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meenu, 9 December 2009 17:47

I am 38 and trying to conceive since last 7 years. IUI and 2 cycles of IVF failed. Conceived during second IVF but miscarried in second month. In Nov and Dec, my FSH level has come out to be high (12.1 in Nov and 14.5 in Dec). My doctor says that is should be less than 10 to have good quality eggs and conceive. Earlier reports before Nov have been normal. In Nov and Dec too, other than FSH, E2 and Progesterone are normal. What medicines should I take to bring down FSH levels and conceive? Kindly advise. Please also advise on yogas that would help. Thanks.

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Infertility is caused by a number of factors and hormonal imbalance is very common reason for infertility. Apart from hormonal imbalance blocked fallopian tubes, underdeveloped reproductive organs like uterus, irregular periods, cysts in ovaries and fibroids in uterus etc are very common causes for infertility. Sometimes chronic weakness, chronic diseases and long term urogenital infections, leucorrhea etc can also cause infertility in females. These problems are very common and can be caused by regular treatment to achieve successful pregnancy. We recommend you to take a regular course of DIVYA INFERTILITY PACKAGE to solve your problem of infertility due to hormonal weakness. This package consists of powerful Ayurvedic medicines to strengthen whole body, urogenital system and ovum for necessary fertilization. Regular course of these medicines helps in maintain normal hormonal level for proper functioning of reproductive system and body. It helps in proper development, maturation and secretion of ovum for healthy pregnancy. These medicines stimulate ovaries and uterus to improve their functions and streng then them. Gonad`s secretions are regularized. So we recommend you to make a regular course of almost three months to get the best results. Practice pranayams and yogasnas daily for about half an hour to an hour in fresh air and empty stomach.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 10 December 2009

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helo sir , I am 26 yrs old,and married science last 3 1/2 yrs. I am doing my masters,As I stay in hostel my husband stay away from me, now i am planing for my pregnancy, my periods were irregular, so i took ayurvedic medicine of patanjali(ashokaristha, patrangasava,divya stri rasayan) for 4 months and still continuing, i want to ask u that , where i am ovulating even though i am taking this there any chances of geting pregnancy, even though i am taking this medicine, whether this medicine inhibit ovulation

posted by meenabishnoi29 on 29 September 2012

My husband has low sperm count with no motility at age 45 and my fsh is very high at 42. Can I have a pregnancy?

posted by seema.bellare on 27 September 2012

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