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Ravindra, 12 January 2010 16:02

I am 40yrs old. I am not taking any medicines so far. I work out regulary for 45min. but still my Triglycerides are High in the range of 200-300. My LDL is also high in the range of 200. I was told to take TriPhal Guggulu daily to take care of this problem. Before i proceed I would take your advice on the best medicine. Thanks

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Divya triphala guggulu is good preparation for lowering cholesterol levels. It is having anti cholesterol activity and is very good tonic for digestive system. This medicine helps in the treatment of high cholesterol levels and maintains proper fat metabolism. Apart from regular medication physical work outs or regular pranayams are very good for burning extra calories and fat from body. You can control cholesterol by simple home remedies and controlled diet. Take raw butter than saturated fats. Decrease fatty, fried and fast foods. Avoid over eating. Make a routine for morning or evening walks. Increase lasuna or garlic in your diet. You can take raw garlic with curd for beter control over your cholesterol. Divya triphala guggulu shpuld be taken regularly twice a day to getbest results in the treatment of high cholesterol, constipation,loss of appetite, colitis and other ano-rectal diseases. You will get very good results by regular medication, pranayams and dietary restrictions. Increase water intake for best results.Take four to five liters of water daily. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can and reduce fats from diet.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 13 January 2010

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