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Sir my father about 61yr old is suffering from acute on ckd which was diagnosed recently and the cause was Diabetic nephropathy since he has Diabetes from 10yrs and other ailments like Hypertension and bilateral bronchiactisis with secondary infection, doctor advised for dialysis as his creatinine levels is 4.6,urea 89mg/DL,v r against dialysis and worried about this situation plz help us by reducing the risk of ckd???

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Hi, my father had similar problem . . . you can give him 'bhangshil' ( alarsin ) tablet , dose - 2 tab - 2 tab - 2tab ( 3times a day 10 mins after food ) you get 100 % results with in 5 days and you can check blood creatin after 5- 7 days it will come down , it is very safe and proven tablet , but prolong usage kindly check with doctor. . .

posted by naveen_sdpt on 13 August 2017

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