Burnig in throat and chest and feel vomiting.

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pranam babaji, i am male (24),suffering from burning in throat and chest,thus i feel vomiting after having food.i am taking alopathic medicines from the last two months but there is no relax. Dr. had done chest x-ray,endoscopy,liver test(sgpt),test for jaundice(s.bilirubin test),urine test. every report was normal except s.bilirubin-1.77. please tell me what is this descease? and what is ayurvedic treatment. i am also suffering from constipation and gastric disorder. please tell me what is the reason of this throat burning?

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Hello sir,

The complaints stated by you shows hyperacidity symptoms, which may be long-term associated with indigestion. Though, your reports shows normal except serum bilirubin levels which again shows hyperacidity (Amlapitta Vikara in Ayurveda). To get rid from this problem, you have to understand that along with medications you have to follow diet, following time etc.

There are some tips to be followed which may help to resolve from this problem.* Avoid spicy foods, chilly, oily foods, medicines, excessive milk and milk products, tobacco and alcohol (if any)* Irregular food habits and sleeping patterns may hamper digestive power so follow proper timings even for sleep.* Emotional upset like anxiety, stress, examination, family tensions, etc. should be avoided.

  • Fasting can be done according to convenience.
  • Consuming liquid foods, boiled vegetables or fruit juices for 2- 3 days also improves agni (appetite) and relieves indigestion.
  • Mix a ½ tea spoon of lemon juice, ½ tea spoon ginger juice and little salt in a cup of water and consume thrice daily.
  • Drinking ½ glass of warm water once in 2 hours increases appetite and enhances digestion.

Some important medications:Acidity package medicine AmlakiDivya Mukta-Shukti BhasmaDivya Avitpattikar Choorna

Yoga and pranayama:VajrasanaYoga MudraBhujangasanaSalabhasanaSurya NamaskaraBhastrika PranayamaShitali pranayamaShitkari pranayama The above said asanas should be practiced as per indication and under supervision for beginners.

For further queries, feel free to ask.With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 12 February 2010

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