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udit333, 17 June 2017 17:54

Dear sir

My father(60yrs) is suffering from Bladder Cancer(T4N1M0). He underwent CPE+TURBT five times but tumor kept on coming back. His PET+ CT SCAN which was done in the month of April this year revealed right external iliac node metastasis. He underwent CPE+TURBT+DJS on 20th may 2017.

Histopathology report revealed the presence of deep muscle invasion. Currently he is undergoing chemotherapy(GEMCITABINE+ CISPLATIN). But he is experiencing severe pain while urinating,while passing stool , pain in the lower abdomen, pain in lower back, fatigue. Also doctors are saying that he might have to undergo radical cystectomy and if the cancer would have spread to the ureter then they will remove right kidney as well. So we were looking for some alternate treatment options.

Please help.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Hello, Cancinoma of urinary bladder shows the carcinoma in cells with epithelium origin thus has high chances of metastasis. To avoid the spread of cancer to nearby organs cystectomy is advisable which is a surgical removal of all or part of the urinary bladder. Following ayurvedic medicines should be taken along with present conventional procedure and even after cystectomy to reduce the risk of metastais- 1.Gaduchi satva- 250mg twice a day with luke warm water after meals. 2.Panch valkla kwath- 30 ml in equal amount of water twice a day after meals. 3.Divya Kanchnaar guggul- 2 tablets twice a day with luke warm water after meals. 4.Punarnava mandur- 250mg with luke warm water after meals. 5.Keharuba pisthi- 125mg thrice a day with honey followed by luke warm water after meals. 6.Divya arogya vardhini vati- one tablet thrice a day after meals with luke warm water. In panchkarma eliminating procedures like vaman and virechan are administered to detoxify the body while alternative asthapan and anuvasan basti with dashmooladi kwath and dhanwantri tailum cleanses the colon.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 19 June 2017

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