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scs, 23 January 2010 4:05

I have burning sensation during urination for last 1 1/2 months. I'm male 37 years old. I have not taken any medication for this. Most pain happens during morning and urine is yellow. Symptoms improve through out day. Please help me find right treatment for this problem

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

You are suffering from Urinary tract infection and if the problems turns chronic infection travels to kidney the problem may have disastrous results. But generally our body tries to clear the infections of its own. It is done by increasing urinary output. The UTI is represented by burning urination with increased frequency and urgency of urination. In severe cases the infection may cause fever with chills. We recommend you to take DIVYA CHANDER PRABHA VATI and DIVYA SHILAJIT CAPSULES to cure all your problems completely. These are safe medicines to cure UTIs and other urinary problems by root and restrengthen the whole urogenital system. Increase water intake and don`t hold urine for long time. Take four to five liters of water daily. A regular course of these medicines will clear out the infection and burning sensation of urine. The color of urine turns to normal. So just take these ayurvedic medicines for complete cure of your urinary problems.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 24 January 2010

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