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Asmita, 18 November 2009 2:45

I am from Delhi.My age is 25 years. I have these problems please provide me solution:-

1.Severe Headache which includes neck also and is very frequent. 2.Allergy. 3.Sinus (Doctor says that I have to undergo an operation as the mucous is stagnated near the nose area)

I fall sick very often and keep sneezing and coughing through-out the year.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Sinusitis makes whole respiratory system`s immunity low and causes various problems. Repeated sneezing, frequent colds, coughs and allergies with fever etc are some very common diseases in chronic cases of sinusitis. Sinusitis is one major cause of frontal head ache. All you need to do is take treatment for sinusitis for permanent solution of all your problems. We recommend you to take special package of Ayurvedic medicines designed for chronic sinusitis and lung diseases. These safe and Ayurvedic medicines will cure sinusitis, clear your cough deposited in sinuses, increase the immunity of whole respiratory system, cure allergies, frequent sneezing, cold and cough etc. Do take steam regularly for faster action of these medicines. Avoid cold weather and cold eatables. Once the sinuses are cleared, it will solve your headache problem permanently. Take good nutritional diet. Slightly warm or normal (not from freeze) should be taken. Take your medicines regularly for satisfactory results.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 18 November 2009

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take hamdard joshina 10 ml twice a day with lukewarm water as it is helping my 2 year old sinusitis.

A part from this doing Jal neti(nasal irrigation) with a pinch of salt in it whenever nose is blocked works wonders in clearing sinuses.

posted by melibra23 on 18 March 2014

dear asmita didi, this is very tuff to get rid of it.as i have ditto same problem till 4 years... and manage various medicines.but there is also a ray of hope in this dark like moon.. do jal neti every second day. i do it regularly as it disturb your old mucus in nose due to warm water and slowly slowly you get well... plz share your experience with me on this problemas i want to make a group of fighting persons to this problems by this way we can fight and win.. kyonki akela chana bhad nahee fodta all persons who are suffered by this can call directly to me and share your experience and take the way by which i m fighting to it... my celll no is 09######317 keep hope we all shall get well soon kyonki aekta main shakti hai

posted by ashish2012arora on 11 September 2012

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