Compression Fracture Spine ( Lv2)

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Swamiji, My name is sandeep sharma. I met with an accident on 27 april 2009 where i had fallen from a height and had a compression fracture in my spine at level LV2, resulting in traumatic paraplegia. My operation was done on the same day managed by laminectomy and pedicle rod and screw fixation. By regular physiotherapy i have improved a lot and i walk now with help of a single crutch. The problem still persisting are as follows:-

  1. The left knee does not gets locked as i dont have strength in my quadricep. It sometimes get unlock resulting to which i fall down.
  2. Slight numbness in Left leg from knee to toe.
  3. Foot drop in both legs.

The more effected leg is the left one.

Can you please suggest me Yoga and medication for an early recovery. And also please tell me what and till when are the chances of my recovery. Can i get fully recovered again?

Thanking You Sandeep Sharma

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Hello sir,

As there is a history of trauma and related paraplegia, in order to maintain proper functioning musculoskeletal system and enhance the nervous system functioning, you can follow alternative therapies.

In order to maintain overall strength, you can make use of ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma Treatments along with naturopathy, physiotherapy etc.

If you have any kind of irregularities in diet, it should be rectified.If there is a muscle wastage, it should be rectified by doing oil massage which comes under Panchakarma treatments.Numbness in lower extremities is due to lack of blood circulation.

Using package medicine for Low back ache is much beneficial.Panchakarma treatment: Elakhzili that is leaf treatment is beneficial.

For more doubts, please contact us.

With regards,Dr.Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 30 March 2010


sir i m also suffering with the same problem so plz give me contact number so i can contact u my number is 09######444 as we r in mumbai now a daysplz u can send me mail also with details my mail id de******.na@***.com

posted by Guest on 11 November 2011

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