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Akella, 18 October 2012 11:34

baby having 11 months suffering from fever and cold by birth repeatedly

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Well in such case like your son, what we tend to do is to enhance the immunity of the child. A small baby usually get gough, cold and flu very frequently and easily due to lack of immunity. Thus to enhance the immunity of the baby, honey Vidya Pure honey should be give 4 to 5 drops to an infact and half teaspoon to young child.

Honey is a source of antioxidant, has a antibacterial property, encourages the growth of new cells and tissues.

New honey helps to removes the phlegm and old honey ( 1- 2 years old ) helps to regulate metabolism.

Honey can be given with unequal quantity cow's ghee and make it licked. It is advisable to give honey daily especially during the cold season and honey should never be boiled or given with hot liquids.

So start this initially and i am sure this will help.

Regards Dr.Arindham

posted by Dr.Arindham on 23 October 2012


Good morning Reccurrent fever is due to lack of immunity.The immunity acqured by birth is less. So we have to improve immunity power by medication. Indukantham ghee/ syrup is the most apt medicine.As yopur baby is 11 month you can give 15 drops of syrup trice daily or 5 drops of ghee twice daily. As a home remedy you can use vacha with honey in the morning. Dabur Chyawanprash for Immunitycan be use.1/4th teaspoon twice daily.This also an immuno modulator. Instead of cow's milk goat milk can be given to baby. while boiling milk 1 piece of nut grass(musta) can put. this will help to reduces the reccurrance. warm regards.

posted by dhan on 23 October 2012

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