5 and half year old son on struggling with tonsils and nose turbinates

tinadillon , 16 May 2020 1:12  this question feed

Hi please help my son, he’s ready struggling with his tonsils and nose turbinates, he’s got breathing issues because of that. Please let me know which medicine and how much it will cost me

Hope to hear back from you soon thanks

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If you can ask your child to do some simple pranayama breathing exercises it will be very beneficial for him. Pranayamas like :-

  1. Bhastrika prayanama
  2. Anuloma viloma prayanama
  3. Bharamari pranayama

are very very useful in all types of disorders related to Nose, Respiratory, Sinus, throat etc. These are safe to do pranayama for children and you can guide him watching Baba ramdev youtube videos for kids. These animated videos guide kids to do pranayama easily and they don't loose interest.

posted by YogaGuru on 16 May 2020


Tonsils are problematic if there it causes pain while swallowing and blocked nose etc. A clinical examination from an ENT doctor should be done. Any medicine that helps to control the symptoms may be useful. Child may consume warm soups and avoid Oily fried foods, cold foods & sweets foods. Avoid things which triggers the symptoms for example dust mites and excessive cold breeze. Ayurvedic Medicines like Himalaya Septilin Syrup, Sualin tablets for throat can be taken for a month and reviewed. Steam inhalations is also very useful to ease the symptoms. Patanjali Divya Swasari Pravahi Tonic is also beneficial for any types of nose, lungs and respiratory issues.

posted by Dr.Gulati on 16 May 2020

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