A hibiscus leaf is usefull in diabetes

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Namastey sir am 48 years old man.muje kuch din phele hi pata chala he ki muje diabetes he .jab mene chek karvaya tab muje 570 sugar thi.davai lene k bad sugar350 ho gai he.Muje tounge sukneki our leg dukhane ki paresani he.mene ek vidio me dekha ki hibiscuske leaf diabetes ke liye bahot upyogi he.eske pato ka ras pinese 8 din me diabetes dur ho sakti he.aap pleasemuje eske bare me jald jankari de.bahut umid ke sath.

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Hello,Diabetic mellitus correlated with madhumeha in ayurveda is a metabolic disorder in which alpha cells of pancreas isunable to produce sufficient amount of insulin to metabolize the sugar levels in blood.It is highly advisable to perform HbA1C test to evaluate the average blood sugar levels for past 3 months.Other routine test like RFT, LFT etc should also be performed to evaluate any damage caused to vital organs due to raised sugar levels. With high levels of sugar in blood ayurvedic medicine or remedy should not be practiced as theyare slow in action and continuous raised blood sugar levels can damage the vital organs and their functioning.To prevent neuropathy following medicines should be taken-1.Dhatri nisha- one tablespoon should be taken early morning empty stomach with luke warm water.2.Vasant kusmakar ras- 250mg with luke warm water after meals twice a day.Yogic exercises like gomukhasana,paschimottanasana, halasana, ardh matsyendrasana, mayurasana, padma bakasana should be practiced along with pranayama like kapal bhatti, bhastrika and bhramri to calm the mind and thereby helping in regulating the insulin levels.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 7 May 2017

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