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I am 47 year old person , i am a businessmen i wm suffering from blood sugar since last one year PLEASE ADVICE ME , WHICH PATANJALI MEDICINE WILL I BOUGHT i have about 250 blood sugar

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Diabetes is explained as metabolic disorder where your blood glucose levels become altered or higher than normal.

Diabetes can be controlled with proper diet, and with proper medications. If stress levels are higher, then diabetes levels too become higher.

Regular diet is very important. Split meals in diabetes is very important.

If you are having sedentary life style, then you need to perform proper exercise to bring sugar levels to normal.

Consume low cholesterol, low carbohydrate foods and milk products also can be consumed. Green leafy vegetables are also useful.

Avoid exposing to wounds. If you have any wounds, that she be take care.

You can do regular pranayama and yoga according to your convenience.

You can use Diabetes Medicine Package, and MeninokkiChurnam from Santhigiri Product. These medicines will help to control the sugar levels.

In order to prevent diabetic related neuropathy, one has to follow proper regimens.

For more details, you can contact us or you can meet personally with a doctor.

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