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kumar.ojini, 17 January 2010 6:52

my uncle was facing this problem from around 3 months and he had consulted the doctors in mangalore and now doctors had said that water has been filled in the liver and it should be aken out and 19 injections had to be given but he was affraid and did not agree to it and now he his having jaundice and suffering from stomach pain every day i had consulted the doctor of patanjali yog peeth in bangalore but there i did not get the proper responce so i am planning to take him to haridwar but i need another two days to do that before that can u suggest anything to reduce his stomach pain

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Doctor's Ayurvedic Advice:-

Pain and tenderness in abdomen is very common in patients of jaundice, cirrhosis of liver and ascitis. Cirrhosis of liver is a serious disease and should be treated with priority. In liver cirrhosis normal liver cells are replaced by fibrous or scar tissue or by nodules which in turn results in progressive loss of liver functions. Since liver is the main center of metabolism and digestion so this reduction in liver functions causes general body weakness, disturbed digestion, loss of appetite, jaundice and many other symptoms. Cirrhosis of liver is generally caused by alcoholism, infections like hepatitis A,B,C etc, fatty liver disease or due to some unknown reasons. If left untreated the progressive loss of liver cells may result in ascites and even more serious complications. Avoid heavy medication and take light diets. Decrease salt intake and take rest. We recommend you to take a regular course of package for the treatment of cirrhosis of liver. This package consists of ayurvedic medicines for improvement in liver functions. These medicines help in removing infections and waste deposited in live cells. The functional capacity of liver cells is increased. Regular medication helps in restoring the degenerative changes in liver and protects liver cells. A part from liver function restoration and improvement in liver health these medicines help in reducing pain, tenderness and jaundice, prevents ascitis and improves overall health of patient. So take these medicines to get satisfactory improvement in liver functions.

posted by Dr.Ravinder on 20 January 2010

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