Blindness due to optic nerve damage due to diabetes

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Sir, My mother is 64 years. She became complete blind since 2 years back. She don't want to lead her life like this. She can't even stand due to ortho problem. As per doctors, her blindness is due to prolong diabetes and as a result optic nerve has been damaged which results to blindness. Lots of doctors and homeopathy tried by with no positive result. Can ayurveda/patanjali has any such medicine or treatment which can bring vision back? Please answer. I wish my mother could see at least 10% even. I am totally helpless and have no options otherthan to see her pain and tears. Please help and advise.

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Hello,Damage to the optic nerve is termed as optic neuropathy which is mainly characterized by damage ofneurons of optic nerve which supplies from retinal ganglion cells to lateral geniculate body.The optic neuropathy causes the loss of vision where the colors appear subtly washed out.For evaluation, opthalmoscope is used where a pale disc is observed in long standing optic neuropathy.Diabetics usually leads to non arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy causing the swelling of optic disc dueto poor blood circulation to optic nerve.A complete damage to nerve is irreparable as neuron don't have a tendency of regeneration.So loss of nerve and thus loss of vision can never be regained neither by any oral medication nor by surgery.Psychological counselling of patient should be done as anxiety and stress can deteriorate the condition further.Also maintain sugar levels with in the limits to prevent further damage.Regular check ups and 3 monthly HbA1C is advised for diabetic patient.

posted by Dr.Kanika on 18 May 2017

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