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shain, 26 November 2009 9:49

i am 28 years old and suffering from ac ne,scars and rheumetoid arthritis from many years.I take aloevera juice twice aday and i use kantilep and aloevera jel on my face.What else you suggest me to use.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

You are taking correct medicines for your problems. Divya kanti lepa and alovera juice both are very good to remove acne and acne scars from face. Apart from clearing face skin these ayurvedic medicines help in increasing glow on face and lightens face color by regular use. Wash your face regularly with cold water and specially after return from polluted or dusty atmosphere. Take steam after applying lepa for better results. Increase water intake. Take more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will clear your skin from all acne and marks. Take Divya Mahayograja guggulu for better control over rheumatoid arthritis. This is powerful anti inflammatory medicine which helps in removing arthritis pain, swelling and ease our body`s joint movements. It is also good for skin problems. So take your medicines regularly to clear your skin from acne and cure your RA problem.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 1 December 2009

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Dear sir, Pl. reply to my e.mail ID, for the following: I am having right hand elbow bone paining I took aceclofenac sodium allopathic medicine , as advised by my Dr. when I discontinued pain again started, Can you Pl.advice me a good ayurdvedic medicine??


posted by prahladrinamdar1810 on 9 May 2013

hey i'm onkar living in India i was suffering from this problem for last 3 years.!! my dermatologist suggested me to use "raktadoshnashak wati" by sharangadhar production. it's blood purifying tablets without any harm. i used it, i get rid from this acne in just 4 weeks...isn't it great u just have to eat 2 tablets at morning and again 2 tablets at night. it costs just Rs.89/- only for 60 tablets pack. you shoud try it.

posted by onkar on 19 October 2011

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