Burnining in right leg

manajeeb, 27 January 2010 12:49  this question feed

since about year, after i eat and when my body starts forming stool my right leg's upper back thigh and it's buttock burns and the pain sometimes moves too .alot of timesi feel like if the gas is stuck and not releasing completely can you tell me what pressure points, which pranayams, would releive this probl;em and also tell me what vitamin or mineral deficiencey in the body will cause that and how ican recover this

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Hello sir, this complaint is mainly due to Pitta Vridhi (Heat), and Apana Vata Vikriti in your body. If there is improper digestion due to altered appetite, you may face this problem. Even flatus also is due to the same reason. So in order to overcome this problem you may take lukewarm water frequently.Simple Anuloma-Viloma pranayama can be done in Vajrasana.Please mention your age, and mention if you have diabetes or hypertension.You can solve this problem by taking Aloevera juice and Chandraprabha vati

With regardsDr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 27 January 2010


with above said suggestions by Dr.Vijay u cn take

Drakshadi KashayamDhanvantaram gulika

posted by Dr.ParitoshBhatt on 28 January 2010

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