 2014), Rating: 5
mere chhere par bahut acne h maine do. Se ilaaz kraya medicine khane ke baad kuchh dino ke liye saaf ho jate h lekin phir ho jaje bahut sari cream lagayi phir bhi nahi gaye
pls help me mai hamesha aapka achari rahuna
email id
ANAND KUMAR  (Saturday, 07 June 2014), Rating: 5
pranam babaji.mere chare pe 4 sal se pimpals he abhi kam hogy par uske dap nahi ja rahe plz koi asan sa upay batao mera an***
abhi  (Monday, 26 May 2014), Rating: 5
Sir me in pimples se pareshan hu...... maine doctor ko dikhaya to usne mujhe kuch medicine di...... us se farak to pada hai magar face pura clean nhi hua...... abhi bhi mere gaal lal hai...... rang gora hone ki wajah se saaf dikhte hai...... mere face PR pimples to khatam ho gye Magyar lal gaal ache nhi me and send me ur suggestions in my e mail id - ab***
Thanks..... waiting for ur mesg
Badal attri  (Monday, 07 April 2014), Rating: 4
Baba ji apko mera sabse phle nmskar hai baba ji mere muh pr keel muhase phunsi gadde aur kaale nisan bne huye hain jis me bahut preshan hu mera sharir bhi dubla patla hai meri umr 17 sal h lekin me itna dubla hu ki mera weight keval 39kg hai or meri lambai bhi kuch nhi keval 5-feet 3-inch hai babaji in sabse chutkara pane k liye mujhe kuch ilaj batao meri em***
Rahi  (Wednesday, 02 April 2014), Rating: 5
Dear Sir! Mere face pe kuch saalon se pimples aa rhe h, kavi bilkul saaf ho jata h, lekin fir dubara chote chote dane aa jata h, mn dr. ko v dikhaya, mgr dawai se thk to ho jata h par, sirf kuch dino k liye, mn ilaz kr k thak gya hun, ab samjh ni aata kya kru, ab aap hi koi upay btaye.. id- da***
Avishek kumar  (Wednesday, 19 March 2014), Rating: 1
Babaji pranam mere chehre par 4 saal se pimplas h aur kale daag bhi mera chehra pehle se kafi kala hogya h babaji kuch upay bataiye pimpas .daag aur sawla pan dur hojaye me aap ka abhar manunga mera koi email id to nahi h par number h 89###23017
anas  (Sunday, 16 March 2014), Rating: 5
Please kuch ilaaz bataye m har ilaaz krke pareshan ho gya... Par kuch ni hyua saaf hota h face pr fir mote mote pimples ho jate h bahaut dard krte h and khoon bhi nikalta h or chehra gal sa jata h... Pls sar req. H aapse.. Meri age 18 h or mene hr treatment krliya pr kuch ni asar hua...
Mjhe is email address pe mail krke bataye....
Hafeez  (Tuesday, 04 March 2014), Rating: 5
Mare father ke one year ago unke jism par dane nikalte hai dard bhi karte hai Aak ke baad aak dane nikalte hai mujhe kuch please batana merit email I\'d ( lu*** )
Bandna  (Sunday, 02 February 2014), Rating: 0
Baba ji apko mera parnaam hai, mujhe 4 saal se pimple ho raha hai aur maine har jagah treatment v kiya lekin koi fayda nahi huwa sbkuch kar k preshan ho gaye aur pimple se kafi kale daag aur gaddhe v ho gaye hain meri shadi hai plz aap is problem ko solve kar de hamesa ke liye mai aapke reply ka wait kar rhi hu aur mera email Id- em***
deepak chauhan  (Tuesday, 07 January 2014), Rating: 5
sir mere chehre pe bachpan se muhanse ate hai mai kya karu ki muhanse khatam ho jaye. My email.> cd*** or mai bahut pareshan hu meri g.f. Bahut hai mujhe milane ke liye bulati hai to mujhe jane me sharm ati hai plz email jarur kariyega
Sameer  (Sunday, 08 September 2013), Rating: 5
Are dosto chahre pr agr pimples ki bj se kale dag hai to gbrao mt... Nime ke per se 5 ya 10 patte pani me ubal kr 1 chammch nime ka pani dud me milakr rat ke samy piye chahra saf ho jaega
Suel Laskar  (Sunday, 04 August 2013), Rating: 5
Nameste Babaji
Babaji main 18 saal ka hu. aur mere chahre par bahut jada pimples hain aur pimples ki bajese chahre par kafi kale kale par gaye hain aur in kale daag ko mitane ke liye maine Melacare Forte creame used kiya the yeh creame use karne se kale daag meet gaye the lakin maine jab woh creame use karna chod diya toh mera chehra pura kaala ho gaya hai. babaji ab main kiya karu plz koi toh upay batayein.....
Himanshu   (Saturday, 03 August 2013), Rating: 5
MereNamaste babaji mai 24saal k hu meri skin kafi oily h jis wajaha s meri skin par kaye saare dane aur pimpals ho gaye h is wajaha s mere skin par kale (black) dag d jayad ho gaye h please babaji is ko thik karne ka koi ayurvedik upaye batmaheye

Mere email id hi*** please babaji mere madad kare please
Bablu  (Wednesday, 24 July 2013), Rating: 5
Hi. Sir i am 20 y sex. male . Sir. Mere chehre per bohot saare chote chote daane hai . Maine kai cream laga li pr kuch nahi hua. Aur ankhon ke niche kale ghere bhi h . Chehre pr ek pimple thik hota nahi h doosra aur nikal jata h please. Mujhe koi aisa tarikd bataye ki chehre ke chote chote dane aur kale ghere .pimple door ho jaye .pls reply me
Karan saini  (Saturday, 20 July 2013), Rating: 0
Me 18 saal ka ho or mere chehre pe 1 saal se pimple ho rahe hai bataye me kya karo.
Isse daag bi ho gaye hai jisse chera kharab ho gaya hai.
Aap koi upay bataye.
GANESH DESAI  (Thursday, 11 July 2013), Rating: 5
Namaskar babaji. me 21 sal ka hu or 1sal se mere chehare par pimpals aarahehe mene bahot dawai li lekin dawai khtm hone par vapis pimple aate he mera pura face bekar hua he or gadhe bi pad gaye he plz plz kuch elaj batao muje mw email id*** mmaaggd
SHIVANI  (Friday, 24 May 2013), Rating: 5
Mohit  (Saturday, 11 May 2013), Rating: 5
Namaste baba ji .me gujrat se hu.mujhe 2 sal pimples ki problem hai.par abhi pimples bahut kam hai .par .chhote chhote khil hote hai jo jate hi hi fut te hai.atr na hi bade hote hai.aur black colour k 6ote gaddhe ho jate hai.maine abhi me khadirarishta blood purifier laya hu . Uska dose kaise lu .me 17 sal ka hu . .mujhe jaldi hi upay aur . Mere khil ka solution bataye.
Mrutunjoy Pradhan  (Saturday, 13 April 2013), Rating: 5
Pujniye Babaji,
Main 24yrs ka hoon aur mera face 30 se 35 saal ke lagta hai krupaya kuch treatment aur Kyun si yoga ashan karna jaruri hai woh bataia.

santosh kanwar   (Friday, 05 April 2013), Rating: 5
baba ji mere chahre pe pimple a and acne acne and pimple daag ore ghadde hai kya karu please solution
my m b.99###22035
email .santoshkanwar88@gmail .com
babban  (Wednesday, 27 February 2013), Rating: 0
baba ji, mai 19yrs ka hu.mere chehre pe birth ke time se ek kala daag hai.aur pimple chote chote gaddhe ye sub kaise thik hoga mai apne aap se kehte hu mai aisa paida hi kyu hua hu.baba ye sab kaise thik hoga plz khuch treatment ka tarika bataiye
sonia dabas  (Monday, 25 February 2013), Rating: 0
mere face pe bahut sare acne ho gaye the;bas 1 month kanti lep lagne k baad mera face clear ho gaya...i m very happy now.thanks baba g...n i will advice all of them who r sufffering from acne and pimples to apply the paste for atleast 30-40 days
Pöörvi  (Monday, 11 February 2013), Rating: 5
Ram Ram Babaji mere face par gadde Jo Gaye hai how cani fill my face gadde I want smooth face I am 33 years old and my skin look like 45 years lady please tell me medicine.
Thank you babaji
Rakesh Sharma  (Thursday, 03 January 2013), Rating: 5
Pranam Babaji,
Im 19 years old, mera pimples se pura bhar gaya hai.. Yeh 1 & half years se chal raha hai.. Apka dawai maine li thi, par koh kaam nahi diya.. Please ek acha sa solution de, taki mera pimples jaldi se thik ho jaye......
nazim  (Wednesday, 02 January 2013), Rating: 5
namaste babaji mai 21 sal ka hu mere chere par bahut acne tha par ab khatam ho gaya hai par mai puacha chata hu ki kya nightfall se bhi acne nikalta hai
Raj  (Saturday, 22 December 2012), Rating: 4
The message was very clear and it will help to all who are suffering from ACNE. Really thank full and good.
Vikaram verma  (Thursday, 13 December 2012), Rating: 5
Namastey baba,
babaji mere munh pe bahut buri tarah se pimple ho gaye hai aur meri skin oily hai aur mere chehre daag bhi ho gaye hai. Mai isse bahut pareshan hu plz iska solution bataye.
yeshu  (Wednesday, 12 December 2012), Rating: 5
namesta babaji
me 17 years ki hu . mere face par bahat pimples ho geya he or bahat khujule bi boha hotihe
or face per pimples ka kala daga bhi ho geya he sub
college me mere maghak udate he please , please, please..................... jaldi se yes problem ka solution mujhe bataiea
dev  (Friday, 23 November 2012), Rating: 5
nameste babaji
, im 21yr of age boy, mera ye problem hai ke mujhe 4 saal se acne aa rahe hai, meri skin oily hai mere face par pimples.aur daag ho gaya hai mujhe college me jane ko acha nahi lagta aur nahi ghar se bahar, so please help me babaji.
pooja  (Saturday, 03 November 2012), Rating: 5
pranam guruji,
main 19 yrs ki hoon.meri yeh samasya hai ke pichle 8 yrs se mera pura face par pimples,chote dane,kale daag ho gaye hain.cheek par tho chote chote gadha bhi ho gaya hai.meri skin oily hai.maine bahut kuch try kiya but all in vain.plz help me.
Aur ek problem hai ke main jo kuch padhti hoon mujha kuch yaad nahi rehta aur na hi mein concentrated ho kr padh pati hoon.plz plz plz help me.
ayaan  (Wednesday, 31 October 2012), Rating: 5
babaji namaskar
i m 20 years
mere face par bahut saare acne or pimples nikal usse mera rang kala ho raha h or face par gaddhe ho gye or pimples kala daag chod jate h
pls help me and tell me some solution
Ajay Bhardwaj  (Wednesday, 31 October 2012), Rating: 3
It is a very Good Product
Thank u for ur valuable info............... thank u so much baba..................................................
Sona  (Friday, 26 October 2012), Rating: 5
Namaste babaji...mere face se pimples n uske daag ja hi ni re h kripya koi upay bataiye..m 20 yr ki hu.plz koi solution bataiye.
rajendra singh  (Wednesday, 03 October 2012), Rating: 5
baba ji meri face ki to bht halat kharab hai meri ankh k niche kafi dark circles hai or gal k upri hisse or bht sari choti choti ek dem kadi funsi jaisi kuch hai shyad acne uski wajeh se mera chehra bahot kharab lagta hai... ankho k ghere pr hi hai jyada ter.. mera chehre ke liye plzz koi upaye bataiye..
khan   (Friday, 28 September 2012), Rating: 5
i had so many pimples on my face and i use so many product and i take suggestion frm doctors also but the doctor give a 1 month course for a pimples solution i use but the pimples are not going plz suggest me my number 84###36304
inanika  (Monday, 10 September 2012), Rating: 5
mere lips ke sides mein rashez aur kale dhabe hue hai...chin pe bhi ek black line hai...uska plz treatment batayiye...unka reason bhi plz batayega
sowmiya Rajan  (Sunday, 05 August 2012), Rating: 5
Thank u for ur valuable info............... thank u so much baba..................................................
shreya  (Saturday, 07 July 2012), Rating: 3
i have used acne package of ram dev baba my acne is 70% is cleared within 2 weeks its safe to use must try it....
mukesh   (Sunday, 03 June 2012), Rating: 5
me badam pak ka use ker reha hu kya es se fayda hoga kya . mere serir me bhut kamjori se hai mi dubla sa serir hai
Sameer  (Saturday, 30 July 2011), Rating: 1
Baba ji namaskar meri problem y h ki pehle mere face p pimple the.ab pimple to chale gaye lakin gaddhe chod gaye.koi solution
monika rani  (Thursday, 02 June 2011), Rating: 1

sir im 23 year old student , my whole day spend in sitting & studying .....& status of my liver is found poor by random doctors face day by day getting worst due to pimples....all these problem making me fell dull and im under -weight and making my life hell plz plz plz suggest me apropriate soon as possible.
lalit  (Tuesday, 19 April 2011), Rating: 1
mere skin pe acne or pimples bahut hote h or rand bhi kala sa h koi aisa ilaz btaye jisse ki rang bhi gora ho jaye sath hi acne pimples bhi plz....
anamika  (Monday, 11 April 2011), Rating: 1
Namaste swami 18+ and am just 5'4 I want to increase my height to 3 inchs more..please suggest me something..
And I have lots of acne on my face and lots of ugly scars because of it...
I cry my heart out everyday...please help me u r my only hope... :'(
vikram  (Sunday, 10 April 2011), Rating: 1
namaste swami ji,
meri age 21 yrs hai. pichle 4 sallo se mujhe skin par acne ki problems thi jo ab kafi hadd tak thik ho chuki hai , par ab face par blackheads(specially on forehead) ho rahe hai nd colour bhi bhut black ho rha hai ... so pls tl me d cure.
KiRAN  (Saturday, 19 March 2011), Rating: 1
i am suffering from pimple on my face from last 5 year.please suggest me any treatment.
gita  (Friday, 11 March 2011), Rating: 1
Namaste guruji,
I am 24 yrs and i am facing severe pimple problem, and my skin looks very dull and dark. even the skin on my body is becomming dark without exposure to sun. i look very bad.. and pimples leave very deep dark marks which are not reducing too. there are other deep marks like pitted ones too. please suggest me a remidy to get rid of pimple, pimple marks and get good healthy glowing skin.

Thank you guruji,
i will be waiting for your reply
priya kundal  (Friday, 04 March 2011), Rating: 1
namaskar! i am 22yr girl. i am suffering from pimples problem on my face from last few months, i hv'nt tried any thing yet, if u can help me to get a clear skin i will be thankful to u...
mehnaaz  (Friday, 07 January 2011), Rating: 1
dear sir,
please suggest me to get rid from pimples and acnes as iam suffering from so many years ..iam very possesive some times i feel like to go n suicide..please reply me .iam eagerly waiting for ur reply.
archana kumari  (Tuesday, 04 January 2011), Rating: 1
i am 25 year old i am suffering from irregular mensuration since my teenage but for one year i have no periods.when i was in plain area my periods are regular my birth place is shimla i am 10kg over weight my height is 5.2" i have back pain regularly my face have acne problem temporary broncial problem in winter and rainy season.i come to know how can i prevent from all problems
mohammad khan  (Monday, 03 January 2011), Rating: 1

I have some diseases. I am feeling may be i can piles but sure.
when i go to toilet that time no bleeding and no constipation but i have one pimple on toilet way. and when i use toilet that time i feel on toilet way some sujjen(bodrsen)
so plz give me suggusten for this diseasess. ok sir i m waiting .
Ramesh  (Sunday, 02 January 2011), Rating: 1
I have suffering from pimples from last 5 years.pls suggest any pranayam or yogaasna to cure dis.
Naaz  (Tuesday, 21 December 2010), Rating: 1
I am 23 yr old girl, i have lots of pimples on my face from last 8 yrs,due to pimples there are many scars on my face.
I consulted with many doctors but no use.
Please suggest something as i am going to get married.
praveen sharma  (Saturday, 11 December 2010), Rating: 1
Pujay Swami Ji
My face has many black spots and pits of pimples produced due to removing them by nails. Please tell me the best and effective solution of removing these spots and pits.
With due regards
praveen sharma vpo. Bikaner Distt. Rewari Haryana
dawinder singh koura  (Tuesday, 23 November 2010), Rating: 1
if a pimple occurs. Then it bigger. And by day. And leave behind a large black spot. Every day i am getting a new pimple. My face is horrible now. Please help me. Give some advice..
Swami  (Friday, 19 November 2010), Rating: 1
my age 20 . mere face per pimples , dark spot, hai or my face is not fair mera n my face is black rough n dry plzzzzzzzzzz muje koi solution btaye
thank you

neena thakur  (Tuesday, 16 November 2010), Rating: 1
i m suffuring from dark spots on my cheeks nd nose and pimples since 2 years
viky  (Sunday, 24 October 2010), Rating: 1
Namaste Swamiji,
Mera naam viky hai.meri umar 19 saal hai.maine 2 saal tak hand practice kiya tab main anjan tha.
lekin jaise hi maine ise chhoda mujhe swapandosh hona start ho gya saath hi pimples bhi.
main 2 saal se iss samashya se jujh rha hu.
jisse mera bahar nikalna dubhar ho gaya hai.
main doston ke saamne weak mahasus krta hu.
swapandosh mujhe 4-5 din main ho jata hai.
jisse main kafi kamjori mahasus krta hu or kafi kamjor ho gya hu.
mujhmein confidence bilkul bhi nhi rha hai.
maine aapke baare main kafi suna hai.ab aap hi mera aakhri sahara hai.
kripya meri sahayta krein.
bhagwan aapko lambi umar de.
atul pal  (Monday, 18 October 2010), Rating: 1
respected babaji
my face is oily. so many pimplese in my face.I amfeel very dirty for this acne problam.kindly give better suggseation and medicinedetails.
tanking you

vinita oberoi  (Saturday, 09 October 2010), Rating: 1
namaskar baba
My daughter has acute acne problem. Face is full with black marks.for last 7 years she is eating alopathic medicines.she is 24 years,i am a helpless mother.please guide how can i help my daughter.
tanmay oberai  (Monday, 27 September 2010), Rating: 1

my age is 24 and i m seffering from acne scars and pipmles for the last 8 years.please suggest me some solutions.Its a request please.Does kapalbhati and anulom vilom helps in getting new skin and removing acne scars.Waiting for your reply guruji.
Koti koti parnaam.
tanmay oberai  (Monday, 27 September 2010), Rating: 1

i had been suffering from acne scars and pimples for the last 8 years and i had each and every thing to clear my skin but i failed all the time.please suggest me the best solution to get rid of these acne scars and pimples.please its a rquest.
vikas jadhav  (Tuesday, 07 September 2010), Rating: 1
namskar babaji,
i want to know the ayurvedic medicine in infertility in male and femele and skin dieses like pimple and black spot
amrita  (Friday, 13 August 2010), Rating: 1
pranam babaji,
i have two holes(not too deep) on my face caused by pimples.i have tried many things but they are still there. how i can i get rid of those.
sandip  (Thursday, 12 August 2010), Rating: 1
i dr sandip am sufering from acne rosacea for3 years. ihave got hyperpigmented rash and pimples over nose cheek forehead and earlobe assosiated with itching and readness in eyes. i m under allopathic treatment it has aggravated for past 1 month.sir i want to know if any treatment is available in ayurveda and what all precaution should itake.please advice.
Sanjay Kumar Bohra  (Thursday, 22 July 2010), Rating: 1
Namaskar Babaji ,
I Am From Phalodi District Jodhpur Rajasthan-342301 Some Time I Feel On My Leeps Joint Left Side Only Some Little Little Pimples Ambressed on it. OR YAHI PAR "JALAN HOTI RAHTI HAI" ESKE LIYE MERA MARG DARSHAN KARE OR KUCH MEDICINE SUGGUST BHI KARE JISASE MUJE RAHAT MIL SAKE OR FREELY LIFE JEE SAKU. JAI SHREE KRISHNA 09###049757
padmaja  (Thursday, 22 July 2010), Rating: 1
Namaskar swamy ji,
please give me suggistion for clearing pimples ,iam suffering from 2 years ,please give solution .pimples and marks are more for me
vinod siyag  (Sunday, 18 July 2010), Rating: 1
baba ji i m 21 years, old mere face par pimples and scars bahut hai please tell me any treatment for it............
trupti  (Sunday, 04 July 2010), Rating: 1
I am 22 years old.I am suffering from pimples and I am using Himalaya face wash and patanjali aloevera gel in day time and at night.I want to make my skin clean fair and blemish free. please help.
rahul kumar  (Thursday, 01 July 2010), Rating: 1
respected,swami ji
my face is full of pimples(acne) plz, tell me the medicine of pimple(acne)
ravi choudhary  (Tuesday, 15 June 2010), Rating: 1
my face is oilly and so many pimples are there in my face. Moreover when I go out in sun more pimples come. I need solution for this . I have used your advice before as well and it was fruitful for me. so this time I also need your advice.

Ravinder Singh
Bhagyashree  (Friday, 02 April 2010), Rating: 1

I need your help & guidence to open a shop of your medicine(Patanjali).
I am very keen to work with you & also ready to attend training program if any to star that.
I my self is using your products . I stay in Pune & in our area i.e. Pimple Gurav. There is no Patanjali so i wan to star the same.
Please help me.


rana  (Saturday, 13 February 2010), Rating: 1
namaskar guruji,
i am 25 yrs old have been suffering from pimples and deep black spot on my face from last one year and it is not curing.guruji can u give any medicine which can cure this problem quickly.thank you.
Shivakumar  (Tuesday, 19 January 2010), Rating: 1
Pls..namstey i am seema from rajasthan, and i have not only one problem,i am a shop of diseases ,sometimes it seems very hard to be alive. i am 24 yr old with 50 kg n 5.5 height but having problem from head to toe. i have Keretoconus eye problem in both eye which is cornial destortation,having pimples on the face and back, dark circles,and one cronic heriditory constipation.this is not a full stop i am bulimic too,lot of hairs are on my body and face. i have no way to cure them and they lead me to dipression. plsease god help me out of this otherwise i cant believe my self to live anymore. please guruji reply me of this problem please please please.........i am sick of myself.
HI Seema.
Did u get any solution from guruji.could you explain r write mail to sk***
Bcoz i am suffering from same keretoconus.
Dr@myyog  (Sunday, 17 January 2010), Rating: 1

Keep taking strirasayan till yu are completely cured and your periods become regular. We recommend you to take DIVYA KAYAKALPA VATI and CLARINA for complete solution of your marks and scars. Use these ayurvedic medicines regularly for best results. Avoid heavy makeup and keep your face skin clear
Dr@myyog  (Sunday, 03 January 2010), Rating: 1

Acne vulgaris is very severe problem and some times it may affect trunk, arms and even head. We recommend you to avoid using cosmetics and other chemical rich preparations. Do not scratch your acne or it may further spread the problem. You should take a regular course of Divya kayakalpa vati, Divya neemghan vati and Divya Khadirarishta to cure acne and clear their scars. Take bath in neem water and increase water intake. Further queries are welcome.
jyoti  (Sunday, 03 January 2010), Rating: 1
Guruji i have been suffering from severe acne on my back,shoulder and face and it leaves behind dark spots/marks.. i have undergone a lot of chemical peels and dermabrasion,but it did not help me in anyway... can u please advice me any medicines or treatment for his problem
Dr@myyog  (Friday, 01 January 2010), Rating: 1

All your problems are curable by regular course of pure ayurvedic medicines. Irregular periods and pimples in women are generally due to hormonal imbalance. We recommend you to take complete menorrhagia therapy with Divya Ashokarishta to cure all your irregular periods related problems. Take DIVYA KAYAKALPA VATI and CLARINA for complete solution of your pimples and scars. Increase water intake. Take more fresh fruits, vegetables and fibers in your diet. Practice pranayams regularly in fresh air. All these measures will definitely cure all your problems. Further queries are welcome.
Anupama  (Thursday, 31 December 2009), Rating: 1
I am Anupama (26 years old)from bangalore. My skin has lost lustre and looks very dull. There has been an onset of pimples lately along with black heads.
Also i am suffering from constipation and irregular periods.
i consulted an ayurvedic doctor and he said nothing much can be done abt the skin problems. I am worried. Please help
Dr@myyog  (Tuesday, 29 December 2009), Rating: 1

Pimples and pimple marks are very common in teenage. Oily skin is more prominent to pimples and scratching pimples leave scars. We recommend you to take DIVYA KAYAKALPA VATI and CLARINA for complete solution of your pimples and scars. These ayurvedic medicines are very effective in clearing face skin from pimples, pimple marks, boils and other scars on skin. A regular course of almost three months will give you satisfactory results.
shruti  (Tuesday, 29 December 2009), Rating: 1
babaji ihad lots of pimples and small dots like marks on my face any remedies
Dr@myyog  (Sunday, 06 December 2009), Rating: 1

Generally a small pimple or boil near to anus represents fistula. THhis pimple generally causes pain, discharge of pus and then remain silent after discharging pus till pus collects. This is very serious disease and should be treated as early as possible to prevent further consequences and pain. You should start witha regular course of - Divya Saptavimshati Guggulu to cure fistula, constipation and other anorectal diseases. This medicine will also prevent its further spread and repeated pus formation and heal it without operation. Hot fomentation will relieve your symptoms and help in fast healing of fistula.
Salman Sulltan  (Sunday, 06 December 2009), Rating: 1
I have a pimple like thing beside my anal is this symptom of plies or its due to heat please advice me
Dr@myyog  (Friday, 20 November 2009), Rating: 1

Loss of appetite and nausea are very common after using heavy antibiotics. The whole digestive system is disturbed due to extinction of useful microorganisms in our intestines which are very important for digestion. We recommend you to take chitrak adi vati every time after meals with warm water. It will result in increase in digestive fire for digestion of foods and also acts as carminative to relief further discomfort in abdomen. It is an appetizer and soothes whole GIT. In addition to this take amla choorna empty stomach with cold water to boost your health and antioxidants. It will cure all increased heat related symptoms, nausea, pimples and revitalize your body. Take your medicines regularly for satisfactory results.
anita  (Thursday, 19 November 2009), Rating: 1
i was taking antibiotic for pimples in july and some how overdose happened and the room went upside down..and after that every time i eat somthing? i get dizzy with drowsy eyes and sleepy..lightheaded too. i dont know what to do? sugar test is perfect..i am 35yrs old..i tried homeopathy,,but only temprory relief...please only happens after i eat..weird symtom.
Dr@myyog  (Thursday, 12 November 2009), Rating: 1

Do pranayams and yoga specially sirshasana is very helpful in increasing blood flow towards face. But avoid touching and scratching of acne. Increase water intake to clear skin and bring glow to your skin. We recommend you to use DIVYA KAYAKALPA VATI and CLARINA for complete solution of your pimples and scars. Use these medicines for about one to two months to get good results and your skin will be fresh and scar free very soon.

Tulika Gupta  (Wednesday, 11 November 2009), Rating: 1

Please could you suggest some asanas and pranayam which will be fruitful in removing my pimples and scars caused by them.

Tulika Gupta
Dr@myyog  (Saturday, 31 October 2009), Rating: 1

Acne and many other skin problems are fully curable with ayurvedic medicines. According to ayurveda acne is caused due to blood impurities and for proper and complete cure of acne or pimples blood should be purified properly. We recommend you to use DIVYA KAYAKALPA VATI( and CLARINA ( for complete solution of your pimples and scars. Do not peal off your acne and keep your medicine regular. Avoid using too many cosmetics and wash your face two three times a day. Take lots of oral fluids daily. Avoid hot, fatty and spicy meals. You will get very good results with in two to three months. Further queries are welcome.
vikas  (Saturday, 31 October 2009), Rating: 1
swamij parnam
i have suffered acne vulgaris since 3 years, still i am not cured by any allopathic medicin.
so kindly , please give me advice what should i take for cure it.
vijaya santosh aundhekar  (Wednesday, 16 September 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam ,
sirji,i am having heavy hairfall and pimple problem due to oily skin.
so, please suggest the medecines.

Thank you.
Manish Jain  (Monday, 24 August 2009), Rating: 1
I am suffering from Skin problems i.e. pimples n many more for the last four year. I tried many Homeo and Alopathy medicines. Would it be
possible to cure my problem completely at your Patanjali Chikitsalaya. Any suggestion will be apprecaited.
ankita  (Thursday, 13 August 2009), Rating: 1
sir i have some white erruptions on my face fm 6 yrs..all doctors diagnose it 2 be acne bt are not facial pores are blocked and these white erruptions,doctors say are the unusual problem they hv seen...i m very tired of all forms of medicine now..i m 21 yrs old please help me...please reply sir....
Sampoorna  (Saturday, 01 August 2009), Rating: 1
Namaste Swamiji,

Please let me know what is the exact use of Divya Nimb Ghan vati.

I have acne n pimples and just started using Divya Kanti lep and Diyva Kaya Kalp Vati.

Can I have Divya Nimb Ghan vati along with Diyva Kaya Kalp Vati?

Please advice.

Thank You in Advance Swamiji.
amit  (Saturday, 25 July 2009), Rating: 1
pranaam guruji..
i am amit from age is 20
my face totally acne and pimpales and black drak spot, i have totally treatment for alopathic and homeopathic medicine but not relif.
tho aap muze gharelu upachar bataye..
jise muze rhahat mile..
YogaGuru  (Tuesday, 07 July 2009), Rating: 1
Dear Minaksh,
Acne can be cured by taking these ayurvedic medicines. Medicine for Acne is given on the link below :-
minaksh  (Tuesday, 07 July 2009), Rating: 1
i have a ot of acne pls give me suggestion
suman das  (Monday, 15 June 2009), Rating: 1
i'm suffering from acne,pigmentation,DNP and dead skin because of which i got scars on my face.
my stomach is not so healthy.I need a clear and glowing face with no scars on my face and body.
Mamta  (Wednesday, 10 June 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Guruji,

My problem is I have low platelet problem where the count was very low around 12000.I got it checked, doctors did bone marrow test and even transfused platelet. After a week of medicine and home food count went up to 135000. They found it’s an ITP problem where anti bodies are killing all the platelet. This was the third time it has happened.Once it happened in 9th standard. Second time it happened last year and then this year again.

I was having bad gum bleeding ,blood clot all over leg even (chin pimple + severe gastric problem for last one year) .After having medicine wysolone my gum bleeding and chin pimple has stopped. But Gastric problem has became worst because of heavy dose of wysolone where my tummy blots up badlyyyyyyy,It’s for the whole day 24hrs.

They have asked me to be on Steroid –wysolone for around 6 months where they asked me to take 12 tablet of 5mg each day(4tablet 3 times a day) where the dose will go down on monthly basis depending on the count. Even asked me to do blood test on regular basis. Now I am taking 2 tablets each time 20 mg a day. But today after a month I did blood test again count came to 39000 even after having medicine.I don’t know what to do. Please help me. Please tell me what precaution I should take even what should be my regular diet. So that I dnt face any problem in future.

I even read that Alovera Juice which you all have helps in .I have started drinking that in empty stomach 15ml with warm water.Even yoga where i do anulom viyom for 15mints n kapalbharathi for 15mits in the morning with few other excercise.

Dont know how this will get cured premanently.So that in future i stay healthy and fit.

Please help me.

poonam  (Saturday, 21 March 2009), Rating: 1
Guruji pranam..
my name is poonam,n i m having so much pimples on my face suddenly,i m 21 yr old,n also d size of my breast is small so plz kindly give me d remedies for d improvement,i 'll be very much thnankfull to u....
amit  (Tuesday, 03 February 2009), Rating: 1
swami g i am having very small small pimples(funcia) on my penise for last 5-6 years i have spoiled my all money in the treatment but nothing could work.i am so dijected of life .please help me swamig
tell me the yoga,and home treatment of this disease,and also tell me the treatment by,
fruits,tree,vegitables, jadibuti,
and also tell me the treatment of your tableats of your ashram.
please help me swami g
if you help me i will survive again
i am waiting for your grace
thamk you
Sonali  (Tuesday, 27 January 2009), Rating: 1
Pranam Guruji,
Iam 28yrs old unmarried woman.
I have been suffering from endometriosis since 2 yrs and also got operated ie laproscopic surgery in March 2008 followed by 3 Decapeptyl injections monthly.But the endometriosis has again appeared in a new location size (21x16x14mm).
Every time it happens between the uterus and the rectum due to which i face very very painful periods,problem in urination,constipation and also backache.Doctor has now given mifepristone 25mg per day to supress the same but did not guarantee for any cure.I also suffer from highly irregular periods since the starting of menstruation ....also I was on DIANE 35 for last 6 yrs without which I never had periods,I have problems of body hair and acne .Please suggest if I can be cured of ENDOMETRIOSIS as I have just one hope left that is YOGA ...please please help me as iam very frustrated due to the untolerable pain due to this problem...I have started losing confidence.I also do anulom Vilom regularly along with deep breathing but nothing proves to lower the growth of the endometrioma or the pain ...please help me Swami ji.
seema  (Sunday, 04 January 2009), Rating: 1
namstey i am seema from rajasthan, and i have not only one problem,i am a shop of diseases ,sometimes it seems very hard to be alive. i am 24 yr old with 50 kg n 5.5 height but having problem from head to toe. i have Keretoconus eye problem in both eye which is cornial destortation,having pimples on the face and back, dark circles,and one cronic heriditory constipation.this is not a full stop i am bulimic too,lot of hairs are on my body and face. i have no way to cure them and they lead me to dipression. plsease god help me out of this otherwise i cant believe my self to live anymore. please guruji reply me of this problem please please please.........i am sick of myself.
Madhuri  (Tuesday, 02 December 2008), Rating: 1
Pujya Guruji,
i am 31 years old.i am getting pimples from last 10 years i have tried all sorts of medicines but it is not stopping.once the pimples stop it leaves very dark black spots all over the face it looks very ugly on face. please suggest some medicines for which i shall be greatful to you.
simren kaur  (Friday, 14 November 2008), Rating: 1
i am 23 years old,female,
my problem is i have skin problem pimple,acne....and also white black heads in my skin....and when pimple be recove spot left pls give me the proper solution .
ANKUR701TYAGI  (Monday, 20 October 2008), Rating: 1
sir i have alot of pimples on my face as wellas on my back side. if i press them whitish material comes out. what to do. iam a student of uas gkvk bangalore?
MOHIT  (Sunday, 05 October 2008), Rating: 1
Swami ji i am taking kayakalp tablet of urs as advice by ur doctors but still pimples coming should i stop taking medicine how much time it takes to pimple go away it been 25 days pls reply soon swami ji.thankyou
sandeep Adlak  (Tuesday, 30 September 2008), Rating: 1

i am 25 year old ,i have acne on my face since last 6 years .
please suggest me any cream for acne & medicine to purify my boold.
And please tell me about prize of that medicine.
Thank you
Sandeep Adlak
MOHIT  (Monday, 22 September 2008), Rating: 1
I have pimples on face now i am getting pores,holes on face just help me it also causes some streching of skin when hole comes.pls help
moqtar  (Thursday, 28 August 2008), Rating: 1
Pranam guruji,

I am from Hyderabad, A.P. my age is about 40 yrs, I am doing computer related job in my office. since 5 years just like a pimple was developed in my Anus, as and when it was became painful I can't able to attend nature call. AT present there is some swelling around my Anus and unbearable pain (burning)with pile(like pimple) even I unable to sit properly. Babaji please advise me and suggest some medicine to heel.

please reply as soon as possible, I am waiting for your reply.

with warm regards

sapna  (Tuesday, 06 May 2008), Rating: 1

Is there a cure for blackheads(comedones)? It is a chronic type of acne in which the pimples are black and they have to be extracted every time, other than that there is no cure (according to skin doctors). But once extracted they come back after few days and they leave scars on face. Please suggest something for blackheads, it is becoming a common problem nowadays.


pamela Mwanza  (Friday, 11 April 2008), Rating: 1
I have skin problems, pimples and black heads, am an African (black) and coming to India in October 2008 advise me what i should do and what appointments to make. Please email me thanks so much for your help.

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