After typhoid liver and digestive problem

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Parnam babaji... i am 23 yers old femal.mere ko typhoid hua tha 3 months phele jisme antibiotics lene k karan mere liver enzymes sgpt level115 ho gaya Aur liver size144mm ho gaya ye report fever k tym jab mai antibiotics le rahi thi tab ki hai..uske bad Maine liver k lye 20days ki medicine li jo doctor n di merko Idhar mai ser mai dard rehta hai Aur gase bhi bani rehti hai..urine colour normal hai..khana khane k bad pet fulla sa lagta hai..Kabhi constipation rehta toh Kabhi tin se char bar toilet ho jate hai.....Maine Idhar mai pranayam suru kia hai... kya mai kapalbhati pranayam kar sakti hu jisse mere liver mai sudhar hoye...Kyoki kapalbhati karte tym merko pet right sight se light pain khichao sa hota hai..Kya ye safe hai mere lye..plz mujhe Kuch upay bataye...mere hemoglobin level bhi bhi70% HAI..THYROID PROBLM BHI HAI..mai village area se hu or ache doctors bhi yaha nahi Plz help me...mai ayurveda Aur pranayam se apne ko thik karna chati hu..

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Ayurvedic Medicine

The digestion is sometimes impaired after typhoid. The intestines will be affected and if proper care with healthy diet is not taken, it could also affect the metabolism. As with the increased SGPT, please let me know the other liver function test or ultrasound of the abdomen to guide you further. The dimension of liver is approximately close to 14.5+or-1.6cm in men and the report is within the normal limit.

It is also important to know the cause of reduced haemoglobin with complete blood count. The normal haemoglobin must be between 140g/L -160g/L. Please check after 3months and then review.

Ayurvedic medicines like Patola Katurohinyadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and Divya Arogya vardhini vati can be taken for a month and then checked again.

Try to eat easily digestable cooked foods. Include bottle gourd, cucumber, drumstick leaves, mung dal, phyllanthus niruri, ginger, cumin and gooseberry. Reduce canned foods, spicy foods, oil, salt and carbonated beverages. Please do have regular checkups and follow the advise of your treating physician.

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After typhoid, body will undergo lot of negative changes. From digestion to immunity everything will be effected.Your liver functions also need to be improved and also prevent thyroid from increasing.You can do anuloma viloma but kapalbathi has to be done very mildly and only for few times initially.Once your general energy level are improved then you can do for many times.

Ayurveda Medicines

1.Dashamoola Kwath2.Giloy Kwath2tsp+2 tsp+400ml water , boil and reduce to 100 ml, 50ml after breakfast and dinner. Helps to reduce the after effect of typhoid in the body and also will improve the liver functions. But help to reduce to thyroid.

3.Avipathikara Churan1.2 tsp-01/2 tsp with warm water before breakfast and dinner.To maintain metabolism , which is the cause for all diseases.


Have light soft food like kichadi, dhal chawal, soups, steamed vegetables etc


Simple asnas according to your energy level.

posted by Dr. Spoorthi on 12 June 2016

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