Can i take ashwagandha power for long time ? this question feed

pooja_1, 29 December 2009 19:46

hi i m taking ashwagandha powder 2gm in the morning and 2gm in the evening with milk. i m feeling good. how long i can take it ? is there any side effect if i take for long time ?

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Aswagandha capsule can be taken with milk when it is warm as it is hot in potency. It is anti-inflammatory and reduces disorders due to increased Vatakapha. So it will help to reduce spasms, body pain, neuritis and numbness. You can take it for a month and then review.

It is normally used as an aphrodisiac, to improve energy levels, in certain neurological complaints like hemiplegia, insomnia, to increase weight, to relieve stress.

Warm gentle massages with Dhanvantaram thailam can also be done. Eat healthy food, drink enough water and exercise regularly.

There are no sideeffects seen in clinical practise when taken for the prescribed time. It can be discussed with your doctor if you have any systemic illness like diabetes, blood pressure, gastritis or autoimmune conditions. If you notice any discomfort after taking it, please discuss with your doctor.

posted by Dr.Ramani on 8 June 2014

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Hello Sir

Its been almost 36 years that i am suffering from insomnia, i have tried every thing possible, spiritual medicine etc. But it has not worked, I am now using ashwagandha powder with milk and honey, but that too has not produced any result. i dont know what is going wrong can somebody guide me in this pls

posted by fernandesgeral on 1 June 2017

Sir, I remind in stress because of work load, and I am thin also . sir can I consume ashwagandha capsules but I have gastric problem sometimes. Will it be safe to consume and will there be any side effect

posted by shantonu_paul on 10 August 2016

Hello all,

Ashwagandha bearing the botanical name withania somnifera is a very powerful herb. It is never recommended for a long term run. This is because in doing the body becomes too much dependent on this herb which is never a good sign.

Basically the first thing to see is the purpose of usage of this drug. For example if an individual is taken ashwagandha preparation for peace of mind, it will work. The medicine shall be taken between 2 weeks for upto a month. The dosage shall then be slowly tapered and finally withdrawn. In doing so, it will clear the issue the body was facing and will bring the system back to its normal working condition.

All formulations which consist of ashwagandha requires strong prescription of an ayurvedic physician and shall not be taken on self.

posted by Dr.Sony on 14 March 2014

Can I take Ashwagandha capsule by Patanjali everyday during this weather in September in Delhi. Hope it doesn't harm as it has warm properties. I have lot of muscle spasms, nerve strain and numbness sometimes...

posted by rich.bhatnagar on 19 September 2013

Hi Bharat,

What type (Churna / Capsule / Tablet) of Ashwagandha you are using and from which company? Ashwagandha helps in relieving stress and promotes sound sleep. Pls. let us know

posted by YogaGuru on 3 April 2013

I just used 3 days back Ashwagandha and it gave me peace of mind and fearless feeling after so many years. However still what i feel there some palpitation or what u call sort of heart beat (like slow dhadak dhadk) is happening. Wlll my Anxitey / Depression / Numbness on left side will go completely?

posted by bharatkd63 on 3 April 2013

i completly agree with ASHWAGANDHA i have been taking for last 4 months it is very useful medicine

posted by faizanakhlaq3 on 30 January 2013

respected sir, i am 26 yrs, iam taking ashwagandha lehyam 2 tbl spoons per day,am i going to loose my hair,and get bald if i use ashwagandha for long time.let me know answer thank you.

posted by lohithreddyn on 19 June 2012

DIVYA ASHWAGANDHA CHOORAN is very useful medicine. It is a powerful health supplement. Ashwagandha is great vitalizer and is very useful in today`s stressful life. Today we feel lots of mental stress and physical exertion in our routine work,jobs and studies. Ashwagandha is a great source of energy for body and brain. Its great role in mind relaxation makes it very useful. It gives sound sleep during night, relaxes mind, strengthens heart, rejuvenates body and reproductive system and is safe for all age groups. Ashwagandhais equally effective and safe for regular use for children and elders. We recommend you to take a regular course of divya ashewagandha powder in the doses of 5 grams twice a day with milk for best results. You can use it regularly without any fear of side effects. We welcome your queries.


posted by Dr.Ravinder on 30 December 2009

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