Advice me ramdev's medicine for hearing impaired

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doctor, i have hearing problem since 4 years ,sometimes there are buzzing noise in my ears. i went to a no. of doctors but there r no effects,i can hear voice on phone but cannot understand what is that person speaking,i mean i cannot hear clear words.i m 22 years old student.

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Hearing problems generally start after infections and specially when we ignore these infections. Sometimes throat infections travel to ear and directly damage eardrum, middle ear, bones of ear, tympanic membrane and nerves associated. Symptoms start with mild pain in ear; discharge from ear and sometimes with mild irritation in and near ear. Damage to nerves supplying ear can cause ringing sound called tinnitus in ear and hear loss. We recommend you to use complete package for ear problems regularly to cure all your ear and hearing related problems. These are ayurvedic medicines which clear infection from ear, strengthens ear and associated structures like bones, nerves etc and cures discharge from ear, tinnitus and many serious problems to restore the hearing power. Practice breathing exercises regularly. Keep ear dry. Do not insert anything in ear and keep your course of medicines regular to get the satisfactory results in the treatment of hearing loss.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 12 December 2009


Sir I am 22 year old and affected by mixed hearing loss dr.adviced for hearing aids in future what will be better for me can it be treated by medicine

posted by radhey22sh on 7 October 2017

Dear Doctor,I am suffering from Hearing Loss and Tinnitus. I felt typhoid fever in my childhood. Now, I am fifty one. In my 20th year, I got my right ear operated in Lempert Hospital in Chennai. Twenty days after operation, when it was improving, I happened to hear some (Diwali festival cracker sounds). It caused to damage my hearing capacity. The situation became worse than the situation before operation. In addition, another problem of Tinnitus happened to me in course of time thereafter. Now, I am using Ear Aid to my Left ear. Please suggest good medicine to be free from Hearing Loss and Tinnitus. I will be ever grateful to you.Thanking you sir,B.R.T

posted by bhutaga on 27 August 2012

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