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My son is 5years of age, is continuosly suffering with cold, cough and high fever, it is almost every fortnight he is down with infectiona and fever does not go without antiboitics and often intake of antibiotics has made him weak and he has lost lots of wieght. I have started him on Homeopathy for past 1 year, but its effects are temoparirily. He does drink cold water,no cold drinks no icecreams then how does he get these infections so frequently.Every infection episode his fever goes nearly 103F. I am very disturbed with my child's health kindly advise.

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Hi, welcome to in children from age group of 1 year to 16 years do suffer from common cold, cough, and fever, which occur due to less immunity power. So we need to restore and increase the immunity power. We need to prevent them from exposing to cold climate, always try to give warm comforts, and not to take cold food items. In order to gain immunity power and to prevent reoccurrence of cold, cough, and fever, you may give some long term medications such as fever, cough, and cold medicine package and medicines to increase immunity power, you can give Himalaya Septilin daily one tab along with Divya chyavanprash which can be taken as one teaspoon(5 gm) followed by milk.

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