Shvet musli churna patanjali

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Hello Sir, how are you, I like to buy some medicinal herbs and supplements so I require information about shvet musli churna patanjali ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply back.
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Swet musli is white musli which bears the botanical name asparagus adscendens and is seen belonging to liliacea family. It is seen to be of several health benefits.

Primarily it acts as an aphrodisiac . It is seen to be of use particularly in improving sexual life in men.It is seen to increase both sex drive and sexual desire. It is indirectly seen to increase the blood flow to the male sex organ as well.

Research works has found that it is very much helpful in treating conditions such as cholesterol and diabetes. It is also well known for its anti oxidant property.

The time period of usage of this product varies and is dependent on the consultant ayurvedic physician. Generally it can be used for a time frame of 2 weeks and reviewed.

posted by Dr.Sony on 12 March 2014


i am 25 Years old . Can i use swet mushli churn . I am not scatisfy in sex because of mistakes in my chikdhood and youth plz help me to get this musli. I am from kathmandu nepal.I search where bt I canont get .so plz I want that

posted by bikashdahal19 on 19 October 2016

i am 25 Years old . Can i use swet mushli churn . I am not scatisfy in sex because of mistakes in my chikdhood and youth time.i use hand always when get sex feeling. How may days can i use this swet mishli churn ?is it correct for me.

posted by gkchaitanya99 on 9 July 2016

how much months this medicine should be taken (shvet musli)

posted by smjamakhandi on 12 September 2012

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