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chand1999, 14 December 2009 15:43

I am 63 yrs old and have bags under my eyes/swolln /puffy under the eyes I do Pranayama but not helping me Thanks

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

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Puffiness under eyes is normal up to some degrees and generally not a sign of any big problem. Generally disturbed sleeps, stress and over work are the causes for puffiness under eyes. Early stages of infections, hypothyroidism, over sleeping and especially during day time, allergic reactions, high salt intake and over crying can cause puffy eyes. Fluid retention in pregnancy may also be a reason for swelling under eyes. Other most common reason for puffiness under eyes is the increasing old age, which reduces elasticity and thickness of skin and causes swelling under eyes. So to cure these puffy eyes or swelling under eyes take proper sleeps, low salt and fiber rich diet to maintain the elasticity and freshness of skin. You don`t need any treatment or medication. Do pranayams and yogasanas for healthy body and mind.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 15 December 2009 14:55

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