Cronic Jaundice

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I hav been suffering from jaundice from last 2 months till now it didnt recover, i take regular medicine and also have the poblem of gall bladder stone and blood should also come during urination. So Plz give me advice what to do and also give me the location of head office

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As you are suffering from Jaundice since two months, and seems no improvement in condition and with history of gallbladder stones and with urination complaint. All these factors are strongly in favor of pitta in your body which is vitiated. However, you have to consult an allopath doctor for complete checkups like ultrasonography, and other relevant tests which is very helpful for your condition and this is very important to rule out other hepatic causes.

You have to consume plenty of water and if possible you can consume barley water which is also important. Pomegranite juice is better and try to consume clarified butter milk which is also very important and reduce the salt intake and avoid spicy food. Take head bath daily and or twice daily which reduces excess pitta.

Following medicines are helpful for your condition such as Nirocil Tablets and Divya Totla Kvath which is helpful for your condition.

You can also consume Nilstone for gallbladder stones which is also helpful.

With regards,

Dr. Vijay.

posted by Dr.Vijay on 24 October 2012


Ultrasound is required, and the stones can be removed by keyhole surgery. If only medication is taken the stones will reform once the medicine is stopped. If you are close to Pune, I know someone in Pune. The Centre for Liver and Pancreatic diseases at Ruby is good. Meet Dr. Rajekar.

posted by Guest on 22 December 2012

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