Big blster under my tongue this question feed

Kirpal, 24 December 2009 18:32

Five days ago suddenly a big blister tongue. When I washed my tongue the blister burstted. Afer a while again same blister came up and burstted, but now again white skin stays there and is very painful, pain in the ear ad same side of gums, on the whole tongue some white stuff is accumulated.Suggest any medicine please.B

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

The white blisters which were busted and repeated irritation to that small lesion in mucus membrane has become a ulcer now. It remains as white patch is very painful. Crust keeps on depositing on that ulcer and it takes a long to heal mouth ulcers. Brushing and taking meals becomes painful. A source of infection in mouth gives foul smell. Generally mouth ulcers are due to fungal or yeast infection but ill fitted dentures, burns etc can also result in mouth ulcer. We recommend you to avoid the causative agent like ill fitted denture if any. Apply Divya triphala choorna on the specific area with index finger with little rub. This clears the rust, infection and ulcer naturally. Triphala is very safe to use and is a complete mouth freshener. It clears infections and foul smell from oral cavity. Increases immunity of mucus membrane and helps in healing of ulcer. Chronic ulcers are easily healed by regular application of triphala powder. So avoid hot and spicy meals. Take light homemade meals. Increase water intake and apply triphala powder on the ulcer regularly. Further queries are welcome.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 25 December 2009

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Sir Namasthey iam Narsing from Hyderabad,I had a small small white bump side of my tongue,it was coming and going its painful from 2 months why its problem.plz give me a suggestion thank you

posted by narsingdeeti on 20 February 2016

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