Constant belching?

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Jai Shree Krishna / Sadar pranam

Firstly, I regurarly follow your program on TV and have learnt a lot from it. I have started doing yoga, try to keep up to do it everyday and it is indeed a great remedy. I am from Maputo, Mozambique and would like to bring forward a problem which I have been experiencing for the past 6 months, hoping that you will be able to assist in some manner. I have the problem of this constant belching ("otkar" in Gujerati) - I was on anti-depressants last year due to a mishappen in the family, so initially the doctor said it was probably a side effect of the medication. Then it carried on after I stopped the medication and we thought it was anxiety related still since it took a while after stopping the anti-depressants to return to a "normal" life. However now I have completely back to normal routine, not at all in the depressive state as consulted by the doctor too. The doctor suggested not eating certain things that may cause gas (I have been avoidong beans, cauliflower, etc) yet the problem persists. I have taken antibiotics as recommended by the doctor for possible gastritis. The only thing the doctor suggests is a endoscopy to ensure there is no abnormality in the gastro instestinal tract which I would like to avoid since its a invasive procedure. It is however, very uncomfortable to have this daily "otkar".

If there is any suggestion from your side I would gladly like to try to see if it can help in any way. Hoping to hear soon from you.


Ashvin Radia

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There are many reasons for getting belching. As you have already mentioned that you have the history of depression and underwent medications, this may act as side effects of the medicine. However, you mention that you are leading a normal life. Another reason is pertaining to digestive system. If your digestion process is normal from mouth to rectum, then there would not be a problem.

At certain levels of gastrointestinal system, there will be production of digestive juices and enzymes which assist for proper digestion depending of its capacity.According to your digestive capacity, if your intake of food is altered, and if you neglect proper chewing of food while consuming, this may lead to altered digestion during digestion process at stomach level, that in turn causes gases and the upward movement of gases shows in the form of belching. If there is no proper digestion, then the belching will be sour sometimes.

Keeping these points in mind, you may need to assess your digestion and proceed with proper balanced diet and chew the food properly.Avoid gas formation food items like potato, undiluted milk, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, okra, excessive pulses or ground nuts etc, along with spicy and oily foods.

You can practice Yoga and meditation like sarvanagasana, suryanamaskara, vajrasana etc, Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapalabhati Pranayama, Uddiyana-Bandha, Agnisar Kriya, Mandukasana, etc are helpful.

You can use Package medicine for Gastric complaint, Gaisantak tablet, and Udarasudham twice daily 30 ml after food are helpful.

For more details, you can contact us.With regards,


posted by Dr.Vijay on 22 July 2010

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