Can corns and calluses on the foot be cured permanently surgical procedure was not effective this question feed

swarna, 8 December 2009 23:51

i have acorn problem accomanied by calluses but i tried surgical removal with no use long ago a tutor of mine removed one for my sister with some animal fat and it never appeared again please let me know of some permanent method

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Callus and corns both are formed by repeated irritation on skin from some friction, pressure or rub. The skin of the particular area becomes thick, hard and rough. Calluses are mostly not harmful but may lead to ulcer formation. Cones are formed when the pressure or friction is in elliptical shape or rubbing motion. Corn is a callus of dead skin formed on smooth and soft skin whereas callus is found generally on hard skin of foot. Corn resembles barley in shape. Corns are more prone to ulceration and infections. Callus is cured itself by mere removal of irritation. But corn sometimes becomes resistant and comes again even after surgical removal. There is no oral medicine available for the treatment of corn and callus. Ayurveda has kshar karma for agni karma for permanent treatment of callus and corn. In this procedure an ayurvedic surgeon burns the dead, hard tissue with the help of kshar or fire or some instrument and this cures the con and callus permanently. Small burn wound also heals in some time. S0 we recommend you to go for agni karma for permanent removal of corn and callus.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 12 December 2009

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