Ayurvedic Medicine for typhoid

Negi71, 7 September 2012 11:41  this question feed

I am suffering from typhoid since last five years. Request intimate name of ayurvedic medicines for typhoid

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Ayurvedic Medicine


As you may aware that Typhoid fever is an infection that causes gastric disorders like diarrhea and a rashs and this typhoid fever is due to a bacteria called Salmonella typhi. So, fever is a just symptoms and you need to undergo certain tests and have to consume allopath medicines. The role of Ayurveda is to improve the basic immunity power and prevents you from bacterial or viral infections recurrently. You can prevent relapses also. Mainly these ayurvedic medicines or herbal medicines are used to prevent the symptoms such as diarrhea and other related symptoms. Following medicines are the best for the complaints of fever such as Divya Giloy Vati or Mahasudarshan Tabletwhich can be consumed twice daily after food and these medicines can be consumed when you have fever attacks. Apart from that, to maintain general body weakness and to gain proper immunity power, you can consume the following medicines such as Dashmool Kvath for regular basis.With regards,

Dr. Vijay

posted by Dr.Vijay on 7 September 2012

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