Arthritis pain

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Sir meri biwi ka age26years hai jod jod me bahut purana dard hai khas kar ghutno me har tarah ka ilaj karaya par koi faida nahi hai thanda me aur badh jata hai. Shadi huwe 2 sal huwe hai mahwari bhi nahi ata hai ham dono bahut pareshan hai koi behtar elaj aur yoga bhi bataiye pls..

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Ayurvedic Medicine

It is necessary to find the cause of the pain. Severe pain without activity is seen in Rheumatoid or other inflammatory type of arthritis. Pain after activity is commonly seen in Osteoarthritis. It will be beneficial to find it in the early stage so that it can be treated in a better way. Please consult your nearest doctor and let me know the reports to guide your further.

Ayurvedic medicines like Cheriya Rasnadi kvath - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and Yograj Guggulu can be taken for a month and then reviewed. Warm Divya Pidantak Tailam can be applied externally.

Treatments like oil massage, rice poultice, leaf poultice and streaming oil will be beneficial. Eat cooked warm food and include spinach, nuts, olive oil. Reduce excessive cold, oily foods, salt or sugar. Exercising the joints after the pain has reduced will help to strengthen the joints. It is necessary to rest, when there is pain to avoid the further pressure in the joint.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 4 September 2015



As you are wife is suffering from osteoarthritis along with mild to moderate pain and we need to understand that there are many contributing factors for arthritis, and that too your wife is too young to get arthritis. However if there is issue with obesity or weight gain and if she is suffering from any hormonal related issues, there are chances of getting arthritis for example if she is having hypothyroidism problem, and vitamin D3 deficiency, she maybe having weak bones and due to which her joint strength also will be weakening. After analyzing all details you can start her giving some medications which are helpful in strengthening her joints overall such as Shallaki Capsules, R Compound, and Orthovit Capsules one-one twice daily to be used internally. You can ask her to apply medicated oil called Dazzle Oil which is also helpful.

She can consume healthy and nutritionally balanced food which is very important, she can take green leafy vegetables which are good in minerals and also sprouts and soups are recommended and ask her to avoid gas forming food items.

She can practice general Yoga Asanas by protecting her knees, so any posture that gives pain to knee to be avoided.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 19 July 2015

Hello Ji, apki biwi ke Jod khaskr ghutno mein dard hota hai. Yeh km Aayi mein hone Wala Gathiya rog hai. isey AYURVEDA mein AAM-VAT kehte hain. Kya dard ke sath sath ghutno mein soojan bhi rehti hai,agar rahti hai to aap RA Factor Jo ki blood ki jaach hai maraa lijiye.Maahwari naa aane ke kaaran bahut hote hain, khaaskr Khoon ki kmi hona, bachchedani mein gaanth hona, andedani mein gaanth hona. Iske liye aap Ultrasound for whole abdomen and pelvis kara lijiye.

Aap- TAB. SINGHNAAD GUGGULU 2tab. Subah shaam TAB. MAHAVAATVIDHVANSAN RASA 1 Tab. Subah sham, TAB. RAJAPRAVARTANI VATI 2tab Subah sham ( Teeno tarah ki goliya khana khane ke baad halka garam paani se),, SYRUP PATRANGASAVA 20ml Subah sham samaan matra ke paani ke sath Khali pet lena hai. TRIFLA CHURNA 2 Tsf Raat mein halka garam paani se.Thodi Baalu+ saindhav Nanak ko sookha hi garam karke Ek Kapde mein baandhkr pottali banaakr ghutno ki sekaai 1 week karaye.

Sarvangasana, cycling, ghutno ka sookshma vayayam , bhastrika, kapaalbhati, bhramari karaye.

Laal Mirch, udad ki Daal, baigan, bhindi, Rajma, chhola, nhi khana hai.

Bhooni hui kalongi 1/2 tsf + gur Subah Khali pet lena hai. Amla juice, Hari sabjiya, salaad, apples khaye.

Thank you.

posted by Dr.Sanjeet on 11 March 2015

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