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manajeeb, 27 December 2009 4:54

I would like to thanks for answering my earlier question. Please suggest something to rectify postive ANA screen (anti nuclear antibody)and iron deficiency.and the thyroid medicine you sugessted will permenantly cure thyroid problem and how long should i take it. and what about previous ingredients should i continue to take them or discontinue them.(praval pishti, godunti bhasma, lindi peppil, ginger) powder,baheda churna ) Once you answer this I can order all the medicines you suggested.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

All your problems are due to thyroid problem and as you will pursue your course of ayurvedic medicines for thyroid problem, all your ANA, iron deficiency, anemia, disturbed digestion, anxiety sort of problems will be cured. In initial stages of thyroid problems this ayurvedic medicine completely cures the problem but in chronic cases and older patients this is best and safest way of controlling thyroid problem and maintaining normal functions of body. There is no need to take your previous medicines like pippali, bahera, praval pishti etc. We welcome your queries.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 29 December 2009

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u can take our churna for improvement of hb. in you blood..cont ..m 09######458

posted by Guest on 24 November 2011

we have an ayurvedik churna which will improve hb. count in your blood

posted by Guest on 24 November 2011

For how many days we need to take DIVYA KANCHANAR GUGGULU. How much is the supply one bottle of this medicine contains? Does it cure B-12 deficiency? or I need to take something else. Thanks for your answers.

posted by Guest on 29 December 2009

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