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hi doc i am suffering from uvities i have treated this from steriods but i got cataract formatiom so my husband stop steroid at once and started ayurvedic first netra panchkarma and then he satrted giving me carrot juice early morning followed by saptaamrith loha adn then slowly stepping for maha triphala gritha since there is no redness in my eye till date and no pain but still little problem in sunlight i have to wear sunglass and now he want to dissolve my catract he has started giving me asparagus juice with honey

please advice

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Hello Madam,

As you are suffering from uveitis that is inflammation of uvea, you are husband is giving your right medications, however we strongly suggest that you need to consult for the problem and get adequate and suitable treatment. As of now, whatever the medication that you are following is right, that is taking Saptamrith Lauh and you can continue that and Even you can continue Maha Triphala Ghrit which is having good property on normal eye functioning and you can continue that instead of stopping it. Adding to this you may prefer some kind of rejuvenator such as Amalaki Rasayana which is helpful and you can take one teaspoon daily after dinner followed by lukewarm water. You can follow typical treatment called Tarpana in Panchakarma which is also helpful.

To avoid recurrent infections, it is better to follow proper diet and lifestyle where not to expose yourself to dust and pollution and avoid direct sunlight too.

You can always take supplements which are good for eyes wherever is applicable. Even milk consumption is recommended for you and try to avoid heavy food items in night time and even curds has to be avoided because if you take heavy food there may be chances of blockage in microchannels.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 22 June 2015

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