Colour fairness

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Age - 23 years gender - male my comlaint for fainess of my face i sufered from maleria then pilia september 2013 7 monts ago .. Now i am right no surgerry i sleep 7 hours in night i do gym in morning and walk 2 km daily in morning i eat 6 chapati with daal and vegitables 3 times in day and 1 kztory dahi i drink 2 gilaas milk in night before sleep

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There are several remedies available which can help proper functioning of melanin. Melanocyte cells present in skin are the one which determines the fairness of skin. Over working of these cells are the ones responsible for dark skin and underactivity the fair one. Here i shall suggest you remedies which can help in improving fairness.

  • Prepare a mixture out of turmeric powder, lemon and water. The mixture thus prepared in the form of a paste shall be applied on face as mask. Allow it to remain for 30 minutes and wipe out with luke warm water.

  • Kunkumadi lepa - This is a classical ayurvedic preparation which helps in removing all marks from skin and will give fairness. It shall be applied on face and allowed to remain for 30 minutes. This shall then be wiped out as well.

  • Lepack D powder (manufactured by Dr. Jains pharmacy) - This product available as face pack shall be applied on face and allowed to remain for an hour and wiped off. It will give instant glow to your skin.

  • Divya kanti lepa for skin - Mode of administration is as given in the link.

posted by Dr.Sony on 21 April 2014



Your current query is about fairness of your face or to increase skin complexion which can be managed with ayurvedic medicines easily. However, your diet is adequate enough and try to consume vegetables and green leafy vegetables which are helpful to improve your complexion naturally. You can continue all activities regularly and along with that try to consume the following medicines which are helpful such as Aloe vera Face cream and for internal usage, you can use Manjishta capsules and you can use Patanjali Neem Tulsi Face wash which is helpful for washing face.

You can follow natural remedies like application of potato or tomato which acts as good bleaching to the skin. Mango Peels mixed with one spoon of raw milk can be applied on face and neck region to improve skin glow. You can use cumin seeds in water and boil and allow it to cool and use for face wash.

You can use sunflower seeds, you can soak them in milk for one night and then by macerating them and add saffron and turmeric in small quantities and apply on face as face pack which is helpful.

Consume plenty of water which is also helpful in your condition and more of veg diet as already mentioned.

Consuming one single fruit that helps to increase antioxidants and nourishes skin and improves skin complexion.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 21 April 2014

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